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  1. Your welcome @Hyperar, at least things are getting there for you. Hope that you finally nail it.
  2. zark, you're initial assumption is correct. As there's not much information in the EScribe manual, and this is my first DNA mod and there's a lot to learn. And on 250C chipset there's no boost setting under preheat when running Temperature Control mode. Only Punch, Watts and Temperature. And preheat Temperature is limited to 149°C or 300°F, and yet again there's no information in the manual that is really useful. But on a positive note, changed to a 6 wrap SS316L 25 AWG (0.68mm × 0.27mm) flat wire coil at 0.32 ohms, increased power to 30 Watts. And are now reaching approx 240°C, so getting closer. But it would be nice to have a fully updated manual for EScribe, with a full and not cursory description of all options and settings.
  3. Well, Punch was left at 5 (default) as this has no mention in Evolv documentation whatsoever. Target Temperature is 250°C, no issues setting that. But even if I turn Punch off and try to apply a Preheat Temperature of 250°C, it just won't do it. Even tried putting Punch up to 11. There seems to be a limit of 149°C or 300°F for the Preheat Temperature setting, but why?
  4. Hello folks, hopefully someone can help clear up a few issues that I'm having setting up temperature control on a DNA 250C and I'm a novice at using it as this is my first Evolv chipset device. I'm trying to set my temperature at 250°C, I can do this under profile settings. But Preheat is limited to 149°C or 300°F, and this doesn't help with my coil getting up to temperature. Also there's not much explanation to Punch, even from Evolv. Shame on them. So is there a limit to Preheat temperature?
  5. Hello Hyperar, may I ask if you've totally disassembled and cleaned your goon 1.5 as well as cleaned the 510 connector on your mods? As it sounds like you've got a conductor issue.
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