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  2. can someone pls post the csv for triple Vtc6 konion battery( or is it the same with triple sony vtc6 battery). Thanks.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    My First theme. Be kind.
  4. I just run it through virtualbox it's okay thank you
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  6. 2 questions What were you doing just before it stopped working? Did you do/try a 'Restore Defaults'? Welcome
  7. Version 0001


  8. My mod Finder DNA 133 does't work and I see this massage when I open it ( check the bettray) what can I do? n than, if i discconect the cable power supply from my laptop, blank, didnt start.. please help..
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Thanks Frank!
  10. Version 1.0.0

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    Czech theme for DNA.
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  12. Boost for Kanthal is available now with the 75C boards/devices using the International firmware. An early firmware International version is also available for the 60. Remember the FDA Deeming regulations ? They dictate, at this time, what manufacturers can and cannot do and what they can and cannot change (including firmware/software) here in the US versions....That's why there is a difference between US and International versions of the firmware. There is a work-around for Kanthal that has been available for a long time. There are many posts in this forum about it....
  13. the device is hotcig DX200 its a DNA 200 board i was looking in the manuals and escribe and i can't find any way to have pre hit out of temperature control i guess i can find a way to fool temperature control mod to work with kanthal but seriously there is no preheat function ?
  14. I'm glad to tell you that i did it with my Cuz. On my DNA166 And it's working perfectly now! Thanks so much for the instructions man!😁
  15. Version 001


    Modositott:Thanks Frank!!!!
  16. I've updated the SP9 download to make the auto-updater work on Linux. It now properly sets the execute bit on Service Packs it downloads.
  17. On my DNA 75 Color (running SP27), Step Size and Swap Up/Down are both working. Are you sure you are uploading the theme? When you click Apply, you need to click Upload Settings afterwards to send it to the device. Also, if you want to swap the function of the Up/Down buttons entirely, that is in Mod -> Mechanical.
  18. Nice, very nice.
  19. The 75C has boost and there is an early firmware release for the 60. Both are the International versions of the firmware....
  20. my stupid backup pico can even preheat at kanthal setup with arctic fox firmware with ease....why should I mess with csv files for preheat in an elite chipset??? Cmon Evolv..! Evolve please...!
  21. coming up soon my other theme be sure to check it out you're gonna love it
  22. Version 1.0.1


    Latest Theme I designed for easy access and Live Temperature on main screen Enjoy Best design with Menu On main screen that goes to different menu selections such as settings, preheat etc Please don't forget to write a review and comment of what needs to be fixed. Hope you enjoy and love the simple elegant theme
  23. Version 1.0.0


    zariq eqhwan
  24. You are super awesome!! I have the same problem with my Paranormal 166. I'm going to try this fix. That's a bunch
  25. Thanks James. Looking forward for DNA75 Boost support. I understand testing it on a less popular platform.
  26. It is possible that it could be just the display since it still vapes and you can change settings and etc from Escribe.
  27. Thanks, done! I've heard excellent things over at Planet of the Vapes about Evolv's customer service, they sent me here, so fingers crossed.
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