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  1. retird

    screen displaying hot

    From this data sheet: We see: Too Hot: The DNA 250 has onboard temperature sensing. It will shut down and display this message if the internal board temperature becomes excessive. Plug it into EScribe and start Device Monitor to see board temperature. Does this only show while charging or even while vaping and not charging?
  2. retird

    SP38 INT is available

    It's telling you there is an update..... click it if you want to install it...
  3. retird

    Bump fire

    Which device do you have? Does it have external actuators (fire button)? Possibly could be wiring issue whereby bare wires may be touching causing constant firing.... just a guess as little information thus far....
  4. retird

    Stiff buttons on Rebel DNA75C 21700

    Sounds like a design (mod) issue rather than a DNA board issue..... but you might mention it to Evolv and see what they say.... let us know what you find out....
  5. retird

    paranormal DNA250C died on me

    As you know Evolv's warranty on the board is 1 year but you might start a ticket with them....
  6. Not experiencing this with my Win10 with the latest Windows updates installed.. I ran Device Monitor just now and let it run for many, many minutes. If you look at the lower left corner of the graph you will see a left pointing arrow. A right pointing arrow is in the lower right corner of the graph. The slider between these arrows moves from left to right as the monitor is running and the graph is always updating along the way. At some point the slider will reach the right arrow (takes a long, long time to get there). I let it run for over 15 minutes and the slider has not reached the right arrow yet so I don't know if it stops updating the graph when it reaches the right arrow or not. The longer it runs the slower the slider moves. You might connect a device that needs charging and let it run and take a vape every 5 minutes or so to see if it still is updating the graph... UPDATE: over 25 minutes and still running....
  7. hum... do you have a 250 board or a 250C board... did you follow the pinout wiring as shown in the datasheet? 250C datasheet: 250 datasheet: Also check the button settings in EScribe
  8. retird

    The Lights, the lights! (read: LED when charging)

    Looks like mine it is red, yellow, green, blue green. solid blue green, led off
  9. retird

    Think Vape Finder DNA250C issues

    And I assume you have ran Case Analyzer on the 250C as you may have done on the 200's. Yep one should not carry bare batteries in one's pocket nor charge batteries while unattended....
  10. retird

    Think Vape Finder DNA250C issues

    or cockpit trouble? ... just kidding😊........ but I like to vape simple and only use throw away coils and Notch Coils.... been through the gambit in the 9 years I've been vaping and we each should vape what and how we like... and should hesitate throwing barbs like " PITFA nanny/safety feature for newbs who simply screw in a new throwaway coil and never learnt to check new builds for shorts on a tester" .... surely you were jesting..... Hope you get it figured out..... 😊
  11. retird

    Amps on the stats
  12. retird

    Aludirome UN2 materials csv???

    Did a bit of research too and from this link we see that Aludirome wire is a " FeCrAl alloy". Then from this link we see that it is mostly made of Kanthal as @dwcraig1 said.
  13. You might open a ticket with Evolv and explain the issue and give the crash log info. Ask that this be given to James........ he doesn't get by here that often....... here is the link....
  14. retird

    What mean?

    Could it be the Profile Number?
  15. retird

    dead screen? gone all white

    This video is for the 75C but may be helpful....