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  1. Droopydroors

    About Orions that stop responding

    And just a heads up. In the video he touches the 2 middle solder points to reset it and that did not work for me. So I basically just touched the big solder joint all the way to the left and one of the middle solder joint and that made a very small spark and then it started working. So you may have to fiddle around a bit with the top of the board touching different parts to reset it.
  2. Droopydroors

    About Orions that stop responding

    You can buy that screwdriver in a store I just was impatient.
  3. Droopydroors

    About Orions that stop responding

    I can confirm the fix that is posted on YouTube does work. I have fixed 2 Orion's by doing this. The hardest part for me was using a flat head screwdriver for the triangle screws.
  4. Droopydroors

    About Orions that stop responding

    I have one that is stuck at 7 watts. No matter what setting it's on it only goes to 7 watts. It seems like it may be stuck in replay. Would this be caused by the same issue?
  5. Droopydroors

    Wattage not changing

    So I found a work around if anyone else has this issue. This was happening with a .5ohm pod so I went in to the "Mod" tab and un checked the "Enable" box above the MTL settings. Then I set the DL Max resistance to 0.695. So basically both pods will run the same wattage. I have the White set to 11 watts that I will use for the .5ohm pods and for the .25ohm pods I will use the Blue and Red settings set to 13 and 15 watts. I guess that's the great thing about escribe, even though my device is faulty I can still use it!
  6. Droopydroors

    Wattage not changing

    I have 2 Orions and i switched a pod from one to the other and noticed a very different hit between the two. They are both using default settings and on the red light without replay set. So i hooked the one up to escribe to check device monitor and sure enough no matter what wattage i put in it stays at 8 watts. I put it up to 15 watts and it only goes to 8. It seems as though it may be stuck in a replay. So far i have tried restoring to default settings but nothing changes. Any ideas?
  7. Droopydroors

    Replay Issues

    Also another thing that is an issue maybe. If you take the pod out and put it back in while its still warm the cold ohms will be alot higher than it should be. So make sure the pod is at room temperature before turning the device on or putting the pod in. Im not sure if the cold ohms adjust after a certain amount of time of non use. Also i dropped the replay "warmth" down to 1 and it seems like its not jumping above the set point. So maybe this is a quick fix.
  8. Droopydroors

    Replay Issues

    Here are some things I'm noticing about replay that are not good in a pod system. Im sure over time they will be fixed but this is what im noticing now. So i put a new pod on two days ago. While using the device with the .25 ohm pod and the blue setting which is set to 13 watts with a 2 watt boost and replay "warmth" ( which still doesnt make sense if its supposed to replay the last hit ) set at 3 I was getting burnt hits. So just like always i set the device on the middle setting and started hitting it until i got the hit i liked then i put it in replay mode. But periodically during the day it would just give me a burnt hit which if you are familiar with pods a burnt hit is not good because it will most likely mean you need a new pod even though i just started using this one!!.. So when i got home i hooked it up to escribe and pulled up device manager and it showed the problem on the first hit. For some reason while in replay it was pushing 25 watts to the coil at start up and dropping to 13 watts after about .3 seconds. This is way over any setting that i have ever set the device. So for now i will not be using replay till these issues get worked out because these pods are not cheap and if they are only lasting for 3 days they become expensive!! So just something i figured would be useful if anyone else is having this issue.
  9. Droopydroors

    How to turn off Lost Vape Orion

    When you click it 5 times it shuts it off. It will not fire until you click the fire button 5 times to turn it on so actually there is no power lock just on/off
  10. Droopydroors

    Lost Vape Orion contacts.

    My one Orion has snug pod syndrome. I just hold the release down and pull up on the pod.
  11. Droopydroors

    Lostvape Orion DNA Go

    You ain't lying!!!! But I guess they aren't either. But on the same note a SMOK TFV187798600 is capable of using nic salts as well. Lol
  12. Droopydroors

    Lostvape Orion DNA Go

    I am very happy with the purchase but in my opinion this device is not a nic salt device. If you run 3mg or 6mg freebase it shines. Also most of the reviewers that had the device before it dropped were running regular nicotine. Most of the nic salts on the market are, IMO, shit. They seem to be using extreme amounts of sugar to try and get flavor out of these pod systems. But really all it does is destroy coils. There are 2 things that destroy coils, nicotine and sugar. So if you are running 25 or 50 nic salts plan on burning through the pods. I don't think I have seen this being sold as a "nic salt" device anywhere.
  13. Droopydroors


    I have to check this on device manager as well. I let mine charge overnight and when I woke up to leave for work the LED was out. I believe I read this is normal because the device shuts off the USB after an hour of non use. But the battery definatley was not charged fully because it only lasted an hour or so.
  14. Droopydroors

    Lost Vape Orion contacts.

    Just a heads up to everyone with the Orion. So I noticed after pulling my pod off that one of the spring loaded contacts was stuck down. The pods still made contact with it but I imagine some pods may not. There are two small Phillip screws on either side of those contact pins if you take a screwdriver and loosen them a bit the contact will pop back up. To stop this from happening when you tighten them back down do not over tighten and the contact will stay lose. This happened on both of my Orion's. Also I have one where the pod is VERY snug and will not pop out unless I give it a tug and the other pops out on its own when I pull down the release so it seems as though there are some tolerance issues at the Lost Vape factory. Just a heads up that may help someone else down the road.
  15. Droopydroors

    The usb is not a data cable REALLY?

    No defensiveness just making the point.