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  1. Wayneo

    Escribe not launching on Mac

    You need a minimum of Escribe SP18 for Mojave. Escribe Link found in my sig.
  2. Your post was edited, but you might want to describe how they had you build your new coils so others can benefit.
  3. Wayneo

    Paranormal 75C resistance too high FIX

    @asmcriminalConsidering this ^^^ from over a year ago, what can I say. You can open a ticket with Evolv. Link in my sig
  4. Wayneo

    Mac Suppport

    @steamer861 SP18 now available, and works. Link in my sig.
  5. In your other post, you were already told 30 watts, boosting to 40. The answer will not change. Boost and warmth - 11. Tiny 900mAh battery (large for pods) Many are vaping in the 11 - 13 watt range on these non rebuildable pods. This is not an Aromamizer Titan atty holding 30ml of juice sitting on a 400 watt 4S Lipo.
  6. Wayneo

    Create a Ni80 profile

    N80/Ni80 is a good old regular power/watts material (wire). No profile required. Having said that you can download curves from steam-engine or create your own within escribe 'Materials' tab. Welcome
  7. Wayneo

    Wrong cold temp

    All I can think is that perhaps the coil was not at ambient temp when you went into temp control. Maybe take the atty off your mod, hit the fire button so the mod shows check atomizer, let the atty sit for a bit (say half hour), reinstall atty answer 'yes' for a new coil if prompted. Ideally it'll show a resistance lower than before. If that doesn't work, What kind of atty, and can you describe the coil
  8. Wayneo

    Temp control settings

    Is your mod is actually a 3 button color screen Paranormal 250c? Last I checked the online manual was not for these newest boards. I'd suggest you start with a YT video or two. This one's pretty long but DJLSB Vapes is quite thorough. The 75C and 250C both have the same interface/themes.
  9. Wayneo

    Wrong cold temp

    What type of material are you using AND post the link for the material file
  10. @Dougvapes If you're using SP17, I'd suggest you upgrade to SP18. Link in my sig
  11. Wayneo

    eScribe and Mac w/Mojave

    @iltrainu Sp 18 is the latest and works. Link in my sig.
  12. Wayneo

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    Sp 18 is the latest. Link in my sig.
  13. My Rhombus panels are attached. No suction cup or alternates in the package.
  14. That mod's not Color (unless there's an update from March 2017), VT75D looks decent but not their latest.
  15. There's also a new Vapcige, Thinkvape Finder (2&3 battery), MadModder I believe, JacVapor Scotland. Around my area I'm now seeing mainly unregulated squonk mods, or high nic pods out the ying yang. I'm using my BB as a mtl box at 3x my regular nic when running around.