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  1. From the 75C Data Sheet: Charger The DNA 75C has a built in 1A USB charger. It automatically detects the type of USB power supply it is connected to, so it can be plugged into standard PC USB ports or higher power chargers.
  2. Question for you USB-c users.... I just replaced a dead computer and the new one has a usb-c connection also.... What is the advantage of the C Connector as opposed to the micro usb? THX
  3. Welcome to the forum...... The Temp Protect message is not an error message normally. It usually means you have reached the set temperature. If you get this message immediately and get no vapor then you may have a coil with hot spots, or are using a contact coil instead of a spaced coil. DNA's have profiles and the profile can be set to SS wire and no tcr adjustment is needed to get at least some vapor. Squonkers are a bit of a different animal. You might build a new spaced coil and wick it. Set up the profile for SS and set the wattage, temp, preheat, etc. Clean the 510 connections of all juice. Screw on atty and wet the wick/coil area with juice (do not squonk). Try that and see what you get. Do you have EScribe?
  4. Here is a post someone put up that may help.... click on it.
  5. I don't have that device so can't answer you. If nobody gives an answer why not just contact Vapor Shark and ask them? Please let us know what you find out....
  6. Also, have you tried this process to see if you get any readings at all....
  7. I've attached the csv file..... from the screenshot here you can see where to select Import Material (csv file)... Import it and it should show up in the Available Material list.. then select it there and click on the arrow I marked in red.... upload this to the device. Now you should be set to use the directions I gave earlier to create your profile and upload it...... SS 430.csv
  8. I guess you did not want to do what I mentioned.... A tool is needed to set Mod Resistance thus the Atty Analyzer Mod Resistance is not a live reading as far as I recall... From your last post it failed to measure the ohm's.... my best guess is still a connectivity issue.... is there a good connection from the atty 510 to the device 510? What atty's are you using.... some atty's can give this issue also by their design...
  9. Go to Mod Resistance... change to 0.00 and upload to device and see if you still have 0.004 shown in Atty Analyzer...
  10. In eScribe select a Profile you want to change to SS430.... select SS430 in the Material list then setup the profile to the settings you want.... upload to tghe device and select that my screenshot I choose Profile 8 to change to SS430
  11. If I recall correctly the Mod Resistance value shown in the Atty Analyzer is just the setting your device is set at rather than an actual live reading.... You can check the device setting in the Mod Tab/Electrical tab and yours is set to 0.004.... If you change the setting to 0.003 and upload it then the Mod Resistance in Atty Analyzer will change to the new setting you just changed. In short, there is no atty or no tool screwed into the 510 thus you have a question mark.....probably a connection issue with the 510 connector or wiring to the 510 connector is my best guess without having your device to troubleshoot.... As @giz_60 noted to contact the seller or start a ticket with Evolv... good luck.... let us know what you find out...
  12. Hcigar's "Contact Us" Page gives you ways to contact can ask them about their warranty....or contact Evolv for guidance as suggested before... Link:
  13. You might just start a ticket with Evolv and let them address this with you.... just explain the issue with each device and let them guide you on each device.... should more than one device be needed to be shipped to them you could ship them in one box to save on shipping costs.... not sure the board is the issue as BF's seem to be somewhat different since they are bottom feeders (squonkers)..... Link
  14. Same to you @Wayneo and others.... ... I'll be signing off too for several days as Christmas festivities and remembrances are upon us all.....