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  1. Wayneo

    Charge Problem ?

    That depends on the theme that is on your mod, so that's 'Theme' -> 'Theme Designer' -> 'Indicator Light'
  2. Wayneo

    Charge Problem ?

    Using escribe on your PC, For the MOD tab to appear - Options (menu bar) -> User Interface -> Manufacturer Then choose 'Battery' Save your battery file from your mod to your computer. Lower the 100% value to 4.18, then 'upload settings to mod'. OR, you can edit that 100% right there, then 'upload settings to mod'
  3. Wayneo

    Complete Noob. No new User Guide? Questions Inside.

    You are correct. There is no new user guide but one suggestion is to go watch a couple youtube videos on the DNA board/mod. DJLSSBvapes has quite a few, or a technical reviewer. You will get a better basic understanding. Questions #1 and #3 are both theme specific, you need to read the 'about this file' section for that file, and IIRC he used the trem 'throttling' instead of the official 'temp protect'. OR, you could just comment in that theme and get a direct reply from the author. Back to question #1. Yes, one could/would be the preheat watts. Question #3, check all your connections are solid, and the stability of your build using 'Atomizer Analyzer' for that coil, in escribe.
  4. My new suggestion is to go watch a couple youtube videos on the DNA board/mod. DJLSSBvapes has quite a few, or a reviewer in your native language. You will get a better basic understanding. My intention was not to torment you. Enjoy your mod 🎣
  5. That's a lot of mass you're trying to heat at only 28 watts. In straight watts, how high do you vape that build normally? I'd set your watts in TC mode (profile) at that value, then adjust the temp to about 200°C to start A snippet of Profile 8, and Device Monitor would be good after those changes (and unclick/deselect those 4 checkboxes below the graph portion) Out of those last images the first was much better than the last 2 for me.
  6. Did you ensure the screen cable bend was away from the fire button? If you follow the link you'll see what I mean. Otherwise you might end up needing another screen after a while
  7. Wayneo

    Turnigy LiPo 950mah 3S 11.1v Curve

    @shehabismail Duplicate posts are in no one's best interest. Your duplicate post has been hidden But to add, you can also run your own discharge profile. Hope this helps.
  8. My experiences. 1. I'd say IF your atty is making a solid connection would be most important. Money does not always mean quality. I have swapped out 510's due to them being shitty and it was expensive. You can check the stability of your atty connections using 'Atomizer analyzer' in any profile. 2. If he followed the spec sheet he should be fine for the wires. As well as good soldering connections. 3. No. Make sure you're using a proper TC capable coil as the core wires for Replay
  9. Wayneo

    Noob question

    I'd say proportional based on factors as opposed to incremental. And Yessir! You can use 'Device Monitor' with the power options enabled to see it clearer. If you put your mouse over a peak power and click, it will draw a vertical line with the relevant values.
  10. Wayneo

    Noob question

    Themes are merely skins to escribe. If you start escribe, while looking at the various Profiles, if you hover your mouse over many fields you will get the 'official' definitions. Here's my 2 cents Boost - Only used for any coil NOT in TC. Like a kanthal power curve, or preheating the coil. The term 'Preheat' is only used if you're talking TC Punch - 1-11 value for extra power applied for 1 second Watt Boost Profile -Profile that allows you to set/change/use the above. DJLSB Vapes has some good Youtube videos
  11. From before the release of the color capable boards some users would put a very thin film of colored plastic film over their mono screens to change it from b&w. And yeah, LV would know for sure. I hear they're active on facebook and Instagram
  12. Wayneo

    Hcigar VT75D reset problem, help needed.

    If it's not a battery problem, or a connection issue, I'd suggest you open a Help Desk ticket for an RMA. Link below https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1
  13. Wayneo

    Hcigar VT75D reset problem, help needed.

    What do you mean by resets. (Mod stops mid puff and goes back to locked state, or what) And afterwards what needs to be done
  14. Wayneo

    100 watts regardless of settings

    From within Escribe ....... Can you post a 'Device Monitor' and a Mod - Safety tab printscreen And which vapestation are you using and who built it
  15. Smok were notorious for having long 510 pins (crushing or shorting wires below), and if even if your mod is repaired, (if that's the issue) it could happen again. I'd suggest you open a Help Desk ticket for an RMA. Link in my signature line.