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  1. awsum140

    CNC custom box mod

    What you appear to have there is known as an Evolv Reference Model, the case used by Evolv when beta testing the DNA200. It is designed to take an 800-1000mah, 3S, LiPO pack. As retird said, AA batteries will not work and can be hazardous to try. While a DNA75 runs on a single LiPo battery, 3.7 volts nominal, the current demand is far in excess of what a AA battery can supply.
  2. awsum140

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    Heck, you spoiled the mystique.
  3. awsum140

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    I'm still amazed you do that in the cab of your truck! Nice job!
  4. You don't mention a few key things....Coil diameter, wick material and what type of liquid. Remember that liquids containing higher amounts of sugars, or NETs, will foul a coil pretty quickly. If the coil is not getting enough liquid to keep up, it will start "burning" on the coil surface. If the wick can't keep up with the demand for liquid the same thing will happen. I have no experience with a Kylin RTA, in fact this is the first time I've heard of it. I do use Aromamizers and have used Foggers, both dual coil RTAs, and generally get a month or two of use out of them. I use titanium and SS430 on a 3mm mandrel for the Aromamizers and a 12 gauge needle for a mandrel in the Foggers. Five or six wraps with 28 or 26 gauge depending on my mood. I do use Ni200 in FEV-V4s that I use on my DNA40 devices. Again five or six wraps on a 3mm mandrel with rayon wick. As with everything vape related, YMMV.
  5. awsum140

    DNA250C single battery

    Going with a 2 or 3 cell mod versus a 4 cell will limit power output. If you want a single cell, color screen, Evolv mod use a 75C instead. Single cell, 18650 , 26650 or 2?700, no problem since it's, the 75C, designed to work with a single cell.
  6. awsum140

    Measuring ohms more than once?

    I'd get a different tank, one without a press fit 510 connection. The resistance values needed for accurate TCR are far too low to have them jump around at the whim of some friction fit part. They also need to be consistent or your results are going to wander all over the place. A screw connection is OK, but press fit is asking for problems. I ditched the Bachelor tanks a long time ago just because the center pin was a press fit. From what I can see from photos, that tank has a friction fit that relies on the mod's 510 connector to produce a "good" connection by applying pressure to the center pin to push it against the deck connection. The Bachelor has the same crappy system. Far too unstable a connection for TC IMHO.
  7. awsum140

    Measuring ohms more than once?

    Unless I put a new, and different, build in the tank I never see the "New Coil" question. I'm fairly good at building coils and it rarely happens unless I switch materials. I would never answer "Yes" to a new coil question while using the tank/build, since it's not a new coil. Like i said, if you're getting significant resistance changes from tightening up the tank, something is probably wrong in the 510 connection, either tank center pin or mod itself. I'd look very carefully at the tank and definitely clean everything with some IPA.
  8. awsum140

    Measuring ohms more than once?

    Personally, I'd try a new tank, coil and/or device. You say if you "tighten" the tank the resistance changes, rather substantially. That would seem to indicate a bad connection either in the tank or mod. I've been using the same tank on the same mod for about two weeks now, with multiple removals for refills and cleanings, and it still reads .30 ohms like the day I first started using it.
  9. awsum140

    DNA 250c won't charge with 2amp blocks

    I'd suggest getting a USB volt/ammeter and checking that charger. I charge a 250C on a 2 amp per port, 8 amps total, charger and have no problems at all. It is possible that the Anker charger is either "bogging" down under the load or, perhaps, losing regulation which the 250C finds "unacceptable".
  10. awsum140

    New to modding need help. Links etc

    HobbyKing has both of the JST connectors, 3S or 4S, male and female.
  11. awsum140

    White Screen!

    I'm hoping to send them both the screen and the board. I only hope that after they get them the problem duplicates itself so they can find out what the heck is doing it. Being south of the borer, in this case, works to my advantage. On another note, is there any way to entice you guys "up north" to send the cool air here in the summer rather than the winter?
  12. awsum140

    White Screen!

    Well, I spoke too soon or YOU jinxed me, Steamer. I picked up the 75C after it had sat for about a half hour and the screen is white, well not totally white it kind of looks like a vapor cloud on a white background. It still fires normally though. Next rainy day I'll pull the board and screen, install a new one and open a ticket. It's only a few months old.
  13. awsum140

    White Screen!

    In this case it might not be a screen or board failure but a glitch, somewhere, in the screen coding. I'm not saying the problem is "cured" I'm just saying the problem has not reappeared since changing the theme, which is kind of strange.
  14. awsum140

    New to modding need help. Links etc

    Alpine Tech, of FleaBay, has nice enclosures with buttons, board sleds and battery holders. Stealth Vape has good 510 connectors. A 3S and a 4S are different plugs, the 3S has four pins, the 4S has five pins, so I don't think you could use a 4S cable to charge a 3S battery, the keyways won't allow it. That's why they're different, to prevent mistakes with, potentially, explosive batteries while charging them.
  15. awsum140

    White Screen!

    Screen or board replacement is on hold. Out of curiosity I changed the theme on the 75C that was producing the white screen occasionally. The theme history is the original Evolv replay theme followed by the original "Materialish Fire" theme. I updated that to the latest version, used it for a few weeks, then reverted back to the original Evolv theme. That's when the white screen problem cropped up. Monday evening I decided to put the Materialish them back on it, haven't seen a white screen since. Another thing that was happening with reload of the original Evolv theme was that it was constantly asking "new coil", almost every time it sat for a half hour or more. That "symptom" has also disappeared. I can't help but wonder if there's a glitch, somewhere, in the original Evolv theme on a reload or if it simply just glitched on my 75C when I reloaded it. Ah, the mysteries of modern vaping, but cudos to Sir Timmy Timbit for that theme!