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  1. Wayneo

    Think Vape Finder DNA250C issues

    YOU need to read and set the resistance in each profile you're using that coil. New coil, or not That alone might fix the majority of your issues.
  2. Wayneo

    Data sheet dnaGo ?

    NO Datasheet posted. HxWxD(mm): 29(including protruding usb) x 10.2 x 5 Hit up the Help Desk (link in my sig) they should be able to answer your questions.
  3. Wayneo

    Lost Vape Drone 250C issues.

    Myfreedomsmokes has replacement squonk bottles
  4. Wayneo

    VTBOX 200 USB Charge show 3.08A

    Can you post a Printscreen of Device Monitor, like the one shown in the other thread you posted in.
  5. Wayneo

    New to this :-)

    YES, if the author included a Status line. NO if the author did not. YES, if you go into Theme Designer and save it beforehand, OR restore from a backup. YES, at the bottom of the 1st page (Appearance/Wallpaper) in Theme Designer. Remember to always 'Upload settings to Device' if you make any changes.
  6. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Orion Q is not a DNA device. Escribe will not work for you.
  7. @vapedoctor DJLSB has done a tutorial on theme designer for sure (YouTube), that I used in the beginning. Or, you can find an already created one, that jives with you and use it as a base for your own. So looking at the Evolv defaults, Profile 8 has "Use replay on this profile" enabled. The Evolv default theme (in Theme Designer) 'Main Screen' shows the conditions. Temp sensing, Can Replay, Can Replay now. - So if you load and use that, you can follow along with the behavior. For the Can Replay Now, you'll notice it's a 'toggle' (On/Off) with a different graphic for each. Hope this helps.
  8. Those are conditions generated by the board and would be automatically shown on the status line/field if you have one in your theme
  9. Wayneo

    Replay mode

    Follow from the 2nd paragraph in this post from @dwcraig. Up earlier in that post is how you can check, but if it's still not working ............. Post a printscreen of Device Monitor showing the live/cold ohm boxes ticked.
  10. Wayneo

    Replay mode

    Moderator Edit: Your duplicate posts were merged. Does the theme you're using support Replay? Is your mod in a Profile that supports Replay?
  11. Wayneo


    Moderator edit: I merged all your posts Using the measurements of each battery, and looking at your wiring and connector will help you determine which will fit. In the future (friendly tip) make your Subject line give others a clue as to what's inside the body
  12. Wayneo

    Need settings for Ni80 on Lost Vape Triade Pls

    N80 is not a temp material. Use straight watts. NO SETTINGS REQUIRED. If you're lucky, it MIGHT work in Replay
  13. Wayneo

    DNA 75 measurements?

    Yes. Zillions of places, but these are solid https://www.ebay.com/sch/mosmax_electronics/m.html
  14. Wayneo

    DNA 75 measurements?

    Protovapor is solid, I'd just buy from them. Either the 250 or the 75 should fit. But the 250 is wired in series and a minimum of 2 cells. The 75 is a parallel board if using more than 1 cell
  15. Wayneo

    LV Mirage Replay Enabled but

    Have you ever used Replay with this theme? If you have, navigate how you normally have, and after a puff, something should show up. If you HAVE NOT, in escribe click theme, then theme designer, then file -> save as, then post it here . OR I can tell you how on one of these. (I couldn't find yours) EDIT: Just took a quick look at 'Clean Colors' and it has good clear instructions on the theme behavior. It should work