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  3. Yes, still used! Thank you. Discovered this with the first DNA mod I owned - now use it with DNA mods when a customer wants custom screens. Great, capable, and easy to use tool. Again, thanks - Rick
  4. Update - there are several settings that sort of look like each other - found another one that indicated count since reset, and that that one worked! Thank again - you were right the first time
  5. Please can u help me? I tried to upload this theme for my paranormal 75C but when I clic on ''upload setting to device'' the program says that the device is ''out of space''
  6. I'll check, although I would've thought that the escribe stat reset would zero out that no matter what the theme used OK, changed the setting to ->since reset - no change in behavior. Reset stats from escribe - no change Good thought though, and I thank you for the suggestion
  7. Does the theme use Puffs -> Total, or Puffs -> Since Reset? This is a fairly common bug in themes.
  8. When I select 'Yes' on reset stats screen - nothing happens, puff count does not go to zero. When I reset statistics within escribe, am asked if I'm sure, I select yes, it tells me stats are reset - no change on the puff counter. Anyone know what's happening here?
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  10. +1! Fahrenheits don't mean a thing to me...
  11. Just reset the 2.5v cutoff to zero so we will see. Anyone else get the new/old coil message anytime the mod sits for a few minutes?
  12. I have a problem with a DNA 75 c. The Dives was turned on and the battery arrived 70% lenient and the screen was check automazr or no automazr. the problem. what is the solution . Charge the battery but no working. Thank you so much
  13. I need this function too. Need to reset on the device.
  14. Did you also adjust your battery curve at the end to show 2.5v as 0% battery level? I noticed adjusting the soft cutoff has no effect unless I change the 0% level of the battery to be the same as the soft cutoff I entered. Stock it showed 2.75v for soft cutoff but always showed low battery if the battery got near 3v which happens to be the final value on the stock battery profile. Once I lowered that I was able to get the mod to run the battery lower closer to the 2.75v stock soft cutoff. Just remember low battery warnings kick in when the battery reaches that setting under load. Your battery may show 3.4v but is most likely dropping to less than 3.1v while firing. It's probably dropping more than that for you since I get a drop to 3.1v from 3.4v with the same batteries except vaping at 15watts at 430f with a .475ohm ss coil. With that said I still think there is something not being applied or some limit I am not aware of since I never can get it to allow 2.75v as the final cutoff but it does get close.
  15. Thank you I lowered it to 3v I ran it down to 35% I checked on escribe plugged it up it said I still had 3.20 volts left on each battery so it is hitting fine know thanks for your help man at least I know if I need to for little more battery I can drop it down to 2.90 volts thank you
  16. Hola, Ante todo, soy un feliz usuario de DNA y la reconozco como una de las mejores electrónicas que existe en el mercado. Pero, es incomprensible que no se agregue el PREHEAT como opción en potencia variable. Realmente en la gran mayoría de los setups no es necesario, pero en algunos casos... es realmente necesario. Esperemos que en algún momento Evolv considere el desarrollo de su característica, para que ya no sea un punto negativo al momento de elegir un mod. ¡Saludos! Hello, First of all, I am a happy user of DNA and I recognize it as one of the best electronics that exists in the market. But, it is incomprehensible that PREHEAT is not added as an option in variable power. Actually in the vast majority of setups is not necessary, but in some cases ... it is really necessary. Hopefully at some point Evolv consider the development of its feature, so that it is no longer a negative point when choosing a mod.
  17. Super HIGH. As expected from that HIGH cutoff. Default is 3.09V - and usually meant for LiPO batteries. Still HIGH in my opinion. I lower mine to the 2.7-2.9V range for more battery life. Wherever you feel comfortable.
  18. hello, My dna75 is broken. The switch is clicking, but when I start my dna, then the screen is always on and I cannot do anything. Someone know an issue like this and how to resolve this ? thank you for any help.
  19. Version 1.0


    Preheat (Boost) für den Watt-Mode! --- English versions for countries with date format m/d/yy (U.S.) and d/m/yy (UK/AU) available. Um Preheat (Boost) für den Watt-Mode nutzen zu können, benötigt ihr EScribe Suite 2.0 SP6 (oder höher). Download hier: Bitte beachtet, dass dieses Feature nur auf Geräten mit der internationalen Firmware-Edition funktioniert - die U.S.-Edition ist davon ausgeschlossen. Falls ihr nicht sicher seid, in meinem Theme wird unter "System-Info" die Version angezeigt - dort muss "INT" stehen. Die Navigation ist denkbar einfach... Gefeuert kann vom Main Screen aus, und vom Device Monitor (Aufzeichnungen). Hoch/Runter: durch's Menü scrollen, Werte verändern. Mittlere Taste: auswählen/bestätigen Von allen Seiten gelangt man mit der Feuer-Taste (außer Main Screen und Aufzeichnungen), bzw. dem Zurück-Pfeil, wieder zur vorherigen Seite. Das "Haus-Symbol" bringt einen - ohne Umwege - wieder zum Main Screen. - Auf die Seite "Neue Wicklung" gelangt man automatisch, sobald ein neuer Verdampfer/neue Coil montiert wurde. - Die Seite "Coil" ist zu erreichen, wenn man auf dem Main Screen den Widerstandswert ansteuert. - Die Seite "Einstellungen" ist über das Zahnradsymbol zu erreichen. - Der "Schalter" versetzt das Gerät in den Standby-Modus (Lock Screen). Die AM/PM-Anzeige verschwindet automatisch wenn das 24-Stunden-Format für die Zeit gewählt wird. Die Einstellungen für "Stealth" werden erst dann wirksam, wenn das Gerät einmal in den Ruhemodus gegangen ist, oder versetzt wurde. Stealth Level: 0: Stealth aus 1: Das Display dimmt nur leicht ab 2. Das Display dimmt etwa auf die halbe Helligkeit 3: Das Display schaltet sehr schnell ab (Vorsicht! Nix für langsame Zeitgenossen) LED im Feuer-Taster: Blinkt langsam Rot: Gerät wird geladen Grünes Dauerlicht: Akku voll geladen Lila: Feuern Über Lob, Anregungen, aber auch Kritik, würde ich mich sehr freuen. Viel Spaß Andy (Alle Werte und Bezeichnungen im Screenshot sind nur beispielhaft) Für eine etwas vergrößerte Ansicht auf's Bild klicken...
  20. Can be found here
  21. Version 1.0.0


    I just did some minor modifications to DJLsb's theme/interface...removed the background, changed the lock screen a bit, also the coloring on some fonts and on the usb/pc connection images. Just wanted to have some fun.
  22. Hi all, I got here a Escribe version "Escribe2_SP6" for use on your Apple Mac devices.. Just instal it without installing other software on your mac.. 1 thing you need to do is put in a password to instal te software & there you go password is: dna200
  23. Ah, preheat boost, sorry, I thought folks were looking to get more then 200 and 250 from the boards and I just can't see going even up to 200. I'm guilty of not reading all the posts.
  24. Coil Face ID ;-) - You made my Day! Beside this - w´d like to use the boost with slow heating coils - not for more power - a lot of people asking for Preheat ! Most of them using chinese mods with custom firmware - always the same question " i wonder why my cheap mod can preheat and the DNA not?" (Kanthal non TC)
  25. I don't think the DNA 60 would survive a "boost" feature. The board nearly blows it's guts out trying maintain 60w for more than 5 secs. It's such a tiny board with an inability to expel the heat generated at higher wattages. the heat builds up very quickly, angering the 0201 sized smd ntc tucked between those two inductors, triggering the "too hot" message. It's a great board, just not the right board if you want run your .1 ohm "Triple Dragon Scale Fused Magnetron" coils on. I would agree the OG 75 would do well with a boost, as long as you're within the 6.2v range. The 200 and 250, naw. There's enough "boost" from the, already, twin turbo'd dual buck circuitry that currently exists on those two pcb's. 200/250 watts is enough to get your coils pumping out vapor, fast. IMO Besides, i hear Evolv is incorporating the "A11 Boinic" and "Coil Face ID" in it's next iteration of boards. The board will visually recognize the atty and it's resistance by you merely holding it up to the screen. magic!
  26. hi I got a DNA 200 lost vape therion evolve is awesome they fixed my mod put a new chip in it but the board seems to work great but I got two sets of Sony vtc4 from imrbattery had them for 6 months married to the device when I first got the battery's I had the cut off at 3.65 v but after I got my mod back I put the batteries in and when I hit 70% the battery bar started to flash I contacted evolve and thought it might be the board but I only had the mod for 8 months but I rotate with my 3d printed sqonker but I ordered new batteries tonight 2 new sets but I lowered my cut off two 3v instead dose this mean my batteries are tiered but sence I lowered them I'm not getting the warning ⚠️ I'm gonna keep checking I charge them when they get to 30% or 40% but at 40% I'm gonna hook it up to escribe and see what the volts are at then maybe I can put them up to 3.10v for the cut off but right know it hits like a train I didn't know about this form or I would of asked questions on here before making a ticket sorry evolve love the DNA boards but if someone could let me know if the cut off and everything is ok thanks for the help.
  27. Does anyone really use 250 watts?? Really?
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