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  1. No worries my good man, and now I can answer your last unanswered question Quick answer - Its so you can compare the coil Ω's between b&w and color mods. In the DNA world, it is not required, and many do not 'lock ohms' for TC vaping, which defeats 'refinement'. On a fully configured (non-color or b&w) mod, the Ω's will 'refine' (usually lower) to their resistance at 70°F On a fully configured color mod, the Ω's will be written into the mod at the current temp. BUT if you were to use that (at 70°F) option, it should be close to your b&w mod.
  2. Hey @Dustie That is not normal, and I'd suggest you re-check the mesh is clamped in properly. This is normal, and your mesh should be more like this when it's clamped down properly. I'd suggest you start with that latter atty to get it all clear on what's going on. i'd put that .580 coil/atty on your mod, be in the replay profile, and read/measure the resistance. Let me know if you're just still planning on going to the store. 🙌
  3. I will ask a different way. how many DNA mods do you own?
  4. Yes, thank you, I was aware of that but my question was DNA mods that have a black and white screen?
  5. I'd run it again if it were me, or at least until you got 2 with similar values. My mods are all different, 0, 5, 8F. If you hover over that field it'll show a description. If that 84F was right, that's good. Edit #2: Do you own any non color DNA mods? Edit: Here's a video I've recommended before. There are very good points in there. https://youtu.be/BlVWc49qbPY
  6. It is high as the popup showed. So what did you do, or what's in that field now? What do you mean? Where have you set this? Case Analyzer - Yes it can, but nothing too great. Battery Analyzer is really cosmetic for your icon or % to be more accurate
  7. @zark comrade, sure, I can understand that (what you wrote). Now both your board and room temps are more realistic, and I believe you can see those in °C.
  8. @zark wrote -> This phrase made me think that I was mistaken when entering room temperature when analyzing the case. I re-analyzed the case and now the mod does not heat up above 55 ° C even when vaping while charging. Most likely, the analysis of the case is a very important factor in the fight against overheating of the board. I think you're mistaken comrade. Your mod never overheated after you made that error (Room temp value higher than it really was). It just thought it did. Think about that, it's a much longer reply if you don't understand why I would say that.
  9. Yeah, it's one of those toughies. If they yank your chain stealthvape.co.uk is the official Evolv repair depot if you're not in the USA. Good luck.
  10. Try the video you posted yourself. It didn't play for me. Thanks for the escribe update.
  11. Your video did not play in your initial post. And you ought to ensure that your version of escribe is updated especially if this is your first dna color mod. Link in my signature for the escribe link. Edit: If it won't even light up, you've got 2 choices, I'd do them in this order. Place of purchase for vaperz cloud warranty. It could be anything. Evolv 'Help Desk' link if you think it's the board.
  12. Can you post a full printscreen/screenshot from escribe -> 'Device Monitor' while plugged in. Thanks.
  13. @greenwich444 Go read the 2nd post here (my 1st reply). You don't need to create 2 new posts, as well as asking here . The search bar up there works as well. ↗️
  14. That is correct. The default is a basic working theme, direct from Evolv. Some companies write their own to customize them, most do not.
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