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  1. I just want to add that to my experience of exclusive tc vaper for some years the best material I found is the nife 48 by zvipf that is called alloy 52 on steam-engine (the name is different because zvipf measures the quantity of Ni and steam-engine the one of the alloy). Pretty high tc precision, easy to work with, gives coils not ridiculously low and no bad tastes. If you haven't already tried it, give it a chance. I also want to add that most problems with ss316l and the dnas don't come alone from the low tc precision and low resolution (that in a dna 250c is much more higher than .001 ohm luckily) but it's this combined to the fact that being an alloy not all the ss316l are the same, they can contain the same materials but in different percentages making the tcr/tfr curves not standard and different by maker to maker which leads to inconsistent results. A dna 250c with a good known tfr is perfectly capable of having a good precision on ss316l.
  2. Why couldn't we have latest sp27? Even Linux users have it
  3. Fixed-vtbox250c.ecigtheme è quello aggiornato. Fixed-vtbox250c.ecigtheme is the updated one.
  4. VapeCige sul suo sito ha anche postato un tema aggiornato che funziona meglio con il replay. Per comodità te li allego entrambi (l'originale e quello aggiornato) direttamente qui. VapeCige has also updated the theme on their website with enhancements to replay mode. For convenience I attach both of them here. vtbox_default_theme.ecigtheme fixed-vtbox250C.ecigtheme
  5. On latest version of macOS there is a bug with ecigstats. If open it and then minimize it to the menu bar, then if later on I want to reopen it by clicking on its icon and then on "open ecigstats" nothing happens and I'm forced to close it and then reopen it from escribe suite. Not a huge problem but it is handy to leave it in background and when I connect the box for charging automatically synchronize my puffs. Not having this problem when I was using previous major version of macOS.
  6. @James Hi, just my opinion but wouldn't be simple to pack escribe in a snap package that could be bundled with whichever dependencies versions you need without interfering on the host system? Installation will only require snap installed and then "snap install escribe", also updating will only require one command. Fast and simple for everyone and future proof.
  7. Version 2.8.8 enhanced v2


    Frank's Theme - Rev2.8.8 Supports all the latest Evolve DNA functions , including Replay, with an icon driven interface. Hi, I done some little tweaks and bugs fixes for this very well designed theme by Frank. Here's a list of what’s changed: - FIXED: Temp protect deactivated with temp sensing material now correctly switches to Power mode. - FIXED: If a temp sensing material is selected but the coil in use it isn't, now correctly switches to Power mode. - FIXED: The power steps in More Settings screen weren't correct. - FIXED: Firmware edition in About screen was misaligned. - FIXED: Boost is correctly displayed instead of Preheat if a temp sensing material is selected but the coil it is not. - FIXED: Replay screen fixed when using replay with a temp sensing material and temp protection is off. - CHANGED: No more need of a separate theme for the dna 75c, powerbank screen is automatically disabled on those devices. - CHANGED: Coil materials are now switchable from coil screen and read-only on the main screen. - CHANGED: Now coil temperature is adjustable from coil screen and new coil screen. - CHANGED: Device Monitor icon description renamed from "Trend" to "Puff Graphs". - (ONLY FOR VAPECIGE EDITION) CHANGED: The default logo now is the rainbow one from the official vapecige's theme. I know that aren't life changing modifications but as the original developer hasn't updated it for a while I decided to make this public to help people that aren’t able to fix it themselves and for saving some time for new adopters. Thank you Frank65 for this great theme.
  8. We don't need the dna as a thermometer but as you said the room temperature is important when vaping in tc. If the box doesn't update the room temperature when changing coil the results can be less accurate. I know that we can manually change the cold temp but then what is the point to have a room temperature sensor if it doesn't work well?
  9. Hi, my vtbox 250c has the same problem/behavior. When it is charging the room temperature it is resampled correctly, when I disconnect the power the room temperature is still updating regularly but as soon as I start vaping the room temperature stops updating and no matter how much I left it in idle the room temperature remains the same. The only method to update the room temperature again is to replug the charging cable. It's obviously a firmware bug as the room temperature is accurate and works well in certain conditions. It's also sad because is more than a year that we don't receive a firmware update and there are still bugs to be addressed and room for improvements especially in tc scenarios. It's a very good board but in some specific cases the old non color boards seem to work better and for a high end product and price it's a shame as it could be perfect. I hope evolv is not giving up and will push some fixes or improvements soon...
  10. Gwyar you are right the preheat temp even if set > of target temperature will never exceed it. I just looked at device monitor. So for me the best way is to set the punch directly and only show preheat temp for clarification. Thank you.
  11. Hi all I'm a new owner of a vapecige vtbox 250c from two weeks and is my first dna. I'm very happy with it and love its performance and customizations options. I'm learning the powerful theme designer by looking at some skins. In escribe on a temperature sensing profile you can switch the preheat from temperature to punch. I couldn't find a a way to get and set the preheat type within a skin. Maybe I just overlooked it so I'm asking here.
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