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    Hellraiser DNA250c theme.ecigtheme
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    Nordic blue DNA250c theme.ecigtheme
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    Avenged sevenfold DNA250c theme.ecigtheme
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    Super useful, really appreciate this!
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  8. My "Basic" themes are no longer available for the time being, I was just not satisfied.
  9. Hi, in my themes ("2 in 1" and "Basic"), AFTER saving a puff in REPLAY mode, you can adjust the performance downwards at any time without losing the saved move. After you have brought your liquid up to temperature, you increase the performance again above the previously saved limit and leave the control to REPLAY again. During this process (in my theme) REPLAY is not deactivated; So do not "Cancel" and reduce the power, but in REPLAY mode reduce the power - temporarily - manually.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Simurg Theme with big Battery Display based on DNA CREW Theme
  11. Hello! I've been using DNA chipped mods for traditional Nic vaping for a very long time. The last couple years I've also been using them for sub-ohming cannabinoid distillates as well. The DNA chip in Replay mode does an admirable job protecting the coil from running dry even when vaping near solids (at room temp). Even so, when colder winter environments are involved, it's a lot to ask of the device. Is there any settings I can manipulate to get a "Lower than set wattage" preheat to bring my oil up to temp (and viscosity down) before it ramps up to vaping wattage? The best I've been able to manage is to just create a completely separate "Low wattage profile" just for doing this, then switch back to my replay profile, but that's a lot of fumbling around on the menu each time. Thanks for letting me pick your brains!
  12. I have the following DNA mods Therien 75c, Therien 166, Haldrons v1 & V2, Paranormal 75c,HCIGAR VI75, Think vape auxo, 2x centaraus, thelema, Dovpo Riva (I know I know spelling). They all still work though the displays on the older ones have some issues. I have, at times, had similar issues as described above with the auxo, both centarauses and, especially, the Riva. I put batteries in and hit the fire button however many times and nothing happens. The Thelema has different issues as it drains the batteries when not in use and I can't connect it to my PC via the USB drive, Escribe won't recognize it. My assumption was that the issue with not powering up is related to the hinged battery doors as I can typically get them to work by trying a dozen different sets of batteries. It sounds ridiculous but giving it a whack with my hand also gets it to turn on sometimes. Since your thinkfinder doesn't have a hinged door then perhaps it's not my batter doors or maybe we have different issues. The Riva is the most stubborn and sometimes I cannot get it to power on no matter which batteries I try. It's driving me crazy how many mods this is happening to recently. The EXACT same thing happened to my Aegis x mod before I fixed it by using double sided tape underneath the contacts on the hinged door. I don't think I can do that on the Riva so if I can't DIY a fix I'll have to send it in. This is all kind of ridiculous considering how much these mods cost but I suppose much of the cost is the chip itself so maybe manufacturers are cutting corners elsewhere.
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    Отличная тема. Рекомендую. Спасибо автору за поддержку темы!
    Perfect theme all you need on the main screen Make the screen more smart and easy to use Thank you for your work Anyway i use it for my 100c device and its work perfect v3.1
  14. Thank you Wayneo, you have been a great help. I will do as you say, and let you know how I get on. Appreciate you taking the time to help.
  15. I take it your charger doesn't show cell voltages. Ideally, you could put each battery in your Odin 75C (if it shows battery % or voltage) and 10 puffs or so should bring the overcharged ones to lower than 4.20V (volts don't lie, and %'s usually don't understand anything over 4.20V) You're much safer charging in the mod which will bring them back into balance (slowly) until you clear up your charger issues.
  16. Thanks Wayneo, I had to pop out and forgot to unplug the mod from the usb. I have just got back and the mod fired straight away as it had obviously charged the batteries via usb. I only ever charge my batteries externally on a nitecore charger, so this would lead me to believe my charger is faulty. But only with some batteries. I always keep the batteries in pairs and never mix them. Cell 1 is reading 4.114 v and cell 2 is reading 4.291 v.
  17. Fantastic screenshot @Steve.W. On the left hand side, starting 6 itmes down, look at your 2 cell voltages. Cell 1 shows 4.440V. That's a problem. Disconnect the USB from your mod. Swap battery positions in your mod. Plug in and start escribe. Now look at cell voltages again in Device Monitor.. If that high voltage now appears as Cell 2. It's your battery at fault. How do/did you charge the batteries? Let us know.
  18. Here you go Wayneo, thank you for trying to help me.
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    theme based on IT
  20. Post an escribe 'Device Monitor' screenshot of one of them not working, while plugged in. Not firing or anything.
  21. Hi, I have three Odin 250C's and all three have shown "check batts" and not fired. I have tried different batteries, some new and some older ones too. I only bought the newest mod last week and this does it too. Its strange how some batteries work in one 250C mod and not another. I have a Odin 75C and all of the batteries work in that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Dragon Ball Z thème
  23. Just downloaded on my dna60 sxk supbox. Theme has very low resolution images. Perhaps this box has the small screen chipset?! Need to change to “small screen” settings or anyone knows if there is another version? Thanks buddies!
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