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  1. Which board? If a DNA60 it's not there.
  2. dwcraig1

    controllo temperatura 316L DNA 75

    Looks good to me. Did you use the same wire as the one with the problem?
  3. dwcraig1

    Escribe not recognizing mods

    On my laptop the USB ports are all USB 3.0 except one, it is 2.0. Do you by chance have one that is 2.0? I'm thinking that your problem is hardware more than software, don't know though. I'm not sure if this was mentioned or not, using another computer with same data cable will the mod of perhaps a phone connect? I would be first checking the cable even if it had worked before.
  4. dwcraig1

    controllo temperatura 316L DNA 75

    Try the material file. There is no change, are you sure it's stainless steel? That is how Kanthal or Nichrome would look. Try the .csv that I'm including and post results again. DNA200-SS_316L _Elite-SteamEngine.csv
  5. dwcraig1

    controllo temperatura 316L DNA 75

    Here I am using Device Monitor in EScribe. The cold ohms and live ohms are what I'm most interested in seeing. Note there is a change in resistance from cold to hot around 18% or so. If you are getting a similar change in resistance and still jumping from TC to wattage then there could be a couple reasons. 1. TCR value in not correct for the wire material. 2. Bad connection between the board and coil. Post a screen shot like mine, this was done with Windows Snipping Tool.
  6. dwcraig1

    controllo temperatura 316L DNA 75

    @Matteo Galdi, could you describe your wire and coil for us? Also a print screen of Device Monitor while firing would be helpful as well.
  7. dwcraig1

    controllo temperatura 316L DNA 75

    Sorry but I'm not understanding your problem. Is it that your mod is switching from temperature mode to wattage mode as soon as you press the fire button? Or is it some thing else? Originally I thought it was because you had "Temperature-Dominant box checked but decided I was probably mistaken so I the deleted my earlier post. I'm including pictures of "Temperature-Dominant both on and off.
  8. dwcraig1

    Discharge Profil Question

    Am I reading this right? You have four 1550 mAh LiPo cells wired in parallel? Using Device Monitor while firing coil you will see your voltage drop. That will give the info needed. If the wiring of the pack is up to it that sounds like it has a potential of over 100 amp output. You might consider adding a 35 amp miniature blade automotive fuse and holder between the pack and board if there is room. Not to protect the board but to protect the user, man that is a lot of power. I like it.
  9. dwcraig1

    buttons do nothing. can't fire

    Check to see if the button on the board is clicky. Look at 5 and 6 for solder bridging them.
  10. dwcraig1


    Nichrome by any other name is still Nichrome. I had to look up what a TFV16 was.
  11. dwcraig1

    buttons do nothing. can't fire

    This is the first time that I hear about this particular problem, others have had a problem with mod not coming out of deep sleep or had no connection to battery. Perhaps someone else has some ideas but you should contact Evolv for a remedy. https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1
  12. dwcraig1

    buttons do nothing. can't fire

    Also if you haven't already do a hard reboot either with EScribe or take the battery out and put it back in.
  13. dwcraig1

    buttons do nothing. can't fire

    When connected to EScribe it fires the coil normally? How about posting a screen shot of Device Monitor while firing? Like this one.
  14. dwcraig1

    DNA 200 chip

    A DNA250 has the same physical dimensions. Edit: DNA200 board available here: https://www.evolvapor.com/shop https://downloads.evolvapor.com/dna200.pdf https://downloads.evolvapor.com/dna250.pdf