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  1. @Andy-d EASY my friend. Just hand that crying baby a spinner to calm that anxiety. Funny with all the feigned outrage and insistence no one has offered to sacrifice a virgin or stomp their feet! Here's some Popcorn while you wait .... big bags for some. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿
  2. Download the latest version of escribe from the 250C board page. Gotta use www not forum
  3. Help

    Hmmmm, I've never seen live ohms lower than cold ohms under normal conditions. All I can think is to re read the resistance of the cold coil in the proper mode. Using Ni or Ti with SS can be scorchingly hot
  4. Help

    Are you locking the resistance of that coil? If so, unlock it. I can see it rising on the live ohms.
  5. Cabbage Evolv Dark

    @SinisterCabbage While you're at it for the 75C, this is a parallel board, and as such I do believe there's no individual battery monitoring (Battery Screen). I could be talking out my arse as I don't own a C board, but with 56 downlads maybe someone will chime in.
  6. Help

    @ModBox Did you have those numbers backwards? You never did say what atty you're using, but anyway, you might just try checking the 510 pin is tight as well.
  7. Help

    Well this looks backwards ????? @retird, is this possible under normal conditions on these C boards?
  8. DNA75C Transplant

    Atty swirls just destroy me, so I debated between the Source and the modmaker. I'm using 3 of the modmaker and happy they're proud of the body. Solid 510. My poor Modcrate 510 sits .... and my Varitubes are just atty holders.
  9. DNA75C Transplant

    Which one's?
  10. DNA250C using NiFe problems

    @AMDtrucking He's got about 4 of 'em.
  11. Works fine for me Steamer (loading and saving). Running MacOS 10.13.4 . Tested with and a 250C theme.
  12. Case Thermal characteristics does not require any atty at all attached to the mod. Just a known constant temp, and batteries like you mentioned. Mod resistance. Yes, TC wire, uncoiled. On your 22, any material you want to remove must first be removed from any profile using it.
  13. Cough, cell voltages, cough.
  14. DNA 75 Color Screen Cradle

    @T.A.Nettles,V Always good to post it for others