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  1. well having a chat with Vaperz Cloud who was very helpful and the guy from SV, all i can put this down to a gremlin in the software. i opened up 2 escribes and my DNA without issue copied over to the escribe setting to the HOG that fired on its own for some reason and all that was different was temp was Fahrenheit instead of Celsius and ever since then I've had no issues with the HOG. whether someone can make sense out of that because i cant.
  2. i think the original theme is broken , somebodies has not checked it when doing the theme for it.
  3. i have another bit to add , its definitely wired up wrongly because I've just changed the batteries and without noticing i put 3 batteries in facing positive up and one positive down by mistake , shut the door and it powered up saying 3% battery life and i thought I've only just charged these and had another look and its then i noticed 3 facing positive it shouldn't powered up at all. anyway put them the right way and i got full charge showing but no auto fire this time. so Mr vaperz cloud has soldered it wrongly somehow. but im using it at the moment and it doesn't have issue being used its just when i come to change the batteries.
  4. thanks for the info but i use my own custom theme on it , so i know the ins and the outs of what everything i have does on the device and session mode is disabled. i don't see the point in it myself. you have to hit the power button to operate it anyway another 3 to 4 seconds is hardly worth letting my finger go .. lol. now if it was auto draw that would be a different story.
  5. thank you , I've basically copied and pasted what i said here , I'm not looking to pay for a repair as i feel i shouldn't have to with what vaprez cloud seemed to have created this problem ever since it went for a spring fitted then off to Canada. back again because the 510 wire came off and its firing on its own 8 out of 10 times when i change the batteries. all i can do is see what they say and probably get them to look at it. if they can do it under a warranty, or its going to have to go back to vaperz cloud again.
  6. I'm the proud owner of a Vaperz Could DNA400C which i bought new in January 2023 round about May last year i noticed my DNA wasn't charging via USB. even though i don't charge any of my devices by usb i wanted it repaired. i sent it off to vaperz cloud knowing it was an easy fix because the spring had just gone making connection to the bottom of the battery door. this was creating the issue, vaperz cloud informed me that also there was something wrong with the board itself and they would have to send it to Evolve in Canada ( i live in the UK) for a new board, this took 5 months round trip. i got it back the second week in November and after about 2 weeks of use it refused to fire. sent it again away to vaperz cloud where he found out that the wire to the positive pin had come off and he would have to solder it back on. ive been using it again for 2 weeks and more or less 8 times out of 10 when i change the batteries if auto fires by itself and i have to take the battery door off to stop it from firring, i put the battery door back on and it fine again. should i be worried ? i really don't want to send it back again, since i bought it I've hardly used it.
  7. cheers for the input , but no need to go to any trouble. i just couldn't remember, its been that long since i took one apart ... im just shit at soldering .. lol
  8. well that was my first thought. i suppose the screens are attached by a ribbon to the board. so unplug one and plug the other in
  9. nope , no changes made to the brightness setting , its that this screen is really bright compared to my other DNA's . ive another 3, 250C's and nowhere near as bright and like i said altering the brightness doesn't seem to affect it much
  10. My screen is really bright , even adjusting screen brightness does not effect it much. would it be better to change the screen if they just fit on the board with a ribbon ?
  11. ive tried a few custom theme related images on my DNA 60 but the white seem so bright and the image is bad quality even though im using the correct dimensions. any tips anyone can give me to get a better quality image , maybe use an off white instead or is the screen limited in image quality
  12. Version 1.01


    I wasn't happy with my last theme so i created this one , let me know if you find any bugs but for now it seems fully working as intended.
  13. mystery solved itself , after applying the service pack 3 times. gave up hope, took the batteries out ready to have it returned to the shop. I've got up in the middle of the night and had a drink and i thought i will just give this another go and it connected to escribe straight away. I'm wondering if its a funny chip i have because i had to reload the service pack a coupe of days ago when it wouldn't upload a theme. i have 2 mods exactly the same model, one in silver and one in gun metal. the silver one now I've had issue twice and i do exactly the same on the device as i do on the gun metal one regard's to setup and themes. this is where uninstall device is located and thanks for helping much appreciated.
  14. don't know if this means anything but i took the batteries out again and operated the device just off usb power alone and i looked through the theme again and where you set the date and time it says Clock Error, but when i put the batteries back in it returns to normal
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