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  1. Search works, and there are many sharp experienced users here. IMHO, public is better cuz if any of us are wrong someone will catch it quickly. Welcome
  2. Well yes. And Defaults refers to Evolv's generic defaults. Edit: Unless the vendor has used the 'Production Utility' to program the board, in which case, it would actually be back to where it all was when shipped to you. BUT you're in luck because when you've fired up Escribe, under the 'help' menu item, down at the bottom, you'll see a 'backups' item, and it's saved a full copy everytime you started escribe.
  3. For that form factor, I'd guess Lipo, with a 4S, unless they put a new higher fuse on the board
  4. I can understand your frustration, and it's understandanable for new users of escribe. If you're willing to give it one last shot you can try this. Hold + and - for a few seconds till you see a 'power locked' message. Quickly push either + or - twice to put you into profiles mode. Press + once and it will change to the next profile, and for each subsequent press, and will round robin through all 8. One of the three you said you had should say something like power or watts or kanthal. When you find the one you think sounds right, hit the fire button to choose it. Hold + and - for a few seconds till you see a 'power locked' message. You should now have watts showing dominant, and change it up or down There are some good escribe tutorials on youtube you should watch once it's back working.
  5. Well, your board does have a real 1 year warranty from Evolv, and if you open a trouble ticket they'd guide you. EVOLV HELP DESK - https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/?a=add
  6. No idea at all. Here's a screenshot with my Lipo JST unplugged. No icon on screen. Mode shows normal, all cells show '0', and small USB current. Are you sure you're replacing that connector where the OG was plugged in? I haven't seen the internals of a VS.
  7. Contact Vaporshark while it's still within warranty. "All Vapor Shark manufactured devices are covered by a 120 day limited warranty."
  8. I'd open the mod and check the charging cable is plugged in properly while apart, and that it will charge. I do believe you're now into recovery charge mode territory. Are you now on your 2nd battery with only 5K puffs?
  9. Couple things. Look at your voltages now, I'd stop using the mod till you get this sorted. What version of escribe? If it were charging, that 'Mode' (bottom left would say charging). You might wanna check that
  10. @shehabismail In escribe v2.x there's a clear disable/enable USB charging. Can you post a FULL printscreen please. Does the mod display show a charging icon, after say 1 minute? Apart from the thicker +/- battery connector, did you plug in the smaller one (usually white) with 4 thinner wires?
  11. .... could (should?) tweak .... safer <- Yes, but IMHO they're good as is. .... a counterfeit battery that's only 10amps <- Mod will catch it with weak/check battery. .... Maybe changing the battery cutoff <- Really conseravtive default of 3.09V. 'Soft' (transient sag at firing) is the keyword. My Lipo's sag ~.1-.2v per cell@>130w, but round cells more ~.2-.3v, so I'll lower that 3.09v to 2.7-2.9v depending on mod and battery. Take that as impending 'time to change' warning. I never use % as it's just based on Wh's you input, and prefer pack voltage instead. Welcome
  12. Did you read the post just before yours? Worth a try.
  13. I'd suggest you open a trouble ticket with Evolv for the Micro USB. They will guide you. Ideally, they'll offer to replace the board. EVOLV HELP DESK - https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/?a=add
  14. If the spare you ordered has the same connector(s) as the original in there, YES, it should be a simple plug in. NO to the mini USB.
  15. G'day. Maybe someone else can chime in. Enjoy your mod