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  1. https://www.evolvapor.com/escribe Or direct downloads... https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_SP24_US.exe https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_SP24_INT.exe
  2. You can use it now for saving different preheat and limit values. ☺️
  3. Oh ok, I run older firmware and that must be in newer versions. 😀
  4. I am pretty sure battery current is measuring battery charging current only. In case I am wrong, you can check this easy enough.
  5. As long as the faded red wire isn't connected to either the red or black. I just shined a 1000 lumen flashlight through the fake ultem and the bottom right sled has two wires soldered on to the tab. Looking through the plastic, it looks orange. But it could be very well faded red. Those are the wires you should check. One should go to the top left positive connection and the other one should go straight to the DNA board. UPDATE: I just ohmed bottom right to top left and it is indeed a short on one of mine here. So that is correct.
  6. Ah good. There is a wire on the battery sled that should be some other color besides black or red (white would be my guess). It connects to one cell on the positive and another wire going to the other cell's negative. And it also goes to the DNA board for balancing, reading cell voltages, and charging. Sounds like something not making connection with that wire IMHO.
  7. Yeah I only give it a few hours to see if a cell is dropping and check voltage with another mod or an external charger. Waiting a day one cell could be dead and worthless because the voltage dropped too low (I wouldn't charge a dead battery, just dispose it). The DNA also won't charge cells in power supply mode. And I wouldn't trust the voltage readings from that DNA250C until we know what is wrong.
  8. Just as a test, can you select the battery type Power Supply in EScribe? You have to be using the manufacture's user interface to change battery type and pick a 9v power supply. You have to upload changes to device of course. If it works just fine now, I believe it is either the battery wiring or the Battery Management IC. If it is the latter, you might see one cell voltage being drained lower than the other. The mod and EScribe won't see cell voltages when selecting power supply. But the one cell draining would be happening now and drain one cell down to 0.
  9. Did you look at EScribe's Device Manager between the two? If not, even the puff info between the two on the mod should help explain it. I'd focus mainly on power and temperature curves.
  10. VapeyMcGyver wrote a really in depth article on the DNA250C charging on Reddit which should explain it all. https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/ikjs1b/finally_tested_evolv_dna250c_usb_charge_function/
  11. So it gets hot just throwing in a battery and doing nothing else, right? Sounds like the battery is getting hot when there shouldn't only a small ma drain. Thus that sounds like the positive battery wire is pinched somewhere shorting the battery out. They are easy to take apart if you want to go that route (see link below). It would be faster than shipping it to China or Evolv. Although Evolv would only deal with it if it is the fault of the board. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQcthfL9SPQ
  12. I would love to reset the counter to any value I wanted to. For example, if I know a coil has 3981 puffs on it and put it on a different mod, I'd love to set that puff counter to 3981 puffs instead of 0.
    I love this theme by laurie9300 . I use it on all of my four Billet Boxes. Keep up the great job!
  13. No, you're fine. I never seen 4 cells with my Triades 250C with EScribe set using English. But I am sure it is just a software bug. Might be do to the language selected or something. Although I do see a 4th cell when using Frank's Paranormal theme. Actually, there are two cell 3s in that theme. And that 4th cell isn't connected inside of the Triade and thus what it is reading is erroneous anyway.
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