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  1. Hi, so I decided to dabble in changing my theme. I use Frank65's blue theme in my 3 DNA color devices and what I want most is to put the puff counter in the bottom left corner. This field is blank in wattage profile, but shows 'last watts' in temp profile. In theme designer when I changed the field from 'last wattage' to 'information total puffs' I saw there was no change to the mod. Then I toggled to a temp mode and saw my beloved puff counter where I had changed it. So this is where I am stuck. I am just trying to get the puff counter on the main screen, thanks!. Link below to the theme:
  2. Hi Frank, first THANKS for your theme, I use it on 4 of my DNA color mods (2 Triades, paranormal and therion). I am a total nerd for puff counter, especially on my dna's. It's easy on the non colors. I tried to edit this theme and I successfully changed the bottom left corner of the main screen to show total puffs, the only problem was it only shows when profile is a temp sensing coil, not in wattage or kanthal profiles. I have looked around the theme designer and cannot see how to toggle between conditions for main screen that would indicate temp or non temp sensing. Also I would recommend for next revision putting puff counter in that empty space for the non temp profiles. Thanks!

    Lost Vape Triade DNA250c profile after resistance and case analyzer tests

    Does your door close with the VTC6? I just got 6 new ones for my old 250 and my new 250c and was sadly met with that fact. Im just curious if this effected all VT6 Triade users? Thanks.

    Lost Vape Triade reads resistance .04 too high

    Another thing to note, it seems there is a "nick" defect at top of 510 pin, could be described as a pit. Im going to post a photo, hopefully it is visible.

    Paranormal DNA250C Flash Memory

    For the flash to continue tracking time it would need a battery. Im just talking from a computer perspective (think CMOS battery), so an Evolv expert please do tell. I never noticed this on my therion, but I never take the batteries out and my theme doesn't show the clock. If the clock is dependent on battery, Evolv should have skipped this unless they made it a lipo only feature.

    Lost Vape Triade reads resistance .04 too high

    Thanks for correction it is .004. Just found something crazy, ran atmoizer analyzer without a tank and got .316! Tapped it with bent paper clip and it dropped to .2 something then eventually went back up! edit: It seems this "memory" of a restance that isnt there in atomizer analyzer can be cleared with hard reboot through escribe. Thanks again.

    Lost Vape Triade reads resistance .04 too high

    Also should mention I live in Baltimore, incase anyone can recommend local repair or wants to buy.

    Lost Vape Triade reads resistance .04 too high

    Hi folks. Long time DNA fan. During last years labor day sale I ordered a Triade 250 with a hefty discount. About a month after opening it, I noticed that it was overreading the resistance by a decent amount. I just tested it vs a very accurate Therion and the therion read .177 and the Triade .223 I checked on escribe and the internal resistance is set to .004. I thought of maybe just focusing on the voltage output and using known tanks or known builds on my rda's but the hit felt different. Now with the DNA250 out, I am ready to regift this barely used Triade DNA250. I know now that my 6 month Lost Vape policy is gone, I hear that I can mail my mod to Evolv and they will fix it. Does anyone have any idea how much they charge? My other option is fix it. I can't find a thread on my mod, but it seems people had a similar problem with the Lost Vape Paranormal 166. Maybe Vape shops (havent been to one in years) do repairs. As I mention below, I tested the Triade with "atomizer analzyer" tool and it got .316 with no atomizer on it anyways, I appreciate any thoughts. Below, the resistance analyer for the Triade (batteries charging prob for the F) and the next for the therion. Baby beast tank with the .15 mesh coil.

    All You Need In One Sreen Version 2

    Oh I had remeasure in another theme, so all this does is the one time remeasure? Cool. Also, nice touch would be external temp, not sure if there is room.

    All You Need In One Sreen Version 2

    Great theme. Question. Where in Escribe is this Ohm remeasure On/Off setting from second line? Thanks