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  2. steamer861

    Battery Drain

    Thanks for the response I'm fairly certain this isn't a liquid damage issue, I'v had several DNA's die from that before & it's usually via the USB, the boards are quite resilient to Liquid accept for the USB port. My BB is an older one with no USB. Like I said I had a Good Look around inside. No evidence of enough liquid to do any damage. Is there a point/s on the board were I could check with a Multi Meter to see if it was drawing at idle when it shouldn't be?
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  4. dwcraig1

    Battery Drain

    I doubt if EScribe has any value here. This is the 1st 60 I have heard of with this problem but I just might have missed other reports. One place on the mod that would be worth a good look before proceeding with a board change and that would be the cell's positive contact. I'm talking about the one in the mod with the black plastic. It would be fairly easy for liquid to get in there and fairly easy to check.
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  6. steamer861

    Battery Drain

    Hi All So I have a 2017 BB (authentic No USB), have had it for quite a while now with out any issues, until recently About a week ago after not hitting the BB for a good spell I found the battery completely dead! So much so that it was toast & could not be revived I removed the front & back cover to find nothing visibly wrong, no massive juice spills or bad wires. I cleaned every thing inside with a qTip & iso & replaced the covers. I started to keep an eye on it & found it will completely drain the battery to 3.6 volts in a few days with out hitting it at all! So it's obvious to me that some thing has gone wrong. My question is if I open it & hook up a usb to it & it to E-Scribe is there any thing I could look for in Device Monitor to give a hint at what could have went wrong? Or is there some other way to check for a battery drain? maybe with a multi meter? I do have a spare 60 & could replace it if need be, But I'd like that to be my last option.
  7. MichalPL

    White screen

    Hi. I have problem with my thinkvape dna250c. My screen all times is white but still work. I connot change setting because i dont see anything. Someone know how i can fix it? I cant find information about this problem
  8. gwyar

    Pastel super simple theme

    The colors are not really my thing, but otherwise, judging by the screenshot, a clean, independent work. It really stands out from your earlier work - sometimes less is more.
  9. Luke82

    original VTbox theme

    Yes, thank you!!!
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Just a flat basic theme Pastel.ecigtheme
  11. Last week
  12. dwcraig1

    original VTbox theme

    Is this the one?
  13. retird

    How do i open a ticket
  14. Richieriotoffit

    How do i open a ticket

    Within days of one screen being dead now my drone althoughbi can still use the drone, thr paranormal worked with a black screen for a dat then turns white and won't fire
  15. B1g T1ny

    Scorpion MK

    Version 1.0.0


    Mortal Kombat Scorpion theme
  16. Version 1.0.0


    its for anyone that's proud of their southern heritage. the huge skull on the welcome screen is the actual battery level. same as the smaller one on the main screen.
  17. dwcraig1

    original VTbox theme

    Using the computer that you used EScribe and the mod go to the "Help" tab in EScribe and select "Backups". You may have to sort through them to find the one for your mod if you have various 250C's Then upload to mod.
  18. hello, yesterday for my mistake, i delete, the original VTbox theme, how can i get it on my escribe? thanks
  19. Donnie304

    OSU by Evolushun

    love it, clean simple and its the bucks!!!!! just wish it had brutus on the main screen or something, but I have oin my odin, paranormal and custom nasy lipo 250c more plzzzz
  20. Richieriotoffit

    Lost Vape Paranormal Enclosure Swap

    I've seen recently 3d enclosures in this forum. Mod maker Is the place imo
  21. Who fix these for me please i dont have much these things were gifts 1 dna250c for paranormal 200w and Drone 250c Amber ultem Jusr screens and o&p will cost me how much?
  22. Ok so withinb48ish hrs both my 250c screens have failed from turning o with usual 5clikcs,exceptbnow my pra won't work in scared if done the board. So option are get both fixed by a pro. I live in the UK, who would I end to nd him much too get fixed potge included pls. A very very sad broke vaper. Those devices were gifts I could never afford them. Pls pls pls help me
    so. this is nice collection of themes. i have only one minor issue with the design, see, i paticularly like the sunburst but not as much so because of the 5, 10, 15 instead of 1, 2, 3, incriments. thats pretty much it. still, i like the simplicity, uncrowded screen. the puff count is displayedon main screen, i wish every theme had puff count on the main screen. but if that were so, this might not be my favorite. 5 stars for sure!!!!
  23. Donnie304

    Red Scarlet

  24. Version 1.0.0


    Osakan mystery man presents the Reimu Yukkuri Theme Tested on DNA 200 For all my fellow weeaboos
  25. Version 1.2


    Turquoise Technical Theme for DNA 250C/DNA 75C boards. Finally... a technical theme where all data is available and some more with turquoise writing. Suggestions for improvement and questions in the comments. Thanks very much have Fun 😉
  26. Richieriotoffit

    Track stolen mod

    Nope sadly
  27. Richieriotoffit

    My screen died

    Thanks my friend, woukd you believe me if i sad tge same tging has now happened to my paranormal 😡
  28. RexDeorum

    Noob question

    Sweet, thanks for helping me figure this thing out!
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