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Early Firmware and EScribe Suite Discussion Thread

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Perfect update install on Windows 7 x64 and successful board flash first try.

I just successfully installed the new EScribe using the above exe and it installed perfectly. So I plugged up my DNA 200, and it notified me of the update. I chose to update the firmware, and it worked the first time, smooth as butter.

So far I can only say the escribe install and firmware flash worked perfectly, and the mod seems to be working fine for the few minutes I've been vaping on the new firmware. I'll update this after vaping it a while and let you know if I find any bugs or problems with the mod while using the new firmware.

So far, it's just like it should be though.

James, thank you so much for providing the change logs with the update links. I know it's not at all a necessity but people like me really enjoy reading them and it gives us a better idea of things to watch for during testing.

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James said:

Added a link above to the 7/29/2015 EScribe version. Main feature: Stealth mode doesn't keep the screen off when you're choosing a profile. Kind of hard to switch profiles otherwise. :)

My results

I downloaded escribe and it installed fine, then firmware flash to the device was flawless on first attempt. Windows 7 x 64.

I tested the profile change in stealth mode and it's working correctly, it's now easy to see the menus to know what modes you're in without leaving stealth mode, and profile switching menus came up like you intended with the change, so everything looks good here that I tested. Oh and it still vapes when I hit the fire button :)
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Just wanted to chime in. Updated from 7-9 to 7-29 firmware. All is working well!

Not sure when/what was changed, but preheat seems...different. I'm not entirely sure how, but it definitely seems more consistent with a smoother transition, if that makes any sense. I can't really give any more feedback than that without reverting and studying the device monitor, but whatever was changed was an improvement. If anything was changed at all...I suppose it could just be me.

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