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  1. dwcraig1

    Replacing the motherboard

    What does EScribe show for your cell voltages?
  2. dwcraig1

    paranormal 250c update error

    Connect device to EScribe and go to Tools Tab and select "Apply Service Pack", when the window opens choose the one that you want.
  3. dwcraig1

    Forgive me I’m a rookie

    The pods are pretty much the same except for the wire gauge of the coil. The 0.25 ohm one is capable of making bigger clouds. Salt nic being a usually higher concentration and making big clouds means more nic intake, perhaps too much. That's pretty much it. Wattage plays into this also, of coarse.
  4. Might be this one: https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_SP17_INT.exe All of 'em can be found here: https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-early-firmware-and-escribe-suite/
  5. dwcraig1

    Dna250c Error Press Up

    Connect to EScribe, tools tab, apply service pack, choose the one that you want.
  6. dwcraig1

    Replay not working

    TC wire must be used as the board must see a resistance change on the coil from cold to hot for replay to be able to function. So Kanthal and Nichrome will not work as the resistance stays the same from cold to hot. Note: a Clapton coil for example with a TC core wrapped with Nichrome should do reply just fine.
  7. But with the DNA it's super easy to go backwards.
  8. Or just use nickle as your material and set the rest manually DNA200-Nickel_Ni200_(linear_TCR)-SteamEngine.csv
  9. Under "File/ Open", choose .ecig file and upload settings.
  10. Nichrome has no resistance change from cold to hot so the board can't figure temp, Ni200 (pure nickle) has a very large increase in resistance. If you are using Nichrome simply set desired wattage and that's it.
  11. If you know the heating element material use that and enter the other values such as wattage, ect by hand ....and upload settings. What material is the heating element?
  12. Not sure, don't think so Try removing it.
  13. select profile number and "Load Profile" button....upload settings
  14. Pick which way.... profile or material Note: the mod can only store 8 materials, materials can not be deleted if used in a profile so change to another material as needed first when the occasion arises.