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  1. dwcraig1

    DNA250c Balance port info needed please

    If you are going to bridge gnd to B- and T2,3 and 4 to B+ then you only need the center wire from pack to T1.
  2. dwcraig1

    Orion PLUS DNA Can't get more than 18W

    The board has a maximum voltage output of about 3.5 volts. Your live ohms while not shown is about .7 ohms. When these figures are put into a Ohm's Law calculator the result is 17.5 watts. You can get higher wattage output by using a lower resistance coil.
  3. dwcraig1

    Nifethal 70?

    If because it says DNA200, well at the time the 200 was the only board to use EScribe.......then he others came along. Even though it says DNA200 it is for all the Escribe capable boards with the exception of the Go board.
  4. dwcraig1

    Nifethal 70?

    Nifethal 70 SteamEngine_NiFethal70-DNA200.csv Nife70 and Nife30 are generally the same wire. One lists Ni content and the other lists Fe content.
  5. dwcraig1

    Screen stays blank - DNA75

    If still having issues with screen connect mod to EScribe. At top left of EScribe select "Help" tab then "About EScribe, the Evolv logo will appear in the center of your screen. Click on the logo 5 times and then open :Device Monitor. You will now have considerably more information on the left side. Look for "Screen Disconnects", if other than zero then the screen is not connecting properly for whatever reason (improperly in socket, bad ribbon, ect)
  6. dwcraig1

    Neo Go, does not exceed 10 watts of power

    In Device Monitor check the box for (battery) voltage. While firing note what the voltage drops down to. If dropping below 3.1 volts then not enough power is being supplied to the board. This could be low charge on battery, poor battery or bad connections from battery to battery sled connectors.....ect. You should have no problem achieving 30 watts with correct power input. Edit: I'm assuming that Relay is off on above graph.
  7. dwcraig1

    does evolve fix mods

    Ask here: https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1
  8. dwcraig1

    Need help with a odd screen issue

    That was the cause on one of my 75's.
  9. dwcraig1

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    Perhaps it's Goggle Chrome doing the translating as that is what I use. I tried with Firefox ans Edge and it wasn;t there.
  10. dwcraig1

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    The Forum's software does a reasonable job of translating. Right click on the post and select "Translate to XXXX" If it says it is unable select "Options" and the the known language or unknown. See if that works for you. Die Software des Forums leistet angemessene Übersetzungsarbeit. Klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf den Beitrag und wählen Sie "In XXXX übersetzen". Wenn Sie die Meldung erhalten, dass der Beitrag nicht verfügbar ist, wählen Sie "Optionen" und die bekannte oder unbekannte Sprache. Sehen Sie, ob das bei Ihnen funktioniert.
  11. dwcraig1

    Enabling Replay from Mod

    Replay must first be enabled for the profile in EScribe. Edit: Replay can be enabled in theme without first enabling in EScribe, at least in some themes.
  12. dwcraig1

    Charging 8 at a time

    Then there's this, if you are only using one and are keeping the batteries fully charged in the other 7 then your batteries life will get shorter. Removing them from a mod when not in use is probably best. The voltage on a cell being stored is best kept at around 3.6 volts.
  13. dwcraig1

    Mac Suppport

    Gee, I guess I should have tried to download it.
  14. dwcraig1

    Mac Suppport

    Is this what you folks are looking for? https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_SP20_INT.pkg
  15. dwcraig1

    German: Probleme bei Replay

    What I see is the coil material isn't changing resistance when heated. It might be Kanthal or Nichrome and that is not TC capable. Sometimes due to poor connections between the board and coil there is enough resistance change to trigger the Save Puff, but this is pretty much by accident and not by design. Try using Stainless Steel mesh/wire.