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  1. If for some reason you can't change profiles or you don't have any non-TC profiles: 1. Lock the device (press the fire button 5 times) 2. Then hold the + and - buttons for 5 seconds <- this will allow you to change temperature 3. While adjusting temperature, scroll up until the screen displays OFF
  2. First I'd check the battery, maybe it's worn out or of not the best quality. But other reasons are not excluded.
  3. I use the tightening tool mentioned: https://www.fasttech.com/product/7462700 I have another one from there. Both work the same as the brass rod I threaded myself (they all show the same resistance).
  4. I think DNA75 uses third-party charging board, or something like that, and doesn't know the charge current.
  5. No, it was above TOP DOWNLOADS or higher. It was a big green button. I had seen it many times before. Now it isn't there. I don't have the yellow area since I am not an admin. OK, maybe it isn't so important. Edit: It wasn't START NEW TOPIC
  6. No, it was in the forum list, above or below "Welcome to the new forum".
  7. Since there is no subforum about the forum, I'm posting this here. I accidentaly clicked on the green button on the right. I have seen it before and I decided I don't want it, but because it is always present, it was inevitable for me to misclick it. Now I can't find it anywhere in the forum settings. I assume it will arrive in my mail, which I don't want to. I checked immediately, nothing has arrived yet, but I don't want to see unsolicited mail later. So where is the UNSUBSCRIBE button?
  8. Thank you for your answers. Yes, I know how Replay works. Why was I believing there would be a temp limit? Maybe because of the requirement for a temp-sensing wire.
  9. I still don't have a DNA C. I've watched many videos and read everything I could, but nowhere did I find the temperature limit of Replay mode; or, quite possiby, I got something wrong. If I'm not mistaken, Replay can be recorded and played even in Watts mode (furthermore, I think Replay in temp mode would be pointless - you'd be better off continuing to use temp mode; does it even exist in temp mode?), so what would be limit of maximum temperature reached, if any? I know Evolv pays great attention to safe temperatures in vaping, so I doubt it would be something irresponsible, but what is the actual number?
  10. Here: You don't link to the page containing the image, but to the image itself and put it in [img ] tags. Edit: The forum editor is doing something or it doesn't allow external linking through https or Imgur doesn't allow that.
  11. Hi, My Reuleaux DNA200 was sitting unused for two years. Now I started using it daily and it has frozen twice on me. I want to know the reason and whether I can prevent it or is it a sign of a dying board. I have done the "ribbon tuck" a long time ago and Screen Disconnects is always 0. It froze when connected to a PC, either for charging or for doing the Case Analyzer. It seems (I am not sure) it happenned when it was in deep sleep mode. It wouldn't react to the buttons, but firing still worked, and the screen was at around 5% brigthness (barely could see there is something on it) and wouldnt turn on. Escribe also froze after the end of the Case Analyzer (when I hit the Upload button) and I would have lost the data if I hadn't made a screenshot. During the analysis, it was working fine. Soft reset fixed it, it seems. But I had to disconnect and reconnect it. I also noticed that, during the Case Analyzer, the current when cooling wasn't zero, but a very low value (something like 0,00x Amps) and changing rapidly, only the last number. I don't know if it is just an imprecise reading or it is really leaking. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Options > Units > Metric But there are still remaining in some places.
  13. Not possible on this planet, at least without some serious equipment. What you're seeing is normal, it's just that DNA chip updates the display rapidly (very often), others don't tell you that but still do it. You could try the "Preheat with kanthal" trick (a topic somewhere on this forum) and/or lowering resistance within reason, but you'll never achieve a square wave.
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