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    What you are allowed to set on the mod depends on the theme you're using, I think the default theme allows you to change the normal 'day to day' setting s like wattage, temperature, boost settings (I can't remember as I didn't use the default theme much, I dived straight in and made my own theme as soon as I built my first 75C based mod). I don't remember if the default theme allows you to change things like material or replay enable in a profile, my theme certainly doesn't allow to set those but those are things I will set once and probably never change.
  2. Chris Musampa


    That's right dude, if you go into escribe you can change the name of them and set them to something more useful FOR YOU. So you might, for example, rename profile 1 to be named "Goon" and set that profile's material to SS (or whatever you material you use in your goon), rename profile 2 to "RDTA" and set it's material to whatever you use in your RDTA, then when you upload them to your mod those are the profile names that will be displayed instead of the default profile names watts, watt boost, etc.
  3. Chris Musampa


    You can access them on the mod itself, you can also change most settings for each profile on the mod. Escribe allows you to rename the profiles to suit you (for example naming each one for a particular atty)and will also allow you to change some profile settings which might not be available in your mod's theme, like the coil material or whether it's a temp controlled profile. Also, to clarify, you don't need to create profiles, the device has 8 profiles, if I remember rightly they're named after common materials by default, you just need to rename them and set them up to suit your purposes then upload them to your mod.
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    Just move the cursor to the profile name, press select (middle button), up/down to scroll through the profiles then select when you on the one you want.
  5. Chris Musampa

    Not Charging Internally

    Like Wayneo says, try different cables, I've seen mine do this (tries to start charging then says nope) with a cable that isn't up to the charging current.
  6. I don't know why it should be limited like that. I just uploaded my theme, it isn't the prettiest but it allows you to adjust preheat punch or preheat temp and shows how one directly affects the other, feel free to try it (I don't have a 250C but I'm assuming it'll be compatible).
  7. Version 1.0


    A simple theme with bold bright text.
  8. Punch adjusts the preheat offset from the set temp. For example my temp is set at 218°C, if I set punch to 11 then preheat temp gets set to 212°C and for every 1 I reduce the punch the preheat temp drops by 8 or 9°C (I have them both shown on the preheat screen on my theme), so if I set punch to all the way down 1 then preheat drops down to 129°C. Not sure why yours is so low.
  9. Chris Musampa

    SS TC Settings

    As Wayneo says, you'll taste your juice better if you reduce the final ramp up speed. Your device monitor shows you need about 40 watts to maintain temperature for your draw, so maybe set power around 50 - 60 watts (experiment with it) and preheat to 155, then mess around with the punch value. If you set power and/or punch too low you'll probably notice a little spitback (as you'll be drawing while the juice is just starting to boil but not full got going yet), too high and you'll miss out on some flavour.
  10. Chris Musampa

    We need bigger screens ?

    I think they're the perfect size, a big screen would restrict mod design as you'd either have to make them fat or you'd have to put the board and screen on the side rather than the front.
  11. Chris Musampa

    change max temp from 600º to 950º for enail.

    I think I ended up adjusting a graph from some other wire, can't remember. Would've been less hassle if the increased temp limit actually worked though, it seems bugged.
  12. Chris Musampa

    change max temp from 600º to 950º for enail.

    I can confirm the same. I was thinking about temp limiting for cleaning SS coils a while back (more for interest than necessity) so I raised the limit to 400°C, I could now set 400C on the mod but it would still stop at 315C anyway.
  13. I just had a look at the theme, there's a condition that hides last temp on a non temp sensing coil, you'll need to delete the condition. There's a voltage display in non-temp mode also in that theme, I guess you'll want to delete that if you haven't already.
  14. Chris Musampa

    No more puffs when battery indicator reading 0%

    You're welcome. The right csv file will probably make it more accurate though.
  15. Chris Musampa

    No more puffs when battery indicator reading 0%

    The soft cutoff value is the under load voltage (where the battery voltage sags to when you're actually vaping), while the 3.3V is the resting (no load) voltage. I use VTC5As myself, when they reach 3V3 with no load you can consider them empty, its time to charge bud.
  16. Chris Musampa

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    They could certainly improve on the user info available, great boards but poor in that respect IMO. I can't advise on replay as I only briefly played with it, been using TC on DNA boards for a couple of years though and learnt to get the best out of it (for me anyway) through experimentation. How I set TC up My goto set up: Edge mods Type R SS316L fused clapton (2 x 0.36 + 0.06 wrap) 7 wraps 3.5mm ID. Various 75C squonk mods I set power first. I'm not worried about fast ramp up with this, I set enough power that can comfortably increase coil temp under my normal draw, use device monitor if you want to find this visually, around 45 watts for this atty. Set temp to get decent flavour. If the vape is too warm or too cool then I'd change the build. Enable preheat. I set preheat power at 70W for this atty/build, it can be as much as you think your build can stand. I'd start with preheat punch around 7 or 8 and adjust to taste from there. In case you don't know what preheat punch does, it changes the the temp at which it cuts off the preheat power and drops down to your main power setting. The higher the punch the nearer to your set temp it stops preheat. What I'm aiming for with the settings is that there's enough preheat power to blast through the useless no vapour zone, then the power drops and you get a slower ramp through 'the flavour zone' up to the main temp limit. HTH
  17. Chris Musampa

    Classic wattage mode

    I think this would be a great feature, I don't remember seeing it when I was using theme designer but I might have missed it. The way I imagine it working would be like the way you can set a default control for a screen in theme designer, you should also be able to set a 'direct' control that the up /down buttons can alter without activating the menu selector. If you want to set anything else then you press the select button to activate the menu as usual.
  18. Chris Musampa

    75c single cell wiring

    I've built a few Orcas (a few 75 and one 75C), always positive down and I don't bother wiring the B-. It's connected internally on the board to -out, I guess they use a good enough plane as it has worked no problem for me.
  19. Chris Musampa

    Replay maximum temperature?

    I don't see how there can be one. You don't have to tell it what material you're using therefore it doesn't know the TCR so can't know what temperature it's at. I've only played with it a little but I guess it's just trying to replicate the resistance curve from the saved puff. So I guess if you record a puff with a saturated wick the max temp is going to be somewhere around the boiling point of your liquid. I'm a fairly experienced TC user so I prefer to be able to set and tune the parameters manually, so I only tried replay out briefly, maybe someone more knowledgeable can chime in.