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Screen going crazy

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My screen one day began dimming itself any time the fire button was touched, even if it wasn't touched hard enough to fire. The next week, it started doing it on it's own until eventually it did it all the time. I took the board out to check the ribbon for a pinch, and there wasn't one. I checked the clamp for any bad connections, and there weren't any. Then, after having moved the screen, it began randomly displaying atomizer preset screens, and displaying two screens at the same time (one display on the top half of the screen, one on the bottom) I have no clue what to try next. Is the board bad? Weird screen connection? Help!

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You may not have pinched the ribbon cable with the fire button.
But you prob have a short where the ribbon cable connects to the screen.
This is a very fragile connection at the transition from ribbon cable to screen glass.
The factory adds a type of epoxy they call it. I call it more of a silicone.
Where the cable meets the screen. I have also noticed the factory has put a piece of black tape
on the opposite side from the epoxy. The epoxy is on the wrong side and the tape is too.
What I do is remove the piece of tape carefully and use some REAL epoxy to replace the tape.
This helps to stiffen up the connection.
My suggestion to you is replace the screen and use the epoxy where suggested.

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