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  1. sorry, my mistake... I had the ground rule (Ni and Ti temp only) in my head, but NiCr is a different horse 😉
  2. So why has the thelema in the material tab ni80 and kanthal csv's ? Sorry, my fault,... I already updated the materials from my sources. But if I take a look at ni80 for example, there definately is a curve progression... a slight one, but it rises. Can't the DNA chip work with it ?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is my personal collection of my csv files for escribe. I collected these from multiple sources on the web within my 3 years of vaping. Its not a complete collection, but these are the materials I use and build with. Please keep in mind that there is always some "range" within different products and manufacturers of wires. I am quite obsessed on details and I believe these are the optimal csv's I could find so far. (But If you have a "better" one and some explanation why it is superior, pls add it to this forum) keep vaping 😉 chris
  4. Hi Folks, I'm looking for a csv file for my new Thelema mod. As Evolv claims it supports Ni90, but in the stock config on the mod there was no material curve for it. As I also have some Ni90 wire at hand I now just need the file to get it work. Thanks for your help ! chris
  5. Only guys I know who vape this low use mech mods.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Just unpacked my new DNA device which arrived today! This is out-of-the-box settings from the device. Have fun ;-)) Production History Monday, November 2, 2020, 3:12 PM @ Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Mod configured Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 12:11 PM Board programmed
  7. As long as it works on an out-of-box ubuntu installation I don't care how you call it, beta, test, developer or whatever version 😉 I want only 2 things: It has to work (I even don't care about the designer plugins or that puff counter stuff), and it should not F*ckup my system. As long as these points are granted I would be happy 😉 BTW: Would it be easier to make a snap install ? I'm not a linux guy but I recognized that a lot of software isnow a snap... whatever that is :-S
  8. @wayneo When I say lost vape website I talk (of course) about https://lostvape.com/ Not some cryptic b-side noone else know about... sorry...
  9. That implies that everything else is ok. From the first post it looks like something is wrong.
  10. Sorry to hear that. Can you provide us with some screenshots of the escribemonitor (when you puff on it), and maybe a photo of the coil build ?
  11. Or I just use my 2nd OS which is a stable windows ;-) Not that I wanna excuse myself, but when you grew up with windows (I started 94 with win 3.11 for workgroups) then Linux can be a challenge. Yes, its nice and (hopefully) more secure and less intrusive, but I don't heve the time to get deeper into it to frickle around with it to get something running that WAS running fine until the last upgrade. I expect from an OS that it runs and do what was advertised. I expect the same from a software (even if its free). If it stops working, then I switch or doesn't use it anymore. If you go to the Lost Vape webpage and try to look for any DNA X Mod (and I mean REAL Mods, with removable batteries and DIY Coils, like DNA75, 250...) then you will see where the focus is. I already wrote an email to them that it is a shame to remove all content of these (sustainable) devices and go for these "throw away" shit pod systems (like everybody else, it seems). I am also shure that humanity will end soon because no one seems to care about waste production, saving energy and ressources, clean landscapes and water, health of millions, or whatever makes/made this stinking pile of plastic-shit called planet eath attractive for living. Well, China and USA for shure do not give a shit. Others only as long as it does not interfere with their capitalism system. So it seems we will all die in a pile of used pods and empty coffee-to-go cups ;-)
  12. There is no e-cigarettefourm.com there is also no e-cigaretteforum.com only a e-cigarette-forum.com and that works fine 🙂
  13. I thought temp protect is not a bug, but a feature... As the function of temp protect IS to cut the power to PROTECT from dry hits. Or how should it work otherwise ?
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