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  1. Does the theme use Puffs -> Total, or Puffs -> Since Reset? This is a fairly common bug in themes.
  2. What is it doing for you when charging from the wall? The USB Charge Current on DNA 75C is an estimate based on USB Voltage drop, since (like a DNA 75 but unlike a DNA 200 or 250) it uses a charger chip instead of on-board charging, so we don't have any way to read the current directly. The estimate works with many chargers, but not all. We mostly use it to improve the case thermal modeling.
  3. In EScribe, the "Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (approximate)" option has a minimum TCR that it allows to be specified. This is essentially an editorial decision on my part -- below a certain level, it's just not going to work well. The firmware of DNAs has no such restrictions, so you are welcome to upload any monotonic curve, and it will happily *attempt* to control to it. It will try. As an aside, here are a few reasons that controlling very low TCR can't work well: The smaller the resistance change, the more other parts of the system will distort the accuracy of the result. For example, some stainless steel atomizers have nickel legs. Suppose the nickel legs heat 20F. If the legs are a tenth of the resistance, stainless has 1/6th the TCR of nickel, so that's going to measure as if the stainless steel has increased 20F*(6/10)=12F. So as the legs heat up, your vape gets 12F colder, even though the coil is staying the same. Suppose the material you chose has 1/60th the TCR of nickel. That's going to be a 120F distortion. As the TCR gets smaller, this kind of problem gets bigger. Even copper wiring has a TCR. Sometimes screwing in an atomizer slightly differently can shift its resistance some fraction of a percent. If (say) 400F is 1%, how can you hope to get the vape consistent? There's an electrical noise problem at a certain point. Suppose you have a 1 Ohm atomizer and can read to 1 mV / 1 mA. At 25 watts, it's 5V, 5A. If (say) 400F is 1%, 1.01 Ohms is 5.025V, 4.975A. You've got 25 values between 70F and 400F, so a single bit of electrical noise on either voltage or current will be 13 degrees. That's going to be a rather bouncy vape. etc.
  4. This will happen if the battery is not connected / making contact. It bounces like that when it is powered by USB only.
  5. I'll be looking into this in the coming week.
  6. Yes. Go to the Theme tab, Theme Designer, Appearance tab, Fading.
  7. I've posted SP6.
  8. I've posted SP5.2. Mostly I've fixed bugs on the MacOS version, but a few of them affect Windows as well. No new firmware Service Pack just yet.
  9. I've posted beta 13, which fixes some of the bugs reported here.
  10. @blueridgedog: Found this. Thanks!
  11. The Soft Cell Cutoff is 2.75V, so yes, it should be possible. Is it refusing to fire for you at 3% battery?
  12. Hmm. @Fathur Rahman, one thing to try: remove the battery and leave it without power for about 15 minutes. Then put the battery back in. (That will reset the clock. The clock stays on for a while after unplugging the battery.)
  13. Out of curiosity, does your account name (/Users/accountname/) contain any non-alphanumeric characters? I'm wondering if it didn't change user correctly during the installer.
  14. @koronis, thanks for reporting that ECigStats display bug. I've fixed it. @bmaggot, for future reference you should be able to do chmod -R 755 to do all subdirectories as well. That said, do you not have write access to your user directory? That really should not happen. By any chance are there other programs in the .mono subdirectory? I wonder if one of them set the permissions up in an odd way. @Uwe Kliem, what do you mean specifically by the Mac-Touch? What does it do that is out of place on MacOS? Thanks!