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  1. The best way to find that answer would be to ask them. https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=3 In my 5+ years with their products, they don't peddle in ghost/future announcements/rumors.
  2. I see what you're saying luca. It could be so many things, from dirty threading or clamps on the goon or 510 positive pin or the wire or coil. Or just that resistance You could try the goon with a single coil first, or dual at higher Ω's Failing that, with this being used before you, you could go under File -> Save, and keep a copy of this entire setup, then reset defaults which resets everything back to the Evolv defaults and start from a known place. I do not believe there were any meaningful changes with that mod when new from the LV. About having to create a second ID. Wh
  3. Let your mod rest for 15 minutes, then measure the resistance of the coil and set it. Then; Using escribe -> Device Monitor, click (enable) on that checkbox called 'live ohms' (Over on the right) while taking a puff. Post a full printscreen afterward showing that line Edit: One last thing, are you in the profile called 'Replay'?
  4. Go look at that Gauges theme, as shown on this site. See that image with like 17 little screens? If you look closely on the "USB" screen (middle row) it shows what options you have to show (just guessing). Maybe you want to enable more, on your mod. Now see how it's called USB, apparently that on your main menu, 4 options down (or 1 up from the bottom). Good luck.
  5. No key sequence. The non color boards are always reading the live resistance. The easiest way I've found is to remove the atty, hit the fire button, replace atty. It's really a rare occasion I ever do that, except during a re-wick or new atty out of habit.
  6. There is absolutely nothing special or unique to the Drones' button operations. All 250C boards operate the same across all manufacturers. The only thing odd about the Drone is that both batteries are inserted in the same direction.
  7. Man, IIRC I just used Hohm life and the 'all' option. Shows 8, I left out the extension. Thought it was more earlier, might try hohm csv as well. Edit: Don't beat yourself up, I wish 'all' was the default, personally.
  8. I did a quick search up there ↗️, and there are > 15 mentions for them. You can do the same and see if a csv was ever created. Failing that, you have the ability to run your own 'battery analyzer', guaranteed accurate for your pair. Your mod only uses it for display of the charge level, and does not affect the operation of your mod at all Good luck and welcome 👋
  9. Sure, you can use Ni90 in wattage mode. Where have you heard evolv say otherwise❓ Same for Kanthal and Nichrome 80. All these 3 are straight watts and NO MATERIAL FILE REQUIRED.
  10. There is no issue with your mod. It is the nature of the display. I have noticed that the colors and fonts used can affect it more or less.
  11. No can do at this version. That toggle, like @skineedog mentioned will eventually timeout, but its usage would be to toggle on when charging, toggle off when done charigng. If you don't want to see the blue, delete that firing option. But seriously, if you can see the blue glow, you could learn to embrace the pulse while charging, and the green at the end. Useless commentary Do you really needs to "see and read" the input current and the voltage of each cell, or in reality just a casual glance? Or ask yourself, what would or do you do if you see the input current drop from 2A, to 1A, to
  12. My mistake on the checkboxes. I meant to add temp and temp set, but nevermind. Updated the pic now. You might have re-read your resistance before doing that printscreen because there was no power drop at all shown, or maybe you weren't actually taking a puff. Locking your cold resistance had nothing to do with fixing it. Enjoy your mod 👋
  13. Post a picture of Device Monitor while firing. Post a printscreen/snap afterwards. On the left side, have the following 8 boxes ticked.
  14. Sure, a couple different ways. There's a whole page setup for pulsing the LED while charging in Theme Designer. Drill a tiny hole in your enclosure so you can see the on-board LED while charging, or use a clear fire button Create a toggle (or field) in Theme Designer. Look at the field below the highlighted one.
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