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  1. Wayneo

    Not Charging Internally

    @colin_ab OK, in the past I have seen @James (evolv developer) pipe in and ask questions when this appears, but because there's no reply I have no idea what more to look for. But the help desk, as I initially suggested, should. Good luck. Here's an example.
  2. Wayneo

    Not Charging Internally

    We can't speak for the Help Desk, but with it being new, have you reached out to the Manufacturer? Surely they should have some sort of warranty for a custom device. Have you tried different cables? AND I see what you're saying.
  3. Wayneo

    Not Charging Internally

    Can you possibly post a printscreen while this is occurring, with the fields in the top left hand window box ticked. That printscreen will also show what version of the firmware you're running. OR, just open a ticket with the Help Desk. Link in my sig.
  4. You can only pre heat in a TC profile - material is identified as a TC material in a profile You can only boost punch when your material is not identified as a TC material in a profile Punch (1-11) is proportional value In a TC profile - The higher the value, the closer it gets to the 'set temp' before ending pre heat In watts - a 1 second 'proportional' increase of watts to get your coil to watts quicker (sorta like soft, normal, hard, or watt curves on other mods) In your case, you could find the wattage you like (say 30 in this case), then set preheat your watts to 10 higher, leave punch at 5 for now. Using Device Monitor you should see if it reaches your set temp
  5. Wayneo

    DNA 60 Firmware

    The 'firmware' on the OG is exactly the same as can be found here. I don't know if they even use the latest, but I could imagine that because they're an American manufacturer, to stay on the good side of the FDA, they'd not load the Intl. version. If you're talking customizations, it was all set for defaults, and the 8 profile settings were minimal. You're not really missing anything except a logo or 2. I do have a copy, but am not comfortable sharing,
  6. @SplashPuddle You really need to find an alternative site for posting that theme IMHO. I'm not American but I feel politics and violence has no place here. Hope you can understand that.
  7. Wayneo

    DNA 60 Firmware

    Some 'glitches etc.' are real or mod specific, while some are merely new user misunderstanding. But you have the ability to roll backward or forward at your leisure. If your mods are both working fine, you do not need to upgrade either. You will note from the link I posted, the prior problems fixed and for which board type.
  8. Wayneo

    Devices For Sale?

    Although I haven't used that enclosure, I have worked with Dan (owner) and he's a top notch guy.
  9. Wayneo

    DNA 60 Firmware

    I'm not @ArminF, but that version of the software can be found right here. No password required.
  10. Wayneo

    Display gone BAD

    Just a few suggestions ......... Have you tried stealthvape or modmaker in the UK. Or ati store on ebay, or protovapor in the US?
  11. Wayneo

    Lost Vape Paranormal dangerous overheat

    Here you go @Photo Pete. Looks to be their official site, with instructions for you being in the UK. Good luck with your mod. https://www.lvevapor.com/after-sales-service/
  12. Wayneo

    rebel 167w dna250

    Well, I believe the default value is/was 9Wh. That should be changed to ~15-18. Then (as always) upload to your mod. I do not understand why you said that. You could use someone elses csv (curve) and values or run your own analysis which will give YOU valid results for YOUR batteries
  13. Wayneo

    rebel 167w dna250

    If you start escribe with no mod attached, 'edit new setting' and pick the 2 cell option, it will give/show you all the evolv default battery parameters. The csv only makes your battery % or icons more accurate. It does not affect how your mod works. I'd suggest you at least adjust the Wh setting for your battery
  14. Wayneo

    DNA250c Themes

    If you start theme designer, you'll see the wallpaper tab. You can crop your picture to the size you want and use it there, Play around with it. There are many clear options for when and how it will appear. DJLSB has a good tutorial starting just after the 30 minute mark. https://youtu.be/1dvBpTm-FQM
  15. Wayneo

    VTC6 - Full CSV battery

    I really suggest you watch a video on how to run battery analyzer, or search the forum, or just look at your file compared to others. Or even just try to 'load' the file you posted on YOUR mod, cuz even though you say you're using it, YOU'RE NOT. 6 Columns(Fields) and 643 rows of data, ARE NOT A BATTERY DISCHARGE CURVE.