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  1. No, I meant preheat as written. My bad about Replay Then yes, do either of those. Probably the second if you want to see the temp. The 600F max appears to be an industry safety norm. Make sure your Preheat Power is greater than your 'settings' 'power', then 'Punch' is 1-11, or by temp as to where those settings drop/stop using the 'preheat' values. I think that gives you what you want with no workaround.
  2. Anything to do with 'Preheat' Means you're using a 'Temp Sensing' material in TC You can only 'boost punch' a non Temp Sensing material. You can only 'preheat' a Temp Sensing material. If you already have TC working fine (temp readout) what benefits do you think Replay would add?
  3. Wayneo

    Need how-to for screen replacement on drone 250c

    I have never heard of a charge from Evolv's repairs. Considering they have been contracted by LV for warranty work, just send it in. They're prompt and thorough
  4. Wayneo

    DNA250c Ohms too low / not reading ohms

    3 Torx screws and you get easy access to the entire 510 assembly. I think if you look/measure the length of threading on your atty's you might find one is longer than the others that could have started this issue.
  5. Wayneo

    Pod Issues

    In escribe, go to Mod -> Atomizers and change the 'Max resistance' value to 0.4 for the old .25(DL) settings
  6. Wayneo

    DNA250c Ohms too low / not reading ohms

    Have you tried any other atty's on your mod, and do they work?
  7. Wayneo

    Screen profile

    NO, I do not believe there is a way to list all profiles or their names on 1 screen at this time. Only the current profile selected.
  8. Wayneo

    Lost vape drone squonk mod dna 250c

    In escribe, Go to 'File' -> 'Save', and post file here.
  9. IMHO none of us here are battery experts, but this post by a very senior moderator had the similar thought process as mine. A quick 'search' found it. https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/69584-vapecige-vtbox250/?do=findComment&comment=924036 P.S I couldn't tell English was not your native language. (tresse a dessouder in french) <- desoldering braid.
  10. After these problems started did you ever check if cell 1 was draining and charging in a balanced manner? Or after a day if cell 1 had drained some? Which efusion? If the JST connector (white connector the battery plugs into) is soldered to the board, I'd replace it after cleaning up around the solder points. On my efusion Duo, it's easy to get at the LiPo which is behind a removable side panel. I'd probably replace from the to the board itself up to and including the JST connector. Not easy to get at the board itself.
  11. Try Stealthvape in the UK
  12. Wayneo

    Need Hcigar VT75 DNA75 theme

    Ok. So have you verified it's an authentic board? Once escribe has started, click the 'get information' button, it will open a web page. If you've gotten that far, back in escribe, click the 'Theme' button/tab. Are those in Chinese? If yes, save the 2 logo's if you want. Now you have a choice. You can either load the entire evolv defaults which is pretty quick (just click "default theme') OR, in Theme Designer, up at 'Options' 'Language' choose English, then 'upload setting to mod'. Let me know how that works out.
  13. Wayneo

    Need Hcigar VT75 DNA75 theme

    That's a really old mod, so if you can't find one using the search feature you could be waiting quite a while. On non color mods the theme is really just a logo or 2, which is really nothing special.
  14. Wayneo

    Serial number blanking on and off

    Can you restate what the problem is, and try to be a little more wordy. I, unfortunately can't understand what you're trying to say. Welcome
  15. Wayneo

    SirTimmyTimbit's Gauges by Jkronicle

    Instead of just 'Enjoy!'. The 'About' area above should start with recognizing the original author/theme and the modifications you did. @gwyar is correct. SirTimmy has spent countless hours on the original.