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  1. Can those of you having challenges with battery life change one of your display variables to pack voltage. This will assist in determining whether the issue is battery meter or battery life.
  2. A proof-of-concept device built by a friend after we wondered what would be involved in making a device with extreme battery life Hammond 1590P with a Gens ace 4000mAh 25C 3S battery. Battery life is spectacular, though the size and 1.6 pound weight make it less than pocket friendly
  3. Crickets is probably a good sign I've been running this for a couple days and haven't had any issues. In unrelated news, the Starre Pro (unexpectedly) sets a new high bar for TC tanks with pre-made coils.
  4. It is under the Mod tab. Charging Mode: Maximize Puffs or Maximize Recharges
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