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  1. Looks like about 92 watts hitting 0.225Ω. That means the output is 4.55v @ 20.22A using ohms law. And the board is drawing more than 20A from the battery. Since the board is also boosting the voltage. 92w / 3.6v = 25.56A from the battery. That is a lot of current the board has to deal with. That alone is going to cause the board to heat up. And most mod batteries will also heat up (>80°C) drawing 25A from them for minutes at a time as well. And the average battery will run from full to empty in about 8 minutes at that rate. That is a lot of heat in an enclosed tight space found in mods. Sure I have plenty of DNA100C mods too. And I haven't seen one board hit higher than 50°C yet. But I haven't used one at 92 watts firing for minutes at a time either. The mod is probably going to need some vents (or bigger ones) at least if not more at that extreme.
  2. Yes for the neg side of the select, up, and down share the same pin 6 on the board.
  3. One connection to the switch is neg or ground (same thing). The pos switch connection is normally not ground unless the button is pressed. Thus if pressed, the pos becomes the same potential as ground. Now the chip sees the button is pressed. Virtually all digital switches work this way including keyboards.
  4. I understand what you mean @lazarev. The problem is the board can't get enough power. Likely causes are battery wiring, battery contacts, or the batteries. You say you are using Sony and others. Some Sony batteries are designed for flashlights (torches) and not suitable for vaping. So what type are these batteries? What others are going to want you to do is to use EScribe's Device Manager and take a screen shot of the battery voltage while firing. All it is going to likely show is the battery voltage drops like a rock when you fire the mod. And speaking about the DNA60. What model is this mod? As that might clue us in on what the likely cause is.
  5. Yes. The black piece flips up. It's fragile, so be careful!
  6. That is because it isn't using a DNA board. Rather it sports a Quest 2.0 board.
  7. Ah nice. And this is on a DNA60, correct? The post screws are nice and snug, right? Remember too, all it takes are two wire wraps shorting to kick it out of TC. Some say the material type file isn't correct on the stock DNA non-color boards for SS316L. So you can get one from steam-engine and use that one instead. And let us know how that works out.
  8. Yes, if the TFR/TCR file doesn't match the material type, it will kick out of TC mode. Unscrewing the atty a bit and retightening should make it think you are using a new coil. Are you using one of those coil heads? You know store bought coils you just pop in. If so, they often use nickel legs and that changes the correct TFR/TCR. So what kind of atty is this?
  9. It's not the HOG DNA400C thank goodness. It is the HOG 400 using the VC HotSwap 400 board just released a few days ago.
  10. @dwcraig1 also has a Z100C. Hopefully he will chime in here soon and mention if he has experienced this too.
  11. Oh it will power up with one cell reversed, it is just 2 cells cancel each other out. And it isn't healthy to run it that way with the reversed cell. If your theme displays error codes, it should display unbalanced battery. All of the wiring is on one end. The other end (door) is fixed with stamped out contacts. And the door has + and - how the batteries should be facing. Two diagonally are facing up and the other two diagonally are facing down. If it works with the batteries placed that way, it isn't miswired.
  12. Well session mode isn't useful nor there for vaping. It is there for heating other things that requires much longer time. By the way, did you ever investigate why the HOG theme crashes? It is a low priority for me, but I am still curious. I was hoping my second HOG would have a working theme, but no such luck.
  13. Yes once the board goes into deep sleep, the drain drops down to microamps (or is it nanoamps, I forget) and I have left the batteries in some of them for years with little drop. You know it is in deep sleep when select, up, or down buttons won't wake it up anymore. You can force it into deep sleep also by removing the cells and then reconnecting. Pressing the fire button or connecting the USB will wake it up and the deep sleep timer starts from zero once again. I forget whether removing an atty and reconnecting wakes it up or not, but that is easy to check. Some people are unhappy with higher than SP33 battery drain when they check a sitting DNA250C everyday. It makes sense since they are never entering deep sleep mode. A typical 2 cell DNA250C will drain about 4% per day if it doesn't enter deep sleep. Another important thing happens in deep sleep. The puff counter gets saved. You won't lose puffs if the board is already in deep sleep when you swap batteries. This is true of not only of C-boards, but all DNAs with a puff counter. The only real lifetime puff counter on a C-board is the number that each puff info gets assigned with. That one is unaffected by sleep mode or not. As far as reloading working parameters... I have never timed it, but I it seems like about 200ms and normally I wouldn't even notice.
  14. It breaks my heart when I hear stories like this. I also have two HOG DNA400C myself and I haven't had a single problem with them. Well except the HOG theme crashes I believe when you select Info or something. They also install firmware SP33 which is the oldest firmware version for the DNA250C when you purchase your HOG. I also run this firmware on all of my DNA250C mods since it stops draining the battery after 60 minutes of non-use (I have over 25 DNA250C mods). The newer firmware versions keeps draining for 24 hours. And the latest versions have session mode which allows firing until you press the fire button again. It is used for non-eliquid stuff. You can disable session mode within EScribe if it is enabled in a Profile. I don't want it or use it, so I don't know much about it. If I were you, I'd use another theme and use the original firmware SP33 just to try and see if the problem is still there. I can't see how a theme could cause this, but you never know. I'm not real hopeful that SP33 will fix it either. But both are easy to change and just maybe, something wonderful might happen.
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