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  1. Gotcha. Definitely let me know if you run into any issues (or in future versions) running in a non-writable global directory. It should work, but isn't something I'm actively testing on Linux. Thanks! On another note, it turns out I accidentally broke moving controls in Theme Designer on Linux SP15.1. Will be releasing a fix this week.
  2. What is the advantage of this over the installer we provide? It will already offer new versions like the Windows and Mac versions.
  3. James

    Dna250c wont give me 11 Volts

    The DNA 250C is step-down, so if your device takes two battery cells, the output voltage cannot be higher than the battery voltage. (Four cell devices have their battery voltage above 10V at all times while operating, and three cell devices generally do, so you don't run into this. The benefit of the step-down configuration is drastically better efficiency and cleaner signal.)
  4. James

    Update failure

    If it is still showing up on USB, the device is still running. Go to Tools->Update Firmware and choose 1.2 SP6 again manually. It should work.
  5. James

    VapeCige VTBox 250 Warranty Service

    I mean the power wiring of the battery input (as opposed to the balancer taps).
  6. James

    VapeCige VTBox 250 Warranty Service

    That is low. On 1.2 SP5.1 and SP6, it should read about 1.1V. The balancer taps appear to be reading, but are you sure the power wires are correct? That number would make sense if the power wires had 3V or so on them for some strange reason.
  7. James

    VapeCige VTBox 250 Warranty Service

    Try left clicking seven times on the Evolv logo in Help->About of EScribe and then run Device Monitor. What does your Bandgap measurement read?
  8. James

    Strange sound if pressed the Fire button

    Does the clicking happen in Power mode, or just Replay or temperature sensing?
  9. Normal is the default if you don't set a color in the theme. Error is Status when there is an error such as Check Atomizer. If the designer of the theme does not override the colors for most fields this makes it easier for folks to customize their colors.
  10. Highlight Read-Only is when you are hovering over a field and the Select button will not work. (If a field has a Status, for example, that can make it highlightable, even if it is not an editable field. Also, some fields are only editable sometimes, which makes them highlightable but not always selectable.) Highlight Selectable is when you are hovering over a field and the Select button will work. Selected is when you are adjusting a field.
  11. EScribe Suite 2.0 SP15.1 For US-based customers (Windows): https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_SP15_1_US_ServicePack.exe For US-based customers (Mac): https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_SP15_1_US.pkg For international customers (Windows): https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_SP15_1_INT_ServicePack.exe For international customers (Mac): https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_SP15_1_INT.pkg For customers using Linux, see the beta thread. --- DNA 75 Color (firmware 1.1 SP33.2) --- Replay (International Edition only). To use Replay, keeping your settings: (1) Apply the Service Pack. (2) Choose a profile to put Replay on. Check "Use Replay on this profile", and name it how you like. (For most people, the easiest way to use Replay is to choose a profile whose material is Watts.) (3) Load on a theme with Replay support. (The default theme has Replay support. Go to the Theme tab and click Default Theme, and upload.) To use Replay, resetting the device: (1) Apply the Service Pack. (2) Go to File -> New, select DNA 75 Color, and choose "International Edition (Replay-enabled)". (3) Upload the settings. --- DNA 250 Color (firmware 1.1 SP33.2) --- Minor bug fixes and reorganization. --- Theme Designer --- Double-clicking now works when a control has multiple conditions. The default DNA Color theme now uses 0.5W increments instead of 0.1W increments. --- EScribe --- File -> New now asks questions to avoid some configuration when resetting a device's settings. (This should ease Replay setup on DNA 75 Color.) --- EScribe Suite --- Made tooltips show up on fields now instead of just their labels, and added some new tooltips. Permission errors on save/load are now more descriptive. Upgraded many icons to high-DPI variants. Minor bug fixes, cosmetic, and usability improvements.
  12. James

    Stealth mode

    Yes, though it appears it isn't in the default theme.. It's in EScribe, on the Display tab. (It operates differently from on monochrome devices -- the screen will turn off any time you fire.)
  13. James

    Boost versus Punch

    All power-controlled profiles can do Boost. We created Watt Boost to have one default profile preconfigured with non-zero Boost, nothing wild really.. For a power-controlled coil, the Punch setting controls Boost Punch. For a temperature-sensing coil, it instead controls Preheat Punch. Boost and Preheat are the approaches to getting the coil up to boiling temperature quickly. Punch is on a 0-11 scale. (For Preheat, you can use Temperature instead of Punch.)
  14. James

    RIP Efusion

    One of the legs of a first-revision DNA 200's Fire button is always wired to battery voltage. Something (metal shaving? juice?) must have gotten in between that and the ground and shorted them together.
  15. To test Power Bank support, the condition you want is Miscellaneous -> USB -> Power Bank -> Capable.