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  1. Wayneo

    Orion Go upgrade to Orion Plus

    I'd suggest you do a backup of your current config if you decide to install that firmware, and need to go back. Until it's published here, officially by Evolv, you're on the bleeding edge, or to be more PC (an early adopter)
  2. Great information Thom. Stealthvape in the UK is responsible for LV repairs. I do believe if you contact them, they should be able to send you a replacement. But first, you should remove the other 2, lift that assembly gently and see if the broken remaining portion falls out. IIRC it's a T5 torx. If you're lucky, you can remove one of the others, and check for it if you have a specialty fastener shop close by. Good luck
  3. Wayneo

    DNA 250c draining batteries !!

    Welcome @Nicomanteno Have you reached out Ginger about your Boxer issues? Evolv is truly only responsible for the board, and if you look at the photos the Boxer has some custom parts. Personally, I'd try there first, Evolv second. Evolv IS the repair center for your Triad and now Drone so they're stocked with necessary bits.
  4. Wayneo

    Wires from Zivipf

    Welcome Markus This should help you. https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/70557-nife48/?do=findComment&comment=930009
  5. Wayneo

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    So hey @lordmage, did my help completely squash all the errors? I haven't heard from you or @nibo. @FAQZY You might want to read the post directly above yours.
  6. Wayneo

    DNA 250c atomizer resistance

    Well, I should just say that's the same on mine. Really, really, really long story but you did see the atty warning. Welcome DJLSB vapes has some videos out for these DNA mods, escribe, etc. Themes are like the Wild West, from beautiful and functional to NOT. Search works, and we're a helpful bunch.
  7. Wayneo

    Triade 250c wont go past 250 watts!

    Yo @Moparman, here's the link expanded https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-early-firmware-and-escribe-suite/ I have 2 and 4 cell 250C. On the 4 cell I can get to 400watts with the international software. Make sure you choose that one. Down at the bottom, SP19
  8. Wayneo

    Triade 250c wont go past 250 watts!

    Click the Link in my signature. If you scroll up and down, they're all there. After you download them they (individual firmware files) are in your FW folder Tools/Apply Service Pack at top left of EScribe to flash it. Just pick the one that you want. Edit: Is there any reason you don't want the most current?
  9. Wayneo

    Discharge Profil Question

    Yes, that file looks good. * A proper csv only only makes a battery icon or % more accurate. The board will protect the battery and itself but you cannot create a hard cutoff yourself
  10. Wayneo

    buttons do nothing. can't fire

    @lupinehorror You can check that on board up button by removing 4 bolts. I'd suggest you do that first and check in DM. I'm assuming from your comments you're only sending in the board?
  11. Wayneo

    buttons do nothing. can't fire

    Did you check the above? DW circled the button for you in red?
  12. Wayneo


    @zark I have never heard or found any Ni200 mesh anywhere, ever. So why would anyone expect it to work with a Nickel setting. If you look at the OG post, after placing the mesh only portion in another atty it just does NOT work in Replay. Hmmm. As far as Replay goes ................. using SMOKs wattage ratings, does the resistance even rise while firing (from what to what)? Device Monitor printscreen while firing? What do they advertise for mesh material?
  13. Wayneo

    Places to buy DNA 250c Enclosures for custom builds

    I thought you were already a Pizza guy, fancy coil builder, and eBay mod seller?
  14. Wayneo

    buttons do nothing. can't fire

    With it apart (panel off), did you plug it in and see if device monitor still shows the button being pressed? The actual board buttons are on the fire button side, and wires are usually routed away from them.
  15. Wayneo

    buttons do nothing. can't fire

    There you go. In your last printscreen, right there in the middle, see it says Buttons: Up. Then you said you set it to 15, but it fired at 29. Now at 60. Seems/sounds like you have a sticky button, at a minimum. All 3 actuators/buttons are external to the board. You'd need to remove the panel over the buttons, and clean it ou if there's any leakage or find what's causing the sticking. Good luck