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  1. Submit a ticket and they will guide you.... here is the link....
  2. May have a short or other issue in the device causing the batteries to auto discharge. As it auto discharges have you checked the voltage at the 510 connector with no atty present? Do have know if you have continuity at the 510 connector between thew center pin and the shell of the 510 when no batteries are connected indication the 510 is shorted? Is the fire button stuck or shorted? Could be many other things too. The batteries that heated and went down to 1.74 volts are candidates to be disposed of and not used again.
  3. hum, if you measured the battery and it shows dead then it should be replaced since recovery charge wasn't able to bring it back... a fresh, charged battery would be a good place to start to see if all is well just by getting a new battery.
  4. From the screenshot you posted you are not getting the full voltage from both batteries and very low voltage from one thus your device won't charge and will not work without proper voltage.. With it plugged into EScribe it should be charging but it is not according to your screenshot. This issue could be caused by many things. Since it is new and still in warranty you might contact your vendor for replacement / repair. You could also start a ticket with Evolv.
  5. Is it in Stealth mode? Connect your device to EScribe, open Device Monitor, and what does it say at the very bottom of the Device Monitor screen where it says "Mode"? Have you changed any settings since you got your new device?
  6. @Dunby .....My best guess (and as the video below shows) is.that device has an external LED for the fire button of which you can change colors with the extra auxillary button on the device. The external led (not the led of the dna board) cannot be programmed thru EScribe (as stated in the video) as the device maker chose to design his mod that way. He is probably not using the on-board DNA 75 LED for the fire button. Here is a video about this device.
  7. Here is a link to many, many, many Themes that folks have designed. You can download them and use them. I highly recommend you save a copy of the original *.ecig file from your new device to your computer BEFORE you make any changes in themes, settings, and etc. That way should you need to you can re-install the original *.ecig file (which includes the original theme).
  8. Could you post a picture of the board where we can look at the components, connections, solder points, and etc?
  9. If you saved the original *.ecig file before you changed themes you might try uploading that.... if not you might contact Lost Vapes or your vendor to get a copy of the *.ecig file to upload. If that doesn't fix it you might fill out a ticket with Evolv and they will guide you.... Maybe someone in this forum can post the original therion DNA 75c *.ecig file if they have it.
  10. 2 day old mod..... have you changed anything since you got it, such as the theme, any settings under Theme Designer? Any more info you could give would be helpful....
  11. 1. YES 2. Save a copy of your original .ecig file to your computer before making any changes of themes, cvs files, battery or thermal settings and etc. You can upload the original .ecig file at a later date should you need to. Uploading a theme, or an .ecig file, replaces the old one on the device. 3.You can change settings either way but modifying the theme design will require the Theme Designer in EScribe. 4.When you upload a theme it is complete according to the design of that particular theme. It may or may not include all the various fields ot actions you are looking for in a theme.
  12. In Device Monitor you see that when you reset statistics "Since Reset" it only resets the "statistics since the last reset" field and doesn't reset TOTAL Statistics field. The Total remains the sum-total of ALL vapes since it was new and this Total doesn't reset....
  13. Does the Drone have only 2 batteries? If so then the mod is only 166 watt maximum.....
  14. This link may help..... good info for those using li-po batteries....