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  1. retird

    Software for double 20700

    Cell number should agree with the number of cells you have in the device.
  2. retird

    Software for double 20700

    No correction needed. The 18650 setting is what is needed from the choices in the settings...
  3. Sometimes if the board has been hot and has quit charging it will not connect to EScribe. That is why I asked if you could connect a battery. I remember reading where this happened to an Hcigar 75. Let us know what you get with a battery attached.
  4. Which device did it come out of. Excessive heat while removing the board is but one of many things that can cause it not to connect. You might try to just connect it to a battery and see if the led goes off and if it will connect to EScribe then....
  5. Replay and TC mode doesn't like Kanthal at all.... never has....
  6. retird

    DNA250C/75C USB Type-C upgrade?

    The charge rate is defined by the on board charging circuitry. Charger The DNA 250C has a built in 2A USB charger. It automatically detects the type of USB power supply it is connected to, so it can be plugged into standard PC USB ports or higher power chargers. The max charge current is based on the cell capacity as programmed in EScribe.
  7. retird

    Device monitor not reading live temp

    Check in the profiles of EScribe and see if Replay can be turned on/off in EScribe. Check a profile that uses TC wire (not Kanthal). If you can Replay you are probable good but my preference is to use International only. Kanthal won't replay.....
  8. retird

    Device monitor not reading live temp

    International version necessary to run Replay.... the update it did was probably to the device and not the computer.... Are you using windows 10
  9. retird

    LV Mirage No Replay

    Connect device to EScribe and it is recognized by EScribe.... click on File / Save As.... then save file to your desktop...... post the file here....
  10. THX.... that is a theme I have used, and still use, on a couple 75C devices. Have had no issues with it. I use another of his themes on my 250 C 4 cell device. We actually worked together on the theme used on my 250C... he did the design, built the theme, and I helped test and offer suggestions on what features I would like to see in a theme.
  11. GREAT.... please post your *.ecig file as I want to look at the theme.... THX
  12. retird

    Device monitor not reading live temp

    Are you connected to a usb port on the computer or to a hub? Can you connect to a different usb port on the computer? It works a work.... same version of EScribe on both computers?
  13. Do you have a link to the theme you downloaded so I can download it from there and look at it?
  14. With the batteries removed try connecting to EScribe with different "data/charge" USB cables if you haven't already done that.. just ruling out a possibility. Did you find a screen in the theme on the device to change (turn off) discharging power bank?? My theme has a screen called USB and I can turn it on/off and can set it to auto detect or connected. My theme is not the default theme either... From the 250C data sheet it says: USB On-The-Go The DNA 250C supports USB On-The-Go. An OTG adapter may be plugged into the Micro USB port on the device to charge any other device capable of charging via USB. By default OTG charging must be toggled on manually from the device. OTG charging can be configured to begin automatically using the Power Bank option in EScribe on the Display tab. OTG charging will not over-drain the DNA 250C.
  15. retird

    LV Mirage No Replay

    Can you save your *.ecig file to your desktop and post the file here? We can look at it and try to help....