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  1. This test version fixes the USB HID issue, but it's also based off a slightly newer, intermediate version. So, there are a few bugs. Still, if you're interested, give it a try. https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_2020-06-22_US_test.run https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_2020-06-22_INT_test.run
  2. @blueridgedog: https://www.lvevapor.com/box-mod/
  3. The problem with EScribe on Linux is (technical explanation follows): in its library HidSharp. Specifically, since Mono (and Xamarin) were purchased by Microsoft, they've been making the code on Mono act more like Windows. They altered how ICustomMarshaler operates on Mono (now its behavior matches Windows), and it broke HidSharp on Linux. Newer versions of HidSharp fix it. It's working fine on Linux in my development version. We could make an intermediate release for Linux, as long as folks are fine with it being explicitly a test version. Well, I guess this thread has always been named Beta Thread? :)
  4. James

    Orion DNA pod mod low fire issue

    If that coil is 0.658 Ohms cold, the limit they have set of 0.7 Ohm will (if it is a temperature-sensing coil) not produce significant vapor. Is it marked as a 0.5 Ohm coil? If so, perhaps you got one that was well outside the appropriate variance. You could try upping the limit from 0.7 Ohm to 0.8 Ohm and see. (At your own risk.)
  5. James

    Orion DNA pod mod low fire issue

    What is the resistance of the coil? Go to the Mod tab and click Atomizer Analyzer to see. You'll need to set EScribe to at least Advanced mode (Options -> User Interface -> Advanced). What is the coil rated at? There it looks like it's at about 0.67 Ohm.
  6. The libudev crash, at least, I have fixed and just need to release a new update. (It appears Mono borrowed an implementation difference on ICustomMarshaler from .NET recently.)
  7. James

    DNA 250 2-Cell only works with 1.2 SP 5

    If you go into Serial Terminal, what do you get as responses to these commands (after trying to fire)? I=GET OFFSET V=GET OFFSET Thanks!
  8. James

    Paranormal 250C Error

    What mod are you using? Also, would you please send the .ecig file of your settings? Thanks!
  9. @AMDtrucking, you are still running SP35? Does it occur with SP38 for you?
  10. On SP38? What theme are you running, out of curiosity? Could you message me your .ecig settings? Thanks!
  11. When does Error Press Up happen for you on SP38? Is it after it has slept for a while, during firing, or..? Thanks!
  12. @vaperneto, what firmware version is the 250C running?
  13. James

    Mac Suppport

    I've updated the download. SP19 should be faster now than before. Let me know how it works for yall
  14. I've updated the download. SP19 should no longer be extremely slow. Let me know how it works for yall
  15. Unresponsive in what way? Just slow? Hmm. I've switched to a new code obfuscator and a newer compiler.