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  1. At 2:38 there is mention of the media blasted 510 threads possibly causing connection issues.
  2. It's past beta version, if you would like to get it now it is here: https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-early-firmware-and-escribe-suite/?do=findComment&comment=936820
  3. Was there much trouble fitting in the larger charging/data board?
  4. My first one still looks like the day I got it, the finish is super strong, for lack of a better word,
  5. Here is a couple of screens of my Dovpo College DNA60. Of all my 60's it has the most voltage drop which I contribute to the limited contact between battery cap and case. The 1st screen is with a good Samsung 20S 30 amp cell. The 2nd screen is with a LG HD2 25 amp cell that is weak from age and no longer used. Your results should be better than my best results here, IMO. Both cells were 4.19 volts at start.
  6. I'm one of those that have had a XvoStick DNA60, my 2nd one, on order for a year and a half. I pretty much have no hopes of ever seeing it.
  7. Because it's such a nice piece I am posting the image that you provided a link to.
  8. While you have found a pretty serious problem with the connection to the 510 pin I feel that it is not causing the problem you described.. I would be looking real close at the power connections from the cell to board/case. The cell you are using when in good condition should be plenty good enough at that power level but it may be weak from age, just a possibility.
  9. Here is my XvoStick with Samsung 20S firing at 35 watts.
  10. The devices are the same other than firmware.
  11. In the bottom right side corner of Device Monitor in EScribe
  12. Are you able to use a different cable with your external charger? I recall having a problem with getting "warranty service" message once but can't remember if it was from a particular cable or USB port.
  13. Will it connect to EScribe? You might get some useful info from there.
  14. For others in need of EScribe2 SP27 for their DNA100 https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-early-firmware-and-escribe-suite/?do=findComment&comment=936820
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