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  1. Fantastic! That’s exactly what I thought was possible when I saw the capabilities through command line function. Would love to hear about your progress either here or on a blog post etc! Good luck and god speed!!
  2. This is excellent! I didn't realize it was python. Nice! Thanks for posting this, James! -Allen
  3. I do know a bit- but it's been ages. However, I think I can get my work done via the device monitor, so all should go well here. And as I mentioned, it's a tricky test, so not sure if it will work anyway. Manual playing may be the best anyway. Thanks for this excellent interface!!
  4. Ok, only problem with this is that device monitor doesn't let you click anywhere other than the monitor, and the terminal doesn't let you click anywhere but the terminal... so I can't give commands and watch the output. I'd love to be able to have both up, or a simplistic terminal within monitor. [Just a small suggestion.] Update- well, I was able to do most of what I wanted to semi-manually via the puffs and temp set interface on device monitor. My only problem is now I think the full test I wanted to do is more complex. I'm going to have to think about this a bit more. Awesome that I was able to try it though!
  5. You know, John has a very good point here! I just checked out the case-analyzer portion of escribe, and the Delta-T for charging on USB is 10 degrees... that's right on the money for our house temp at the moment (91-10 = 81). So, I bet it's correct!!
  6. AH - ok, John. I'm gonna drop you a quick PM about this box. I'll keep it short. THANK YOU!!
  7. Hmm- I realize I'm looking at the device monitor info, and that my device is plugged in- perhaps the charging circuitry raises the temp by 10 degrees F? Might be conceivable! Especially in a closed box!
  8. Hi Everyone! How is everyone's room temp reading? Mine is off by 10 degrees F. Any thoughts? Thanks!! -Allen
  9. Hi again, everyone! I was wondering what you're using to send commands to the device? I'm attempting realterm, but not sure about baudrate parity etc., or if those are even necessary. New at this on the windows side, so I'm a bit out of it. [and another complication I'll share if I can't do this in the standard way... first step learn the standard way. ]
  10. Thanks Tomr1088! I appreciate it!
  11. I'm intrigued by the Ti wire builds... did you guys get the TCR off of steamengine and do you need a different TCR for each gauge wire etc.? Would love to learn more!
  12. Ok, this may be a bit of a dumb question here (coming from a different computer platform)- what would I need to use to send these commands and receive output? Can I send via a terminal program or similar and still have the device record in escribe?
  13. I've been thinking it might be possible with the standard usb... perhaps piggy back a usb-> bluetooth type connection ala Adafruit? I think there are ways to do it as is for a mod-maker.. especially if there's scripting language etc. But, I haven't looked into it.
  14. I've been running for a day here, TC with my wonky RDA and single twisted Ni200 coil 28ga, 13 or so turns. Seems quite stable. Haven't played with locked ohms yet.
  15. Thanks, Vaporlips! And thanks for bringing that bug up! I'm learning quite a bit here, and appreciate all the hard work that Evolv is doing with this new board! James- that's super responsive and great turn-around on the bug fix! My hat's off to Evolv for their excellent customer involvement here! Thank you for the bug fixes! I'm going to continue to play around with my atomizer- see if it's funky- the Subtank mini has been rock-solid. Thanks!! -A
  16. Hi everyone! I wanted to update you a bit on what I was experiencing here. I suspect that my problem is in my dripper. I've been using the Subtank Mini at 80+ watts for the past few days and everything has been going well (although I missed the flavor and punch my RDA had). I just replaced my RDA on this morning, and cold the RDA read 0.7 ohms, and after about a half hour of mild vaping, it appeared the RDA was retaining a lot of heat (even with the cooling fins on top) and the resistance in TC mode moved up to 0.9 (over just a half hour) - my subtank mini was stable at 0.15-0.16 for days of vaping. The RDA right now is almost too hot to touch at the moment ,and it appears to be vaping quite hot. So, I'm suspicious that at least my problems are related to my RDA right now. I have a CiGreen Arrows RDA built with two Ni200 coils with a combined resistance reading on the DNA of about 0.07-008 when cold. I think I've side-tracked this from Vaporlip's original error report. I'm going to try and take more of a back seat here and start my own thread if I want to discuss this issue further. If anyone can comment on Vaporlips (and the same experience with me) in locked-ohm mode, I'd love to hear more. I think my RDA was causing my temp problems even in TC mode... But, I'm wondering if it's related to the Locked-Ohms problem both of us have experienced.
  17. Just a small followup- the Subtank Mini appears to be much better behaved than my RDA. Overnight charge and refinement didn't lead to super hot vapes.
  18. I feel a bit bad that I'm taking up most of the discussion here while Vaporlips was the originator of the thread! Thanks to Vaporlips for bringing this up!
  19. Yeah, that's what I was thinking regarding the temp. Interestingly, I was getting "?" for cold ohms for my atty frequently. I'm wondering if this may be related to the problems I experienced. That was true when I was checking it under ohm-lock. Not sure if that matters- I'll pay attention to it in the next few days here. I wondered that also re: the dual coils. I'm fairly sure at this time that it wasn't happening. I checked it multiple times when this was going on- things were tight. Also quite true of last night's vaping with unlocked ohms.. then the harsher hits in the morning after refinement. I checked multiple times and the change in ohms didn't appear to be due to any coil issues... I also didn't remove the atty at all from last night to this morning's hot vapes. (until I gave up on the atty and moved to my subtank) Subtank is playing nice tonight- I may leave it on overnight to see if during charging anything changes. Thanks, James!
  20. Ok- good info all around, James. So, on the display on the device, only "cold ohms" will be shown for a TC Ni200 coil. I assume if there are changes (in unlocked mode) that this will be a change to the cold ohms due to refinement. Now, in ohms locked mode, there shouldn't be a change, right? I'll have to play with ohms locked mode more. Thanks for your help!
  21. Well- I realize these things are often made with materials that have their own TCR as well as who knows what types of internal connections- if they're secure or not.. So, it certainly could be. I will say the build appeared stable in Atomizer Analyzer to me, but I never screwed it in and out of the 510. Not a bad idea at all.. and I also didn't vape on it while watching the resistance etc. And the recording of the data for refinement is a good idea. With the addition of the carbon deposit, I would expect some resistance to possible go down, not up... which is what was confusing me about the more dirty coils going from 0.08-0.13+. I'll do some playing! Thanks, James!
  22. A quarter turn, eh? Yikes. Yes, I'll play around more. If I can find the issue with these hot vapes, I'd be a happy camper. I saw the newly designed 510- it's interesting. BTW- is it robust? Or could it be broken? My atty doesn't sit down flush to the edges (both subtank mini and RDA but the mini is better)- I don't want to break it! [I am tightening it pretty tight right now though- knowing the earlier problems with bad connectivities were part of the refinement problem for everyone on the DNA40.] Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try the RDA refinement as suggested, and also playing in the atomizer analyzer much more!
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