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  1. Device did not respond

    If it is saying the firmware is incomplete, that means the device is still working, but something went wrong while it was updating firmware. How far does it get before it says "The device did not respond"? Try the version of EScribe Suite at https://www.evolvapor.com/products/dna250color It is newer. Maybe you are running into a bug with an old version.
  2. Escribe Watt Hour Calc.

    No. It has no effect on battery life. It can improve the accuracy of the displayed battery meter, but most themes show an icon instead of a percentage, so (for example) 85% versus 80% does not tend to matter.
  3. Escribe Watt Hour Calc.

    That setting is only important on DNA 200 and 250. It is not necessary on 250C.
  4. ESCRIBE Won’t Open

    What version of MacOS are you running? You shouldn't need to do any of that. Try this from a Terminal: /Applicatons/"EScribe Suite.app"/Contents/MacOS/Main.app/Contents/MacOS/RunProgram It should run and if it doesn't launch properly, give an error. What error do you get? Thanks! James
  5. DNA75C - Is 75W a hard limit ?

    Yeah. The 100W on 75C works on Boost, Preheat, and Replay. These are cases where higher power means lower time to vapor, hence shorter puffs. It's still a 75W board, but 100W can improve the vape.
  6. Ah, the EScribe directories are under /Applications, which Apple makes read-only except for the administrator user. Glad it's working now
  7. 75C Replay is progressing. It is markedly more consistent than a week ago. We will get there
  8. DNA75C - Is 75W a hard limit ?

    If your device's battery wiring and batteries can handle 30A input, there is no problem. The board will limit input current (from the battery) based on the settings in the Mod -> Battery tab. If your device's 510 and output wiring can handle 30A output, there is no problem. The board will limit output current (to the atomizer) based on the settings in the Mod -> Electrical tab. Increasing the maximum output power on DNA 75 Color (International Edition) to 100W does not remove this protection, and heating of wiring is proportional to the square of the current going through it and is not wattage-dependent. So, as long as the device's batteries, input and output wiring can handle the current limits they were shipped with (as they should be), there is no problem increasing the max wattage of the output. Increasing the maximum currents, *that* is something that should be checked over with a manufacturer. DNA 75 Color (International Edition) allows a Max Peak Input Current of 35A and a Max Sustained Input Current of 30A, and if a manufacturer's wiring, batteries, etc. are good enough to handle that, 100W can be made to work down to a lower battery percentage.
  9. New to temp control

    @HarryHunt, one thing you can do is, go to the SS 316 profile for your device in EScribe Suite, and change Temperature to 'Off'. Upload this, select SS 316 and vape it at 35W. Check the Temperature check box in Device Monitor, it will show it but not limit it. Be sure to turn Temperature back on for SS 316 afterwards.
  10. What directory you are trying to save into? As for loading the saved theme, what is the file extension?
  11. I think this is already fixed. I don't encounter it in EScribe Suite 2.0 SP13. What version are you running?
  12. Watt Increments

    Are you in Watts mode? There are two (overlapping) Watts fields on that screen. One (for temperature-sensing coils) looks like 10W 100F The other (for non-temperature-sensing coils) is centered and looks like 10W (Only one of the two shows on the real screen, depending on whether or not the profile's material is temperature-sensing.)
  13. Watt Increments

    To change Watt Increments, launch Theme Designer and download the theme on your device. Go to the Screens tab, click Main Screen, click the Watts field you want to change. Go to Source, it will say "Coil power". Click Options. Change either Decimal Places or Step Size. Then upload the theme. Should work The "Go to Source, it will say "Coil power". Click Options." ought to be "double click the Watts field", but it has conditions so that doesn't work. It ought to be simpler. I'll add getting rid of that step to my To-Do list.
  14. Hmm. Could you private message me your settings .ecig file? Also, what language is your computer running in (English?)? Thanks!
  15. Bug in Replay

    Hmm. Are all of your coils of very similar resistance? Maybe it thinks you are putting the same coil back on.