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  1. I take it your charger doesn't show cell voltages. Ideally, you could put each battery in your Odin 75C (if it shows battery % or voltage) and 10 puffs or so should bring the overcharged ones to lower than 4.20V (volts don't lie, and %'s usually don't understand anything over 4.20V) You're much safer charging in the mod which will bring them back into balance (slowly) until you clear up your charger issues.
  2. Fantastic screenshot @Steve.W. On the left hand side, starting 6 itmes down, look at your 2 cell voltages. Cell 1 shows 4.440V. That's a problem. Disconnect the USB from your mod. Swap battery positions in your mod. Plug in and start escribe. Now look at cell voltages again in Device Monitor.. If that high voltage now appears as Cell 2. It's your battery at fault. How do/did you charge the batteries? Let us know.
  3. Post an escribe 'Device Monitor' screenshot of one of them not working, while plugged in. Not firing or anything.
  4. @GaryP Somehow I don't think you're running the latest firmware for your mod. Down in the bottom Right Hand corner it shows in Device Monitor. You should see SP45.1 <- that dot 1 is important. If you're not, install from this link. https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-early-firmware-and-escribe-suite/?do=findComment&comment=937912 If you're still having problems afterwards, post a screenshot of the profile (1-8) you're using.
  5. No, not necessary at all Tina. Considering the Quest is their budget brand I wondered if that continued into their wiring as well 😮 You can use the DNA250C datasheet when it comes time to build your 100. 👍
  6. The only boards that you can actually shut it off completely would be the 75, 75C and the 100C in the battery details, by enabling that '....... uses an external charger'
  7. Welcome @Tina Eire 👋 Do you have a photo of the final swap to show? I'm not even remotely surprised by LV and the URSA quest fitment of the DNA board. Not even that the screen is swappable. 😎 Can you comment on the cabling gauges in the URSA?
  8. What @BillW50 showed, does not survive a battery swap.
  9. Unfortunately there's no easy answer, because more info is needed. What is the coil material (wire)? Are you vaping this in straight watts, or Temp Control, or Replay? Instead of a mod screen photo, can you post a screenshot/printscreen of Device Monitor (of each mod) while firing with ONLY the same boxes as you see below. (Your numbers seem backwards) "Is this due to a different firmware? or due to hardware differences?" No, not usually. Both DNA mods should give almost the same experience, most of the time, in your case.
  10. I'm still waiting for an answer to @BillW50 question if escribe detects it? and hopefully a Device Monitor screenshot. By always USB charging, you're effectively blind to any small leaks down into the battery contacts. A small torx bit and a $10 digital meter would also be beneficial to diagnose your issues. 🤷‍♀️
  11. Welcome to the forum @HankStarr 👋 I don't know where you heard this, because many cells have a 'Fully discharged' value of 2.5v, a few 2.3v, and IIRC one is 2.0v. The 250C, regardless has a 3.0v minimum standing/unloaded voltage for each cell.
  12. Input -> Straight battery side specs per cell. Not charging. Output -> After going through the regulator board (250C in your case) Battery tab -> Values per cell Electrical tab -> Combined and limited OR Totals for the output The datasheet for the 250C shows more information but not what you seek. There is no current more detailed explanation. There was an escribe manual somewhere in one of your folders, but last I looked was from 2016 and was only about Python scripting, but I also remember another manual, but still not what you seek.
  13. What's there to fix? Start escribe. Go under 'Help' -> 'Backups' Restore from a date when it was the original board. Then see if there are any firmware updates
  14. Instead of a 2 part process, this fix has now been rolled into the latest 'early' escribe suite SP30.1 found below. https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-early-firmware-and-escribe-suite/?do=findComment&comment=937825
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