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  1. As long as it works on an out-of-box ubuntu installation I don't care how you call it, beta, test, developer or whatever version 😉 I want only 2 things: It has to work (I even don't care about the designer plugins or that puff counter stuff), and it should not F*ckup my system. As long as these points are granted I would be happy 😉 BTW: Would it be easier to make a snap install ? I'm not a linux guy but I recognized that a lot of software isnow a snap... whatever that is :-S
  2. @wayneo When I say lost vape website I talk (of course) about https://lostvape.com/ Not some cryptic b-side noone else know about... sorry...
  3. That implies that everything else is ok. From the first post it looks like something is wrong.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Can you provide us with some screenshots of the escribemonitor (when you puff on it), and maybe a photo of the coil build ?
  5. Or I just use my 2nd OS which is a stable windows ;-) Not that I wanna excuse myself, but when you grew up with windows (I started 94 with win 3.11 for workgroups) then Linux can be a challenge. Yes, its nice and (hopefully) more secure and less intrusive, but I don't heve the time to get deeper into it to frickle around with it to get something running that WAS running fine until the last upgrade. I expect from an OS that it runs and do what was advertised. I expect the same from a software (even if its free). If it stops working, then I switch or doesn't use it anymore.
  6. There is no e-cigarettefourm.com there is also no e-cigaretteforum.com only a e-cigarette-forum.com and that works fine 🙂
  7. I thought temp protect is not a bug, but a feature... As the function of temp protect IS to cut the power to PROTECT from dry hits. Or how should it work otherwise ?
  8. Is this problem solved ? @Esporova Does it hit now like expected or is there still a problem ?
  9. @dwcraig1 Thanks for the info. Appreciated ! Is there a formula to calculate it or is it manufacturer related ? btw: the triade (250c) has 3 cells...
  10. I removed escribe completely... as it wasn't working with mono 5.18, and I don't have time nor patience to go deeper into that problem. I will keep an eye on this thread to see when there is a solution for it so it will work again on linux. BTW: Why isn't there an android app for it ? Would be nice to attach my pad to my mod and change settings while I am at work or in a train... just a thought 😉
  11. @drjohnson61 Glad to help you ;-) @zark Sorry, but I don't understand you when you write kyrillic. Thats a good idea. The developers of the mod-software/escribe should think about implementing this as a standard !
  12. Still not working on the latest ubuntu (and I installed and locked the Mono version to 5.18) It starts, reads the settings of the attached mod, and then shuts down after a few seconds. 😞 Did someone contacted the helpdesk in the meantime ?
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