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  1. Wayneo

    Resample resistance when switching profiles?

    @Jetro, no apologies or explanations necessary at all. I respect your and comrade @zark's input and ideas. I hope you are well. I only felt a need to point out that 50% comment in case he read carefully I always support testing! Stay well, stay safe, keep inspiring others.
  2. Wayneo

    Resample resistance when switching profiles?

    TLDR - Much cleaner, quicker and more accurate to follow my initial suggestion IMHO. A few comments and clarifications Your SS316L should ONLY be increasing in Ω's ~20% for normal vaping temperatures or ~25% with the jacked up profiles. Much respect to jaquith in the early years. I just checked @Jetro's theme and you can indeed change the material type within a profile. You can make all the notes you want and manually change them to your hearts content if you wish, but the board actually has much greater precision than either of you imagine. Here's an exact copy and paste from 75C this morning. And those minor mΩ changes are accurate as the cold Ω of a coil is always based on resistance and room temperature. 0.330322266Ω (cold ohm) @ 72.40625°F (room temp) <- And yes, my home thermostat is set at 72°F Bowing out again.
  3. Wayneo

    Resample resistance when switching profiles?

    Why not just change the material type within the 1 profile. Also, why not just use Evolv's standard SS316 profile? Those jaquith profiles were for a specific batch of UD wire from years ago. The TCR was in between SS316 and SS430
  4. Wayneo

    Theme Art

    @Jetro i think our comrade is mistaken. He has brought it up before and was mentioned to him it was a browser function of Chrome. Latest time from his last comment here.
  5. Wayneo

    DNA 250C DEAD

    Your problem description sounded like a dead/dying screen to me. The board itself is a warrantable item but not the screen. Screens are sold by multiple vendors including evolv, here, if you want to try that. A search here for white screen will show the threads.
  6. There are many different ways to set up a Temp Protected vape. Your (those) settings will work. We all vape differently, so if you vape at 100 watts normally, you can adjust the temp up or down until you get the same 'heat' but with smaller clouds
  7. Wayneo

    DNA 250C DEAD

    What did they say? How are they helping you? Do what?
  8. Wayneo

    Blank / black screen

    After you do that, did you upload those settings to the mod? OR, could there be a darkened opaque cover over the actual screen?
  9. Wayneo

    New to DNA, questions .

    Have you watched any video tutorials? DJLsb Vapes has multiple. Here's one. Evolv DNA 75 C Full Review with eScribe and Theme Editor Tutorial - DJLsb Vapes - https://youtu.be/1dvBpTm-FQM I don't understand your bolded words, but some temps are displayed as the average of the puff. Device Monitor is the best for you to analyze your puff(s) So that could make perfect sense. Again, I don't think it's an issue, BUT if you want it to reach that temp even quicker, you can increase the preheat watts and punch higher. What instructions in what thread? Case Analyzer helps your mod (among other things) get a good ambient/room temp for more accurate TC. It's probably all default Evolv values. Welcome
  10. Wayneo

    Mono SQ DNA 75c Help PLEASE :(

    Based on what you've written, If you don't use the International version, go ahead and install it and then try Replay in a replay enabled profile again. Edit: if ya click the link in my signature line, it'll take you to the software location.
  11. @zark Comrade, when Case Analyzer is run, the only question asked is what is the current temperature. After each heating and cooling period it shows temp differential. Using their algorithm evolv can estimate/calculate the room temp as an offset from board temp. Look at all the different values for Thermals. There is only 1 board temp sensor on the 2xx series of boards.
  12. There is NO room temperature sensor, only a board temperature sensor.
  13. Thanks. Haven't busted one, but this info is good for others that need it.
  14. Excellent. What part number did you go with?
  15. Wayneo

    tiger dna250c theme

    Could you also post these in https://forum.evolvapor.com/files/category/6-dna-75-color-themes/ by the way? Thanks! That is where the Share Themes In Theme Designer takes people to. Then you can come back and hide this post.