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  1. On Ubuntu 16.04, it turns out Ubuntu's global menu bar interferes with GTK 2 when I use dynamic menus. If you run the program with env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= ~/.opt/local/evolv/escribe-suite/launch-escribe-suite it will work. The next release will do this automatically.
  2. Ahh, the ECigStats server's timezone is set to GMT. I should probably make it display in the browser timezone.
  3. Turns out this is an off-by-one error in the real-time clock code affecting the month of December. (If you change your PC clock to another month and then run Device Monitor, it will work in any other month. It's related to PC-synchronized time, not on-device time.) I will be fixing it in the next Service Pack. Thanks for finding this!
  4. @ekalle, all of those things work for me on both Debian and Mint. What sort of window manager, distribution, etc. are you running?
  5. The folks on the Help Desk may be able to give you repair details. Did this just start happening out of nowhere?
  6. If you are sure your batteries are fully charged and plugged in the right way, this could be a balancer issue. I'd suggest submitting a ticket with the Help Desk: https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/
  7. I've updated the SP9 download to make the auto-updater work on Linux. It now properly sets the execute bit on Service Packs it downloads.
  8. On my DNA 75 Color (running SP27), Step Size and Swap Up/Down are both working. Are you sure you are uploading the theme? When you click Apply, you need to click Upload Settings afterwards to send it to the device. Also, if you want to swap the function of the Up/Down buttons entirely, that is in Mod -> Mechanical.
  9. @HolmanGT, is your currently selected profile using Watts as a material? What you describe would square with being on a profile with Watts as a material. On monochrome DNA, Temperature Set is ? when temperature has been disabled. This is the default for Profile 5 "Power Ctrl" for instance.
  10. Try sudo chown -R andrikos /home/andrikos/.local If it created .local or .local/opt, they would still be owned by root. This is a good find. I've updated the installer to error out if running under sudo in the future.
  11. Ah. I bet when you used sudo to install it, it created directories in /home/andrikos/.local/opt/evolv as root, which means you can't access them now. Try deleting those directories and then installing not as root. It's meant to be a double-click setup not requiring any special permission.
  12. We don't do anything with IBus. That is related to your input method editor. Does the installer run properly? It will install to the Science group in the menu (often shows up as Other). You should not have to run the installer as root.
  13. I've just posted up EScribe Suite 2.0 SP9. It contains minor fixes for DNA 250, and for DNA 60 international customers only, it supports Boost. Feedback is welcome. @Austin Green: DNA 60 is more niche so we are testing it there first.
  14. I've posted a new version, SP9. Let me know if you run into any bugs with it. Changelog is in the Early Firmware thread. The installer script, on Debian-derived distributions, will check for the needed dependencies and offer to run apt-get to install them. Also, EScribe Suite will automatically offer to create udev rules if it doesn't have permission to access your DNA device.