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  1. That pretty well says it all. And as @James said: TC with Replay is fine. I didn't expect people would combine the two, but the features are (mostly) orthogonal, so there is no reason it shouldn't work if you really want to do it. If it tastes better I am glad.
  2. Try this: In power mode set to maximum if you accidently turn off Replay what happens?? Say you set TC to 400F when you get the best vape at about 365F. Your first vape is not what you want but the second one is so you set Replay. Device Monitor shows your Replay Temp is running at 365F. Max TC is still 400F so what happens if you accidentally turn off Replay? And, again @James said: TC with Replay is fine. I didn't expect people would combine the two, but the features are (mostly) orthogonal, so there is no reason it shouldn't work if you really want to do it. If it tastes be
  3. Great that you found what you like. Replay works for me in TC mode using premade Notch coils that are very consistent in resistance. TC does not interfere with my Replay but it may with yours. As long as we get what we want it matters not whether we are in TC or Power Mode using Replay.. And in TC mode I can set the peak temperature I want to guarantee I remain vaping at a safe temperature. That's how I roll anyway...😊😊
  4. Just 1 comment. @James wrote: No, Power mode is not necessarily better. If you are already comfortable with TC, by all means, TC with Replay is fine. I didn't expect people would combine the two, but the features are (mostly) orthogonal, so there is no reason it shouldn't work if you really want to do it. If it tastes better I am glad. I spent a great deal of time tweaking TC for my notch coils and now always use Replay in TC mode. I set Replay in room temperature. This works for me but I'm in the minority as it is generally used in Watts mode. TC mode setting keeps me within the "safe"
  5. And a kinda-tutorial video to add to @Wayneo's excellent post.... Start at 9 minutes into the video... and in Watts/Replay you do not set a temperature like in TC.
  6. Most folks use the Watts profile but you can use the TC profile. Just a note.... The Temp Protect message usually just means that you have reached the set temperature and thus not usually an error message.
  7. Also I see the atty information says this: Top filling or bottom filling design with exchangeable squonkable bottom pins. Could be a connectivity issue between the atty and the device.
  8. What you are asking for does not fit the category of "common problems". I don't want folks that may read this thread to think there is a "problem". I think it better is placed in the category of "I wish there was a theme that would do this.. if possible.." In all my years I never had interest in learning to design themes so I'm no help.. I leave that to those who love designing themes. You might message @Mr.Bottomfeeder or some of the other great theme guys/gals. There are some really great designers and great themes in the download section of this forum as you know. @Mr.Bottomfeede
  9. Here is a theme that works with a DNA400C you might look at. Doesn't have guages but......Save your theme first in case you want to reload it... As you know Device Monitor in EScribe is our friend...I use it often to see that the cells are balancing while charging. My Theme 2.ecigtheme
  10. THX for adding that tip. I haven't modded anything for several years but this one peaked my interest.
  11. Just wanted to add that to your thread for those who may come to read. It gives them a lot of info they may want... Great video by the way....😊
  12. https://downloads.evolvapor.com/dna75color.pdf Datasheet for 75C....... has recommended wire sizes for anybody needing them...
  13. If Evolv can't help you you might try Lost Vape..... E-mail: support@lostvape.com
  14. Thanks for answering my question. In over 10 years I've never had a bad experience with Evolv. Sorry to hear that you did but I don't know what contractual agreement Evolv had/has with Lost Vape. Could it be that Evolv can't sell Lost Vape parts but only offer warranty repair/replacement?
  15. Your post didn't say but did you ask them if you could buy one door or did you just want it replaced under warranty?
  16. EVOLV Start a Ticket: https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1 Give them the details of your request....
  17. I find that some 250C can be a bit finicky to reach 100%. I have one that will reach 99% and will just trickle charge for a long, long time but eventually will get to 100% and the LED will turn green. With the CVS for the batteries I don't worry about only getting 99%. Doesn't effect the battery usage... I also have other DNA devices that do the same with single batteries...
  18. Great... You might just do a search in this forum for the CSV file for the Sony vtc6 batteries, You may find the CVS for them . Upload the CSV ... OR You might find the CSV here as there are page after page of csv files.... https://www.stealthvape.co.uk/downloads/battery-csv-files-escribe/ and https://www.stealthvape.co.uk/download-section/ You might save the current csv file first in case you want to reload it...
  19. .Batteries degrade over time and charges and have a life cycle.. It is recommended that batteries for a 250C be "married". In other words only used together as a pair. You say the batteries are about a year old. Were the batteries always used as a "married pair in a device? You might consider trying a couple of new ones to see if that helps
  20. Many video's here may help... you have not given any details on what you mean..... https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=AwrE19NHiVZgDOQAIRFXNyoA;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3BpdnM-?p=lost+vape+orion+plus&fr2=piv-web&fr=yfp-t
  21. I've been asking the local vape stores to carry the products I use so we will see how that goes. BUT, as an example, my father-in-law buys his cigars on line and the company he buys from uses a 3rd party company to verify age and he gets his order via USPS or UPS. So lets see how this all shake out... Seems to me that if he can buy cigars there is a way for us to get vape stuff mailed also... just my thoughts...
  22. This may give you a bit of info... https://www.natlawreview.com/article/congress-amends-pact-act-to-apply-to-all-vaping-products-placing-huge-burden-small
  23. Can you post a screenshot of Device Monitor with the device plugged in? Would be helpful. THX
  24. Thanks James for the info. I was puzzled as to the blinking orange having not seen it. If I knew that from beta testing I've since forgot it....lol
  25. Also some mod makers have put a tinted screensaver an the screen window of the mod to protect the screen.
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