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  1. retird

    DNA 200 Battery Discharge Profile

    With the default ecig file was there a Discharge Profile seen in the Battery settings? Screenshot please...
  2. retird

    DNA 200 Battery Discharge Profile

    Have you tried saving your ecig file to your computer then clicking on Restore Defaults. That should give you Evolv's default ecig file.
  3. retird

    DNA 200 Battery Discharge Profile

    Maybe the board is bad or the wiring not correct, or shorted??? It didn't work in the VT133 either before you moved the board. Maybe it has just seen it's better day.... just my best guess...
  4. retird

    DNA 200 Battery Discharge Profile

    What device is this? Try this cvs and see if it will load....... not for vtc4 but just seeing if it will load.. my csv.csv
  5. retird

    DNA 200 Battery Discharge Profile

    Please attach the CSV file you are trying to load to a post here so I can try to load it....
  6. retird

    DNA 200 Battery Discharge Profile

    Try doing a soft and/or a hard reset....
  7. retird

    DNA 200 Battery Discharge Profile

    Probably because you have nothing shown in the Discharge Profile portion..... you need to load a CSV file..... you can look at one of the other mods you have to see what I mean...
  8. retird

    Chip max temp query

    Never have measured the temperature of those chips but surely that silicone sheet would be more than adequate. I've never seen the board temperature in Device Monitor ever get anywhere close to even 150C. (302F)
  9. retird

    cracked screen ?

    Can you let the screen go black than take a close up picture of the screen and post it here?
  10. retird

    Battery balance tap question on Para-series

    Evolv's Data sheet shows 4 cell wiring and pinout for 400 Watt DNA250C.... To me the 4-cell wiring gives 16.8 volts input between battery + and battery - on the board. Connections G,1,2,3,4 are for cell voltage monitoring. At least that's my understanding. Looks like the data sheet shows the MAX input current is 30A with Peak at 32A. The data sheet also says: The DNA 250C runs on two, three, or four series voltage from lithium polymer or lithium ion batteries, and features battery monitoring and an integrated 2A charger.
  11. You must live outside of the USA so shipping costs vary. Battery doors are not an Evolv Product so be thankful they have them.
  12. retird

    21700 Battery

    It's by design. Just use the 18650 option. Also a 2 cell device defaults to 200 watts by design. These are not problems. This may help....
  13. retird

    Best Settings for salt .05
  14. retird

    Check atomizer

    You probably tried a different atty also and that the connectivity of the atty to the 510 was solid...... Try a hard reboot... probably won't change anything... Start a ticket with Evolv and explain to them... sent a picture of the board with the ticket.....
  15. retird

    Check atomizer

    Data sheet: Did you measure continuity from each ground (mounting holes) to B-? Did you measure continuity from B- to the the atty ground connection at the atty? Did you measure from the negative atty pad at the board to the negative connection at the atty? Did the board work prior to you drilling the holes bigger?