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  1. FYI The 0.25 ohm coil is for DL (Direct Lung inhale) and the 0.50 ohm coil is for ML (Mouth to Lung inhale). The Orion automatically detects which coil is being used...
  2. retird

    New DNA Go Device

    hum... I did a google search and found nothing about this device with a DNA Go board in it... do you have any other links ...? THX
  3. So have you verified your other chip wattage is correct? What process is there for your other chip's wattage to be verified? EScribe is used for DNA's... You can see it in Device Monitor.
  4. retird

    Escribe not seeing my Orion DNA Go

    Try the cable you used on the computer that recognized the Orion on your computer.
  5. Normally in my experience DNA chips are more accurate than others.... Why not just set the dna to a wattage that gives you what you want... comparing dna chips to non DNA chips is like apples to oranges...
  6. retird

    Escribe not seeing my Orion DNA Go

    Did you use the same usb cable on both computers? Do both of you have the same version of Evolv installed?
  7. retird

    Orion DNA Go Project Sub-Ohm Edition

    From a vendor's web site we read: The Project Sub-Ohm Version of the Orion DNA GO features a special limited edition design, destined to be a future classic. The same powerful DNA chip, in the same tiny package - this years must have mod in it's most exclusive color!
  8. retird

    Replay Issues

    Could be many things. If what you say is the white setting works then use it. No need to go to blue. Could be a wicking issue with your juice and the pod. Could be that your vape frequency doesn't let the pod wick properly or maybe the wicking in the pod is too tight. What is the power setting for blue and for white settings in your device?
  9. retird

    lost vape triade 200 dna

    May be a conectivity issue, loose wire, and etc. as the voltage of cell 1 is not normal and cell 2 should be almost the same as cell 3.
  10. retird

    Replay Mode Help

    Is the clapton only SS316L wire and no other wire added? If it fires and vapes then you set replay and it doesn't replay then something is telling it it is not temp sensing wire I think... Have you tried a different atty with a different coil?
  11. No problem... message me the link if you could..... I can forward your message..... THX I sent you a message to message me with the link you posted and will forward it to Evolv.... Please explain in your message what you found and any info you want to be seen by Evolv personnel.... The Moderators of this Forum don't try to cover anything up and we strive to have a clean forum....devoid of spam and malicious links..... I don't work for Evolv.... THX
  12. I took it down so Evolv folks can look at it.... You only needed 1 post not multiple post.... that is what spammers do,.... thanks for the added information... it will get looked at... AND WELCOME TO THE FORUM,......😊
  13. retird


    Will do.... I had briefly looked at it a while back and commented..... will spend just a bit more time with it ..... downloaded again...... EDIT: There is a lot of words that are the wrong word in English . Some descriptions of the highlighted field are still shown in Russian. The DNA250C can be built with 4 batteries thus making 400 watts available. Pack would be 4 cells. Wallpapers Logo size makes some fields of many screens difficult to read. That's a few comments of what I noticed.... will revisit any updates you post....
  14. retird


    Lots of folks download new Themes and most never write reviews.... looks like you have a fair amount of your Theme being downloaded.... I would write a review but can't read or write Russian..... now if you also had an English version then you could get more activity....
  15. retird

    Battery will not carge If you open it up then you can check the voltage at the board and also check the voltage at the battery if you have a meter or know someone who can check it for you...
  16. retird

    Battery will not carge

    If it's 2.5 years old then there a good chance it needs a battery, unless it has been replaced since it was new... batteries have a life cycle degrade over time.... In Escribe you posted the puffs since last reset (lower area of the screen).... look to the right of that and see Total Puffs.....
  17. retird

    Battery will not carge

    how old is the device? What is the total puff count? It shows 33922 since last reset....
  18. retird

    Battery will not carge

    Your screenshot shows 0.00 voltage and 0.00 voltage for each cell..... the battery charging circuit will no work when the voltage is that low.... possible you need a new battery or something is not right with the device...
  19. retird

    Information dna 250c menu

    The material "watts" can be used for Replay...... Kanthal material is for Kanthal only.... Kanthal can't Replay....
  20. retird

    Check Battery Error

    Follow the wiring diagram I posted and yes you should use the proper sized wires...
  21. retird

    Check Battery Error

    How did you wire the balancing wires? From your screenshot you are building a DNA250 (2 cell) @Wayneo posted this some time ago.....
  22. retird

    DNA and MESH SS316L

    Digital Flavor website..... Themis..... Contact Us info: You might contact them and ask for the TCF, TFR, CSV for their SS316L mesh you are using..... ask them also if the mesh has worked in Temperature Control and Replay Mode.... Please let us know what you find out....
  23. retird

    TC and SS904L

    Ran across these on reddit..... I have no idea if these will work but here they are...... csv for ss904L and TFR exel file...... if they don't work don't blame the messenger.... 😁 CSV: TFR:
  24. retird

    In vape we trust EN

    Average theme but if I chose to use this theme the Lock Screen, and other screens, would say " IN GOD WE TRUST"