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  1. I've updated the SP9 download to make the auto-updater work on Linux. It now properly sets the execute bit on Service Packs it downloads.
  2. On my DNA 75 Color (running SP27), Step Size and Swap Up/Down are both working. Are you sure you are uploading the theme? When you click Apply, you need to click Upload Settings afterwards to send it to the device. Also, if you want to swap the function of the Up/Down buttons entirely, that is in Mod -> Mechanical.
  3. @HolmanGT, is your currently selected profile using Watts as a material? What you describe would square with being on a profile with Watts as a material. On monochrome DNA, Temperature Set is ? when temperature has been disabled. This is the default for Profile 5 "Power Ctrl" for instance.
  4. Try sudo chown -R andrikos /home/andrikos/.local If it created .local or .local/opt, they would still be owned by root. This is a good find. I've updated the installer to error out if running under sudo in the future.
  5. Ah. I bet when you used sudo to install it, it created directories in /home/andrikos/.local/opt/evolv as root, which means you can't access them now. Try deleting those directories and then installing not as root. It's meant to be a double-click setup not requiring any special permission.
  6. We don't do anything with IBus. That is related to your input method editor. Does the installer run properly? It will install to the Science group in the menu (often shows up as Other). You should not have to run the installer as root.
  7. I've just posted up EScribe Suite 2.0 SP9. It contains minor fixes for DNA 250, and for DNA 60 international customers only, it supports Boost. Feedback is welcome. @Austin Green: DNA 60 is more niche so we are testing it there first.
  8. I've posted a new version, SP9. Let me know if you run into any bugs with it. Changelog is in the Early Firmware thread. The installer script, on Debian-derived distributions, will check for the needed dependencies and offer to run apt-get to install them. Also, EScribe Suite will automatically offer to create udev rules if it doesn't have permission to access your DNA device.
  9. @Wayneo, if it stays there instead of reading ?, I'll have to check that out. (What you are referring to, starting with DNA 250 1.2 SP5, we implemented quick fuse protections. This resolved a lot of popped fuse failures. That said, it limits output current to 24A only while measuring resistance, but there's a minimum power to consider a resistance reading valid. One way around this would be to allow a minimum current as well. I may try this.)
  10. @Wayneo, how far off are you measuring Mod Resistance? On a 60, 75, or 75C it should be able to measure quite low (particularly the 75C). 200/250 don't go below about 5 mOhm right now to protect the fuse, which I do need to work on for a future Service Pack, but given there are no 510s below 3-4 mOhm (Evolv 510 is around 4 mOhm, is there anything lower?), I wouldn't call this the major source of inaccuracy.
  11. Hi @Fractal. When you get Unhandled Exception, what are the details of that message? Thanks! (My test environment is actually Debian 8.9.)
  12. Did you apply the Service Pack? It will offer it with a message with a lightbulb, but you have to click it to apply that Service Pack.
  13. Could you post or send your .ecig file? It might be a bug. Also, are you running Windows, Mac, or Linux (and if you go to Help->About EScribe, what Version?)? Does the default theme upload fine?
  14. @HolmanGT: The US Edition of EScribe Suite does include SP27, just the US Edition of it.
  15. Resistance (including contact resistance) is the instantaneous drop you see when you first fire. The battery will sag as you fire, that's not resistance. @Moncrieffey, is your coil temperature-protected? If so, update your 75C to SP27. You may just be seeing Weak Battery from preheat pushing 75W (or 100W if you are using International Edition firmware and enabled it) to get you up to temperature quickly. SP27 (correctly) does not raise the message if the power it is limited to is still above the power you've chosen. Similarly, if you are using Boost on a non-temperature protected coil.