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  1. retird

    dna 75 problem, please help me

    My best guess is that it is either a bad circuit board or excessive heat while soldering battery wires (negative connection) to the board may have damaged it. From your picture it looks like the area around the negative solder point is discolored like it got very hot. At any rate just start a ticket with Evolv and explain it to them and provide the pictures... they will guide you...
  2. retird

    dna 75 problem, please help me

    Does the screen light up when usb cable is not plugged in?
  3. retird

    dna 75 problem, please help me

    Not enough info from you to determine the issue.... did you build the mod? The default firmware and software should be OK. Best guess is short circuit or bad grounding. More info would help....
  4. retird

    Escribe not working

    Once the cotton wicking gets burnt it's done and the taste will remain. .... replace with new wicking/coil/pod depending on what you have....
  5. Here is a data sheet for the 250C.... may be of help to you if you don't already have the datasheet...
  6. retird

    DNA GO 30-40 watt Born Just for Pod?

    Glad you got it sorted out.... and glad your vendor came thru....
  7. retird

    Nifethal 70?

    Steam Engine has a calculator that can generate CSVs for custom materials.
  8. retird

    mod update dna 75c

    You are good to go...... and yes EScribe will suggest an update when available...
  9. I assume the 75C is your first DNA device... DNA's work best using spaced coils (coils do not touch each other). Connectivity of coil to the atty should be tight and a good connection between the atty and the device when using TC. Many things can cause the TC to drop out to power mode. You might want to build a single wire coil (spaced coil) with the SS316L material and strive for consistent TC. Then play with the aliens again...
  10. retird

    Dna 250C ohms readings wonky.

    Read thru this thread and wonder if you have tried this basic exercise....... Have you made a single wire spaced coil (not alien) and tried that. Use wire Material such as Kanthal, SS316L, etc. Check the ohms reading with an ohm's reader before using (reading would be the cold ohms). Device is at room temp and atty at room temp before firing as a new coil? Fire device and select "New Coil" What reading do you get for Cold Ohms? What reading do you get for Live Ohms?
  11. retird

    DNA GO 30-40 watt Born Just for Pod?

    Oh, you can post in your language as we can translate easily here.... might be easier for you and for us....
  12. retird

    DNA GO 30-40 watt Born Just for Pod?

    We don't need date of purchase here. Best case with Evolv is that they may want you to send them the device or maybe just the board out of the device or maybe they just will send you a board.. They will guide you...
  13. retird

    DNA GO 30-40 watt Born Just for Pod?

    OK... I am concerned about 3 things. 1. The board temperature is too low showing only 42.71 F. 2. You have had the device for 1 week and vaped 7000 puffs. How many puffs did it have out of the box new? 3. The wattage shown while firing is too low and not as smooth as it should be. Many things can cause this. Here is a screenshot of my DNA Go device set at 9 watts... You have started a ticket with Evolv. It is the weekend so they may get back to you in a few days when the work week starts.. They warranty the board, not the device. If they decide to look at the board they will guide you on what to do. You might send another ticket to Evolv and include the last screenshot you posted. I shows the 3 things I listed. Since your device is 1 week old I would try again to get the seller to replace it. That would be the easiest especially if the board is good but the device assembly is faulty. That's the best I can troubleshoot without having the device as you say both atty's you tried are functioning properly. Good Luck and just for your info we are not employees of Evolv but just help if we can.
  14. retird

    DNA GO 30-40 watt Born Just for Pod?

    Can you put on a different atomizer?
  15. retird

    DNA GO 30-40 watt Born Just for Pod?

    OK now your Profile settings match both in the settings and o Device monitor. Put in a fresh battery now.