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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all, I am using Avatar DNA go 30W POD kit with Escribe software. Can someone please explain what is Boost and Warmth settings beside Wattage? What happens if we adjust the boost from Low to High (ie. 1 to 10) similarly the Warmth settings. Any of you playing with these settings and vaping? I appreciate all your help.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am New to this DNA chip thingy.. and the ones that confused me a lot is this "Escribe" thing that a lot of people talking about... the only thing i know about the word "escribe" is that is the name of the app.. but what exactly is this escribe?? because many people in my region that owns a DNA chip mods always asking to one another if they mods already been escribed or not??? how to tell that my mod is already been escribed or not??? is it any difference between the stock chip and the "Escribed" ones??? like what is the difference?? is it perform better after i escribed it?? how do i escribe my mods??? i really confused... please enlight me with this escribe thingy
  3. Hi. I really can't change watts press increment for my DNA 250c in escribe. I went to Theme designer, but no matter how I change decimal place or stepsize, increment is still 0.5 watt per button press Is it possible that it has something to do with me using the customised theme from the Lostvape site? It's "DNA 250C LIGHT HOUSE", DNA 250C Light House | Lost Vape
  4. Sziasztok! Escribe és Ecigstats program magyar nyelvű fájlok elérhetőek. Használjátok bátran! Bármi kérdésetek vagy észrevételetek van írjatok nyugodtan! Zsíros gőzöket! Escribe&Ecigstats-HU.zip
  5. Version 1.5


    I'm very uneducated on escribe but hey here is my basic los theme blop blop doggie
  6. Hi Folks, I'm looking for a csv file for my new Thelema mod. As Evolv claims it supports Ni90, but in the stock config on the mod there was no material curve for it. As I also have some Ni90 wire at hand I now just need the file to get it work. Thanks for your help ! chris
  7. Spent the other day in escribe trying to figure out how I could add a bar that corresponds your last puff time to the maximum puff time. For example, if you hit it for 2 seconds with a 10 second max, it would be 20% full, or 5 with 10, 50% full. This is purely for aesthetic purposes. I had seen it on an old smok mod of mine before, and wanted to recreate it because I just like how it looks, and when I’m creating a custom theme for myself I just want to play around with making it look as cool as possible for me. Unfortunately I eventually looked up if it was possible, and there’s an older post saying that it was not. The posts author wanted to have the firing time bar update in real time while taking a hit. Considering I only want the gauge updated after the last puff I feel like that is more doable. Spent all day trying to mess around with things, but it seems there’s no way to, even though you can still monitor the last puff time, you can’t set it as a gauge that works properly. Whenever you take a hit it will just completely fill up the entire bar, no matter what time. If there’s any possibility this could be a small addition, I would very much appreciate it, or if someone could help me figure out some way to modify it myself in the firmware I’d also be happy to mess around with things and see what I can do. Not a big deal, just something I’d love to be able to add to my DNA250c.
  8. Anyone have a thermal profile for the SXK BB DNA60, or know how to useescribe to get one?
  9. Hello folks, hopefully someone can help clear up a few issues that I'm having setting up temperature control on a DNA 250C and I'm a novice at using it as this is my first Evolv chipset device. I'm trying to set my temperature at 250°C, I can do this under profile settings. But Preheat is limited to 149°C or 300°F, and this doesn't help with my coil getting up to temperature. Also there's not much explanation to Punch, even from Evolv. Shame on them. So is there a limit to Preheat temperature?
  10. Hello all, I'm totally new to dna and escribe but have watched and read couple tutorials about setting up my triade 250c and i do not have the option to put watt hour in escribe for my batteries. I did switched to manufacturer mode in escribe and all i can see is cell type and number of cells, then there is graph etc and I'm not messing with that of course. I'm using 3 vtc6. What I do wrong?
  11. hello Every now I open escribe and the Device Monitor option disappears. [system is a windows 7]. I tried lookign through all the options and the restarting the PC but the only thing that gets it back is reinstalling the software. Thank you in advance for all the help
  12. Hello, I just Downloaded the escribe Software from the official Homepage and I got an Virus warning: Dateiname: setupescribe2_sp15_1_us.exe Name der Bedrohung: WS.Reputation.1Vollständiger Pfad: d:\vape mod\dna themes\setupescribe2_sp15_1_us.exe ____________________________ ____________________________ Auf Computern ab 27.05.2018 um 11:56:27 Zuletzt genutzt 27.05.2018 um 11:58:28 Startobjekt Nein Gestartet Nein Art der Bedrohung: Insight-Netzwerkbedrohung. Es bestehen mehrere Anzeichen, dass diese Datei nicht vertrauenswürdig und daher nicht sicher ist ____________________________ setupescribe2_sp15_1_us.exe Name der Bedrohung: WS.Reputation.1 Suchen Wenige Benutzer Weniger als 100 Benutzer in der Norton Community haben diese Datei verwendet. Neu Diese Datei wurde vor 16 Tagen veröffentlicht. Mittel Das Risiko dieser Datei ist mittel. ____________________________ Quelle: Externer Datenträger Quelldatei: setupescribe2_sp15_1_us.exe ____________________________ Dateiaktionen Datei: d:\vape mod\dna themes\ setupescribe2_sp15_1_us.exe entfernt ____________________________ Dateiabdruck - SHA: 06d12ab5707437a724a573cd5edeb11bf03faf2356dabc295664f71f6be4fe56 Dateiabdruck - MD5: c5cb23d64aaeedd64d9b195ce43ad2cc Sorry but the Report is in German. I get the same warning also from the International Version. Regards Mark,
  13. I have a Paranormal DNA166. It's manual refers me to the Evolv site to download the EScribe software but I don't see any mention of DNA 166 . . . only DNA 250 and other models. Can I use the EScribe software on my DNA 166?
  14. So, I just got my first DNA device with the 250C chip. I downloaded the US version of ESCRIBE for Mac. I went to open the application and nothing. It bounces around in the dock for several seconds and then just goes away. I’m the administrator account for the computer but still nothing. No warnings or error messages at all. I occasionally see the ecig stats program running but it goes away without warning as well. I feel like this is just a simple fix but I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. Any help is is greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi guys, Not sure if this was posted already. On latest Escribe it would seem I am unable to change the "Kanthal Power Limit" if the battery is set to "Power Supply". Current workaround is to set the battery to anything other than "Power Supply", upload settings, change "Kanthal Power Limit" to what I want and set Battery back to "Power Supply". Once uploaded back the Limit sticks! Thanks
  16. HI, when i connect my triade dna 250 to escribe on windows 8 without using my batteries escribe does not read my mod giving me the not detected message while with batteries it works fine, i just don't want to connect my mod while using the battery as i know this is not good for the mod. pls help, thanks
  17. ive perused for this topic and didnt find a difinative answer yet, so sorry if its doubled up. i have a chromebook laptop which does not run off of windows......ive tried to download the software to use it and it says to find a program to use in chrome store.....is anyone using a chromebook for escribe or are you using a specific program i need to download..... thanks in advance
  18. Hello. does anyone have tried kanthal A1 and Ni80 material on DNA 75C? is it works? i tried them both but if i press firing button no firing and instanly show Temperature Protected. while it working like a charm on my DNA75 and DNA250 devices. if you had it works, would you mind to share it? DNA without TC's just like you have a pretty-girl-in-your-dream right beside you, will always be your angel, but she's your sister..
  19. First of all thanks for your attention . i just bought a therion 166 and i love the DNA hit but i am mostly an mtl vaper and i like to use temp control i had snowwolf vfeng and all i had to do is lock OHM on room temp and then i vaped it but alot of ppl say best temp control is the DNA chip offers , i got one now i have to deal with escribe and all videos i found had nothing to provide me on how to start and make it perfect i have the siren v2 tank i use ss316 26g 6 wraps spaced 2.5 diameter or 3 diameter ... can someone help me please give me a link to a useful bullshit free video or link to a profile i can download ... some people say to use ss304 instead it performs better but the DNA250 doesnt have ss304 . where i can download it ?? thanks for ur time and keep vaping
  20. Hi everybody, I've seen lots of people here, who really know almost everything about all DNA stuff, so I wanted to ask for your help. Sooo, today I found out that my DNA (i havent been using it for few days) is refusing to charge, doesnt matter which one cable or adapter I'll use, it doesnt even shot a thunderbolt icon. Escribe shown me that one cell is around 1,40 V, second 2,12V, and third 0,01V. I tried to rebalance them with USB charge recovery and after few hours first is at 2,21V, second 2,51V, but third still at 0,01v... I've opened my Panzer just to make sure everything is all right in there and it was. People say that this third cell my be completly dead now, kaput. I tried to update software, reset all settings, and nothing. Maybe you guys have any idea if there is any way i can bring it back to life, cuz im out of ideas. Btw, what would happen if I set in escribe that this lipo has 2 cells instead of 3?
  21. I Currently just bought/upgraded to the Lost Vape Paranormal 166. I recently have been having issues with what seems like a longer ramp-up time than usual. it's not as instant of a hit than my therion was. Idk if that's because I have to change something in the profile settings or not. I never really used EScribe before either so I'm new to this. It seems like im burning my coils slightly too, the taste is really off sometimes (depending on how long I fire it for too. Not sure what is the cause. Idk if its the long ramp-up time im sensing being too slow, if its the coil, or what. I use a u well crown 3 tank with .25 coils, only using watts and hitting it at about 60-65W usually unless I use more nicotine then it's like 70W. Is there a profile out there I can download that might be beneficial? or maybe just tweaking a couple of things through Escribe? Help would be appreciated! thanks!
  22. I'm running an experiment and I'm setting the temperature limit through the Escribe software. However, I want the temperature limit to be above 300C or 600 F. is there a way through the escribe software or serial commands to set the limit above those?
  23. I recently got a Triade DNA 200 from a friend. And I wanted to update some of his profiles, maybe change some for my atomizers. I installed Escribe, but it will not open at all, I even tried running as administrator, no changes. I re-installed it like 4-5 times, I have no idea what to do.
  24. Can anyone tell me how or where you all get your animated theme pics?? Things like battery levels/gauges etc Thanks for any help.
  25. I just installed escribe and under the mod tab I do not have a pulldown for battery types. Any help?
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