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  1. retird

    White Screen!

    Start a ticket with Evolv..... the board and screen have a warranty..... here is the link...
  2. The DNA 75C and the 250C basically operate the same using EScribe. You might want to watch this Tutorial Video as it may help with the learning curve of those new to the DNA250C. It is an older video and not up to date but it is a good starting point. EScribe is where you can also set the Profiles.
  3. In Escribe can you go to Tools>Apply Service Pack and re-install the previous Service Pack that was working?
  4. hum..... could it be that you installed the US version instead of the INT version???
  5. retird


    Also @James posted this a few days ago: Are you using EScribe Suite SP17? It looks like the most recent EScribe Suite changed the order in which things were being saved, and when it's near 100% usage, this affected what would fit. The next version will correct this. In the mean time, try reverting back to SP15.1 and uploading the theme:
  6. From the link provided....... EScribe Suite is a collection of software for configuring, monitoring, and modifying the operation of your DNA device. I have NO desire to use a Sai Atty nor the substances put in the bowl..... I never understood that the DNA was intended for such use nor was this forum intended for such discussion.... take it to another forum please.....
  8. retird


    I read this a while back...... " The hysteresis band of the charger chip is 4.1 to 4.2 volts. That is, left to it's own devices, the charger will charge to 4.2, then let the device discharge to 4.1, then charge back to 4.2 in a slow cycle.If it is left to it's own devices. If charging is interrupted for some reason (firing, USB command to stop charging, whatever) and it is above 4.1 volts, it basically says "eh, good enough" and doesn't charge farther. That's half of it. The other half of it is on this chip, the total accuracy of the battery monitoring in he processor is +-2% worst case. Typical is about +-1% 1% of 4.2 volts is .042 volts. So it could actually be charged to 4.2 volts and be reading 4.158.That doesn't hurt anything because unlike the 200 class devices, the charger here is standalone, so the processor's battery voltage monitoring accuracy isn't a safety issue."
  9. retird

    Lost vape Orion suddenly stopped working

    Can you post a screenshot of Device Monitor having the device connected?
  10. retird

    The usb is not a data cable REALLY?

    hum.... if you got a "charge only" cable with your Orion you should contact LV as I'm sure they would want to know so they can correct the issue on future shipments.... you would be doing a service to other vapers who may buy the Orion.... I guess you figured out that EScribe works with the Go boards.... enjoy the vape and if you happen to find a QC issue with the Go Board you can certainly contact Evolv as they have the best customer service in the e-cig board industry.....
  11. retird

    DNA 250c screen cradle

    Scroll down to Technical documentation...
  12. Could these video's be helpful to you.... have you trieda different usb cable???
  13. retird

    How to add firing timer?

    I'm curious as to which 250C and which Smok mod you use that lets you see the full screen while vaping?
  14. retird

    How to delete themes 250C

    Why do you think the device stores multiple themes? Here is an older tutorial for the 75C and the 250C is similar as far as Theme Designer....