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  1. dwaindablane

    DNA40 small screen with DNA75 chip

    No, I don't believe you can use the DNA40 screens with the DNA75 boards they are not compatible.
  2. 1. Start EScribe2. Plug in your device3. Once the device has download it's settings, click the Theme tab at the top, it will show you your current screen configurations4. you can either customize your screens yourself or download the theme file (*.ecigtheme), if you open a theme it should show in EScribe, just upload it to the device "Upload Settings To Device" at the top of the screen.
  3. Which device do you have?
  4. Strange I've just tested an old theme I created back when the DNA200 was first released using both versions 1.2v and 2.0v and work fine.What device do you have? And what version of EScribe are you using, 1.2v or 2.0v?
  5. Thank you James, for your quick response.
  6. If you download Escribe from the following link you can change your settings from there, once you connect your DNA250.https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupES.exe
  7. dwaindablane

    DNA75C Theme Star Trek LCARS

    I have made this Star Trek theme for anyone wanting a trekkie theme, the theme was based around Evolv's default theme with a few tweeks.The battery bar, should change colours from green to yellow at 20% and red 10% to better indicate the state of the battery.I have also attached the files I used, they are in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 formats feel free to amend as you please and re-post.Hope you enjoy!!DNA75C_ST LCARS.ecigtheme StarTrek LCARS Theme.zip
  8. That's probably for the best at the moment, the only reason to be using the new version is for the new DNA75C. But still its good to find these things now.
  9. shrahman, you are correct, the reboot menus are in the 'Tools, Diagnostics, Reboot" menu, I see the same with my DNA200 the diagnostics menu disappears, but when connecting the DNA75C the menu appears.
  10. dwaindablane

    new DNA 75-C questiuons (orobably for staff)

    I did notice that, but surely if I haven't put a 'Toggle' control on a screen to control that fuction, it just gets that setting from the main Escribe software, general tab. For me it just keeps locking the device after 1min and ignoring the check box. I have even reverted back to the Evolv default theme and still it happens, must be an issue.
  11. dwaindablane

    new DNA 75-C questiuons (orobably for staff)

    Hi VapingBad,Exactly where is this setting you have got your screen shot from, I don't see these options anywhere? BTW this is pretty much Evolv's default theme with a few changes.Cheers
  12. dwaindablane

    new DNA 75-C questiuons (orobably for staff)

    Is anyone else experiencing issues with the auto lock feature?When you un-check the box "Automatically lock when idle" in the general tab, it ignores the selection and continues to lock the device at the predefined time that had previously been set.
  13. dwaindablane

    new DNA 75-C questiuons (orobably for staff)

    Theme Designer, Under the Screens tab, highlight the temperature field, check box "Update while firing"That should be what your looking for
  14. dwaindablane

    new DNA 75-C questiuons (orobably for staff)

    I'm still getting the hang of the theme designer, but I would hazard a guess that the real time temperature will be dependent on the theme being used.Have a play around, and no doubt that some talented persons will post some cracking themes in the coming days.
  15. dwaindablane

    new DNA 75-C questiuons (orobably for staff)

    Glad I could help.