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  1. Yes, that's why having disabled USB Charging in Device monitor would explain that, hopefully that is the answer.
  2. Check Device Monitor - Diagnostics - Enable USB Charging as nothing to stop it charging in that screen shot.
  3. Just going by the spec (3S 5200 mAh 50C), not looked at the link and know nothing about the make, yes more than powerful enough as long as it fits in your box, you may need to swap the connector.
  4. 2 cell, 17 Wh, it is 18.5 on paper, but sag will stop you using every bit. Your voltage is 7.4 for the calculator, maybe you don't have 2 cell selected.
  5. No you never "needed" to, the CSVs from battery analyser and battery capacity do not affect performance, they just make the fuel gauge more accurate. (Low cut off and the current limits do affect performance.)
  6. My 75Cs have fixed batteries, but I would try changing a setting before changing the battery that may force it to save the values or plugging into Escribe (which is not really practical)
  7. The battery pack line, normally black, in Device Monitor not Battery Analyser (though that will work), hover the mouse over the lowest points to see how low the battery sags (I think the hw limit is 2.75 V). When you start hitting that low limit on every puff your battery is struggling to supply enough power, connection issues can make it worse as well.
  8. Sounds like a battery or ground connection issue causing the board to see too much battery sag, sorry I don't have the mod to give you more specific advise.
  9. Could it be you are trying to us the updates for the Wisemec rx200 and not the DNA 200? I just update mine with the latest fw from Evolv.
  10. You can just change the background on a theme you like.
  11. Check the cell voltages of the battery (with a volt metre each adjacent pair of connections on the balance plug) if they are different from what the DNA reports check the balance wires connections are all clean and secure. If they are the same you could have a faulty battery or board, I would charge the battery externally refit and check they discharge evenly within a few millivolts, you may need to get the volt metre out to check, if they don't it is the battery.
  12. Yes, the 510 can easily be even more resistance than that, my Silo is between 0.003 and 0.004 ohm mod res, one tip with these every six months give the board mount screws a tweak (loosen and tighten one turn) to keep a good electrical path for the ground.
  13. In short parallel batteries will always be at the same voltage so are safe to charge together with the same parameters used for charging a single cell. If they are balanced each one will consume half the current. Series are the opposite: they will always be at the same current, but their voltage may vary depending on how well matched they are so monitoring the individual cell voltages is necessary. I happily charge my Rolo and C1D2 via USB and using external chargers depending on what is more convenient at the time. IMO rotating the position of batteries is rubbish, the only real reason would be if the cell in one position got a lot hotter than the others so aged a little quicker and I could only really see that happening in a dual battery hybrid mech where the top cell may get some heat from the atty, basically hogwash in the real world. For me the best dual battery mod would be based on a DNA 250, a better board with much faster charging and far higher efficency.
  14. You can get the 304 profile from I'll paste it here "Temperature (degF)","Electrical Resistivity" -58,0.9073666667 68,1 212,1.0909 302,1.1426 392,1.1917 482,1.2388 572,1.2844 800,1.3857966667 In general ensure all connections clean and tight, mod resistance is not set too high, better zero than too high.
  15. I have not seen one, probably best to find a theme that implements the feature you want and examine it in Theme Designer.