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    Lost Vape Paranormal dangerous overheat

    hum.... not as expensive as smoking..... $ 7.50 per pack here.... would cost me $ 15.00 per day the way I used to smoke.... 😊
  2. retird

    Lost Vape Paranormal dangerous overheat

    On a side note: Since your batteries have heated DO NOT USE THEM ANYMORE...THAT'S VERY DANGEROUS...BUY SOME NEW ONES
  3. retird

    Lost Vape Paranormal dangerous overheat

    The safety features built into the board are to protect the board. Short circuits, loose wiring, poor battery sled contacts, and etc. outside the board can cause battery heating. Batteries going bad can heat as they degrade over time.....
  4. retird

    Devices For Sale?
  5. retird

    Devices For Sale?

    Know nothing about these enclosures but:
  6. retird

    Changing between MTL and DL

    .25 is DL and .5 is MTL..... yep the device knows which one you seat....
  7. retird

    BF DNA250C causing windows crash

    hum..... this is the first time that I've heard of this issue. You might want to open a ticket with Evolv and explain it to them. They will guide you...... did you try a different USB cable and a different usb port on the computer? Does this occur even when EScribe is not running?? Any juice leaked into the device causing a short??
  8. retird

    4 Red flashes

    Can you post a screenshot of Device Monitor with the device plugged in?
  9. retird

    Preheat power ?

  10. retird

    Preheat power ?

    Great conversation guys... not going to butt in @Wayneo but just want to make one comment..... Generally those who review vape gear receive the devices from vendors and then review them. Most reviewers, with a few exceptions, don't have the depth of knowledge that folks like @Wayneo, and some others that post here, have. This forum was started by Evolv to, in part, help with the "Learning Curve" of Evolv DNA powered devices. Heck, I've used DNA's devices for 10 years and am still learning new technology that Evolv comes out with........ ☺️
  11. retird

    Internal wiring for single 21700

    in case you don't have the data sheet.....
  12. hum, Evolv web site still showing DNA60 large screen and small screen with chargers available..... are they not in stock??
  13. retird

    Orion Pod Supply Shortage

    hum, I just looked at about 7 vendors I've used and all had pods in stock..... just ordered 20 pods a few days ago and they delivered today via USPS..... maybe you could google Orion Pods and maybe pass the info to your customers till you get sourcing solved.... just a thought....
  14. retird

    dna go lost vape orion wattage + settings

    My pods usually last about 2 weeks at best but there are variables, such as juice make-up, number of ml's vaped each day, wattage setting, and etc, so your pods life will vary depending on variables.. Airflow I set is just barely open but again it depends on what vape you want to achieve... How your juice wicks in the pod will dictate how many puffs in a row you can get before needing to let the pod wick... Note that I usually vape about 6 ml per day. So it really depends on how you vape, what juice you vape, and juice usage per day, and etc., as to how long the pod will last... As long as you get the vape you want just use the pod till it needs replacing... Hope this helps.
  15. retird

    Dubious coils

    Best I recall my 75C doesn't offer that option where my 250C does.....
  16. retird

    Lack of new devices?

    @skineedog, just one more thought.... The 75C , I believe has the same face plate configuration..... edited.... @dwcraig1 provided more info in below post about mounting holes, etc.
  17. retird

    Lack of new devices?

    @skineedog, really not much call for a 400 watt device (4 cell li-po DNA250C)..... I know of no one vaping anywhere near 400 watts...... but if you desire a 4 cell li-po 250C there are very few that I've seen.... here is one that comes to mind.... As far as I know there are no prototype cases anywhere available to purchase... never has been as far as I know........
  18. retird

    Quick Help settings changed

    You can save the .ecig file from the device you have that has 3 settings. Save it to the computer using EScribe. Attach the other device to EScribe and upload the .ecig file to it. Here is my Orion's .ecig file if you want to use it... no changes made since new.... LV Orion.ecig
  19. retird

    Wismec RX200 to DNA 200 Conversion

    e-mail Wismec at
  20. retird

    led fire switch DNA 250c

    Can't help ya with the external led fire button wiring but here is a datasheet in case you don't have it....
  21. You can get a 510 to 510 adapter and fill the female threaded end with solder.... works for me.... just a link to show you a picture of the adapter..
  22. retird

    250C into Therion BF

    The folks you are talking to may be referencing 100 watt pre-heat for the 75C board.... I'm guessing that is what they are saying... here is yet another video...
  23. retird

    250C into Therion BF

    If you read the data sheet the input voltage for the 250C board (minimum volts ) is 6 volts....
  24. retird

    How to turn off Lost Vape Orion

    Simple to set up really.... 0.25 pod is for DL (direct lung) inhale and 0.50 pod is for MTL (mouth to lung) inhale. Connect the device to EScribe and you can see the settings, change them and upload them. Also you can use the Device Monitor to see what the device is doing.... The instructions are detailed enough to use the Replay button, fire button, lock and unlock, and etc. This device was made to be user friendly and easy to have replay. The device automatically detects which pod is attached. The 1.0 ohm pod used on the Orion Q is not designed for use on the Orion. Here is a video review,.... may help ya out.... that's it in a nutshell without making this a long post...