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  1. When that occurs (battery sag hits the 'cell soft cutoff' value, on your screen (depending on theme) you might see a 'weak battery' warning, letting you know it's soon time to change the battery. Added: What kind of battery are you using? For single battery mods I've always suggested/preferred high Amp batteries over mAh, because of less battery sag while firing.
  2. You are correct, good sir. You are the first, and I'll move this post once the area is created. Can you add some more words to "... sometimes it fires at 32wts." Can you post a pic of the Profile settings and whatever other screen pages might help, and what was the battery voltage when that happened
  3. Short answer. It works, who cares. It was that second checkmark and 'allow dubious'. 😀 Much longer answer. That 'puff saved, playing' checkbox should only have a checkmark in it, while you're successfully in 'Replay' I was very surprised earlier when you were getting a good puff at 35 watts (probably your preheat watts) in TC mode at 199°F. Water doesn't even boil till 212°F. VG > 350°F. So you should not have been getting any vapor. BUT by that simple change of the material to SS316 from 'watts', it complicated matters, heaps. So you were in a Temp protected/Replay hybrid mode
  4. #fantastic news Hittman. Keyword 'dubious'. 👍
  5. Whatever makes sense to you. One last thought, does Replay work on your other colour mod with this atty and coil?
  6. Hittman, my bad. I've bolded and modified the above. On the mod you can't change the material from watts. WITH THE DEFAULT THEME MOVE THE SLIDER BAR. Better images shown
  7. * I edited my last post, in case you had already read it Here's a bone stock evolv firmware with just a few changes. Default theme. 'Unlocks' set to 2 fire button presses Resistance set at .316Ω, 72°F like yours was yesterday. To load, you'll connect and start escribe, Up top "file - open' and then select the file I sent that you just saved. It'll load it on your mod. UNPLUG MOD. The 'replay' profile should be visible. Take a puff when you can. If you do NOT see 'save puff', leave the mod for 15 minutes or so, then all on your mod, go to 'settings' 'atomizer' scroll to '
  8. Sure. Later. The thing that surprises me is that your last printscreen showed no resistance rise at all. Let me prepare a .ecig file for you for tomorrow to load onto your mod. It'll contain the same 'default' file, SP 38 firmware, and theme. All defaults, Profile 8 set at 35 watts. Same default theme, etc. To load, you'll connect and start escribe, Up top "file - open' and then select the file I'll send. It'll load it on your mod. Then go to the 'replay' profile on your mod, and click the 'measure' word. Take a puff when you can. Edit: I gapped that your last printscreen didn't show the
  9. Yup and a printscreen. Your 1st puff barely hit 200F. Adjust the watts till it feels good, then look at the screen. You might need 40+ watts.
  10. All normal what you see. Did you see 'save puff'? Edit: On your 1st printscreen you never exceeded 35 watts, but you can increase the punch in 'watts'.
  11. Hey @hittman can you device monitor printscreen of the puff for me. Sorry man.
  12. That's normal behavior. Set material to 'watts' . Upload settings. Take a puff (in replay). Let me know. What you started with was pretty much bone stock. If you still get nothing, we can try a 'new' bone stock, default unlock, material set to watts.
  13. No. Do a Top Bar of escribe Tools - Diagnostics - hard reboot. Then a connect and download settings. Then tell me if that box (the second one - puff saved playing) is still ticked for the replay profile
  14. See how that 'puff saved' playing is ticked? Untick that. Change the ohms to 0.316 like you showed in TC. Upload settings to mod. Take a puff.
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