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    Version 1.0.0


    Easy to read bare bones theme Clock Brightness Pre-heat and boost Replay Measure resistance Streamlined so some aspects will need to be ajusted or viewed with Escribe
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  4. Any plans to develop/port this theme to the DNA250C Paranormal? I really love the layout on this theme. Keep up the great work!!!
  5. Theme upload

    I think that you have resized the battery gauge on the screen. You have to have the exact same dimensions for both the "full" and "empty" battery gauges on the same screen. Correct this and it will be good.
  6. So Frustrated w/ Replay!

    Thanks for the comments....... I am always wowed by all the coils folks build as I like things simple (plug and play) and use premade coils only. I appreciate all the other volunteers and Moderators that help folks in this forum as a way to give something back to the vaping community. From your posts and etc. your knowledge and etc. I hope you to can contribute in the future. Our working on your issue and your posts here can, and will, be of benefit to others with a similar issue.... Thanks for your efforts....
  7. Hi everyone, im new with dna mods and im using Hcigar VTinbox. im trying to create the best profiles for my type of vaping, mostly MTL im using Vandy Vape wires 316L superfine fused clapton ni80 superfine fused clapton any recommendation for a good CSV? Thank you very much
  8. Hi everyone, im new with dna mods and im using Hcigar VTinbox. im trying to create the best profiles for my type of vaping, mostly MTL im using Vandy Vape wires 316L superfine fused clapton ni80 superfine fused clapton any recommendation for a good CSV? Thank you very much
  9. This tank is ONLY viable if using the SS316L Mesh Fireluke coils. I however like these coils better in the UForce than the Freemax tank. Coil: 0.12ohm Coil Material: SS316L Mesh Replay Compatible: Yes Coil: 0.4ohm Material: Unknown Replay Compatible: No Coil: 0.23ohm Material: Unknown Replay Compatible: No
  10. Device did not respond

    If it is saying the firmware is incomplete, that means the device is still working, but something went wrong while it was updating firmware. How far does it get before it says "The device did not respond"? Try the version of EScribe Suite at It is newer. Maybe you are running into a bug with an old version.
  11. Escribe Watt Hour Calc.

    Awesome, thanks so much for the info!
  12. Escribe Watt Hour Calc.

    No. It has no effect on battery life. It can improve the accuracy of the displayed battery meter, but most themes show an icon instead of a percentage, so (for example) 85% versus 80% does not tend to matter.
  13. So Frustrated w/ Replay!

    I have been using the Prince in TC for months. It should be compatible if TC capabilities is all it takes. I did get my csv from Steam Engine. I've been out of the house before so I have a pretty good understanding of stuff n things, I also come here first... I'll have to try the Prince now but it should work. My sales rep at SMOK is who told me it's SS. I DID tell her she needs to put it on the package instead of just 'SS' like it has now. Here's the thing. I found the fix on my own... Why wouldn't it be more obvious that MY FIX WAS A F'N CHECK MARK on the safety tab.... All the way at the bottom, the one word option (replay-allow on dubious cols) that gets lost after looking at a list of 3 or 4 word options and all the other options are about minimum and maximum power or watts. Seems kind of buried and out of place maybe. But you saw the coil I'm using and you seemed impressed even though all it is is 2 pieces of clapton twisted together. Check out my Instagram and you'll see at least a little more complicated. But anyway. Replay isn't perfect for me now but it's way better or closer. I even got the TFV12 RBA w/ SS to give me the option to replay but I get 'temperature protected' on the first replay. I get the feeling that the resistance is drifting. It's a little more of a pain to work on than other RTAs but later I'll take it apart and see if maybe I have a screw that need to be tightened. The TFV12 RBA has always been finicky. I've ordered an iJoy combo squonk but looking for better if anyone has suggestions. Convenience of plenty of juice without a squonk bottle and all the flavor of the best RBA. That's what I want on the Paranormal 250C. As a further test I put on an approved Uwell Crown and it works as expected. Thanks again for all your help. I appreciate your contribution to the community !
  14. Escribe Watt Hour Calc.

    Oh I see thank you, so do I not need to worry about downloading a battery profile?
  15. Escribe Watt Hour Calc.

    That setting is only important on DNA 200 and 250. It is not necessary on 250C.
  16. Version 1.0


    DNA 250C Theme for Mac & Windows
  17. Constantly having to update resistance

    Have you cleaned the threads on the 510 of the paranormal? Lost vape had some coating on some of their 510 threads where atty screws in.
  18. So Frustrated w/ Replay!

    OK, the Prince is on the list of non-compatible attys (material unknown) that don't play well with Replay. Over the years there have been many premade coils that also did not work in TC mode also..... My thoughts, in a perfect world, is that the atty/coil manufacturers should do the testing, or at least tell you what material the coil is, and then you will know before you purchase a coil that it will or will not work in Replay.... new atty/coils come out frequently and I can't even guess how many different ones there are. Heck, I've got several attys that I have used over the years that don't Replay and didn't work with TC mode either.... The good thing is that we got your issue sorted out.... Enjoy the vape ..... !!!!!!!! EDIT: If you haven't already you might try adding this Steam Engine SS304 csv file to your Materials in EScribe and set up a Profile with it and see if that will Replay. Just a thought.... SteamEngine-DNA200.csv
  19. My N1 250C

    I'd post pictures, but I got irritated and pulled it all apart and resoldered it, but I did have everything soldered up correctly.
  20. My N1 250C

    @Ryan Brooks Can you post a screenshot of Device Monitor with all of the battey options boxes ticked? An you are positive you have "3-cell" selected in EScribe and uploaded to the device? I would re-go over your battery wiring/soldering to the board, as well; balance tap connections and all.
  21. Hi All, I am not new to temp control, having used a therion for quite a while. Bought a paranormal 250C cause of shinyitis, and have been building my own coils for a while now(all this information to rule out user error). Am on my third set of coils now, and the issue below persists. I find that I am constantly having to remeasure my resistance before it will allow a proper vape. Otherwise I essentially hit the temp control warning immediately if the mod has sat for a while. I have it set to 10W with a temp limit of 400F. I am using SS316L, diameter 25mm, with 5 coils. Impedance varies between 0.4-0.5 ohms and I find that I have to reread it constantly. I switch over to the therion, and this issue doesn't come up. Any ideas as to why this may be happening? Stumped and looking for any insight. Thanks everyone!
  22. So Frustrated w/ Replay!

    I saw it and I let him know I was told the coils in the TFV12 Prince were 304. But I haven't got confirmation from him. I'm obviously not the one to do the testing!
  23. Escribe Watt Hour Calc.

    I should probably specify I have the Paranormal 250c.
  24. So Frustrated w/ Replay!

    @iambyrdman..... is that Smok atty using factory coils? If so, and you don't get it to play, Replay may not play with that atty, and or, that coil... Nick is testing alot of atty's and coils and has started a list of dubious atty's and coils .... here is the link....
  25. My N1 250C

    Well, I pulled it apart, and soldered a jumper wire from 4 to B+, but it's still not charging through the USB.
  26. So Frustrated w/ Replay!

    Well we know the device will Replay now since you got SS316 to Play..... I'm not familiar with 304SS other than it is not pure SS but a mixture of metals.... probably has to do with the atty or the 304SS is my guess....
  27. So Frustrated w/ Replay!

    Not really, just that 1 time. As soon as I change tanks and it's material in the rplay profile it doesn't work. The new tank is 304SS by SMOK. Works in regular TC profile.
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