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  1. The main thing is to do what works for you. I use the same tank on the device and just refill it. No need to wait for cooling. I have other devices and each has its own tank. No need to swap tanks. The DNA has very complicated firmware that measures many things at once in order to control the temperature in TC and Replay mode. It's more than just measuring resistance. Using just wattage is pretty simple. In EScribe the Device Monitor is your friend and can help you diagnose and fine tune. If you want to perform the task I posted it should show that the resistance will not go lower than first cold reading. Bottom line is do-what-floats-your boat. As long as you are happy that's all that matters... Will be away from the forum for some time but will check back later on. Others are also trying to assist you here....
  2. OK, When using TC or Replay you need to start with both the device and the atty at the same temperature (normally called room temperature). If you want you can build a new single wire SS316L spaced coil, wick it and fill tank. Set it aside. Set the device to TC, 425F with preheat at 5 and no punch and let the device set. Let device and atty rest until both are at the same ambient temperature. Screw on the atty. Fire and select new coil. Don't lock the coil ohms. See if this helps.
  3. When your coil drops below "cold" by 20 to 30% (as you said earlier) do you get a message to select either "new" or "old" coil? In all my years (over 10 and numerous DNA's) I've not seen what you are experiencing. I use SS316L Notch coils and have for years with no issues in TC or Replay. When you change atty's, as you just did, are the device and the atty both cold, or did you just take off an atty being used and put on another?
  4. What do you get when you build a single wire spaced coil? Not a fused or twisted coil? Does the resistance vary depending on how much you screw the atty on like before? If the issue continues start a ticket with Evolv....
  5. retird

    Track stolen mod

    Each DNA250C board has a serial number but you would need to physically check each mod in EScribe to see if it was your stolen mod. And you would need to know the serial number of your mod. Does the device have a serial number of the device printed on the outside of the device? Again, you would need to check each device you see to find out if it's yours.
  6. No location tracking feature built into the DNA 250C board.
  7. retird

    100 watts regardless of settings

    Surely they will guide you to a PSU that will make the 250C hum................
  8. retird

    100 watts regardless of settings

    The DNA is not a true pass thru as the power supply furnishes input power to the circuit board and the circuit board regulates the output to the atty. Let us know what you find out.
  9. retird

    100 watts regardless of settings

    My guess is the power supply is not able to give you what's needed to reach your desired wattage... You might contact the mod maker and discuss this with them.
  10. retird

    100 watts regardless of settings

    Post a screenshot of Device Monitor (while firing the device).
  11. retird

    100 watts regardless of settings

    Can you check the output voltage of the power supply. Your Device Monitor screenshot is only showing 9.375 volts....
  12. retird

    100 watts regardless of settings

    You said this is a pass thru mod (no batteries in the mod). Is the battery selection in EScribe set to "power supply" 12 Volts. Your power supply is 12 volts, right?
  13. retird

    100 watts regardless of settings

    Here is the Datasheet for the 250C. It has graphs that show max output power per coils ohm's and wire materials. May be helpful.
  14. Please let us know how it turns out....