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  1. Lanzarotechris

    DNA250C - Batterieladung

    Mach doch am besten n Ticket beim offiziellen Support auf.
  2. Lanzarotechris

    now Stopped Firing DNA 75

    Sounds broken. Maybe the cables. Time for a new device I would say 😉 Got myself a new Triade since my Therion only uses 1 battery now. But I got some info here how to fix it. Just need some tools and some time to do it... Sorry that I can't help you further.
  3. First thing that hits my eye is your temp setting. 312°C is way too high. As you see with the "normal puff" that temp is around 170°C in the peak, so you can set the temp to 200°. I prefer 235°, and you should not go higher than 250° as that is the temp when the cotton will start burning. Second thig is the resistance. In the normal puff it rises only a little (from 0,125 to 0,144) and then stays at that level. It looks to me like a kanthal coil, not SS. That could answer the question why TC is not working properly. Kanthal can not do TC as there is (more or less) no resistance change. That is why you need to use SS for TC because the resistance will change and the computer can calculate the temp from that change in resistance. So check your coils and make shure you use the right material for the right setting. If you need info which wattage to use with which resistance I would forward you to steam engine. You put in your details about the coil and you get a recomended Wattage. Of course you have to know your details like material, thickness, diameter and so on. From that recomendation you can start and go up or down with your wattage setting if you want it warmer or cooler.
  4. Lanzarotechris

    Why is the DNA 250C not behaving properly?

    @greg q Well, your first statement is quite strange, because when I search for "temperature control" or "TC" or "temp control" on the internet I get millions of hits, and lots of them include "Guide to TC", "Explanation of TC" "How TC works", and so on. And no, you don't have to read all of them as they mostly explain the same ;-) Its also not advisable to look on FB for photos of other peoples coil measurements... except when they have used YOUR coil. When you have poor vapor and the temp protection jumps in at 200°C, then I would guess your wick is dry. The resistance will not change when you switch from wattage to TC, as it has nothing to do with these settings. Its the resistance of your coil, so the reading should be identical as long as you use that coil. The last question I do not really understand... the 250C does wattage and TC mode... what else do you expect ?
  5. Lanzarotechris

    Register Mod keine Anzeige

    Hast du ne aktuelle Version ? Hast du unter OPTIONS->USER INTERFACE auf "Manufacturer" umgestellt ? Der Trick mit auf das Atom-Symbol mehrfach klicken geht bei mir ohne Probleme. Sowohl unter Windows als auch unter Linux.
  6. Lanzarotechris

    Are my settings correct

    hi piotom70 The Basic ground rule is: There is no "right" or "wrong" ... if YOU like the vape and you are enjoying your vaping experience, then it is OK. You can "finetune" it to whatever you prefer... cool vape, warm vape,... Don't make the mistake and adapt to other peoples preferences because they tell you ! Good choice to use the steam engine BTW ;-) On the coil page you also see a recomended Wattage. For MY taste looking at your coil I would like it a little bit warmer... round about 30 Watts instead of 20, and the Temp would be in my case about 235°C. But as I said that would be my personal preference... The is also the Q of what kind of liquid do you use... different flavours have different temperatures where they taste better or worse. So for example you may vape fruits at a different temp than bakery liquids. There is some good information about the temp ranges of different flavours on the web. So, just go with it, tweak a little bit here and there, and if its worse then go back, if its better then go on ;-) Hope I could help answering your Q ! chris
  7. Lanzarotechris

    CSV for Sony VTC5A?

    Hi aatoo, according to my factsheet of the Sony VTC5A it has a sustained output current of 28 A and a max peak of 35 A. If you use different batteries always check the datasheets for this values ! There are some useful websites where you can find detailed information and tests for the batteries. I use this website( ) but unfortunately it is in german. But maybe you can use a translation tool to find what you're looking for if needed.
  8. Lanzarotechris

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    @asmcriminal Actually I can't even remember what I've tried and what not... But I am running at some decent temperature around 220-240°C. Shouldn't interfere with Replay, because Replay and TC are 2 seperate things... And I like TC because no dry-hits and the material (coils, cotton) works longer. That's why I also switched to use mostly SS coils. But I am getting to the point where I get used to the Triade and get a feeling about the settings... and the advice here from the forum helped a lot too. Definately not a device I would recommend for starters, thats for shure now. I want to write some kind of summary here in this post, but at the moment there are too much other things I have to take care of in real life, and also I still have to figure out some more of my 13 Atomizers on the Triade 😉 In the moment I just have 2 or 3 that work as expected. So not the end of the road yet, but I can see it in the distance 😉
  9. Lanzarotechris

    now Stopped Firing DNA 75

    Hi Martia Did you try another Atomizer on that device ? Did it work on it before ? I heared about some Atomizers that don't work sometimes on specific devices but work fine on others. Mabe bad connection on the 510 pin, some devices like a longer pin depending on the depth of the hole... if it is an adjustable pin maybe try screwing it a little more further out to get a better contact.
  10. Lanzarotechris

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    @asmcriminal Yes, I tried come "fancy" coils but ralized rather quickly that that was a waste of time (and power and liquid) ;-) But some "not so very fancy" coils are still interesting... like "simple" claptons, Tiger, twisted and so on... Saw some nice vids about coils too... learned that 2 strains of 0.2 are better than 1x 0.4 for example... But mostly I use 304 or 316 round wire... but I am still experimenting in that area... My typical vaping setup settled around 0.3-0.5 ohms and 30-50 watts, RDAs a little bit higher raund 50-60 watts. I look mainly for taste, clouds I don't care much about. Thats why I'm still unsatisfied with my attys... I really expect more out of them. Well, there are so many variables in that ... maybe its the coil, or the settings, or the wicking, or even the liquid... who knows ? About replay... try for yourself... use the monitor and see if you can create the same identical graph in replay... I doubt it... it will be always different. In TC you have a straight line for the Temp when puffing, in Wattage you have a straight line for the Watts, but in Replay its always different.
  11. Lanzarotechris

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    @asmcriminal I think you shouldn't have to quote my complete last entry 😉 Its just waste of space... maybe try to quote the details you're referring to instead ? I'm using a modified theme too... more control options, 1°C steps and so on... 0.1 steps is something I never understood why they implemented it in the first place... its just stupid 😄 But I started (like most people I guess) by using the mod "out of the box" so I didn't look what was activated and what was not... first error 🙂 Then I was a little confused as it worked very differently than my Therion DNA75, which I use most of the day (and since over a year). I thought they're supposed to be "equal" as they are from the same company... just that the new 250C would be more "sophisticated", but in general the same. But the vape was even with the same settings somewhat different. Then I got lost in the settings... And believe me, even something "simple" like having found a decent vape, and then activate/deactivate one single function can make a huge difference. So now I stopped to compare the 75 with the 250C, and started to set the values in a systematic way, so I can undo it. Looks like you really have to get used to the new device... I got the Triade just less than a month ago, so I am still working on the details I guess. But I think to open this posting was a good idea, as shure many people may struggle with the amount of different settings too. I switched to SS coils a while ago, as I love TC. Still get some dry hits when using a RDA on the non-TC mods (like my Desire 166 squonker) or when using a kanthal/Ni80 coil. But most of my atomizers are running SS now and I really see no negative point. Its fast, its nice to work with it and its cheap. For wicking I use muji pads, as they are easy to handle and to cut. No problems with them, they last quite long (depending on the liquid of course) and no "foreign" taste from it. But for some unknown reason I still get the best taste out of my first atomizer, the Aromamizer V1 (dual coil, 0.33 ohm with a SS304 0.4 mm round wire). Great throat-hit, great taste... which makes me wonder as I own also some quite expensive atomizers like the Tsunami GT3 and the GT4. Also a Das Tank Ding clone and a Corona V8 clone. But they all lack the great taste everyone labels on them. Maybe I didn't have found the right combination of coils/wicking/settings for them yet. Wasn't prepared to do a 2-year university degree on it... Well,... at least I have a hobby now *lol* Last words to your last part of your post: Replay is NOT temp mode. Its totally different I have learned. Watched some interesting YT vids about it, but the most informative was in german, so sorry... Well, the guy compared some puffs in the device monitor to proof it... and he's right. To make it short,... noone even can properly explain what replay does. You may know this YT guy called DJlsbvape or so.... he used an oscilloscope and couldn't explain it, and he's quite good in the field of electronics. Replay measures the resistance from the batteries, the cables, the chip and the 510, and adjusts the output accordingly to the saved puff and that a few dozen times per second... there are some "hidden" settings in escribe where you can acutally see the "background noise" and even that goes into the calculations. And the measurement is up to the 8th digit behind the dot ! So its really really sophisticated ! Temp control on the other hand is just a simple graph of the change of the ohms when the metal is getting warmer. Thats all known values and simple to implement. But replay is not only another ball park, its another game completely. When it would be the same, then replay wouldn't work only in TC but not in wattage mode, right ? Yes, it only works with temp coils, but it can even work with Ni80 ! And I never got a Ni80 coil that would be accepted in TC mode on any of my devices. Also mixed material coils work with replay, like SS316 wrapped with kanthal. I just wish the next improvement will be TC for kanthal 😉 That would be great ! Don't know why they didn't have implemented it yet, but when the chip already calculates with 8 digits it should be possible... Well,... we will see... maybe in the next version of the DNA250... ???
  12. So, its a mesh tank, do you use mesh as coils or do you have wire coils in it ? And you have ss316 with 0.112 ohms. Question is, is it mesh or (dual-)coil ? (because you say coils)... If its mesh then you need a higher wattage, as there is so much cotton in between (I have an Iris Mesh RDA, so I know about that problem). Not shure what happens when you record replay with 35 Watts and then raise it to 75... could be that replay will ignore the higher wattage because it will re-create the recorded puff with 35 watts ? Maybe switch it off, then do some puffs (with fresh juiced coils) with the 50 watts you use in the moment and then re-activate replay. I also found out that replay and TC are not great in working together, as the different goals (keep the temp vs. keep the last puff) are confusing the replay function working properly. So, try to get a good puff in wattage mode, then activate replay. And pls post the info about what coil(s) you are using. That's quite important to find a solution. BTW: Also it can help if you can mention some details about your experience in vaping in general (as you talked about another mod that only uses temp.) How long do you vape, build coils, etc... so we can get a better picture. A pro pos picture... if you have one of the coils maybe... 😉 Everything that can help finding a solution... settings etc... screenshot... Thanks !
  13. Lanzarotechris

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    @asmcriminal I thought I mentioned it somewhere... quite in the beginning of this entry. When I activate different functions (preheat/boost/punch/TC/...) the vape changes so it is "not worth" to be re-played. And yes, the different functions and their playing together is indeed confusing. Especially when: a) you don't know what they do, b) there is no "real" value (like watt or temp) to them but only some kind of bar and/or value from 1-11, who noone does know what it means either. so... my thought was to get this explained so I can make (at least) an educated guess what will happen when I change value "X". BTW: Today I found out that REPLAY is quite sophisticated in the way it measures and works. There even is a "hidden" function in escribe which shows some additional values, and makes some additional settings available. I think I will not go further into it here, as it is complicated enough. Maybe I can tell more when I get to the bottom of it, so I don't tell shit about stuff I don't understand yet. In the moment I try out some ideas that I got here from the forum-members (thanks again to all for the tips and explanations so far). It looks fine so far, I also have to make some new coils for some atomizers (learned more in-depth about that too over the last days) so I am still working to improve my vaping experience. But to answer your question: Hard to say... mostly the taste gets "flat" and I have to raise the wattage (or preheat or boost...), or its too hot and boils my liquid, and when I fiddle with the settings I get lost and all was for nothing, and then there is nothing to save and re-play. As I said,... too many options with unknown effects. With my "old" mods like Therion DNA75 (without the C) or the Reuleaux 300 or the eVic AIO 75 I have max. 2 settings to keep track of: Watts and/or Temp. With the new DNA250C I have Watts, Temp, Boost, Punch, Warmth, and what else there is... And that made me a little bit P/O, as I am not a bloody newbie, but its hard to understand it when there is no documentation or explanation for some settings/values. But we're getting there, that's for shure ;-) (NEVER give up ! ;-) So, thanks for joining the conversation ! What are your experiences ? At which point do you get lost ?
  14. I struggle with the different settings too,... maybe you read this post and join the conversation ? Seems like the same problem we are already discussing there...
  15. Lanzarotechris

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    Thats what I like to archieve too. But I am not yet at the point where I can record and re-play that perfect vape. It's still work in progress. I really like to get to the point of "fire and forget"... but for that I first have to find the right settings. That's why this post is not called "How to set up replay properly". I still fight with the other settings. Replay is at the end of that process. But interesting that people still bring it up, even when the discussion is about the way to get there, to get that great vape that is worth to replay it over and over again. Its not correct to say replay does everything for you... You still have to find the right settings and then you can record that puff to replay it. And then of course there are people who don't care and just want to vape and don't look for details how to refine it. OK, some people also don't care about the food they eat. I do, and then you always end up in details and nuances and things get complicated or technical. I don't care about the hussle, I like to archieve the optimum. Not only in vaping, but in general. When there is a possibility to make something better, I like to at least try it. Does everyone have to do it ? No. But I think I am not the only one who don't likes things "standard" or they way they are when you get them "out of the box". If it can be better with the available resources, why not go for it ? And if the tool/device has many options to manipulate settings, I try to get the best out of it ! That of course includes a lot of time, trying, rebuilding, re-setting, reading, understanding, questions and trying again and again. Otherwise I would use a 5,-€ one-way vaping device from the gas-station and not a 150,-€ mod and some 130,-€ atomizers.