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  1. txmonkey214

    warranty service during covid-19 pandemic

    Thanks. I was hoping they were still up, and running.
  2. txmonkey214

    DNA 250c dead

    Hey Sedoco, I put in a ticket for my device, today. I don't know if their warranty service is up and running, during the pandemic. Try it. It's a waiting game, from there. This is Friday afternoon, after all.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if warranty service is still in operation, during the outbreak? My Lost Vape Drone went south on me. First, it read newly charged batteries at 70%. When I pulled the batteries, and put in a different pair, the screen went blank, and it wouldn't power up. I have backup devices. But, I love my Drone. Thanks in advance.
  4. txmonkey214

    250C mod. Screen on when charging?

    Muchas Gracias for the reply, Wayneo. I was hoping there was some trick I was missing. Best, TXMY
  5. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to have the screen on, while charging through the usb port? Thanks in advance! TxMy
  6. txmonkey214

    Triade dna 250 bottom screw not tightening?

    It would help prevent fatigue, for the plastic threads. Or, at least prevent further degradation.
  7. txmonkey214

    new DNA 75-C questiuons (orobably for staff)

    Is the 75C still a single battery device? or, is two, or maybe even 3 batteries an option? When can we expect a 200 C, and/or a 250C?
  8. txmonkey214

    Triade dna 250 bottom screw not tightening?

    you can try putting loctite on the bolt, and just tightening until it reaches the point where it spins.https://www.amazon.com/Loctite-37418-Strength-Threadlocker-6-milliliter/dp/B000FIXQXK
  9. txmonkey214

    Therion DNA 250 166W - (Check Battery)

    Hi, I had the same happen, just last week. It was sitting on the charger, overnight. Nick at evolv said it's likely the daughter board/usb went south. My takeaway from this is I will never charge batteries via usb, again. I have two external chargers. So, there's no need. I'm waiting for the 200, or 250C to come out. After that, my last surviving escribe mod will be my backup mod.
  10. txmonkey214

    Mod won't turn on, after sitting all day

    Thanks to you both, ChunkyButt200, and dwcraig1.
  11. txmonkey214

    Mod won't turn on, after sitting all day

    Thanks. I was hoping I could just resolder a wire to the daughter board. But, that would just be too easy.
  12. txmonkey214

    Mod won't turn on, after sitting all day

    Yes, 5.11 volts, standing. Here's a screen shot with the mod firing. It drops to 4.96 volts, according to device monitor. BTW, at first, the battery charge was reading at 63%. But, it would not charge. After a hard reset, that disappeared.
  13. txmonkey214

    Mod won't turn on, after sitting all day

    Another quick question: Since it will work with power supply selected, but won't power on when set to lipo, how is it getting power? Is it the daughter board that's the problem?
  14. txmonkey214

    Mod won't turn on, after sitting all day

    Hi, Thanks. It's an HCigar VT133. Yes, it will vape when I set it to power supply. And, it works when I unplug the usb. Is it alright to use it, this way? There was a warning not to use it on batteries, in this manner. Is this just a cover your own ass liability warning?
  15. txmonkey214

    Mod won't turn on, after sitting all day

    This is the third mod I had go south on me, in the last few weeks. Two were old Hana V200's. Since they're both 2 years old, I guess that is to be expected.