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  1. Any voltage over 4.2x is a good indicator of a bad board/charging circuit.
  2. giz_60

    USB Charging for a DNA75C

  3. giz_60

    therion75c Malfunction

    You may have an issue with the Theme...can you post your theme? In Escribe, go to the Theme Save Theme & attach file here...
  4. Y Uou can only change the number of fire clicks (down to 3x, IIRC) to lock the device This will only help the battery indicator, fuel gauge, to be more accurate If a firmware update is available, Escribe will let you know and prompt to install
  5. At only .01 - .02 rise in resistance from a cold coil to hot, it would seem that you are not getting enough of a rise in resistance. If the board doesn't see enough rise in resistance in the first second or so, it will drop out of TC. For instance, my current SS316L coil is .178 cold & rises to .210 - .211 after firing. Have you tried spacing your coils? What kind of atty? Can you post a screen shot of Device Monitor while firing, with the following fields checked...Power, Power Set, Temperature, Temperature Set, Cold Ohms & Live Ohms...
  6. You can't use Ni200 material settings unless you are using the Ni200 coils...The info I previously posted was taken from Uwell's info on the Crown 3 coils & according to that info, the .25 & .5 ohm coils are better suited for wattage usage, not TC.... Edit:. Here is a response about a question of those coils found on another forum.... SS Coils on Uwell Crown have nickel legs, so they're to be used only on power mode because TC wouldn't read it correctly
  7. According to the info provided by Uwell on their coils, it seems that the SS coils you are trying to use for TC are better suited for wattage & the Ni200 coils for TC.... Uwell crown replacement coils use revolutionary food grade stainless steel. Standard 0.25 and 0.5 coils are made of SUS316 D-Grade Stainless Steel Heating Wire and use 100% Japanese organic cotton. Temperature Control coils are made with 0.2 Ni200 Nickel wire. 0.15 ohm (Ni200 – Nickel) 0.25 ohm (80 – 120W) 0.5 ohm (30 – 80W)
  8. giz_60

    Check battery error

    In Escribe, go to the battery section of the Mod tab & make sure that it is set for 2 cell....restoring default in Escribe restores it to Evolvs default...3 cells...
  9. giz_60

    Therion 75C batterry draining could open a ticket with Evolv & let them guide you....
  10. giz_60

    hcigar vt75d charging problem

  11. giz_60

    Check Atomizer Problem

    The .004 is NOT a live resistance reading, but rather what the Mod Resistance that is set at via Escribe...@retird was trying to get you to set it to 0 to show you that
  12. giz_60

    Check Atomizer Problem

    You can also fill out a ticket with Evolv & let them guide you...
  13. giz_60

    Check Atomizer Problem

    Sounds like there is a connection problem between the board & the 510 connector...seems it is new, I would contact the seller about a warranty exchange...
  14. giz_60

    Check Atomizer Problem

    If you have a Paranormal, there is a known issue with them. Read this can also be causing the problem you are describing.....
  15. giz_60

    hcigar vt75d charging problem