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  1. @AMDtrucking I should have my SXK Boxer clone soon, as well. Thanks for the pics. I suspected (hoped) it would be a direct replacement for the SXK board. Can you PM me or post some pics of the stock SXK board? Thanks!
  2. Spector NS5 RD

    therion 166 does not turn on after sleep

    @Makis Open a help ticket with Evolv. link is in my sig.
  3. Spector NS5 RD

    DNA 75 C Error

    IIRC that message means something is conflicting when uploading settings from EScribe to the board. Did you make some them changes (or anything) in EScribe before this message popped up? Whatever the device is, reinstall the default Theme.
  4. Spector NS5 RD

    Battery idea

    By orange connector, do you mean an XT30 or XT60 connector between the board and the battery? Yes you can.
  5. Spector NS5 RD

    Check battery problem.

    If the menu is freezing try re-flashing the firmware. What FW is the board running? If that doesn't work and you know your connections are sound, open a help ticket from Evolv's website.
  6. Spector NS5 RD

    Billet box DNA 60

    Off the top of head, I'm pretty sure the Billet Box 60w comes with the DNA 60. If the description says "Evolv DNA 60" then it would come with the DNA 60 board. If you're unsure, just email Billet and ask them.
  7. Spector NS5 RD

    Did I bungle it? I probably bungled it (voltage issue)

    Hard to tell from the pics but everything "seems" to be OK. No components tombstoned or knocked off. I do see one resistor, (maybe a pulldown?) circled in red, that either has a hole in it or it's just the conformal coating messing with the picture. No idea if it has anything to do with voltage monitoring. Try cleaning off the flux residue left over from your soldering with some iso alc. More than likely, you'll just end up RMA'ing the board in the end. Evolv's warranty/customer service is the best around PERIOD. Good luck!
  8. Spector NS5 RD

    Did I bungle it? I probably bungled it (voltage issue)

    For the board to consistently read the same difference between all three PSU voltage inputs, i would venture a guess as to a hardware issue. Possibly a knocked off res or cap or damaged. Nick answers the help tickets, he'll get it sorted out. I know, it's a bummer. At least your design is modular, though. One last thing. If you open EScribe, Click "Help" at the top of EScribe........"About EScribe" then click the word "EVOLV" 7 times then open up Device Monitor. You should now have a Debug menu. What does the "Bandgap" read? EDIT.........Never mind, I guess James took out bandgap from debug . 🤔 huh, weird. In the older 200/250 monochrome boards bandgap readout is a voltage reference.
  9. Spector NS5 RD

    Did I bungle it? I probably bungled it (voltage issue)

    I joke around, if something i type sounds snarky, just laugh it off. Ya, you seem you have the correct settings in EScribe now. What happens if you toggle a different input voltage? does that change the pack reading? Just trying to figure out if this is a board problem. Can you get you DMM probes on the actual input pads on the 250board? Make absolute suer your getting the full 12v. Also make sure you're getting the full 12v UNDER LOAD. If all else fails, take the board out and look around for missing components .......knocked off resistors, caps, IC's etc. Then just RMA the board back to Evolv for replacement. You running the latest FW?
  10. Spector NS5 RD

    Did I bungle it? I probably bungled it (voltage issue)

    "Bro, whats with the terminal bus?" "total overkill brah." 😁 One question and forgive me if i missed reading it in your 3 page description, do you have the board set to "power supply" ? Then you select the input voltage 9-12-15 volts. This drop down menu is in EScribe under the Mod section - Battery tab. EDIT......yep i missed it. OK you do have it set to PS and 12v did you upload the settings? what happens if you select 9 or 15 volts, then upload? the pack voltage change?
  11. Spector NS5 RD

    Please Help me to set my batteries Escribe

    This is a curve for 3 Sony VTC5A cells >>>>>>> https://forum.evolvapor.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=233534 Cell Soft Cutoff >> 3.0v Wh capacity >> 26.219
  12. Spector NS5 RD

    External USB Data Connection Trouble - DNA60

    You need to apply power to the board before EScibe will see it. (4.20v to batt neg and batt pos pinouts ~ 10 and 9, respectively). You have the data part covered corretcly now you just need to wake the board up with some juice. Once the board is powered on, then connect the USB cable to EScribe.
  13. If the cells are removeable, you can select "removeable battery" from the drop down menu in the "mod-battery" tab of EScribe. This replaces the CSV, gas gauging style of predicting battery life to simply looking at battery voltage. This way you don't have to worry about running battery analyzer or having the correct CSV.
  14. Spector NS5 RD

    no charging Battery or connected to escribe

    I would love to own something like that, very nice.
  15. Spector NS5 RD

    I want to make a Dual 21700 Squonk mod DNA 250c

    Unless you want to make the enclosure yourself, you would be relying on either a Hammond / Alpinetech style enclosure or a 3D printed style. Once you pick out the enclosure, then you can start gathering parts..... squonk compatible 510 squonk bottles silicone wiring for baord dual 21700 sled (make sure enclosure allows for this size) board mounting hardware, sled, screws, button actuators Where to get various bits and bobs....... Shapeways, Ebay, Varitube, Fat Daddy Vapes, Modcrate, Protovapor, Creme De Vape, Stealth Vape...... are a few good sites for parts. Basically just Google the parts you're looking for. You'll find all of the pieces eventually.