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  1. i have changed my max temp from 600º to 950º so i could use it for another purpose however it still wont fire past 600º even tho i changed it to 950º any idea how to make this actually work ?
  2. Jay@ADV

    Watt Increments

    aaaaaahhhh yes! there it is!! thank u so much . i feel kinda dumb cuz its probly exact same for my 250 when i did that on awhile back. ive been messing with the 250c's lately. this 60 watt one is the billet. so, new, but old i guess at the same time lol again, thank you !
  3. Jay@ADV

    Watt Increments

    trying to find the wattage increment adjustment for dna 60 . does it even have one? cant seem to find it in screens or anywhere else.
  4. Jay@ADV

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    DNA 250 Color v1_1_SP35_US_SleepTest3.sw-service DNA 250 Color v1_1_SP35_INT_SleepTest3.sw-service since i applied this i have had absolutely NO issues
  5. Jay@ADV

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    Since the update folks i havent had any issue with mine not waking up .
  6. Jay@ADV

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    select "automatically lock when idle"
  7. Jay@ADV

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    AWESOME!! thank you i shall give this a try and see how it goes!!
  8. Jay@ADV

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    JUST recieved this email from evolv. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.
  9. anyone got a file for sony vtc4 for my paranormal 250c? i put in fresh batts and the most itll give me is 97 or 98 % .
  10. just bought a paranormal on the 2nd of june and every once in awhile i have to press the fire button about 50 times to get it to wake up. Its never been dropped, everything is tight, when its running its perfectly fine, no issues whatsoever. it did to me twice the other day at work which was annoying but not since. its happened to me on about 6 or 7 different occasions now tho and id like to know if any one has an idea what i can do about it? is there a firmware update that fixes it or?
  11. Jay@ADV

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    I have the same issue too id really like to know whats going on. and its totally intermittent. it did it to me twice the other day but it hasnt done it since i mentioned it to my manager lol. he suggested plugging it into the computer to get it back on and if that works then its a possible board issue .