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  1. BillW50

    Billet Box Theme

    I love this theme by laurie9300 . I use it on all of my four Billet Boxes. Keep up the great job!
  2. BillW50

    Triade - Escribe shows 4 battery cells?

    No, you're fine. I never seen 4 cells with my Triades 250C with EScribe set using English. But I am sure it is just a software bug. Might be do to the language selected or something. Although I do see a 4th cell when using Frank's Paranormal theme. Actually, there are two cell 3s in that theme. And that 4th cell isn't connected inside of the Triade and thus what it is reading is erroneous anyway.
  3. BillW50

    Why is the DNA 250C not behaving properly?

    I've seen this when the wire material doesn't match the coil(s). And you also mention SS316L. Man, there is no such thing as the right CSV for all 316L. That wire is an alloy. And every manufacture and even lot is going to require a tweak to the CSV file to get it right on. And it sounds like you are not using SS316L with nickel legs, but even that can throw everything off by 25%. You sure picked the most difficult wire type to do TC with. You can get it right, but you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and do some tweaking. Sure you can buy SS316L from one manufacture and download a CSV file and it might be bang dead on. But that is the exception rather than the rule.
  4. BillW50

    Lost vape Triade 250c battery problem

    What is the cell voltages when at 50% and at 10-15%? By the way, I can vape hundreds of times on a charge with my 2 Triade 250Cs (soon to be 3 Triade 250C).
  5. BillW50

    How to lock DNA 250c Triade

    I remember some early 75C/250C Youtube video, the reviewer asked Evolv the very same question. And Evolv stated it wasn't necessary and so it was never implemented. I think it was in one of Daniel of DJLsb Vapes videos, but I can't swear to it.
  6. BillW50

    Live Temp on Display

    Did you ever solve this problem? I never tried changing the temp to live update though, but that does sound like it is worth a shot to me. But I have to admit even without a live update, that puff curve for each puff is far more valuable to me. As I can see what the temperature was doing for each puff (and other things too). 😊
  7. BillW50

    lost vape orion pods

    Well to be fair, Evolv makes the board and Lost Vape makes the pods (and Lost Vape is known for making mods, not pods, coils, tanks, etc [so I think they are just learning]). And I would have went with rayon instead of cotton and that should eliminate the burnt taste part. The coil itself could probably handle 40 watts fine (maybe as is). And you could use something higher than 13 watts and probably be ok. Although in my experience it is the opening the fill cap and getting the coil wick saturated is when the problem appears. The same for you?
  8. BillW50

    lost vape orion pods

    Yes I got mine on September 10th and I use both pods. And using the stock settings I was burning wicks anywhere between 4 to 14 refills. Most of the time I was using the stock lowest wattage too. Well I figured enough is enough and I turned boost off on all profiles and did the same with Warmth on September 20th. I only had 2 pods burn wicks since then and they both were 0.5Ω pods. Although my testing is still on going. And no, they can't take a lot of heat before the wicks will burn unfortunately (no more than 10 watts for the MTL pod and 13 watts for the DL pod). Although when they burn wicks, it always happens right after refilling for me. And I suspect what is happening is the wick becomes oversaturated. Then either boost or warmth (with Replay) cranks up the power to try to heat up the coil. Then it can burn the wick. What helps a lot is just using the lowest power settings and boost until you vaporize the excess on the wick. Now you can return to the setting you were using before until you open the refill cap once again.
  9. BillW50

    independent battery monitoring

    It depends on the theme. Or are you trying to create one?
  10. Yup same here. Drains them down to 0.5v. I have 3 other ones and they are fine. I suspect the BMIC (Battery Management IC) blew. I believe they go when you swap batteries too fast or interrupt the battery power quickly. Now I wait a minute before inserting a charged battery.
  11. That I do not know. But Google might show something. Hopefully not something that you need to order by the thousands.
  12. BillW50

    Device doesn't wake up from sleep!

    Wow! No kidding? I have two Paranormal 250C just sitting here on my desk (I have 8 DNAs on my desk now) that I know I haven't touched in a few days, one in a few weeks. And I picked up each one and fired and it fired right up. I do have autolock off on all of my DNAs. You think this might be it? What kind of mod is yours DNA board in?
  13. Not sure if the DNA250 uses the same as the DNA200, but it is a BQ76925.
  14. You have a BGA machine? Well yes, then you can probably replace the surface mounted chip.
  15. Yes I have seen this on 3 DNA200 and 1 DNA75C so far and it appears to be a failed BMIC (Battery Management IC). After my DNA75C blew, I am leading on the belief all of mine blown when you disconnect the power and reconnect it back too fast. So now when I swap batteries, I wait at least a minute before inserting the charged cells.