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  1. I dunno, you might be right. I am just going by the things I heard.
  2. Selecting unlikely coils will give the best chance of working I believe.
  3. Are you setup to use dubious or unlikely coils?
  4. In the Device Manager
  5. I have two ThinkVape Finder 250C mods. One is still in the box with the wrap I think. The other the positive battery pack wire was pinched when ThinkVape assembled it. And it worked for about 3 hours and the insulation cut away and shorted. Caused the 3 cells to quickly heat up. One reason why I love mods that you can quickly eject the batteries for this very reason. Frankly, I don't trust those Think Vape Finder mods. My 3 Lost Vapes Triade 250C are still rocking like new. They have no problems charging or vaping. I don't think I have seen any new 3 cell DNA250C mods in a few years. I guess it was just a fad for awhile. For long battery life, they switched to dual 21700 DNA250C mods. The battery last almost as long as a three 18650 cell DNA250C mods (each cell has more capacity vs. 18650), except are only 200 watts. There is a Boxer Mod Classic DNA250C 1300mAh LiPo ($360) that can go up to 400 watts. But it won't give you as much battery life. Then you have to find another lipo when that one needs replacing.
  6. It is in temperature mode (TC) and the temperature is set to off, or it automatically kicked itself off when it sensed a non temperature material (coil). If you are using non-TC coil, you need to switch to wattage or aka power mode profile. This button command list I written for the DNA200, but it applies to most non-color DNAs including the DNA250. DNA200 OPERATIONAL MANUAL MAIN Up/Down (5 sec) lock wattage or temp (Temp-Dominant dependent) Up/Down (5 sec) then twice Up (or Down) to change Profile LOCK (5 clicks) Up/Down (5 sec) adjusts temp or wattage (Temp-Dominant dependent) Fire/Up (5 sec) lock ohms Fire/Dn (5 sec) Stealth/Normal Fire/UD (5 sec) Change Material
  7. If the ohms (resistance) is reading higher than it should, it is probably a loose connection, Dovpo Odin DNA250C high ohm reading - temp protection - Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DN3IM-9t0sQ Dovpo Odin DNA250C high ohm reading - Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_hrSO8MghU
  8. If nothing is broken and with the right equipment, yes it can be soldered back on. There are YouTube videos on how to do surface mounted soldering or SMD soldering. Whether someone without experience can pull it off the first time, I'm not sure.
  9. It is my understanding is with the DNA 100C, 100 watts is it. Whether it is continuous and/or boost. Even with a fully charged battery and say under a 30A load, the battery sag never drops below 4.0v. That means the battery can deliver 120 watts (30A * 4v). But the board will still not deliver more than 100 watts. And remember there is a fuse on the board. If you exceed the current rating it will blow. So that is another problem. Just because the battery can handle more than 100 watts, doesn't mean everything else can.
  10. You are referring to your ThinkVape Finder 250c, right? Did you try connecting to EScribe without the batteries installed? One of my ThinkVape Finder 250c, the positive of the battery pack was pinched and after 3 hours of use, the wire shorted to ground (the batteries must have added just enough pressure on the insulation). I'm glad I noticed the batteries getting hot and I ejected them right away. The thickness of their wiring is too thin IMHO. So I wouldn't be surprised if there was an open or heaven forbid a short in the wiring. But I would check to see if EScribe sees it without batteries first.
  11. Sounds like you are looking for one of these. Evolv 1A Micro-USB Data/Charging Board https://www.protovapor.com/product/evolv-1a-micro-usb-datacharging-board/ Unfortunately Protovapor is out of stock. But this is what you might be looking for. They do have the DNA60 board in stock that does come with the charging board if you want to go that route. https://www.protovapor.com/product/evolv-dna-60d-retail-box/
  12. You can create a material from a TCR from EScribe from the materials tab. Select add and then select the new material and click on the Actions button.
  13. I have to admit, this would be a very welcomed profile. After all, many non-DNA mods have it. Although @gwyar does have a point. You can skip TFR/TCR values if you use Replay in Power Mode. Although you do give up a temperature reading.
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