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  1. Replay mode

    Yes only the C variants AFAIK
  2. Paranormal 75c

    Just load the previous config fiel you saved before you did that and upload to device, if you never saved there may be an original Paranormal config posted here, you would lose profile changes you made though.
  3. What is Warmth?

    It is how much extra power you let the board provide when the coil is cold. You may want it higher if you recorded a puff at the end of a series when the coil and atty were warm to start with or you may want it lower if you recorded a puff from cold.
  4. Therion 166 screen not working. Help

    0.30, surly that is 30 it should be a whole number, it just counts the number of times the board can't communicate with the screen. It is most likely an assemble fault that the screen cable was not kept away from the fire button or it could be the cable has come loose or the connection got dirty, but these 2 are far rarer. You should be able to get it fixed under the mod manufactures warranty.
  5. problems with replay

    No, I am a beta tester I just edited the theme in a beta version of EScribe.
  6. DNA250C using NiFe problems

    [Escribe - Help -> 7 clicks on the Evolv logo to get into debug mode] Good luck with the RMA, I'm sure they will take good care of you.
  7. My DNA 250C Build.........

    It's fine to connect directly, better performance wise, you just need to make it the last job and be careful not to short anything with the soldering iron or when fitting to the case, Capton tape can help with that.
  8. Therion 166 issue

    Sounds like a large voltage sag/drop in the mod, could be a poor or dirty ground connection, I don't know the Therion had the same the issue with thread lock on the 510 the Paranormal does
  9. Mirage 75C info

    It won't affect what it reads or the rate of discharge, just how it converts voltage to battery % for the gauge. All the performance and safety features work by real time data, the user set limits for low cut off, max currents, max temps, number of cells and battery type, max recharges (cause Li batteries to charge up to 4.1 V to double their life approx) are all respected.
  10. Therion 166 screen not working. Help

    In Escribe goto help and click the Evolv logo 7 times (activates debug mode) then open device manager and look for a reading for screen disconnects on the left hand side, if this is much above 0 then it is most likly the screen cable was not properly routed and has got damaged by the fire button or it has come loose.
  11. Mirage 75C info

    The Wh in the csv id just for info and not used bu the board, it uses the setting you put in the boxes. As others have said the csv is only battery % vs voltage to try an make thee gauge more accurate, for example there's no reason not to reduce the highest voltage reading by a few tens of millivolts if it says 99% when fully charged and you want it to say 100% it will not affect softy or performance.
  12. problems with replay

    If you mean replay you can turn it on and off on the mod, Evolv just didn't put it on their theme, here is the default 250C theme with replay as a check box so it doesn't hide temp and the ability to adjust preheat, boost and turn on replay for a profile (via atty screen), a few other minor things like no decimal places and step size of 1 for temp. vb 01 int.ecigtheme
  13. DNA 75C SS 316L Profiles

    You say "reccomended csv", not sure where that came from as the stock 316 profile is what I would think of as recommended and what I use all the time for 316 & 316L and the best place to start IMO.
  14. No save puff in theme

    It is the default theme from the default 250C profile, start Escribe without a device connected and save the theme. In general you need replay enabled for the profile and you may need to change Mod - Replay setting to "Allow dubious coils" (the Viable cut off was set as some kanthal coils have Ni legs which could mislead the board to see them as temp sensing).
  15. My DNA 250C Build.........

    What no XT30?