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  1. Glad you got it sorted. Enjoy your mod.
  2. Wayneo

    Will escribe work on Mac?

    Mac user here. Overall, yes it works. The more detail the better and a printscreen or two later. How old is the iMac? What version OS? What version number of escribe? How is it plugged into the iMac? IF you want, you can skim through this thread, dedicated to Mac escribe. https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/68861-mac-escribe-suite-beta-thread/
  3. Sure, we try to help. If we say something you don't understand, let us know. Pretty much all non colour DNAs (keystrokes) are the same. Same for escribe, Atomizer Analyzer and Device Monitor. DJLSB has some good youtube videos and the search function here works. Let us know how you get on. One last thing, you can post images here as opposed to imgur.
  4. I'd say your mod has dropped out of TC mode and is just firing in straight watts. If you look at your 3rd pic it shows what you've selected for those 3 parameters. 'Device Monitor' will prove that if you tick cold ohms and live ohms. It's usually a connection issue somewhere. You can use Atomizer Analyzer to see how stable the coil is, and it should fluctuate a few milliohms at best. Either at the 510 connection (where yours is manual), or one of your coil legs is loose, or even hotspots. I'd check those in that order. Just wondering why you locked the ohms? That should be a solid setup. Finally (IMHO and some might disagree) unless you set your preheat wattage HIGHER than your set watts, you're not getting any benefit out of that option Welcome
  5. Wayneo

    DNA Default font (Not C)

  6. ⬆ This, right here. It is NOT even an option, and is done when you plug in your mod. So you have NO backups at all?
  7. Welcome A really simple search on youtube would have answered you question much quicker. One that I have recommended in the past has been this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dvBpTm-FQM Both escribe and Theme Editor.
  8. Wayneo

    5 Watts at a time Increments

    Same as on the non C devices, did you remember to upload settings to the device after making changes? Also did you find more than just place to change? Replay just attempts to replicate the saved puff, and they'll just stay the same. It's a coil saver, allowing you to vape a coil/cotton dry if you want to change flavours even.
  9. Wayneo

    5 Watts at a time Increments

    No, not at all. It’s all a part of the theme you’re using. You’ll need to go into Theme Designer and highlight wherever you see a watt value. THIS PART IS JUST FROM MEMORY AND WORDING MIGHT BE WRONG, but close. after you select/highlight the watt parameter over on the right about ⅔ of the way down the right side of the screen you should see coil power. Just below that it’s options. Inside that is step size and decimal places. That shows 1 2 5 10. So you’ll want zero decimals and 5 or 10 for the increment. once you know what you’re looking for it’s pretty quick. some theme authors allow you to change within the theme THAT change needs to be made wherever you’re allowed to change the watts and at least once on the main screen. In my old tired mind I think it was 3 or 4 places on the default theme.
  10. Wayneo

    UWELL Crown IV - Replay Compatible

    Uwell (crown) used Nickel legs in their round wire coils, making them difficult to use with the standard TCR for Stainless steel. Replay, with no material profile (aka watts) takes away all that level of confusion. Themes are a wild west. There are some published before Replay was ever mentioned/available. IMHO the top downloads have earned those spots.
  11. Wayneo

    UWELL Crown IV - Replay Compatible

    For REPLAY the only things you need are a TC capable coil, a straight 'watt' coil material type, a theme that supports Replay and the 'use Replay on this profile' option enabled. No wire setup needed at all.
  12. Wayneo

    5 Watts at a time Increments

    Don't know if you're aware, but with the 250C you can change the watt increment to 5 or even 10 watts at a time.
  13. Wayneo

    5 Watts at a time Increments

    Same place the software has always been. Unfortunately all those versions have been lumped into 1 post, and they're not in order, but it's in there. https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-early-firmware-and-escribe-suite/?do=findComment&comment=918219 Probably, but I wouldn't if I had a choice. You probably already have multiple versions of the drivers, etc. A clean install on a machine never having run escribe is what I would do personally. (I used to run multiple versions years ago because the last Feb 2016 update was the last time setting the internal mod resistance worked properly on the 200. IIRC file extensions changed, even the USB Product ID changed for the board. If you're not really savvy with lower level computer stuff you'll have nothing but frustration) No need to prove anything to us. @retird and I just don't remember ........ we never said you were wrong.
  14. Wayneo

    5 Watts at a time Increments

    @Buellbloke I'm Feb 2016, so you were here a solid 5 months before me. My very first puffs were TC on a 40 and RDNA40. Both Sharks with that less than stellar rubberized finish. Like @retird my 200's are all still working fine. I just checked and the software goes all the way back to the EScribe 2015-07-16 version. EScribe 1.0.34 was the first with the ability to change the Watts Increment (Theme tab). Knock yourself out if you want to try and load it. I don't think it will but you can always try. Perhaps if you have a spare PC.