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  1. Hey Chris, couple things. I see I had posted that link twice before, first time 9 months ago ............ but not this time. I posted the pics and James posted the link It really does sound like a cryptic link, but hey, we can't force them to change their ways. AND I FULLY AGREE WITH YOU. No need to be sorry pal, have a good one!
  2. Just went. Box Mods, 1st on the left. 1 click and .............
  3. If you've searched this forum and can't find one, probably no big loss. You're out a logo, but you can download other screens/logo's/themes. Many if not most mfgr's leave the mods in a default state, but you can run the same tools as them.
  4. Wayneo

    75c Battery Calibration

    ⬆ This, right here. What battery and mod are you currently using? Fake or inferior batteries, or massive sag can make you believe you have short runtimes.
  5. Wayneo

    Dna250c replay configurations.

    That material will be fine. Turn your watts up/down, hit 'replay'. Sit back and don't worry about dry hits from mesh (while in replay).
  6. Wayneo

    Dna250c replay configurations.

    Make sure you're using material (wire) that is normally used for TC (SS, Ti, Ni200 as examples) for your simple coil, or as the core of a more complex coil.
  7. Wayneo

    Dna250c replay configurations.

    It can really be as simple as that Yes, 'warmth' and 'boost punch' can help you fine tune your vaping experience. BUT it can be great without them. For now, just puff away in a replay profile in a straight watt material/mode and hit the replay button when you're ready. Watch a video on how it all works and what the terms mean. Maybe put both at 5 for now, move 1 value to 8 tomorrow, if you don't like that change move it back. Some themes work better than others for users, just depending on how/what the creator thinks and if it jives with you. Enjoy your mod
  8. Wayneo

    Battery Calibration

    What doubt(s) do you have? If you follow Bill's advice completely, you should be fine. He's a well respected DNA user. And I do mine in a similar manner. ⬆ This, right here.
  9. That sounds like the connection to one of the batteries could be dirty or needs adjusting. I'd clean them up (battery and mod coonections) with some Isopropynol alcohol (I have used Windex in a pinch) and check them again. While you're doing that see if all 4 mod connections appear to be making good contact. Usually one end is fixed and the other springs/moves in and out. Try that and report back
  10. There is no reset. There's a reboot or a restore defaults. What you describe is being in a wattage profile where boost is enabled, and your mod is locked. Unlock the mod, and try again Or, under the top options (File, Edit, Internet, etc.) there should be a 'Help' and under there you'll find 'Backups'. You should be able to choose from there, to get you back to where your mod was working fine.
  11. Wayneo

    vtc5d csv

    You could search for it or even better, run your own battery analyzer. Guaranteed accurate for your mod and batteries.
  12. Sounds like a blown BMIC and you'll need to open a Help Desk ticket. Link below. https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1
  13. Wayneo

    DNA 250 super sub ohm firing range

    I've seen very low builds with these boards with Nickel and Titanium in Temp mode. Rarely do any of these mods come fully calibrated that I'd trust the resistance that low, up to my face. My best suggestion would be for you to ask elsewhere where others vape that low and might have more input, or open a Help Desk ticket for their answer.