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  1. Spector NS5 RD

    External USB Data Connection Trouble - DNA60

    You need to apply power to the board before EScibe will see it. (4.20v to batt neg and batt pos pinouts ~ 10 and 9, respectively). You have the data part covered corretcly now you just need to wake the board up with some juice. Once the board is powered on, then connect the USB cable to EScribe.
  2. If the cells are removeable, you can select "removeable battery" from the drop down menu in the "mod-battery" tab of EScribe. This replaces the CSV, gas gauging style of predicting battery life to simply looking at battery voltage. This way you don't have to worry about running battery analyzer or having the correct CSV.
  3. Spector NS5 RD

    no charging Battery or connected to escribe

    I would love to own something like that, very nice.
  4. Spector NS5 RD

    I want to make a Dual 21700 Squonk mod DNA 250c

    Unless you want to make the enclosure yourself, you would be relying on either a Hammond / Alpinetech style enclosure or a 3D printed style. Once you pick out the enclosure, then you can start gathering parts..... squonk compatible 510 squonk bottles silicone wiring for baord dual 21700 sled (make sure enclosure allows for this size) board mounting hardware, sled, screws, button actuators Where to get various bits and bobs....... Shapeways, Ebay, Varitube, Fat Daddy Vapes, Modcrate, Protovapor, Creme De Vape, Stealth Vape...... are a few good sites for parts. Basically just Google the parts you're looking for. You'll find all of the pieces eventually.
  5. Spector NS5 RD

    no charging Battery or connected to escribe

    If you've tried multiple USB cables and power sources, yes, i would say the USB port has failed. You could look inside the USB port and look for bent or misaligned pins.
  6. Spector NS5 RD

    Is this voltage drop reasonable?

    I know my Xvostick DNA 40 uses the chassis as the Batt-GND connection to board. I would say poor connection or corrosion between board and cell.Unless Chel changed the way they wired the Xvostick's, i'm 80% sure the Batt-GND is made by relying on the 510's GND connection. What happens if you clean the battery cap threads and the brass positive pin at the bottom of the cell cavity? Don't be afraid to snug the batt cap on nice and tight. Doing all that i just mentioned, does that lessen (even a little) the voltage drop? If not, It would require opening up the mod to find the culprit.
  7. Spector NS5 RD

    Is this voltage drop reasonable?

    what device and what type of cell?
  8. Spector NS5 RD

    Full Color RGB LED switch: Success!

    @Ak89 Very nice job. Props to you for putting on your thinking cap and accomplishing what you set out to do. Feels good when the completed project is functional.
  9. Spector NS5 RD

    Up down buttons comon ground

    @Bousefield1 Yes the up and down buttons are pull down and use a common ground, any GND on the board or batt negative. Fire switch is.......pull-up to batt + voltage (at least on the 200-250-75 boards)
  10. Spector NS5 RD

    Alternate usb pins on charging board

    @georgii_ your easiest option is to go with what @retird posted. The other option would be to use something along the lines of this : https://www.ebay.com/itm/DIY-24pin-USB-Type-C-Male-Female-Plug-Socket-Connector-SMT-Type-w-PCB-1-Set-/311630199174 You would have to tap into the USB +5v, GND, Data + and Data - traces on the charger PCB. Lost Vape rolled their own 2 amp charging board, they didn't use the Evolv version. You would also have to make room for the USB C breakout board and widen the USB socket hole for the larger C socket. A lot of work for little to no gain, IMO. Why do you want a USB C connector instead of the micro USB?
  11. Spector NS5 RD

    First DNA250C Build HELP PLEASE!!!

    @Ryan Brooks main thing is battery config (2,3,4 cell?) / removable? non-removable? / lipo? cylindrical? non critical things i tweak are : mod resistance / battery capacity / profile setup / case thermals.
  12. The 100w applies only as a 1 second pre-heat boost feature. 75w is max continuous output of the board.
  13. Spector NS5 RD

    My DNA 250C Build.........

    @kwfranklin88 The mileage with a fully charged lipo is as expected for a 4s 1500 mAh lipo, not as long as you'd think with a lipo that size but my main reason for getting such a high C discharge rated lipo was so i wasn't stressing the lipo, regardless of my set wattage. I'm sacrificing vape time for a higher discharge. There's barely any voltage sag even at a 300w preheat. I figured overkill on the lipo so i never have to replace it.
  14. Spector NS5 RD

    Silicone Wire

    @NMEones I have no idea of the screw size needed to mount the board. It depends what you're mounting the to......plastic? metal? wood? I honestly never bought screws for mounting the board. I always had screws left over from other mods or various other projects. I just used what fit for the project, never measured them. In the PDF It lists the screw hole size and suggested screw size.; try there first. If you're still doubtful, open a help ticket or if someone happens to read this and they know for sure, maybe they can chime in.
  15. Spector NS5 RD

    Silicone Wire

    Silicone wire is so much nicer to work with. Most if not all regulated mods use silicone, so you're golden. Just make sure you have the correct gauge. Each board has it's own recommended wire sizes. Be sure to look at what gauge is recommended for your model. You can get that info from the PDF's available on the Evolv website. Each board has it's own PDF manual.