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  1. can you post a screenshot of the coil ? What about hotspots ? Shure they are all removed ? If not shure, try to space out the coils (stretch the coil carefully so you have spaces between the wraps)
  2. Lanzarotechris

    SS TC Settings

    Set your profile to SS316L, temp could stay like it is, and power to about 40-50 watts. Activate Replay Set preheat to 80 or 100 W, for 1 second should be enough. Adjust after trying if needed The default punch and warmth is 4, adjust after trying if needed (punch for throat-hit, warmth for warmer or colder vape) Try it 😉 Adjust the power setting only when it spits ... otherwise adjust the preheat Enjoy ! come back here and report if its ok... or if its not 😉
  3. Lanzarotechris

    SS TC Settings

    "triple core fused clapton SS316L wire on a dual coiler..." No wonder that the next mod will probably be a half-kilo-watt monster. This bigger, more power, longer dick shit really makes me sad... Once I thought the human race was intelligent. But it seems they are overrated and to easy to manipulate... And there will be no app for that problem 😉
  4. you did it again... :-s Told you that these weirdo-fancy coils can't be properly calculated... and because dead rabbit is a dual coiler, you probably end up too low in ohms... again. Get some cheap round wire, 26 Gauge SS304 or SS316, and make 2 coils with 3 mm diameter and 5,5 wraps (its half wraps because your legs point into the same direction on the rabbit, if they point into opposite direction its full wraps, 5 or 6). That will give you around 0.2something ohms. Than you set the power to 35 watts. And then try and adjust. With these fat wires I dunno.... you have to try.... try to get above 0.2 ohms... The longer the coil (more wraps) the higher you get with the ohms. I would guess try 6 or 7 wraps and see where you come out. Dead rabbit has lots of space available, so eye-ball it and try. Or get a decent round wire 😉 I am happy with mine... cheap, easy to build, and I can do everything from 0.2 to 1.5 if I want. Temp is as I also already said related to what kind of liquid you use. Just don't go higher than 250°C... Try 225-235°C. Thats my average range...
  5. Lanzarotechris

    SS TC Settings

    What are the values of your coil(s) diameter, wraps,... Well, maybe because whe you use preheat you will not have the huge spike like in your diagram (Power and Voltage), so they don't stress their batteries like you do, which will result in longer lifetime for the batteries... its also safer if you don't stress your batteries over the recommended Ampere value (calculate it with an Ohms Law Calc). Yes, maybe the chip throttles down, but I think its more intelligent to NOT to rely on the correct function of a chip to protect me from blowing up my batteries. Also my mod will last longer over the day if I don't run it on 155 Watts but 50 instead. As you see in the diagram, the 155 Watts only lasts for a very short time, so you are actually wasting energy and stress your batteries without reason when you could use preheat instead. Or to quote your coil manufacturer: **THIS IS AN ADVANCED ITEM THAT REQUIRES A GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF BATTERY SAFETY AND OHMS. WE RECOMMEND ONLY FOR USE ON A REGULATED MOD, MECHANICAL MODS ALSO WORK BUT CAN BE DANGEROUS IF DONE INCORRECTLY!
  6. Lanzarotechris

    Triade 250C

    always ;-) since day one... what can be backup-ed, will be backup-ed...
  7. Lanzarotechris

    Triade 250C

    ok, thanks. Just wanted to be shure ;-)
  8. Lanzarotechris

    Triade 250C

    Hi, Looks nice, but I have a question about it before I try it. Can I change the Profile name like in the standard theme (for example: I always name my profiles into the atty they are running, like Aromamizer, GT4, GT3,... so its easier to remember where the profile belongs to) ? Thanks
  9. Lanzarotechris


    Well, then maybe you should stop complaining about gunk and flux and wasting coils,... And please never say: I didn't know that/never heared that before,... etcpp. Sometimes its wise to just accept an advice. Especially when that is a) for free and b) well explained... And NO, the "security/safety" options of a DNA will not safe you from your own stupidity. But I see, you're the cool hero, right ? You have 300 Watts and you're so cool you just lick the posts... Sorry, but you're the kind of type the vaping comunity really don't want ! Because you don't care, and you don't listen and you ignore the given rules ! So do me a favour, don't ask me for any further advice in the future... its wasted time.
  10. That would be scotland... or do you mean england england ? I always mix up england and GB :-s Well, then you're right... lol I'm from good ol' germany...
  11. not really... even I wouldn't say that 😉
  12. No problem 😉 You're welcome ! BTW: What is your native language ? You didn't answer that ...
  13. Hey, fast man ;-)) Ok, 40 watts is 40 watts,... when you choose the material (ss316l) you get automatically into TC mode (otherwise choose Watt Mode), as TC is material-based ! Replay is just to "RE-PLAY" the last puff, because you liked it so much ! It has basically nothing to do with TC (but it will not work with Non-TC material). So, set material to ss316l, set 40 watts, Temp to 230°C, and try... if you like it, set replay. If you think its too hot, go down with watts, if its too cool or doesn't vape much, go up with watts. Then, if you like it, not too hot, not too cold, and you taste the flavour of the juice (no guarantee for that, I think I tried >100 different liquids and most are terrible), THEN set replay ! Fine-tune it with Punch (=Throat-Kick) and Warmth (=Warmth of the vape). About the Temp setting: That depends on your taste and on the kind of liquid. Some Info here: Different flavours like different temperatures, fruit, or bakery, or mint, or.... In general, don't go above 250°C, as that is the Temp when the cotton will start burning... I think I got a list somewhere.... Enjoy 😉
  14. Here are some good YT videos about building on the dead rabbit rta: (don't worry about the coils, they all use big fancy coils, but that is NOT the point... they kind of have to so the movie looks better, hehe) (he got 0.16 ohms and is running it on 60 Watts, but its a thick, fancy coil) (he got 0.1 ohms and is running on 70 Watts, also fancy coil) As I said, you don't need these kind of coils, you can get the same with normal round wires. They just "look" better ;-) Of course you can spend money on pre-made coils like this... welcome to capitalism... like you can spend a lot of money on juice, or cars, .... you get the picture ? But basically we all want to stop smoking, and maybe also save some money for other things... right ?
  15. Ok, so the wire is standard round, and you made 2 twisted coils wich give you 0.15 ohms in total, that gives us 0.3 ohms for each single coil (I assume they are both identical=same number of wraps). (I hope you watched some coil making videos on youtube to avoid the beginners errors). I also assume you have no hotspots (you can google that on youtube too). We still need more information, for example how many wraps/turns did you make on your coils ? 4 ? 5 ? 7 ? The "Twist-pitch" would be interesting to know (that is the distance between a full round of one strand of wire... google that too if you don't know or confused) The "problem" with the calculation is that the wire-diameter is not the same as with a single wire (unfortunately it is also NOT the double of it). So we have to "guess" here a little bit... I tried to fill the "blanks" and came out with this: When you open that link you get to that coil calculation page I told you before. Check the data and correct it if you know it (like the number of wraps, but that you can only adjust indirectly by changing the Gauge/AWG or the pitch or the inner diameter) With a lot of guessing and the little info you gave me I come up with about 37 Watts (if you have 5 wraps on each coil and a pitch of 5mm and a diameter of 2 mm, wich I all "guessed", if you have other values, pls correct them). Try 40 Watts and see if you are OK with the vape... adjust up or down but not more than 5 Watt-steps ... be patient ;-) For that standard round wire you should not need preheat. Make shure that you set the correct material in your mod/escribe, and then start testing with 40 Watts.... If you like a simpler solution make a standard round single wire coil without twisting ! That makes things much easier ;-) It also doesn't matter if its spaced or touching, only spaced coils are easier to handle because you don't have to worry about the hotspots. And last, I think 0.15 ohms is way too low ! Lots of mods will give up below 0.2 ohms. Try to make this one: Its same material, single wire dual coil, 3 mm diameter, 0.4 ohms each which gives you 0.2 ohms total, running at 35-40 watts. Tell me if you still have problems, or if my advice solved your problems ;-)