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  2. Đây là video của tôi khi lên pin lipo test thì pin vẫn lên
  3. I also this error on pin 18650 but on lipo pin,
  4. Markse68

    DNA GO 3D Model

    It exists 🤔
  5. Open Theme Designer and click on Space Used.... what does it say?
  6. Markse68

    Negative connections on dna go board

    Yes I did- I’m very interested in the board so I’ve been experimenting with it 😉
  7. KnHawke

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    Wasn't even going to ask if I could buy it, that is too much of a beast for me these days Certainly gives me some ideas on "external power" hehehe
  8. Same here since beta int. update
  9. JamesBlond

    Issues with Replay

    I still have the exact same problem. I use a "fancy wire" the SS Stagger Fused Clapton from Vandy Vape as double coils 5 wraps on a gold plated high end dripper and replay works... now I made a parallel coil with this wire and a 0.75mm thick 316 ss wire and now replay is available but it will not be check-able and therefore not work. If coils get to sophisticated is does not seem to work. update: I changed the thick wire to a thinner kanthal wire with more resistance... now the resistance of the build went up from .04 ohms to 0.07 ohms and Replay woks now! If the resistance is too low it seems to have trouble.
  10. Twirl My Fuzz

    dna go lost vape orion wattage + settings

    it didn't permanently burn pod.
  11. retird

    dna go lost vape orion wattage + settings

    Hopefully you have more than 1 pod..... hope you find your happy place....
  12. Twirl My Fuzz

    dna go lost vape orion wattage + settings

    you were right, it tasted burnt when i maxed everything out. i ended up resetting it to default settings with maximum boost and maximum warmth. hits fine. thanks.
  13. Yesterday
  14. AntonioDNA250

    Replacing the motherboard

    The device remains on only if connected via USB and batteries inserted. Only with USB but without batteries the display does not light up but Escribe detects it. Only with batteries does not give any sign of life. If I hold down the fire button, the display will appear in sequence: check the battery, check the atomizer.
  15. Hi, I have a Therion DNA75 and since a while I discovered that the outer battery (the one you put in last) is not discharging. So I only can use the mod with 1 battery now. My question is, is it fixable ? Is it difficult to do, or do I need special tools for that ? I still love that mod and it was not cheap when I bought it, so I like to get it fixed. I am an IT-System Electronics by profession, so I think I can handle some wire fixing if that is the problem. Also, is there any information out there how to open/disassemble that thing to get to the needed area ? Maybe some graphics/manuals ? Thanks in advance for any help on that !
  16. Lanzarotechris

    Coil builds. What works with Replay?

    Things got solved thanks to Vandy Vape Support Team. Something was wrong with my first coil, so after the test with the big loop coil, I made 2 new coils in different atomizers with that wire, and now REPLAY works fine on both. Can't explain exactly what was wrong with the first build, but something was... So... even after a year there seems to be a learning curve for me. 😉
  17. Aza4Fun

    Omega unicode

    Hello, if someone needs this information, I have tried with unicode 03A9 and 03C9 and it has worked. Subject could be closed. ++
  18. AntonioDNA250

    Replacing the motherboard

    I measured the solderings on the board where the battery cables arrive. Between Gnd and 1 I have a value of 4.20 volts. Between Gnd and 2 I have a value of 4.20 volts. Between Gnd and 3 I have a value of 4.20 volts. Between Gnd and B + I have a value of 12.6 volts. I attach the values of Escribe. I sent the original motherboard because she did not read the atomizer after 2 months of use .. Now this new motherboard replaced in warranty gives me this problem. All disassembled and assembled by an electronic engineer. I am disappointed by the Evolv. I paid the LostVape Triad DNA 250 € 200.00 a year and a half ago.
  19. Chaka

    Escribe not launching on Mac

    Thanks! Now it's working
  20. AMDtrucking

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    That is correct. We use clutch, only in first gear, to start rolling from a dead halt. Once the rig is in motion, we shift up or down, without a clutch just by synchronizing the vehicle's road speed with proper RPM of the engine. All transmissions alike 18-speed or 10-speed and everything in between. In fact, using the clutch, will not help you shift, if RPM of the engine is incorrect for the road speed of the vehicle, the clutch will make it worse. In every gear, you step on accelerator, then let go and pull the shifter out of the previous gear, into neutral, and right into the next gear. If the timing is correct, it will go in, like a hot knife in butter. To shift down, you just need to give it a little gas, in neutral and then into a lower gear. A clutch can be useful, only to pull the lever out of the gear, if were not fast enough to pull it out when you let go of the gas pedal. I'm a car-hauler, I transport cars on my truck and get to drive a lot of different cars, every stick-shift car, that I get to drive, from Volkswagen to Lamborghini, I drive the same way. It's like riding a bicycle, once you learn, you never forget. That said, I have to admit that I am a Hypocrite, because my current truck has an automatic transmission. Who needs shifting with all these electronics gadgets nowadays? On the back, in my sleeper, I also have 32" LCD TV, Laser Printer and Scanner. I use Sprint for my Internet connection 50 Gigabytes of data per month. 😉 Back on Topic: I drove 620 miles yesterday, vaping only on my "Trucker squonk". It was a such a joy, not worrying about running out of liquid and/or batteries, then I forgot about that pasky little wire. In fact, those 14 gauge silicon super flexible wires are very good. I used about 15 ml. (50%) of liquid in my squonk in 14 hours yesterday, refilled in the morning and rolling again...
  21. Wayneo

    Escribe not launching on Mac

    You need a minimum of Escribe SP18 for Mojave. Escribe Link found in my sig.
  22. Your post was edited, but you might want to describe how they had you build your new coils so others can benefit.
  23. Lukedog

    Lost vape Orion suddenly stopped working

    Also happened to me. Took it out of the box, plugged it in to my computer and it bricked. Currently waiting for my device to complete the RMA process. Disappointed, but hoping I am satisfied with the device once I receive it because I want to like it. Hopefully we get some sort of communication from Evolv regarding what's going on.
  24. Version 1.0.0


    New Default Enhanced 250C Theme from HecTor. SIMPLY CLEVER!
  25. Lanzarotechris

    Vandy Vape SS316L Fused Clapton Wire (24ga*2+32ga)

    I worked together with Vandy Vape support to find out what is wrong, and we found out that it was my buil that created the problem with REPLAY. So I can now confirm that this wire is indeed working with REPLAY and TC. Sorry for the first misleading post, just ignore it. I made 2 new coil builds with support of the Vandy Vape Support Team on different atomizers and both work fine without problems in TC and REPLAY on my Triade DNA250C. So I like to give a shoutout and a big thank you to the good supporters @ Vandy Vape for their patience and help ! PS: If there is an admin following this, maybe you can remove the first post, so people do not get confused ?
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