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  1. No can do on a NON color board. Here are a couple suggestions Use temp control, which offers dry hit protection Put puffs as one of the displayed items shown, and note it down Get a new C (color) mod and use a theme that allows that reset
  2. Wayneo

    DNA250c screen connector ZIF

    Open/close - 3 color pictures are usually in the datasheet for each board. The connector hinges at the edges, close to the board. I usually grip the connector with my fingers at each side and lift it straight up towards the cable. When you reinstall, there's like a click/detent so you know it's locked in.
  3. Wayneo

    Replay Mode Help

    Don't wait for the message. Read the resistance of a new cold coil in every profile you think you might use it in. So that would be Replay and the watts at a minimum (and SS316 in your case). I'd say no. I think you meant Device Monitor.
  4. Good, I didn't go that link. Ideally, you've built a coil as a few loops of straight wire that look like tennis balls, and you have a fan blowing on them
  5. @Capobuf Yup, the old screen disconnects value should be zero. The ribbon cable was probably pinched by the fire button. You can put a bend in the new one's or ensure their placement isn't interfering.
  6. @MohKha Thanks, your batteries appear to be firing evenly, that's a good thing. Here's your printscreen back with a few notes on it for you. No need to repost it back here. And maybe you can find a Lyra forum to ask all those other questions.
  7. Search for posts by @joeblowma , he's posted some.
  8. For battery details it's under the Mod tab For the MOD tab to appear - Options (menu bar) -> User Interface -> Manufacture
  9. Batteries talk in volts, but you can see their performance in Device Monitor. Only Click/select cell 1-3 and post a full printscreen while firing. you might want to lower your cell soft cutoff to 2.7-3V I already answered your question 3. Live display.
  10. @Robbchillin Was that plugged in directly, and not through any sort of hub? Have you tried another port?
  11. Screens aren't normally covered by warranty. You can get replacements from modmaker or stealthvape, both in the UK. Vaporshark's - you'd need to contact as their cables are different. What value? Or post a full printscreen
  12. Wayneo

    New Paranormal 250c ,scratches

    Sounds quite normal. On my 2, they both came with low puffs (6-10) each, and 1 reset. Sealed. Those puffs were all of the same duration. Exactly 1-2 seconds each (can't remember exactly). Enjoy your mod.
  13. Wayneo

    Mirage 75C

    Every 'C" board can run the US or Intl version of software. All depends what you load on it. So apart from 75watts, it can now Punch your watts to 100 to heat high mass coils quickly, as well as Replay your puffs.
  14. Wayneo

    Mirage 75C

    You need to install the intl (International) version. You don't need to delete the old. If you're not prompted there's a service pack, it's should be the last option under 'Tools'
  15. Wayneo

    Ohms Lock

    Really only necessary if you have jumpy ohms indicated by 'Atomizer Analyzer'. Usually caused by a wonky build, or tanks with drop in coils that are not stable.