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  1. broken dsplay for epetite dna60

    It is the large screen https://www.evolvapor.com/products/dna60
  2. Blown fuse syndrom?

    Doesn't sound like it's the fuse. Start here: https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1
  3. User tutorial for Escribe Mac?

    With 2 cells powering it the maximum voltage output is reduced from 9.3 volts to 6.2 volt. If your your mod hits that limit because your wattage/resistance requires more voltage then the message appears.
  4. dna40 strange message

    The message means it's genuine but you should need to press button below 1 watt on purpose, not by it's self. Perhaps your down button is sticking for what ever reason.
  5. I know this isn't right...Therion 166 TC issues!

    This isn't SS316 but here is a screen with 120 watts for 0.5 seconds preheat and 45 watts after. No air, just holding the fire button down.
  6. I know this isn't right...Therion 166 TC issues!

    My guess on this is the wick isn't keeping up with the coil, you might try dripping a bit of juice through the drip tip /top to prove/disprove this.
  7. Just curious as to what the unloaded (standing) voltage of the cells are when they start cutting off.
  8. Per resistance error read here, probably the same problem. Battery CSV only effects "fuel gauge" readings and not battery performance. You might want to set your Cell Soft Cutoff to 2.8 volts if not already done. Use Escribe Device Monitor to see if your battery sag is hitting Cell Soft Cutoff, I think cell hardware cutoff is 2.85 volts so setting it lower wouldn't accomplish anything.
  9. Dual battery diagnostic situation

    For sure the problem is on the battery sled end, wiring, contacts, ect. The board has no idea how many cells as it sees it as one battery. Look for broken connection between battery contacts of the sled on either end.
  10. Weak battery?

    You might try setting your soft cell cut off to 2.65 volts (3.09 is ideal for LiPo)
  11. No compatible USB devices are connected

    In Windows Device Monitor the USB device will show when connected, in my case it listed as "USB Composite Device", if driver problem it would indicate as such. And just in case you installed a wrong version of Escribe, DNA75C requires Escribe 2
  12. DNA 250 not working plz help

    Factory reset reverts the board to Evolv factory setting... not the mod's factory settings. So if your mod uses 2 cells instead of three the factory reset set it to 3. Use Escribe to change back to 2 if needed.
  13. That sure looks a lot different than mine. Here's the CSV for mine dna 75 battery.csv
  14. I believe that if you connect it to Escribe that you can re-set it.
  15. Is the soft cell cutoff set to the same value on these mods?