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  2. Version 1.0.0


    Saw one or two others but nothing really matched what I had in mind. So I created my own. It's my first attempt at a theme and basically just a re-skinning of the default theme with a few minor changes.
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  4. Version 1.0.0


    My preferred setting with the Sai TAF AVS w/ Poseidon v2. Can be used we the regular AVS coil too.
    Better than my first attempt at making a theme. I made an Esdeath one.
  5. You are correct. It is the Hcigar VT75D theme and it does look exactly like default theme. Renamed. I uploaded the wrong theme. Hcigar VT75D Defautl Theme.ecigtheme
  6. That is definitely not the Hcigar DNA75C default theme. That looks to be nothing more than the Evolv Default theme renamed for some reason.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    kleurvol thema Nederlands gemaakt
    I absolutely love everything about this theme on my ZQ Essent! The one and only issue I have is on the Replay screen, there's a little red flash that occurs intermittently for both REPLAY READY and SAVE PUFF icons (appears to be in the temperature field). Once I have a puff saved, this does not occur with the STOP REPLAY icon. Thank you for all the hard work, the theme is GORGEOUS!
  8. Hi guys, sorry im very new here, on the data sheets for the DNA250C and the DNA 75 it states that the 3D cad files are available on the website but when i go to the menu section and click on the tab where it has the drop down for cad files there is no information, could anyone assist me with these?
    Спасибо большое за тему ,тема очень классная.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is default evolv's theme. I was change something to use with Prisma by Elcigart.
  10. Graph looks good, with use Replay in profile checked you will be able to get a replication of the saved puff. Try heating the wire a little hotter perhaps. But not bright red.
  11. Hmm. I've tried twisting super tight with my drill and heating with my torch, I just can't eliminate springiness. Here is the graph in wattage
  12. Not actually twisting it makes it stiffer. When I'm done twisting it I heat the length of it to a slight red. I torch all my wire prior to coiling (even Tii). You could use a Bic lighter if necessary but be sure to dry fire with low wattage to burn off the black stuff. Twisted lightly really doesn't describe it, it's twisted pretty tight. This makes the 2 strands equal / near 26 gauge with lots of area for juice contact. This photo is from a couple of years ago, I twist it a bit tighter nowadays.
  13. Do you only twist it lightly to eliminate springiness? I can't do any twisted or even high gauge mtl fused claptons... they are just too springy for me to work with
  14. @RealMcCoy Could you post a snippet firing your coil in wattage mode with battery voltage also checked? In this snippet I have unchecked the "set temperature" box to avoid any confusion. This is wattage with a little boost without using Replay.
  15. The coil used in my post is two strands of 28 gauge SS 430 twisted tightly with a drill and in a Kayfun Lite Plus.
  16. You mean temperature to flatline, right? Wattage is will automatically adjust to keep the temperature at the set value. Unless of course it is set low enough that it can't reach the set temperature, then it will give it all. Just like wattage mode. TC will just throttle the wattage to keep it from going higher than the set temperature.
  17. I'll give that a go. I can't seem to get my wattage to flatline like that, or my live ohms. 510 is secured and coil is tightened down to the max. What coil are you using? 26g SS316L?
  18. That's your 510 connector that has come undone. Won't this nut r Fit on that threading If not, you'll need a new 510 connector
  19. It appears to me that you are trying to get your perfect puff in TC mode, it doesn't look like your getting a satisfactory puff to base Replay on. Try this, set your profile to "Watts" then set your wattage and Boost and upload settings, Keep making adjustments till you get that puff that you feel is right. Use my profile snip as your guide. Then save puff. On my snip the test puff is on the left. look at the live ohms to note duration as it's hard to see as it is flat 20 watts. Use Watt profile. use TC capable wire.
  20. Yes it will reread the cold resistance, so no worries there. Letting the mod cool down isn’t such a big deal, unlike the coil. Although it does affect it a bit. Yes the Replay looks normal and slight different max temperatures is perfectly normal. Although once it hits the set temperature, the line should be fairly straight. So should the live resistance. Notice it is a bit wavy? This is usually a connection problem like a coil is not tight enough. I remember pbusardo saying that Kayfun’s doesn’t have solid enough connections for TC. He said that years ago, so maybe that was back the
  21. This first graph is my puff that I saved, and the second is the puff "playing". Is this normal for replay? 433F Peak temp on puff, 444F on replayed puff. Just curious
  22. This is what I mean... It's a cold atomizer on a hot mod - so while it reads the ohm's correctly, it thinks that the reading is done at 82F? When the board cools further, will it adjust the ohms of the coil? Or is that not how it all works? If that doesn't explain what I'm trying to ask - Let's say I had two of the same tanks with the same coil installed. I measure the ohms in the morning with both the board and the atty at room temp. It reads .7213 ohms, and 71 F. I vape on it for awhile, and decide to connect the other tank. It reads the same .7213 ohms, but now it says 82F. Will the va
  23. I like the instant fire at temp, though. I only take like 2-3 second puffs - pretty short. If I let the temp rise without any sort of preheat I feel like I wouldn't finish my puff before the desired temp was reached... Although I did just try it without preheat and there wasn't much of a difference - idled around 410 instead of 420. I think 28g is just too thin to really care, but I also like to vape 26g. I think the heavier gauge would be effected more by no pre-heat. By high-ish watts I meant that while these 28g coils are vaping at 10 watts, steam-engine suggests 14, and I usually end up a
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