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  1. retird

    dead screen? gone all white

    Could just be the screen..... maybe the screen got cracked thus only a part faded out then all went white....
  2. retird

    Reduce Profiles?

    No way to disable /reduce the number of profiles as far as I know.... I just Name the Profiles I use (Profiles starting with profile 1 thru 4) then I can just pick the one I want using the up or down button....
  3. NOPE..... The Orion auto detects which of the only 2 available pods approved for the Orion is being used (DL or MTL). The 1.0 ohm kanthal pod is not for the Orion even if you can vape it will not be good and won't Replay...
  4. retird

    Fire button not working

    If you just received the device it was DOA..... contact the vendor for a replacement.... I don't have a retail version of the Orion to diagnose with but my best guess is a bad switch .... someone with a Orion may jump in with more thoughts....
  5. retird

    Register Mod keine Anzeige

    There is no option with the 75C for "dubious coils"..... the 250C has that option.....
  6. retird

    Paranormal 250C- High Resistance Readings

    Could it be a 510 issue, a wiring issue, a grounding issue, or connectivity issue between the atty and 510 connector causing the resistance issue.... not necessarily a board issue.... Evolv makes the board but not the device and they replaced the board so you might look elsewhere...
  7. retird

    DNA 75c battery csv's

    No the cvs won't effect the grayed out default battery type........ but the proper battery cvs (if it is for your battery) is all you need.... Which 26650 battery do you have? ... that's the proper cvs you need to install.... Also, you need not delete EScribe to install a newer version.... And, it is good to save the *.ecig file to your computer before making any changes just in case you need to re-install it later....
  8. retird

    About Orions that stop responding

    Could it be locked.... 5 clicks to unlock
  9. I did a bit of checking about this 1 ohm pod. Apparently it has a Kanthal coil and is a Lost Vapes pod, however, it is not compatible with the DNA Orion. The 1 ohm kanthal coil is not compatible with the original Orion but you can force the Orion to recognize the pod. Because the DNA Go board is designed for pod resistances from 0.2 to 0.5 ohms, and SS coils are needed for replay,, it is not recommended. It'll work but not well and not at all with replay. Hopes this will prevent Orion users from thinking this 1 ohm pod is compatible with the original Orion replay feature. Have a great day....
  10. Welcome to the Evolv DNA Forum. This is an EVOLV Forum thus Non-DNA products are not tracked here. This forum thread is for the DNA Go board. Talking about the Lost Vape pods fits because it is a part of the Lost Vape Orion which contains a DNA Go board. You might be able to get some discussion by visiting an e-cig forum such as ECF.
  11. So it's not a Lost Vapes 1 ohm pod but a knock off?
  12. Got a link to these 1 ohm pods? THX
  13. retird

    About Orions that stop responding

    The failure rate for the GO board is very low. Here is the link if you want to see the numbers in real time. Currently the failure rate is less than 1% (the majority from early production issue) for the over 225,000 devices produced. Only 69 failures are for other reasons for the over 250,000 boards. Evolv folks personally helped you out with the 2 dead units before. A unit that does not charge can be caused by many things so why not just let them look at it.