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  1. After a heavy drain, batteries tend to bounce back a little and could supply a larger surge if you wait a bit. Of course, it will be short lived.
  2. Your resistance will fluctuate whether you're running in TC or not. As the DNA reads the live resistance. Yes you can run them in TC mode just fine. Using the SS316 profile should work. There are two ways to run TC. Either in Power Dominant or Temperature Dominant mode. Power Dominant mode vapes just like power mode. Toggling between Power Dominant and Temperature Dominant is selectable for each Profile in EScribe by checking or not the Temperature Dominant box. All is does is the change what the up and down buttons change. Power Dominant mode the up and down buttons changes the power up
  3. I also use the same and SS increasing in resistance is perfectly normal. SS coils from room temperature to vaping temperatures, the SS will increase resistance usually by about 20%. The resistance will drop back to normal at room temperature. Yours is changing by 60%. That is either running them very hot (way higher than 600°F) or the top nut (that holds the drip tip) isn't making a good enough connection. Usually loosening and retightening a few times cures it. If not, some cleaning maybe required.
  4. Frank's theme is very popular. It also does virtually everything. Тема Фрэнка очень популярна. Он также делает практически все.
  5. Yes the is the original settings and theme for the Odin Mini. I save all of my original configurations of all of my mods when I get them. Since someone will need them later.
  6. Careful Wayneo, people might get the wrong idea that batteries and manufacture settings doesn't matter. 😉
  7. Jason changed some manufacture settings like the Battery Analyzer, Cell Cutoff, Output current setting, etc. of which the manufacture should do. But most manufactures don't bother and just use the Evolv defaults. Which is a shame since they only have to do it once for every model. So people like Jason comes along and does it for them. The settings Jason changed should be the same or very close to the Odin Mini too.
  8. Ah... this one. Yes Jason adjusted the configuration settings. Yes I could see how that could change the way it vapes.
  9. You must mean Lost Vape Mirage theme maybe? Because there is the firmware which is generic and also the configuration settings too. So there are three different things we are talking about here.
  10. The Thelema is a 200w device while the Odin Mini is a 75w device. The boost setting is going to act differently based on the maximum wattage of the device. Battery sag will also play a part in this too, since the device will throttle back power if the battery can't supply enough amperage (like when boosting). So those are two reasons that could be the cause.
  11. That spot occurs when juice gets inside of the screen.
  12. That graph it should be vaping perfectly fine. Ohms is holding steady too.
  13. Ah yes, I have a few FreeMax Mesh Pro tanks too. Those coils takes a lot to turn them all the way in until it clearly won't turn any further. I wasn't screwing mine in all of the way at first since it is so tight before it bottoms out. But that could be part of the problem. Nice graph, but on the left you need to have voltage, current, and live ohms checked too. You also need to take a few puffs too. That way it will be easy to see what the DNA is having a problem with. It would be really nice to get a graph of the ohms jumping around too.
  14. Dang, what kind are these tanks? Are you using wattage or TC. Ever used EScribe before to take a screen shot of a few puffs under the Device Manager with live ohms, temperature (if using TC), power, voltage, and current checked. Like this (except this example doesn't have temperature checked since it is in wattage mode).
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