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  1. combatwombat

    Is this voltage drop reasonable?

    xvostick dna 60 with vtc5a
  2. Here is a picture of the device monitor. It is a total of 0.48 voltage drop while firing. Is this normal?
  3. combatwombat

    75c single cell wiring

    I just linked the ground and b- together, solved.
  4. combatwombat

    75c single cell wiring

    I think im over thinking it, im going to do positive down, so it would be wiring the B- to the 510 contact plate but i still need the ground ring.
  5. combatwombat

    75c single cell wiring

    I am building a squonk box orca 21700 single cell and am wondering what is the best way to wire the B+, do i just solder it on the pos contact that is held by the 510? The boxes I have made so far have all been lipos, thanks!
  6. combatwombat

    huge battery sag on full battery

    Thanks VB, it was just the positive connection nut needed to be tightened. I guess from screwing the cap on and off, putting pressure on the on the pos contact loosens it overtime.
  7. I converted my xvostick 40 to a dna 60 and even with a full battery 4.2 when i take a puff it goes down to 2.7v.
  8. combatwombat

    dna 60 small screen

  9. combatwombat

    dna 60 small screen

    I hesitated to get a small screen version and now they are out. Will there be any more made? Want to replace the dna40 in my xvostick but the usb charge board will give some trouble i think. Thanks.
  10. combatwombat

    DNA 60

    Option ROM and it would need a hearing aid battery to save settings like CMOS on computer lol. I would just set the resistance on a profile and it would be saved right?
  11. combatwombat

    Finally happy with SS temp control, question between types.

    If you don't mind using 28 gauge wire, give 430ss wire a try, its more accurate than 316 and $10 for 200ft.
  12. combatwombat

    USB Charging Board for dna60

    Anyone have a picture of the charging board or dimensions? I am trying to fit this in a xvostick but afraid the usb charger wont fit and will have to cry myself to sleep.
  13. combatwombat

    Battery drain at idle

    I have had this happen before and went through 3 batteries, all puffed and dead. I changed the board and has never happened again, might have had sloppy soldering or something and have built 3 more dna 200's without incident. The usb recover would work a few times until battery gave its last breath at 0.0v and as i remember I had to let it charge at 0.05 amps forever up till roughly 1v till usb charge recovery will work. Mabey someone knows what the lowest voltage for a cell to charge via recovery. I wish I wouldnt have been ignorant and let it kill 2 max amp and 1 fullymax before I decided to change the board.
  14. combatwombat

    DNA 60

    Too bad more than 2 months for a small screen, but I will wait because my xvostick needs escribe, as I switched to SS coils. I hope the buttons line up and everything because I wouldnt want to chop on it although its beat up anyhow. Has anyone done a xvostick replacement yet?
  15. combatwombat

    Temp control setting for different wires

    Thanks. I forgot about the wire wizard on steam engine.