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  1. JLIT

    Let's see your 250's!

    Between you and me, I like knowing it could handle it as well lol.
  2. Sample unit to measure added material from nickel, copper, show chroming, 24k gold plating
  3. It's delrinSorry for delayed response. The design has since changed to accommodate custom bezel, full mech switch and aluminum +/-
  4. Thank you for posting. Definitely going to be using one of these
  5. JLIT

    Let's see your 250's!

    My apologies! I haven't logged on in ages! These will be for sale. However it's up to you if you want to drive over heavily 24k gold mod with a price tag to show for it. Structurally, it will hold but advised against and stated in warranty documentation. Sorry to post link if against forum rules: www.facebook.com/vapecraftdesigns
  6. JLIT

    Let's see your 250's!

    Appreciate it. Feels like I've aged twice as fast during this whole project but the end result will be worth it. Been using my REV1 over a year with no issues and even drove a 2 ton truck over it for a stress test lol... Have since gone and rough sanded up to 1000 grit from 400 due to the pavement scratches but it took the beating like a champ. Obvious major changes since this rev1 (delrin buttons, soft tact fire switch only being used internally now with external flush actuator, and the logo, and of course the minor change in plating Sa
  7. JLIT

    Let's see your 250's!

    Will have custom actuator flush along with same copper, nickel, show chrome (think motor cycle wheel show chrome), and heavy 24K. All milled from 7075 Aluminum. No epoxy. Custom faceplate pressure fit with backplate held by 0x80 (4) screws threaded to faceplate through delrin backing plate. Lid has milled groove with 4mm of compression via o-rings. Using FDV V3 LP (ceramic core) which is SS and will be 24k plated as well. Been a 8 month project with 50 units going out. Days away from being sent to gold plating from the chrome. Using 3S 11.1V 65C 1550mAh Lipo with its own milled cavity. It's a big f'er.
  8. JLIT

    DNA200 Board Test Rig's?

    Was hoping some of the users could show their test rigs (not battery test rigs) or methods for testing many boards pre-assembly (for production runs). I have extra zif connectors and ribbons to possibly assemble a through hole adapter so it isn't necessary to use the zif connector on board. This would be a first making one of these for me so any input is highly appreciated!
  9. All I do is plug the usb cord into a wall charger or pc and you get like kited functionality but can still go through the various profiles. If you need to see welcome screen again just unplug and plug back in. I realize the op was referring toseeingthe welcome screen on the device itself when it's in use only after writing what I did. Doh
  10. Time to dive in... Thanks everyone for the input
  11. Been working on my own DNA200 design from the ground up and with the help of a very gifted machinist and of course all I've learned from these forums, here is my faceplate design to be pressure fit with 4mm of compression via o-rings. Thoughts or suggestions definitely welcome!
  12. Appreciate it as well.
  13. JLIT


    Jay, are you in Southern California? Been looking for a machinist that's local and familiar with box mods.
  14. JLIT

    Hello from Mod Crate

    Second that! Would appreciate it!