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  1. Boost for Kanthal is available now with the 75C boards/devices using the International firmware. An early firmware International version is also available for the 60. Remember the FDA Deeming regulations ? They dictate, at this time, what manufacturers can and cannot do and what they can and cannot change (including firmware/software) here in the US versions....That's why there is a difference between US and International versions of the firmware. There is a work-around for Kanthal that has been available for a long time. There are many posts in this forum about it....
  2. The 75C has boost and there is an early firmware release for the 60. Both are the International versions of the firmware....
  3. It is possible that it could be just the display since it still vapes and you can change settings and etc from Escribe.
  4. Could the ribbon have been damaged by the fire button pressing on it or could the display be damages due to the device being hit or dropped. You have 0 screen disconnects.....
  5. In Device Monitor does it say Stealth as the current Mode?. Mode is in the lower left corner of the Device Monitor screen.
  6. Was this the update you installed? Should be the most recent recommended.... SetupES_1_2_SP5_2_ServicePack.exe
  7. You may have a bad connection in the battery sled wiring as the batteries are in parallel thus the connection of the sled for battery 1 is good but the connection is not for battery 2. The firmware for the 75 doesn't monitor each battery separately. If you take only 1 good battery and install it in battery sled 1 and all it good and then take the same battery and plug it in battery sled 2 and it doesn't work then the issue is with the connections for battery sled 2..
  8. You may be guided to send it in for repair. If you started a ticket 24h the reply may be coming soon or may have went to your junk mail maybe. At any rate start another if you don't get a reply in a day or two as they have always been prompt to respond to tickets....
  9. Start a ticket with Evolv Help Desk explaining the situation. They will guide you...... Warranty Service may be needed.... Link:
  10. As far as the factory .ecig file you are looking for have you opened EScribe with device connected and clicked on Help/Backups to see if it was auto saved there?
  11. If it had to do with the service pack I would think all your atty's would be effected? Could it be that the center pin of the device 510 has moved a bit further down in the atty connector due to different lengths of the other atty's connectors pushing it down and it doesn't rebound to the default length? Is the Ammit using dual coils now? If so what happens when you only used one coil
  12. If the only atty not working is the Ammit 25 then there is probably a connectivity issue between the atty and the 510 connector.....If I recall the 510 center pin of the Ammit atty is not adjustable but it holds the positive contacts of the deck.... is the center pin of the atty tight and clean?
  13. Start a ticket with Evolv and they will guide you...
  14. Could there be a loose connection in the battery tray? Squonk may move the batteries a bit.... can you hold the bottle outside of the device and squonk it and see if it shuts down that way also?
  15. Do you get an error message when it shuts down and you try to fire it?