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  1. Thanks for the reply. It does seem to be a connection issue. I guess I should have stated that I'm using a Wotofo Profile RDA and most likely not a clone as the guy I bought it from is very cautious at making sure he sells genuine products. I've also had quite a few issues with the 510 pin. It seems it's a floating pin, not sure how it compares to other pins, but seems like it needs replacing. Anyone have any photos of this being done? I just don't know what is behind those two top screws. I'll go through the method mentioned in device manager. I had to lock the ohms anyway to even use Ni
  2. I've had trouble getting SS316 mesh to work. When ever I build on the atomiser the mod refuses to accept it in TC mode and goes straight to power mode. I'm using a Profile RDA with JacVapour DNA 75. Even putting in fresh batteries doesn't seem to fix it. I used the same CSV file provided by escribe.
  3. Thanks. I've started to have issues with Ni80 now. Doesn't seem to be working as well. Going to make a new thread.
  4. Can't any wire be used in TC mode? All electroconductive materials have a temperature/resistance coefficient, so they can at least technically. There are also quite a few sites showing TCR for Ni80, but no CSVs to be found for Ni80 mesh. I tried with a SS mesh CSV on this site, but wouln't work. Is there any tutorials on how to set up a CSV? In the end I just decided to have a go myself as I couldn't find anything online. I used the device monitor to note the resistance at various set temperatures and edited the graph accordingly. I'm not sure how this would work as it sounds like using a
  5. Seems to work now I've installed Windows updates. Also have the routine sleep function shutting off. Just about had it with this OS. Anyone have an csv files for Ni80 mesh?
  6. I've tried many times, done SP updates, reinstalled and yet nothing. I oce got a message something about firmware fail. The mod still works, but I'm unable to upload a csv now. I don't knoq what to do. It seems to recognise the mods name, but not conenct at all. Anyway to do a hard reset? I've looked for help, but found nothing. I click the connect to download button, choose the mod that it recognises, but then the program stops responding. Manafged to issue a "hard reboot", but still no connectivity. Using Windows 10 When uploading latest SP came up with error repor
  7. I'm sorry for resurrecting an old topic, but I think this should be looked at again. Having a puff limit makes a lot of sense. Though to be able to bypass it with a simple 3 button click would defeat the purpose. You could instead allow for a cool down time period that's set by the user. First it could say cut of at 20puffs for 10 minutes and then slowly extend the time so the person can learn to adjust to longer and longer vape breaks. I've been looknig for something like this for my DNA75 and can't find it.
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