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Found 8 results

  1. Hello folks, hopefully someone can help clear up a few issues that I'm having setting up temperature control on a DNA 250C and I'm a novice at using it as this is my first Evolv chipset device. I'm trying to set my temperature at 250°C, I can do this under profile settings. But Preheat is limited to 149°C or 300°F, and this doesn't help with my coil getting up to temperature. Also there's not much explanation to Punch, even from Evolv. Shame on them. So is there a limit to Preheat temperature?
  2. I recently bought a DNA75 an there is this bug with temperature sensing that is still present since the early days of DNA boards. When you vape and your batteries dies and you replace it, the temperature sensing will be way off. You can compensate by lowering the temperature but it's annoying. The cause for this is that the chip "forgets" the previous cold ohm resistance reading and reads the atomizer automatically as a new coil, so gets a wrong reading. The whole temperature sensing is off until you let it rest for an hour or so. This can be avoided by locking the temperature but it isn't a great solution. The expected behavior would be that after the battery gets replaced it keeps using the same ohm reading or asks "new coil yes/no?". Any chance this will ever get fixed with a firmware update?
  3. I've been searching for days, trying to figure this out on my own but I can't seem to do it. I've been trying to get SS 316L to work in temp control and it seems to be very difficult. For instance, I will build coils (or use pre-made, I've tried both), and I aim to be somewhere around 0.4-0.5ohms. I lightly dry burn SS 316L at 10watts in a dark room and get all of the hot spots out. I then wick the coil and measure the cold resistance in Escribe. My most recent coil comes in at 0.4 @ 72° room temp, but when I vape the coil, the resistance also rises (I know SS 316L does this), but it will raise or lower from 0.39-0.45 and my mod can't seem to account for this variation correctly. Vapor production quickly declines and flavor mutes. I've tried countless different .csv's but none of them seem to fix the issue. In my most recent build, I will attempt to fire 0.4ohms at 40watts 475° but my mod will usually ask me if I connected a new atomizer at 0.43ohms. If I choose 'no, use old settings' then my vapor is basically non-existant. If I change the resistance to 0.43 then the temp control is all over the place and I will get dry hits. Any advice? Are my builds just crappy/inconsistent? Should I try a material that isn't SS 316L? I've tried spaced coils and they seem to work a bit better, but not by much. Do I need a different .csv? My atomizers are Gas Mods GR1 and B2K. Tha. nks! Edit: I've made sure that my lead connections are extra secure, that's not the problem.
  4. Hello everyone! I have a problem in tc, it seems that the temperature rises too much without temp. protecting and infact at 420F the cotton is scorched. What could it be? it's the first time that happens to me with a 75C . nife48 coil , internal diameter 3mm, 6 wraps, tcr is 0,00400 zivipf. thanks for the help and sorry for my english
  5. I am a bit of an OCD when it comes Wattage/Temperature control and Liquid consumption. I looked hard but I am not able to find info regarding when in Replay Mode What is the ? - Wattage and Voltage of last vape - Temperature of last vape - Coil Live Resistance during last vape Appreciate if anyone can share their knowledge or direct me to some references.
  6. Hi guys, I have a question for everyone with Paranormal DNA250c from Lost Vape, or for anyone that could help me, yesterday i finally got my new Paranormal DNA 250c, as this is my first mod (used only ijust2 and smok vape pen v2 before) i am still learning many things (basically i am a beginner). Now to the point: I am using Cthulhu Hastur mtl rta with the smallest air disc inside (the tightest draw), my target was 1ohm with SS316l 28ga from geekvape which indicated that i should use 9 wraps to get to my 1.0ohm target (used steam-engine.org). But, when i turned on the mod the coil came out at around 1.1+-ohms, with manual settings i could reduce it to 1.06ohms after few hours of not vaping. (I have attached photos of the coil) Using it for MTL-ing at around 12w it works great in replay, also in temp control using SS316 preset, replay basically sucks the coils out of the juice without one dry hit, well the atomizer runs pretty hot and sucks alot of juice for mtl, but after chainvaping i guess thats normal (or not, cant compare it), but what i fear is that paranormal series had some issues with reading the ohms because of 510 connector and that i am a victim of the same problem 75c had: Am i doing something wrong if im not getting 1.0ohms at 9 wraps, but 1.1+-, have i done a mistake building the coil, or does my paranormal 250c have a problem with 510 pin reading ohms a little bit high? The internal resistance of the mod is 0.004ohms (checked through EScribe). I would be eternally thankful if someone could help me, With Regards, Abadaman Photos of the coil:
  7. I'm running an experiment and I'm setting the temperature limit through the Escribe software. However, I want the temperature limit to be above 300C or 600 F. is there a way through the escribe software or serial commands to set the limit above those?
  8. Just got the Evolv 250 today and downloaded escribe and everything. As the main factor on the screen (the big one) it's giving me the option to change the temperature instead of the watts. I've figured out how to change the watts (lock the screen, hold down the buttons) but I don't want to have to go through that process every time I want to change the watts, especially when changing the temp is pretty useless to me. I can't find a way to change it on escribe. On there it looks like the watts should be on the main screen. How do I change this??
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