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  3. So much for a few months old mod. Have used it sparingly for 4 months. Have paid over 190 bucks for this device. So this device is not thag great as it looks from the outside. Really sad will surely get it checked. thanks for your suggestion
  4. Search works, and there are many sharp experienced users here. IMHO, public is better cuz if any of us are wrong someone will catch it quickly. Welcome
  5. If the board is reporting the cell voltages correctly, the pack is discharged below safe limits. You could try recovery charging, but it might be time for a new battery. You could also have a board failure or a bad ground. I had this happen in a VT250s, it needed the battery and 510 wires resoldered.
  6. Ok great thanks. I think I might have some questions for you later if I'm unsuccessful in getting TCR/TFR curves working... Would you mind if I private message you or should I start a new post? Thanks again.
  7. Well yes. And Defaults refers to Evolv's generic defaults. Edit: Unless the vendor has used the 'Production Utility' to program the board, in which case, it would actually be back to where it all was when shipped to you. BUT you're in luck because when you've fired up Escribe, under the 'help' menu item, down at the bottom, you'll see a 'backups' item, and it's saved a full copy everytime you started escribe.
  8. Does this apply for the paranormal dna75c as well? I need to restore defaults to mine and start over...
  9. Version 1.0.0..


  10. I can't download it cause i'm new member, Pm it to me please, do you still have that file please , 2x sony vtc6
  11. Just wanted to put it out there as I wasn't able to find any solid information regarding an issue where my Reuleaux would not turn on / screen would flash then turn off unless I was holding the button. I had three of these all with the same symptoms. The issue is in the jumpers they used between the battery balancer and the positive / negative battery connections. Remove those or jump them with piece of wire and all is well. I spent hours and hours on this so just wanted to share.
  12. My wife's lg g5 has a usb-c and it will turn 2 in July and gets a cord hooked to it At least 3 times a day everyday, and it shows no sign of giving out. She has worn out 1 aftermarket cord that she uses in the car and at work. But the factory cord that get used at home is still going strong. It be inclined to say the issues with the type c port is probably with yihi's supplier
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  14. Thanks retird I didn't see it worded in the board profile for the 75C like it was in the 250 profile good to know I was concerned because I was charging the mod today like that and it wasn't a cheap one to burn up. 👍
  15. From the 75C Data Sheet: Charger The DNA 75C has a built in 1A USB charger. It automatically detects the type of USB power supply it is connected to, so it can be plugged into standard PC USB ports or higher power chargers.
  16. Update to my own question just in case someone reads this post. After having the time to go to the Evolv site to do a little research I've found out that apparently the DNA75C does not have the same charging circuit as the DNA250 has after all so seems it was not designed to charge via USB port safely like most other mods it is solely for firmware updates only.
  17. I have Kanger SSOCC 0.5 SS316 coil. The new coils normally read around 0.7 ohm and it drops to around 0.54 with use. So, New coil -> 0.7 ohm, I put into TC mode, e.g. 400F. Next morning the cold coil resistance -> 0.63 ohm, I put into TC mode, If I vape 400F It is much cooler and less cloud, so, I put higher temp e.g. 480F. After next morning the cold coil resistance -> 0.56 ohm and I have to put higher temp again such as 600F. It makes me very annoying. Could I just lock the coil resistance as 0.7 ohm until I replace the coil?
  18. I have an SX Mini Q Class with a dead USB-C port and it's my understanding YiHi has discontinued the use of USB C ports on their mods for reliability reasons. On other forums a number of other users have had issues with USB C ports in the Q Class. So there may be reliability issues with USB C ports used for mods perhaps due to juice etc.
  19. Hi, when i try to login in to the my evolv account in production utility with wrong password it crashes, with good pass it succeed
  20. Google is your friend but I'd say USB 3.0, faster easier to use cuz the connector is reversible and can carry more power.That's what I know at least feel free to correct me Thanks
  21. Question for you USB-c users.... I just replaced a dead computer and the new one has a usb-c connection also.... What is the advantage of the C Connector as opposed to the micro usb? THX
  22. Oh that's exciting, I was wondering if they were gonna up the wattage seeing as it's around ~300 on the market now... but 400?! I hope to see some awesome mods on the market soon, but makes me wonder why Micro-USB instead of USB-C? I'm really hopin' for some nice LiPo mods, I hate how big these 3-4 cell battery cases get :/ and I'm lazy. Thanks
  23. Oh most definitely , Its so much easier to just swap cells out than using built-in lipos theres down time whilst re-charching, It also depends on capacity of lipos , i use all types , as long as you set the cut off of lipo right there pretty good not a much of drop off as much as the 18650s , its just an inbuilt cells not much different than triple 18650s , unless using in Pwn an such then can go crazy high wattage with high amps output too, imkind of looking forward to the newer cells , dual 20650s LG,s an such higher capacity and amps for just 2mm wider than 18650s there looking very promising
  24. I personally would like a dual or tri-cell 18650 format design over a lipo. I have no experience with lipo batteries nor do I think the general public does not saying I wouldn't be able to learn but think I'm keep it more mainstream to cover all users.
  25. For that form factor, I'd guess Lipo, with a 4S, unless they put a new higher fuse on the board
  26. So thats the new Vapecige VTbox then is it still lipo , 3s or 4s now
  27. Gosh, I'm also patiently waiting for this, would be the first DNA I'd get my hands on. Been talking to Lost Vape on Facebook, they confirmed a Paranormal with the DNA 250C coming out "soon", that was last Friday... "Please wait and stay tuned, thank you!".
  28. Vapcige have posting: DNA250C. 2 battery to 200W. 3 battery to 300W. 4 battery to 400W. How do you think 2,3,4 batteries?
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