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    Battery light

    When the Blue Light is showing it is telling you the battery is 95% to 100% charged. While plugged into EScribe the Blue Light will remain on until the device "goes to sleep" at which time the led will go out. When unplugged from EScribe (after fully charged) the blue light tells you the charge status when you want to see it and Blue is but one of the charge level lights. This also is true when using a wall charger to charge the battery.
  2. retird

    Triade - Escribe shows 4 battery cells?

    You would think logically it would read 0V but it may be reading voltage due to the wiring of the balancing circuit for 3 cells where the T4 pin is bridged to T3. Here is the Data Sheet which has wiring diagrams.
  3. retird

    Triade - Escribe shows 4 battery cells?

    The 250C is capable of 400 watts using 4 cells. You are using 3 cells @ 250 watts. My guess is what you are seeing may be due to the different configurations possible with the DNA250C board.
  4. retird

    Huge Shout Out to Evolv!

    All I can add is that all of my 9 devices are DNA's also except for 1 and it is an 8 year old Evolv Darwin which still looks new and functions the same as when new. 😁
  5. retird

    Lost vape mirage

    You can save the Mirage 75C *.ecig file (which includes the theme) to your computer before changing to another theme. You can also just save the Theme to your computer. Then you can load them back as you desire . This is done in EScribe.
  6. The screenshot for the DNA200 shows 0.00 Volts at battery 1..... Check for loose or disconnection in the battery tray or wiring.... or damage to the battery.... my best guess with the info provided...
  7. retird

    Charger - Best way 2/1 Amp

    The maximum charge rate is determined by the 1 amp charger of the board.
  8. retird

    removing dead lipo

    I would snip B- (main ground) and the ground balance wire first. Tape both ground wires so the battery ground can't short out anything if it comes in contact with the board as you are snipping the positive wires...
  9. retird

    Escribe not responding

    What exactly happens when you start EScribe and after it starts up and is running you then plug in the device to EScribe?
  10. retird

    Escribe not responding

    Which device do you have and what version of EScribe are you running? Also which version of EScribe, the US or the INT version?
  11. retird

    About Orions that stop responding

    The board info picture you posted show the board was programmed by Evolv September 27, 2018 which is before October. Being programmed in late September by Evolv means the board was made prior to October. Of all the Go Boards to date here are the current stats: Just because the board was made before October doesn't meal it will have a problem (note failure rates of the above link).
  12. retird

    About Orions that stop responding

    hum..... When Evolv manufactures the board they program it.... lets call this EVOLV's default program. Then the board can be installed by the mod maker into the mod. At this point the mod maker can, if they choose, make a limited number of changes (within limits and by using the Production Utility). When they configure the mod that is the Mod Configured date. Some mod makers make changes and some don't. EDIT: If you are referring to this portion of Brandon's original post:: Current production DNA Go devices shouldn’t be affected. If your board was made in October 2018 or later, it shouldn’t be at risk of ever exhibiting this issue. "Current production DNA Go devices shouldn’t be affected. If your board was made in October 2018 or later, it shouldn’t be at risk of ever exhibiting this issue."
  13. retird

    About Orions that stop responding

    Evolv programs the board before shipping them to the mod makers and the mod makers configure the mod..... look here for the history you seek on your mod....
  14. retird

    Plain Text Serial commands

    As you know as batteries age from use and charging they degrade. Thus they no longer will fully charge. It may be that cell 1 has degraded more, or faster, than cells 2 and 3. Try replacing the battery pack with a new one....
  15. retird

    Props to Protovapor

    and instructions for those new to modding....... wish I would have had access to instructions when I started modding back in the day..... !!!!
  16. retird

    Puff counter reset...

    "Total Puffs" doesn't reset.... "Since Reset" Puffs does reset...... as seen in Device Monitor
  17. Can you take that atty and do Replay/Play on your 250C and see what results you get?
  18. retird

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    Maybe I can lower the elevation a bit..... As long as you get the vape you desire what else matters or even how you got there? Replay was designed to take the "Fiddle" out of getting to the "perfect vape" and you have seen how it can work with not much "fiddling".. Before Replay came along I spent many hours, heck, many days adjusting the PH, Punch, Temp setting, wattage, and etc. to get the "Perfect Vape" . Temp Protect was, and is, a great thing in many ways so I achieved the "Perfect Vape for me" using the same settings, the same atty, the same coils, all DNA devices were calibrated using Case Analyzer, and etc. Thus my vapes were as consistent as I could get them using the same massed produced coils in several identical MTL RTA's. The vape was always the same over my "herd" of devices so the days and days of fine tuning was worth it.... Fast forward to Replay and so what did I do..... I took the same settings I had in my TP Profile and made a Profile I would use in the Replay Profile. mode and took a vape, and a second vape, and then set Replay to play. .... The key, no matter how you get there is to first find that perfect vape (either in TP or Power mode) and set that puff to Play in Replay. Now my vape from my devices, except the Orion, use the same coils, same RTA, same e-liquids, same DNA technology, and etc. All using Replay and "fiddle free" . Since beginning to vape 8 years ago I always wanted as "fiddle free" as I could get with the latest technology. The Orion has pre-sets for DL and MTL coils in the pods. Simple to just start with the lowest preset and move up till you get the vape you desire and press Replay.... There is more adjustments that one can do using EScribe but that is another subject.... Sorry for the long-winded post but hopefully this brings the elevation a bit lower for you, and others.... Enjoy the vape..... 😊
  19. retird

    No charging

    Many things can cause this... more information is needed to try to troubleshoot via long distance without having access to the device, charger, computer, usb cable, and etc. To start with a screenshot of Device Monitor with the device connected is a good place to start...
  20. retird

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    I only read a few lines of your rant..... you are really frustrated (sad) DNA background for 8 years speaks for itself (good or bad)..... sorry I have not been able to help you.........hopefully . somebody else with more knowledge, or a better way to explain Replay, may pop in and help.... The video I posted where Brandon was interviews included a simple explanation from Brandon about Replay.... oh well..... hope you find what you seek..... Again, spend some time using the Replay Profile I mentioned....
  21. retird

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    Sorry I misunderstood your posts...... There are many ways to adjust the settings to get the results you want. I may do it one way and somebody else may do it another. Some, of the settings you mention should be adjusted to get the vape you desire. When you find that then do Replay. If your coil doesn't heat fast enough then adjust preheat, boost, warmth, or whichever function you need to to get the coil heated quicker. Adjust the Temp and/or wattage, depending on whether you are using TC or Watts. Replay is activated (saved) only after you get that great hit. You may need to vape once, twice, or more using the settings you set to achieve the hit you want to save (Play). Folks have different ways they set the settings to get the results they want to Replay. Only after you get that great hit do you press Replay to (Play). Also there is a lot of posts in this forum where folks talk about replay so you might google Replay in the 250C and 75C sub-forums. Using EScribe Profile named Replay (if your Theme has that Profile) you will notice different settings are available depending on the Material you select. Adjust till you get the hit you want then "(Play) Replay. You night spend some time in this Profile to find the hit you desire from the coil you use.
  22. retird

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

  23. retird

    No charging

    Apparently it got resolved as the poster has not posted since August 31.... Welcome to the forum. @Ez-Vaper
  24. retird

    warranty an

    Complete the ticket... they will guide you....
  25. retird

    warranty an