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  1. Super HIGH. As expected from that HIGH cutoff. Default is 3.09V - and usually meant for LiPO batteries. Still HIGH in my opinion. I lower mine to the 2.7-2.9V range for more battery life. Wherever you feel comfortable.
  2. @John Knowing that constraint, could you start thinking about % change solutions. So 2 options essentially. The straight wattage value is 1, but for the %, If I set my watts to 'x' (in either wattage, or TC) let me (preheat or boost) to 50%, x% more. Sorta like how you let us ride/straddle the output voltage limit.
  3. I'd say @retird gave you solid advice
  4. Have you tried another set of batteries in it, or verified those voltages on a charger? What kind of batteries? Like @retird mentioned, Cell 1 is only .57V, Cell 2 @ 2.27V. For most 18650's, the manufacturer has a 2.5V value for a completely discharged battery. Once it hit's 2V bad things start to happen internally (battery), so if those numbers are correct, those batteries are toast.
  5. How does it vape in straight power/wattage mode? What # of watts do you like with it? Those parameters look fine, but you can fine tune them after you answer the first question. No, not really ........... just tweaking. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Hey man, shit happens ............. don't be so hard on yourself. I'm pretty sure an experienced 75C user will be along soon.
  7. @giz_60 Yeah, that's probably cuz he's locked the ohms while hot/warm, the coil has not quite cooled, so it drops to it's resting ohms, then starts rising (or I could just be having some crazy delusional thoughts)
  8. Hmmmm, have you leaked or spilled juice? I'd try removing your atty and cleaning the 510 threading on the mod and the atty. Questions: Why does pic 1 (SS) show you locking the ohms AND pic 2 (kanthal) show it NOT locked. Ideally, that's backwards for each. Kanthal preheat is a non standard cheat. With its own dedicated thread. So I won't make any more comments on that one
  9. Escribe Screen tab. Very easy and possible to do. 4 device states to choose from (regular while in use OR just charging) and (Temp sensing while in use or just charging). Remember to upload changes to the device after you make changes. Welcome! Enjoy your mod.
  10. Hardware limitation of 6v in 2 cell mode. Buck design, no boost.
  11. 2nd post in this thread is probably the issue. Definitely English in there
  12. So 233 words later, and you never did mention what mod it is. I'm thinking this was Evolv with your autocorrect having fun.
  13. File -> Save As (I usually name it mod-whats been changed) YES!
  14. Yo Grumpy, SS is an alloy so that TCR value is close/correct for your current spool of wire. You ought to do that burn or water test or check it with a thermoprobe with every new spool you purchase. There is no specific recipe for any grade, more like minimums and maximums.
  15. I don't have a 75C so take these with a grain of salt. I believe there's both a firmware and software update that you should load. We're up to at least v2. When you say 'restart' you mean a complete reboot of the mod, where it goes back to the initial screen? That would probably be causing your lock. As to why 'firing' would cause a reboot, check if still occurs after updates, but that sounds like the main issue. Did it just start? Drop the mod, leak juice, or did something happen before that started occurring?