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  1. retird

    Only fires from device manager

    hum, maybe the fire button is stopped working... try a hard reboot..... start a ticket with Evolv
  2. You can start a ticket with Evolv and see if they want to answer your question.... we do not work for Evolv......
  3. The DNA technology is designed as a personal vaporizer. TC regulates temperature for the vaporization process of a liquid to a desired temperature. Your intended use is not the intended use of a DNA.
  4. retird

    Only fires from device manager

    Is it Locked? 5-clicks to unlock.....
  5. This is an Evolv e-cig/e-liquid forum... you might go to an herb forum for help....
  6. What do you mean by dry coil?
  7. retird

    UWELL Crown IV - Replay Compatible

    Yep, there are many, many themes to choose from....... pitch till ya' win......
  8. What do you you get by doing this? Tools>Apply Service Pack
  9. retird

    5 Watts at a time Increments

    I would be very leery installing such an old version of EScribe or older firmware updates.... especially on my main computer.... 🤔
  10. retird

    5 Watts at a time Increments

    hum.... if I recall, Vapor Shark had their DNA 200 boards specifically made for the Shark from Evolv and they used their own charger board.... never bought one just for that reason.... all of the beta versions of the 200 I tested for Evolv (before they released the 200) are still working perfectly to this day..... but at any rate, whether of not the 200 had a 5 watt increment in the past it does not have it now.... as you know Evolv constantly improved the boards and the EScribe software over Evolv's history....
  11. retird

    5 Watts at a time Increments

    I have been deep in Evolv stuff also, since the Darwin days, then the Kick, then the DNA 20D, 30, Kick2, 25, DNA 40 (Temp Control), 1 amp charger board, DNA60, 75, DNA200, and etc, etc, including the latest DNA Go board ..... just ask Brandon.... ha ha..... but you may be right about the 5 watt increments but I'm just not remembering it that way.... ☺️
  12. retird

    5 Watts at a time Increments

    hum....... been a long time since the DNA200 came out and if memory serves me (at 70 years of age) the 1 5 and 10 settings are for Temperature adjustment (F)..... watts adjustment is .1 .2 .5 and 1.0 if I am remembering correctly.... Other Moderators can correct me if I'm in error....
  13. retird

    Orion in LOCKED MODE

    Screenshot shows in lower left corner that the device is locked.... unlock it and see what goes then......
  14. retird

    DNA250C resistance issues

    Try spaced coils as they seem to be the coils of choice for DNA coils can be tricky to use........ try this: Build coils, dry burn if you choose. Set the atty aside and let it get completely back to ambient temperature. The device should be at ambient temperature also for best results. Attach atty to the device and vape.
  15. retird

    DNA250C resistance issues

    Do you dry burn your coils and are they contact coils or spaced? What wire are you using?