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  1. Thank you sir. Any manufacture you know of putting a DNA75c in a decent mod?
  2. So they are back in business! Good. Can't click the Mirage link yet, but great that they have resolved their issues.
  3. ...also when I search for Mirage on their site I get zip. The mirage is my go to mod, but now that ebay is dead on vape, I can't even find used ones.
  4. Where are you seeing those. I can't find any of them on the site. Can you post a link?
  5. That is a bit draconian. Yes it still works with the version of mono in Ubuntu LTS, but not with most other distros current version. It will not work with my current install and that is "out of the box". An update would be welcome as a number of linux users stay current for many reasons. I for one upgraded to get the latest plasma so I could better use HiDPi monitors. Evolv seems to be focusing on some other product or issue at the moment. Perhaps we shall see. Based on the number of devices commercially available with their chip, I am not certain they are even aggressively still in the
  6. Not too hard. https://www.mono-project.com/docs/compiling-mono/parallel-mono-environments/
  7. I have run linux constantly since 1994. I have two primary systems at my house, a Linux desktop and a Mac desktop. I have had to update Mono on the Linux system as it is also running my home automation system, but the only time I need to run eScribe is when I get a new mod, and that is rare since the company that made the ones I like closed and I can't find a manufacture of DNA75C equipped mods.
  8. Made a nice smallish mod. Going to put a 250 in one with a 3 cell lipo.
  9. Thanks. Been a while since I put one together...been buying LostVape gear but they have imploded and I can't find a decent mod with an evolve chip for love nor money.
  10. I am building up a ABM-1 enclosure and they supply a try for a 20700 that joins the battery negative to the case metal/atomizer. See: http://analogboxmods.ca/image/cache/catalog/parts/battery_holders/20700/ABM1-1x20700-2-800x700.jpg So, I will still run a negative from the battery to the chip for charging, but two questions: Will this work? I have never run battery negative to the case before Do I need to also wire it to the chip output end ground? I think not since the case is metal and the ground path would then be the screws. Thanks for your input. Not clear on w
  11. Thanks. I have seen those, and am looking at these: http://analogboxmods.ca/Box-Mod-Parts/Enclosures/ABM-1-CNC-Aluminium-Enclosure My real preference is just to buy a mod with an Evolv chip, but they are getting rare now that Lost Vape seems to be imploding. If Evolv is shipping them out, I have no idea where they are ending up as a mod is getting harder and harder to find.
  12. I was going to pickup a few mods as my regular ones are getting a bit beat. I can't for the life of me find a DNA mod to buy that takes one 18650 or better yet one 21700. I use two Mirages in rotation and love the 21700. Where are all the chips going? Even the enclosures from protovape are out of stock (I have several boards so just decided to build some, but alas no). So if you know of 75C, 200C or 250C mods other than the 3x18650 or 2x18650 beasts let me know. If you have some of the 75C enclosures to part with, that works too!
  13. Odd. What I quoted was the target from Apple. Perhaps they have changed plans?
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