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  1. Vape_Like_A_Boss


    If it's doing what is discussed in the first post and this other post that was a quote from around the forum, then it's working pretty much the way that Android kernels control charging in an android powered smartphone, at least in HTC models that I'm most familiar with. They charge to 100% and then bring the power back down to 97 to 98% and rotate a trickle charge from that point. It's allows for better longterm conditioning of the battery than charging to 100 and holding the power there, because that would zap the lithium batteries much faster.
  2. Vape_Like_A_Boss

    What is your settings?

    Did you disable the MTL by unchecking the checkbox for "enable" in escribe to force the MTL profile with the .25 coil? I'm wondering if that's what's throwing off the resistance due to a bug or it just happens to be that coil or the way it's making contact at the pin. I'm curious as I've been wondering about disabling the MTL setting so there's only one profile, although I don't really have any need for it, just trying to figure out how the system works. And I figured I throw it out there to help define the exact settings for where the issue is. But that's only the case if the post about not trying MTL above was still the case when you made this later post.
  3. Vape_Like_A_Boss

    The usb is not a data cable REALLY?

    In case other people see this about the mod not coming with pods, make sure you shop around. I almost bought a device with the mod only, was in the checkout process when I decided to check for other retailers. Sure enough, Vape Royalty sells the starter kit with 2 pods, so I ended up buying it from them for the same price I was paying the other place for the mod with no pods. I'm sure there will be a lot of retailers selling the mod only because that increases their margin, but there will also be many selling a kit with pods, so shop around.
  4. Vape_Like_A_Boss

    Therion 75c charging batteries inside the mod

    The Evolv DNA boards and their chargers are usually alright to charge internally. While you see advice against internal charging a lot online and in the community, most of that is because unfortunately not everyone has an Evolv DNA chip in their mod. Evolv put a lot into developing the internal balance charging for multiple batteries, and I believe they were the first to do it. Unless something's recently changed that I missed, it's the board you want to have if you're going to be charging internally. So the DNA board you have is one of the only boards (or "chips") that I'd feel comfortable saying charge them internally and you'll be fine. It's been tested to be truly successful balance charging via USB. As long as lost vape hasn't modified something (and I don't think they have, I'm using a paranormal now, looks like Evolv USB port location.) you'll be fine charging internally via USB, although I'd use the same safety precautions as charging batteries in anything else.
  5. If you've got some room in the box and can make it work, I really suggest using micro-deans or something like the XT60 or XT90 connectors for the battery. If you use connectors, you can open your mod, grab the battery and plug it into a LiPo charger. Or if you're ever in a situation where you need more power, you can keep on the lookout for a good deal on a spare battery, and just swap it when it gets low.With a battery the size of yours, I'd definitely think a LiPo charger would be handy, with my older charger at a fairly low "C" rating for the battery can handle, I think I charge my 2000 mah LiPo in about 40 minutes.With a battery with lots of mah like you're looking at, that 1 amp charge time from USB, and a LiPo at 4 to 8 amps or so, there will be a big difference in charging, plus the ability to swap batteries when you get more than one, or replace your daily driver and keep the mediocre one as a spare.
  6. Vape_Like_A_Boss

    battery life query

    On a 2000 mah maxamps lipo, 22.2 watt/hours I'm getting nearly two days normal vape time while I'm piddling with work on the side (I vape for my career, I only work to pay the bills ) on 80 watts kanthal, a day and a half vaping a good bit. And I'm an insomniac who doesn't sleep much. I have a LiPo charger so sometimes I'll cut it closer than I normally would and not charge it at 45- 50% the first night and go on through the second day.
  7. Vape_Like_A_Boss

    Temp control not working

    Is that a VT200 box? I think I'm starting to see a pattern maybe.
  8. Vape_Like_A_Boss

    After the revision of the vtbox200

    These mods were notorious for blowing boards. Seeing "good solder" doesn't mean that there is not a short somewhere. It could be cold solder joints that appear ok on the exterior preventing a proper connection, or problems the board experienced prior to you receiving it, or a number of other factors. If you will send your mod to Evolv they can diagnose it and give you a good answer. But those of who have been keeping an eye on these chips from very early on can tell you that while a bad board is possible, you need more than a mod known for poor construction, materials, and build quality to make such a determination. With the 510 connection issues seen in the mod you have, it wouldn't surprise me if the short occurred inside the 510 or due to grounding.
  9. Vape_Like_A_Boss

    Early Firmware and EScribe Suite Discussion Thread

    I show 1.0.33 after installing that escribe only update, so I'm thinking you're probably good to go.
  10. Vape_Like_A_Boss

    Early Firmware and EScribe Suite Discussion Thread

    Just to add on this thought, maybe to get some more data TomDunahoo could temporarily set the screen fields to show board temperature and room temperature, both when it's working normal from room temp and also in the conditions it's getting whacky, when the mods been run really hard and temps are higher.I was thinking if you could check those temps during both conditions, it might show a correlation with temperature, and maybe be a touch helpful in determining if case analyzer makes any difference if it happens often enough to note the before/after results and see a pattern.
  11. Vape_Like_A_Boss

    Hello from Mod Crate

    I'd love to see something DNA 200 focused like varitube did with the beginners kit, even if it uses a 3D printed faceplate, it would help a lot of "not quite modders" get their feet wet so to speak. You could use your box plus the faceplate and mounts but include instructions, wire, and connectors, and they could just order the battery and get to assembling. Basically all they'd need is the lipo, if you want to avoid shipping and supporting lipo batteries.
  12. Vape_Like_A_Boss

    Early Firmware and EScribe Suite Discussion Thread

    [QUOTE=laadam][QUOTE=Nach][QUOTE=James]*** 2015-09-03 EScribe ***This is a minor bug fix release for EScribe. It features:(1) a fix for Device Monitor flashing on some computers with Windows XP,(2) longer timeouts, for fewer error messages when using VirtualBox/Parallels on a Mac, and(3) ECigStats 1.1, which adds support for localization (Chinese and Norwegian, initially)[/QUOTE]Guys, just read the notes as you click the download links! [/QUOTE]What are referring to?[/QUOTE]Just to clarify, it was only the EScribe PC Software (PC Interface) that was updated, the firmware on the mod didn't change at all. Just the windows software version changed and was updated.
  13. Vape_Like_A_Boss

    Two consecutive VTbox200 stop working

    These mods have some serious problems. I actually was watching a review when I ran across this thread.The 510 connectors on some of these mods are glued in.It seems from the model in the review from what I can tell, that it was designed with no way to mount a 510 other than glue. It wouldn't surprise me if there's shorting issues with some of these mods. There's also a 510 sitting right over the board that's loose and glued in, and juice leaking around the 510 if the glue isn't a complete seal could be a problem.This isn't due to Evolv's board, these problems I mentioned are all on the manufacturer. Although they have "Powered By Evolv" in huge letters on the box, so Evolv may want to make sure that glud 510 is a unique problem to one mod and not designed and produced that way.
  14. Vape_Like_A_Boss

    Soldering the Board

    I have shaky hands, while I'm fairly good at soldering other than that, its a pretty good handicap to bring my level of "can do" right back down. The Xacto third hand type clamp is a life saver for me with the exact situation you described, because I can keep constant pressure against the tinned wire and tab while i solder it, without worrying about a shake causing a cold solder bubble or something.
  15. Vape_Like_A_Boss


    I think making it full scale would allow for a huge lipo in the handle. I say make it full size, and use a gun rack to mount it across the back windshield of your truck, or behind the front seat of a car, police style. If you have a family they might not appreciate sitting in a police cage when they have to ride in the back seat, but it would totally be worth it.