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Let's see your 75's!


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nice, an official dna 75 build thread. thanks dwcraig1!

i hacked open a dead vt200. sent the dead board to evolv for replacement. rather than putting the replacement board back in i decided to put the 75 board inside. modifications required to install board are : chop off plastic oled screen stand offs (dna75 board components get in the way of it sitting flush), rewired/re-soldered stock 1300 mah 3s lipo for 1s 3p config (2898 mah according to battery analyzer). i'm bypassing the onboard usb charging ic for a higher (2) amp combo i put together. i dremeled/installed the usb socket on the side of the mod (limited space for it). my dremel skills are.........not great. that's about it. really enjoyed building this. plenty of current available to the board with this batt and the 3p lipo charges fast at 2 amps. IMG_20160521_191105.jpg  IMG_20160521_172425.jpg IMG_20160521_175951.jpg     

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As usual I want a small and tough mod with tool less battery changing. I used the same 3" x 1.5" alu box section I have used with DNA 30 and DNA 40s since this board is 5 mm shorter than the 200.  I brazed the alu together and filled the front of the board mount holes with it instead of using epoxy.


There is no room to use any off the shelf battery connectors so I mad some from a Provari V3 spring and some circuit board, I bridged the circuit board the -ve spring is soldered to to the Evolv 510 connector.  I had to make a spacer for 510 from a thick ss washer to get clearance on the inside, not the prettiest, but I just can't get the box section in the required size.  I tapped a thread in the box to hold the 510, again there is just no room for a nut in there.

+ve is a thin bit of Cu on some more circuit board.

I also soldered the board mounts I made from Cu tube to the board to improve cooling, grounding and make fitting easier.

I made the buttons from shelf pins and all the wiring is 14 AWG silicone insulated.


Finished dimensions are 82 mm x 38 mm x 22 mm including the 510, the main box is 75 mm high.


TBH it was a little bit of a rush job and the 510 is about 0.5 mm out, it still took days of labour with the basic tools I have.

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So it arrived, took me a bit to get it set up (sorry Daniel). Using HE4's while the HD2's charge (might not even use them with this).
For starters the mod's not stainless steel only looks like it.
Except for the horned top it's smaller than a ERM, really strong spring in the 510. I wish the 510's body was higher than the mods top by a hair but oh well.
Really liking it so far, I can't believe how small it is.
EDIT: So I switched to the LG HD2's from the HE4's after comparing the sag during firing using the same atomizer 40/50 watts) and full charged batteries.
Both batteries are new also. The HD2 dipped to 3.75 volts and the HE4 dipped to 3.56 volts . No sign of "weak battery", even put on my Aromamizer with dual clapton's @ 75 watts but of coarse the battery was full charge. It's going to work for the "test"

[13412041_1227312513959637_5659738745752915526_o]  [13350246_1227312583959630_117517099371922126_o]
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man is this thing tiny. the black finish feels just like a VS. i'm willing to bet this finish will hold up better though. my screen is a hair crooked. not a prob, can be fixed easily. 3.5v sag on 75 watt preheat at 11 punch and 1.5 seconds. that is on my recently purchased, freshly charged LG HD2C batts. battery sled contacts are VERY tight. no weak battery message yet. 25mm tanks do overhang on three sides. came all set up - mod res, case thermals, wires and on this mod the profiles are used as different ramp ups. the included usb cable is a puny 9" lol. nice mod all around for $66. 

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