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  1. It is fair to say replay replaces temp control, it is built on top of Evolv's temp control tech and couldn't work without it. A bit like some cars having computerised driving aids replay would be like the manufactures preset that works for most folks, but having all the fine adjustments with TC is more akin to a track car and can provide greater control and performance when desired.
  2. You can't on the device, but you could make profiles with different settings for these values so you can change them when you're out and about.
  3. VapingBad

    EScribe no longer working on Mac

    Hello Scott B, sounds like mac update changed or blocked something, rolling back the update if you can would probably work, but is a bad solution. I would give it a few days and if no update are forthcoming raise a support ticket to ensure it gets in the queue. Thanks for teaching me the basics
  4. VapingBad

    Are my settings correct

    The results look good, I wonder why you used that profile, if I recall correctly it was just for some untypical stainless steel in the early days and most wire is better with the stock profile.
  5. VapingBad

    DNA 75 Battery Problem

    It is probably the battery or a connection issue between the battery and board, I seem to remember on some of these there was a screw near the battery cap that came loose and caused issues there is a thread on here somewhere about that, sorry don't have the device or time to search right now.
  6. VapingBad

    DNA 40 Trouble

    It should be fine at those resistances, I would check you are not getting too much voltage drop on the battery or ground connections - IE good solid and tight connections, hard to be more specific online.
  7. VapingBad

    Replay maximum temperature?

    Replay does override the max temp setting, but I think the case that has not been mentioned is using a temp limited puff as your seed puff. This is a bit of an edge case and most of the time if you have temp control working well I would stick with that, but adding replay can help with set ups with less stable resistance.
  8. VapingBad

    Hand made coils compatibility

    Using all SS316 would probably be best, any temp sensing wire, but not mixing metals will give you the best results.
  9. VapingBad

    White Screen!

    I had it with fixed battery when connecting the screen after connecting the battery, disconnecting the battery and reconnecting solved it.
  10. VapingBad

    Warranty Service Message

    To start an RMA
  11. You will need the international version, enable manufacture UI setting in EScribe then you will be able to access the max power setting.
  12. VapingBad

    Ohm to high or low annoying

    No, the soft cell cut off is per cell not for all the cells together. It is hitting the limit because it is a 2 cell mod, there is nothing you can do in Escribe it is the max output voltage limit for 2 cells comping into effect.
  13. VapingBad

    Making advanced theme from ground up

    I have not seen any tutorials, looking at themes that have the feature you want is probably the best option. The status field is for system messages and text you put in the status fields for a field and then it is shown when in focus, I don't think you can change the *. You could have a condition like when charging and display board temp when true and status when false, you need a condition for fields to occupy the same area.
  14. VapingBad

    Issues with replay

    Yas try turning the warmth down on the profile, but it me it sounds like a connection issue somewhere, I havn't tried locking ohms with replay but it may help with your set up.
  15. Just installing the previous versions of EScribe should do it.