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  1. @DeanOfTheGreen You're already running the latest, which is "version: 1.2 SP5"
  2. Wayneo

    Measuring ohms more than once?

    IF You do not need to But if you do then because
  3. Wayneo

    Value incorrect decrease

    Your answers. 1. Yes. Default on the mod is fine. Or you can get TFRs from steam-engine or create custom TCRs in escribe. 2. Yes. Find the watts you like in regular vaping with the coil, and set that +20% as your Power value. Starting around 200C, increase temp till you reach the temperature of the vape till you like it. If you look in Device Monitor, once your coil reaches your set temp, the watts will drop lower
  4. Wayneo

    No Temperature Reading

    Can ya do a full printscreen of your Profile 7
  5. Wayneo

    No Temperature Reading

    Alrighty, can you do one last printscreen while taking a puff. Using the mod in that last Printscreen (ByrdBuild#2). Same atty and coil used there. Using your Profile 7 like in the PS, but ONLY with these checkboxes ticked.
  6. Wayneo

    No Temperature Reading

    Can ya describe your coil.
  7. Wayneo

    Measuring ohms more than once?

    Then no. If your mod is always reading the live ohms/resistance of your coil, why would you think you would need to re-measure? But there's no harm whatsoever if you do, as it won't matter
  8. Wayneo

    Help for my DNA 75c!

    Can you post a full Printscreen of 'Device Monitor'
  9. @greenj22 Are you going to leave that permanently soldered? I notice a BB on your bench, and my connections are always removable cuz I just couldn't figure how to mount the board
  10. Wayneo

    EScribe Suite 2.0

    Aahhh, yup, that's correct. What you're looking for is Boost Punch while in Watts mode. It's a slider from 1-11, proportional up to 100 watts for 1 second.
  11. Wayneo

    EScribe Suite 2.0

    @AMDtrucking The board is limited by software, not hardware. Just download and install the latest International version
  12. @StephenGong2000 I never said the word resistance even once. Go run it the watts you think then. Mine were only suggestions.
  13. @Nembo Open a trouble ticket with Evolv. They will guide you. From your description, the battery management chip is gone/blown.
  14. Running your own battery analyzer Full batteries to start You need some sort of RDA/atty on top. Coil built as a few (4) tennis ball sized loops of straight wire. And a fan to keep it all cool, blowing on the loops. Run the battery analyzer at 40w When complete, save and upload to your device.
  15. If it works in temp mode, it'll work with replay