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  1. What did you do to solve the problem?
  2. With Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Chromium based) just right click on the post and select "Translate to English" For Firefox you must add an extension first for translating.
  3. Have you tried other atomizers? Some 510's on atomizers are on the short side as there is no standard for them. Does the 510's positive pin appear farther down than usual?
  4. That is the correct screen. Also can be found here: https://www.cremedevape.com/Evolv-DNA40-Replacement-Screen And here: https://www.modmaker.com/power-boards/evolv-dna-40d-60-75-200-250-replacement-screen
  5. I have only one DNA250C and it does the same thing as in Retird's post.
  6. The up and down buttons must be locked to use them to change profiles. To lock/unlock press both of them at the same time till it indicates locked/unlocked. With it locked press either up or down button twice to show profile. press up or down once to change profile. When desired profile is show press "fire" to keep it.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Just a stock Evolv theme with Sonny my cat's picture
  8. When using Atomizer Analyzer how many turns can you unscrew the atomizer before it loses connection?
  9. #1 Use perhaps a different theme as the resistance can be locked. #5 International firmware is required for Replay on 75C, Replay must first be enabled in EScribe for the profile that you are using. TC wire must also be used. Locking resistance normally shouldn't be necessary. Escribe is your friend, use it. Maybe start out with a simpler coil. With super low resistance coils TC becomes more difficult with wire that changes resistance only slightly when heated.
  10. You can power the Color boards with just USB power but the screen will not work without battery power. Edit: I was mistaken here, it is the DNA250 non color board that will not light the screen on USB power.
  11. First of all Replay must first be enabled in EScribe. A TC wire also must be used. I installed the theme and wasn't able to get Replay to work.
  12. https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/70812-display-gone-bad/
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