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  1. Within days of one screen being dead now my drone althoughbi can still use the drone, thr paranormal worked with a black screen for a dat then turns white and won't fire
  2. I've seen recently 3d enclosures in this forum. Mod maker Is the place imo
  3. Who fix these for me please i dont have much these things were gifts 1 dna250c for paranormal 200w and Drone 250c Amber ultem Jusr screens and o&p will cost me how much?
  4. Ok so withinb48ish hrs both my 250c screens have failed from turning o with usual 5clikcs,exceptbnow my pra won't work in scared if done the board. So option are get both fixed by a pro. I live in the UK, who would I end to nd him much too get fixed potge included pls. A very very sad broke vaper. Those devices were gifts I could never afford them. Pls pls pls help me
  5. Thanks my friend, woukd you believe me if i sad tge same tging has now happened to my paranormal 😡
  6. I had a drone bought for me as a gift Christmas just past, i literally just charged batteries, put into mod aand screen has gone 99% white with 3 horizontal lines (1 pixel wide) across the whole screen. Is there any warranty that would cover this or am i going to need to purchase one? PS: How easy are they to fix myself or will i need to send the mod somewhere?
  7. Could someone point me in the right direction to get a replacement wooden piece for the paranormal 250c it's the part above the "grip" and below the 510/atty that wraps around
  9. Even 10% would be a start. Have you noticed it's only the orion that's being advertised? Someone I know has said there's been over 100 posts on Facebook alone since January just for the pod that's not even that good, nothing for any other device no drone, triade or the paranormal. We are praying something new comes soon
  10. That would be ace dude.... Where do I sign up? That's the only - point tbh screens too small with my eyesight anyway
  11. @Chris MusampaI get all that I'm just surprised that I can't do that from the mod as much cheaper mods often have "blank" presets smok alien being just 1 that springs to mind it had 20 I think all of which could be customised and set from the mod.
  12. The only profiles I can access through the mod are Watts, watt boost, ss316, ss430, ni, ti and kanthal there are no "empty" profiles on the mod lostvape Paranormal dna250c
  13. Lost vape paranormal dna250c I was just puzzled as to why I had to use my laptop to create a preset profile as tbf ive usually used cheaper mods that I can do this on from the mod itself no pc needed
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