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  1. Version 12.8 + NEW GENERATION


    This is an enhanced theme for Evolv DNA color devices. Exposing the full capabilities Priority and care were given to make this theme as clean, functional and intuitive as possible. For designing This theme, numbers of existing theme were studied and their strengths were noted. There are many many hidden fields and functions. Minimum used space (Off-Board memory and On-Board memory usage) Easy Temp & Watt, Replay, Preheat ,Boost and SESSION mode (Auto Fire) Control. Updated: 2023-01-08 *** We will be very grateful to those who can help in making a video review. Please send your videos to be used in the description of the theme. Download Theme Manual: You can download the theme manual to get acquainted with all the features. Includes a guide to the features and additional information of the "Pro Vapers". Pro.Vapers_Manual_EN.pdf Watch Highlights Video: You can watch all the different and unique features of the "Pro Vapers" theme on YouTube. https://youtu.be/maDHQiEtX-A Theme Full Info: Customization Manual & Resources: (Include devices logo, backgrounds & icons) Versions Info: (SCREENSHOTS) Description for Translate.txt Please submit your reviews to support "Pro Vapers" theme project. Hope everyone enjoys!
  2. 422 downloads

    Even if the theme looks like a pimped out stock theme at first glance, the actual operation has been completely revised and equipped with extensive functions to prevent incorrect operation. Description_for _translation.txt You might also like the Portrait version:
  3. 4,525 downloads

    Tailormade themes for private use are available on request for almost every brand in almost every color - deutsch und englisch umschaltbar in einer Bedienoberfläche - too many details to list them; You will discover them in daily use and you will love them ... + Description_for _translation.txt If someone is interested in a version with a brand logo / background according to their own wishes - just leave a comment and I'll see if it can be implemented. See also my other Themes:
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Here I have you my Batman Theme. All functions that are important to me are included. Big font so I can read everything without glasses 😉 Feel free and give me feedback if something doesn't work or is missing for you.
  5. Version 1.0.9


    FC Liverpool Theme, adapted theme from Gavnaf /Thelema Theme. Clear theme with all important functions. In German and English version
  6. Version v12.0


    UPDATED VERSION 12.0 - Fixed "Menu Error Press Up" bug - Color button in the status bar now cycles QUICKLY through color options w/o menu diving... FAR MORE ELEGANT - Various tweaks on menu & settings screens ------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my new theme "The Giant" here: All other themes besides these 2 I've made have been removed. ------------------------------------------------------------- Updated - version 11 ------------------------------------------------------------- Change between 11 different colors DIRECTLY on your DNA mod! NO PC REQUIRED Choose between many lock screens w/ more to come. All versions contain all 11 color options. Only the lockscreen is different. ------------------------------------------------------------- FULLY featured & very, very optimized. Replay & TC enabled w/ the ability to adjust both wattage & temp from the main screen. Battery bar w/ percentage that changes from green to orange to red as the battery depletes. Ability to edit all 7 profiles fully on your mod w/o the hassle of connecting to a computer. Tested on a DNA 100c. Now verified working on the 250c. This theme pushes the DNA color chip to the absolute max. Credit to SirTimmyTimbit for the amazing foundation. @SirTimmyTimbit ------------------------------------------------------------- If you want all text & profile names to fit the theme perfect download my full settings posted here. NEWEST - FEB 4TH - ESCRIBE SETTINGS.ecig Note If you download my full Escribe settings rather than just the theme: I'm not going to update my Escribe Settings w/ every theme update any longer. Therefore, if you use these full Escribe Settings you MUST download & install them 1st & AFTER that download & apply the latest version of this theme 2nd. If you just install the Escribe Settings alone you'll be using an outdated version of this theme. It has greatly improved over time! I have renamed the SS 316 & SS 430 profiles that are common to STAINLESS 1 & STAINLESS 2. It makes more sense as you can set the wire type for each SS profile under the settings on the mod itself w/ this theme. I have 316, 316L, 430, & 904L SS in these settings for popular mesh tanks. OLD Escribe Settings use ONLY if issue w/ newer above. MY ESCRIBE SETTINGS.ecig
  7. Hello, I've connected the box to Escribe, updated the firmware and then run the Case Analyzer. During every cooldown round the AMPs to the box were not 0. It fluctuates around 0 by some mAMP towards the positive side. This lead the temperature to raise and stabilize around 6/7 °C over the room temp. This seems to invalidate the Analysis as during the cooldown the box should be left free to cooldown towards room temp. Using the monitor and disabling USB recharge in Diagnostic allow the 0 AMP on USB and the box drift to the room temperature properly. Some details on setup: VTBOX 250c Escribe last stable (tried on linux and windows on two differente laptops) Used different USB cables
  8. I would like to be able to use a secondary power input on a mod I'm designing, and I was wondering if one exists besides the tiny ones on the micro USB port?
  9. ATI B box ONPOW 16mm RGB momentary pushbutton (Common Anode, WITHOUT Resistor) GFORCE 1800 mAh 4s "Elite Series" 40C LiPo Varitube V2 510 Connection 12 AWG Silicone Wire (Battery and Output) "Deans" T-Connectors JST-PH Right Angle Balance Connector Custom JST-PH to JST-XH Adapter ...And LOTS OF DIE GRINDING!!!! I ground a 16mm cutout downward from the original 12mm CNC'd hole. Moving it as far as possible from the 510 without leaving a gap that wouldn't be covered by the switch bezel. However, there was still a clearance and shorting issue. So.... More grinding on the switch. I wanted the largest possible battery I could fit in the box, but that left concerns with the balance connector. I went with a right angle "PH" header on the board, and adapted that to the "XH" that comes standard on most batteries. I was already going big on this build and decided to push the limits running 12AWG wire throughout. (I know, beyond datasheet spec.... but I made it work.) Aluminum sinks heat very well, hence the ugly 510 ground. Just couldn't get things hot enough. I attached directly to the brass nut. Wiring the switch was tricky. ******************I don't recommend anyone try this unless you are VERY confident in your skills at soldering tiny points.****************** Black (ish) wire to the right is common positive (+) voltage (3.6v regulated). Gold/Copper wire is "blue" LED ground point. Red and Green wires are the ground points for their respective color. ***NOTE: Solder points are chosen to avoid using the onboard resistors. (ie. Attached to the side opposite the LED) I run my own "external" resistors at the switch... Resistor Values that I used: (A bit higher might be desired, since these values put the LED current beyond spec and a bit too bright, and probably affecting overall lifespan of the diode(s).) 62 ohm - RED 22 ohm - GREEN and BLUE And the battery ended up being larger than stated on the website by a mm or two in all directions, which required even more grinding to allow for clearance. Primarily on the lid. Not pretty, but necessary. But everything fit. Not much space remaining.... In case someone asks: Yes, I partially unwrapped the battery to slide the reinforcing shrink tube down the wire. I needed the additional bend radius.... I apologize for the quality of some pics. Build happened over numerous days, different lighting conditions, and a couple phones/cameras.
  10. Version 2.0.4


    I welcome improvements, suggestions and errors. Based on the original Evolv DNA Color theme. -Added missing options and fields -Standardized control size, spacing and location. -Dropped the default background and replaced it with a solid color one. -Adjusted the selection colors. -Replaced some labels with icons to reduce clutter. Lock Screens:
  11. Version 1.0.0


    my spin on the classic evolv theme. nothing life changing or spectacular, im a jordan fanboy from sneakers, to clothes shoes hats backpacks etc, if its jordan i have it and wanted some jordan logos on some of my many dnas.... dont kill me... its my first attempt at even trying to do anything theme related except for scrolling until i find one i like... i hope my fellow jordan fans will dig it... thanks
  12. Version 1.5.0


    I am glad to inform you that I am back! I present to you my new theme. It is based on a theme from box mod lost vape Thelema.
  13. Version 1.0.1


  14. Yesterday I received my Paranormal 250c mod. After unboxing I inserted the batteries. The device powered on. Then I put out the batteries to get them fully charged in the charger. After a while, I putt the batteries in the mod. Bur this time the mod didn't power on! I contacted the Evolve's help desk and waiting for their resolution. I was wondering how to hard reset the chip, if you have any idea please share it. Regards
  15. 344 downloads

    - deutsch und englisch umschaltbar in einer Bedienoberfläche - too many details to list them; You will discover them in daily use and you will love them ... Description_for _translation.txt
  16. 199 downloads

    Some custom themes have serious bugs in the REPLAY / TC implementation. The result is a frustrating disappointment with the promised possibilities of the DNA chipset and the user wonders what he has spent so much money on. With this theme I help you to find and fix incorrect settings or settings not intended by Evolv in each profile. This allows you to rule out incorrect settings of the mod. Alternatively, it would be possible to reset the mod to the factory settings, but you would then lose all settings for your Attys, perhaps also individual profile names. With this theme, I offer you the opportunity to keep your individual settings and only fix incorrect settings. The reason for writing a small mini-theme for this is that I am familiar with at least one custom theme with its derivatives, in which settings that have been made incorrectly can no longer be corrected and are no longer visible to the user. With the help of this little "tool" you can see at a glance whether the combination of material, TC mode, or REPLAY in each profile corresponds to Evolv's specifications and can correct this if necessary. The background is the possibility of using the theme designer to enable the choice of materials within the theme - which in itself is not bad. However, it is also possible, for example, to switch to the "Watt" material when the TC mode is activated. Only very few themes inform the user about this incorrect setting, many custom themes even hide the switch and the displays for the TC mode after the material change. It is then no longer possible for the user to recognize and correct this incorrect setting. Usually this only expresses the error message "Temp Protect" when firing and the user is at a loss. The same applies to the replay mode and a change to the choice of a temp-sensitive material. This is basically possible, but the problems begin when the TC mode is also activated. I have now added another screen on which all user toggles and their status are displayed.There is no standard for their use within custom themes, which is why they control different functions for the various themes from different authors.In view of this, it is advisable to reset these user toggles before installing complex custom themes. This little mini-theme should be a little helper if your mod behaves "strangely" after you have used a custom theme for some time with the option of choosing a material. Not more but also not less.
  17. 392 downloads

    - deutsch und englisch umschaltbar in einer Bedienoberfläche - too many details to list them; You will discover them in daily use and you will love them ... Description_for _translation.txt See also my other Themes:
  18. 447 downloads

    - deutsch und englisch umschaltbar in einer Bedienoberfläche - too many details to list them; You will discover them in daily use and you will love them ... Description_for _translation.txt
  19. 54 downloads

    - deutsch und englisch umschaltbar in einer Bedienoberfläche - too many details to list them; You will discover them in daily use and you will love them ... Description_for _translation.txt5 kB · 48 downloads
  20. 813 downloads

    Based on the "Evolv Default Enhanced 250C Theme 3.5" from JMat76, I created this SILVER version. In addition to a few small graphics changes, I have modified the lockscreen and mainscreen - but it can be switched to the original look. In the following I quote directly the theme description from the author JMat76: - Several modifications keeping the overall default Evolv theme look. -Main screen "Firing" now red when firing as well as all menu or status bars. - On main screen when not in active Replay saved puff you can select the ohm reading to shortcut you to the Coil Info screen. - Settings changed to Menu for new menu / settings platform - Most "Back" buttons removed and scroll up of down off the screen to go to the previous screen. - Watts now adjustable in 1 watt increments instead of .1. - Temp adjustable in 5 degree increments. - New menu platform dived into Profile, Puff Info, Coil Info and Settings on main menu. - New coil install screen now has cold ohm temp for new coil and old coil resistance and temp when deciding on new coil or keeping old settings. - Profile Menu has added cold ohm temp with current ohm reading and coil material setting added. Also added is the availability to have advanced preheat settings with the Preheat+ toggle when temp control is active. - Puff Info screen enhanced with chart and ability to change wattage and or temp for dialing in a perfect puff. Also the addition of several live readings of the last puff. Live ohms, room temp,average power, puff duration, puff volts, puff amps, and average puff temp, and max puff temp when in temp control. When a non-temp sensing coil is installed gives you current battery % instead of temp. - Recording Screen with new additions to be able to monitor with every puff. - New Coil Info screen added with current profile, coil material, cold ohms, live ohms, coil temp, ability to remeasure resistance, and ability to lock ohms. - New settings menu with System, Display, Device, and About. - System gives you date, time, 12 / 24 hr, F or C temp, max puff time and serial number. - New Display menu has brightness adjustment, always on, stealth level, auto lock, auto lock time out, and # of clicks to lock, and ability to set unlock device sequence. - Device screen now has power bank settings, and battery voltages for up to 4 batteries. - About Menu with Lifetime puff count, current firmware, current revision, edition, puff count total energy, and reset to take you to a rest statistics screen. Also take a look at my own Themes, especially Enhanced 2 in 1 "LOST VAPE" - Four colors
  21. 146 downloads

    Even if the theme looks like a pimped out stock theme at first glance, the actual operation has been completely revised and equipped with extensive functions to prevent incorrect operation. Furthermore, the entire boost / preheat control is also carried out on the main screen - only the control elements are displayed that are also switched on and off from there. The navigation is very intuitive and fast. Description_for _translation.txt You might also like the Portrait version:
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Advken Owl Theme for DNA 75c, 100c & 250c
  23. Hi One of my 250c's, got a white screen yesterday, just out of the blue. I tried to rewrite the firmware , didn't work. I tried disconnecting & reconnecting the battery, didn't work. I tried rewriting the theme, didn't work. I tried a Hard Reboot & the screen came back :) But It did it 2 more times today :( The Hard reboot still worked :) How ever it is getting annoying now to have to do a Hard Reboot to get my screen back. Is this a known issue? Can I do some thing to Stop This from happening? BTW the Chip still works Fine, when this happens, just a White Screen
  24. Hey folks, I'm trying to troubleshoot a rather strange situation I'm getting within Replay mode and the default SS316 profile installed on my Lost Vape Thelema 250c. When running firing in Titanium or Wattage mode, the mod fires as normal with a pleasant vape. The same can also be said within the Replay profile itself. Mod: Lost Vape Thelema 250c Service Pack: 1.1 SP45 INT Atomizer: Vandy Vape Pyro V2 Ohms: 0.33Ω Coil Material: SS316 Clapton (24ga + 32ga) Build: Dual coil (also tried a spaced build as well) However, hitting the 'save puff' button, is where the fun really begins. I am prompted with a check atomizer warning at the top of my screen while the bright green 'Playing' text is displayed on my screen. When I cancel out of saving the puff, the vape returns to normal. Can't seem to recall if I had this issue on replay with kanthal builds and sadly don't have any wire laying around to test it again. I figure okay, its a weird hiccup, so I move on to the SS316 profile and start fiddling around with my settings as shared below. Power: 75w Temp: 232c Preheat: 90w Punch: 5 Now I'm prompted with a temperature protected error despite being able to move back to Wattage or Replay mode and being able to fire the vape as normal. I decide to migrate my settings over to the other profiles such as Nickel and Titanium both of which are set for temperature control by default. Oddly enough these settings function as normal in both instances. From here, I figure okay there might be something really wrong with my build so I start doing some checks in the Atomizer Analyzer. Though I do see changes in the ohm reading after a 180 degrees rotation, I'd argue the change in ohm reading is negligible at best. Am I doing something wrong here, or are there any settings I can fiddle around with to get the most of out my 250c, given Replay is pretty much the selling point of this chip?
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