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new DNA 75-C questiuons (orobably for staff)


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I saw a preview of your new board on tasteyourjuice.com
I've got to say, it looks fantastic!   I already want one.

  • Important question: when will it be available and how much(ish)?
  • Will the clock need resetting every time the battery is removed?
Battery removal is a frequent occurrence on mods powered by 18650s.

  • Does it really need an extra select button?
(Or could evolv have used a gesture combo instead to access the menu and from that point use the fire button as select?)

  • If the fire button could be used for selecting, can the programming on the black and white 75 (and other boards) be amended allowing it to use a similar approach to making custom menus? 
  • Finally, when can we get hold of the new escribe with the theme designer? It'd be great if we could start designing themes now for the devices we'll buy later  (there's a way to create your own market)

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Not sure about the clock resetting the battery is fixed in the test unit I have.

It really does need a select button, when you get your hands on one you will see how easy it is to use, being able to change your res and preheat when you are out and about is awsome.

I very much doubt it will come to the older devices because the screen size, but I don't know.

I'm sure Evolv will post it when the put up a product page, but here is a taste of a theme I made from scratch, it is not finished, it will be freely available to use or edit when the Theme Park goes live, I will also provide the SVG files for graphics.  Have a look at the Busardo videos for more detail, I don't want to get too specific at this point as some things will probably change before release.

The screen is 160x80px, you can have either orientation, but not both in a single theme, you can have up to 3 backgrounds and smaller images of any size, subject to storage.  You can use any fonts, but in 3 sizes, they can be different font families if you want.  You can add up to 8 conditions for a field, including default = no condition, these would be things like temp protect = off or battery level < 15%.  There are gauges where you provide an empty and a full image, like the brightness, preheat and battery in my theme.  There are also Toggles, the same as gauges but for on off, like the check boxes and the stealth mode icon on my themes.  If you add a is charging condition to the battery gauge adding 2 more images with the lightning bolt you can get a more functional gauge, but it is a learning curve.

There is also a status field (has Evolv DNA in the screen shoots) that will show warnings and tool tip like text you can set for any element that can get focus.  There is a Theme editor where you create or edit these graphically, it can run stand alone.  None of the materials stuff on my theme is implemented yet, but as the aim is to be able to do most everything you can do in EScribe I would expect them to.  You can also have up to 3 backgrounds.

This is the latest theme I have done, the photos are a slightly older version, it has status indicators at the top of the main screen, in the photos the 1st is if Temp mode is enables and the 2nd shows "PH" for preheat enabled, "--" for preheat disabled, "PWR" when temp protect is off and hopefully "???" when if drops out of temp mode.  Also Temp swaps for voltage when not in temp mode, and the Atty Profile page hides fields when the parent feature is disabled, you have to is this one field at a time and they have to be the same size, and you cannot overlap elements.

Theme 23a.png  Theme 22.jpg 

When you navigate around anything editable or clicikable gets highlighted, then click an editable field the highlight colours change and the up & down buttons set the value, click again to stop editing.   Also if the status text is set for any of these elements it displays in the status panel at the bottom of most screens, where it shows "Evolv DNA" in the screen shots.

On the main screen if you click (with centre button) the profile name you are taken to the atty screen, if you click watts, temp or ohms you can adjust the settings with up & down, click again to set.  The bar is a slider for the brightness, the magnifying glass take you to the Info menu and the cog take you to the Settings menu.  All info screens have the blue background and all settings screens have the dark red background.

Hopefully all the info screens are self explanatory except Live View as the graph doesn't show up on the screen shot. On that screen clicking the arrows take to to previous or next puff, clicking the puff number take you to the latest puff, which is also the default.   Clicking the graph take you to the Love Fields screen where you select what to record, as with all child screens scrolling past the top or the bottom take you back to the parent screen.

Hopefully the Settings screens are self explanatory.

These are the current fields you can access in a theme, I'm sure there will be more to come.


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If you wanted the simplest theme possible for non-temp sensing you could do this.

You would just download the file, double click it and the Theme Installer would open, you click yes and job done. You would have to had install Theme Installer or EScribe first.

ultraThinTheme Install.png 

The only adjustments you would have are Watts and Screen Brightness in this example and it would work fine with non temp sensing wire. The bit where ist says "Evolv DNA" would show the status messages like check battery Etc

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Thanks for such a complete reply VapingBad. you've confirmed what I thought - this is a huge leap forward that will set the bar for all other boards.   I know it will cost a bit more than other makes but the price isn't the big decider for me. Isn't that true for most DNA users?   We buy for quality, what they do and how well they do it. (Or at least most DNA users I know, do).  Once I got a DNA75....... that was me converted!   (I don't like batteries sealed into anything I own so I waited for 186550s to come into use))

I'd seen the Busardo videos but it's still great to get another perspective on it; a real life user's perspective.

I hope they've managed to find a way to get the clock to maintain the correct time even if only for a short period; Very few retail DNA75 mods have a fixed cell and this would (certainly to me) make the clock/date more annoying than useful.
I hope theme designer would allow for copying settings off the mod and apply them to a new theme? it would be annoying to get a device set up 'just right' only to find applying a new theme over writes the profiles and other settings.

I like the idea of fully customisable menus;  it allows for a theme to come in 3 'branded' versions that can be uploaded dependent on who's using it:  basic for beginners, intermediate for the slightly more adventurous and advanced for those who like to delve deeper but all with the same basic look and icons etc.

I appreciate evolv will want to retain their unique style but there is another brand out there (reviewed by Phil Busardo on 14th April) who seem to have gone for a similar screen to the classic DNA but have managed to put on a scrolling menu set up which seems halfway between the 75 and the 75-C with a seemingly more user friendly UI.   If evolv could take note of what that brand managed, that'd be awesome.

Anyway back to the matter in hand,  thanks very much.   that's most of my questions answered - anything else probably comes under 'wait and see'.

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An example of using the conditions to show status and different fields, in this example they are around Temp Protection and Preheat, if you turn off Temp Protection or select a material that is moarked non temp sensing like Kanthal then temp is swapped for voltage.

The TP icon:
default shows on image,
atty\temp-protect-enabled=false as the condition for showing the off image.
atty\temp-sensing-material=false also for showing the off image.

Text status
default shows "PH" for preheat
atty\preheat-enabled=false shows "---"
atty\temp-protect-enabled=false shows "PWR" in yellow
atty\temp-sensing-material=false shows  "PWR"in yellow
atty\temp-sensing-dectect=false shows "???" in orange (tested with an ss coil using a NI profile)

Temp Field
atty\temp as default
atty\temp-protect-enabled=false shows diag\atty\voltage
atty\temp-sensing-material=false shows  diag\atty\voltage

theme 25 main modes.png 

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Device Monitor will correct the time when it connects to the device.

Also, if you use ECigStats, it will correct the time after it synchronizes with the device (if you have made one or more puffs since the last time you plugged in).

The board has enough energy storage to preserve the clock through a (quick) battery swap.

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txmonkey214 said:

Is the 75C still a single battery device? or, is two, or maybe even 3 batteries an option? When can we expect a 200 C, and/or a 250C?

Like most of the 75's on the market now, that's probably going to depend on the manufacturer...Hcigar & Vapedroid have already designed a single cell version, but Lost Vape, a Therion version... and if it is the same form factor of the current Therion 75, it will most likely be 2 cells... just a thought!
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@dwaindablane and @soulseek:

You should contact Evolv's Help Desk with these questions you are asking and the request for Cad files..  The Administrators of this forum are not employees of Evolv and I, for one, don't have the answers but will do some checking..... :robot:

Help Desk:


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retird said:

@dwaindablane and @soulseek:

You should contact Evolv's Help Desk with these questions you are asking and the request for Cad files..  The Administrators of this forum are not employees of Evolv and I, for one, don't have the answers but will do some checking..... :robot:

Help Desk:


Nice thank's for the info. I was unaware that there is no admin in the forums that's employed by Evolv.
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