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  1. Frogmod

    Shapeways models

    Here is a link to my models Here is my latest one, it’s has up to 4 hardware configurations. 75C 3 cell 75C squonk 250C 3 cell 250C squonk
  2. What’s the baud rate of the USB of the DNA chip so that way my touchscreen is sending/receiving at the same speed?
  3. Frogmod

    My DNA 250C Build.........

    It’s nice to see someone else install knife clips on there mod. I did this to my 250. I plan on doing the same for my out and about 250C as well.
  4. Frogmod

    Dna 250c

    I’m glade you like it. What kind of issues did you have with the buttons, so That way I can change it in the model, when you said “finding proper screws” are you talking about the board screws?
  5. Frogmod

    Dna 250c

    This one is ready this mod was design for the battery in the discription, more mod cases coming soon
  6. Frogmod

    Dna 250c

    Monday it will be ready
  7. Frogmod

    Dna 250c

    I’ll have it ready Monday had to do a few design changes.
  8. Frogmod

    Dna 250c

    What do you guys think? My 18650 boxer clone. I only had internet pics to go off of. Right now I’m printing it before I upload it to shapeways. A 21700 version is in the works.
  9. Frogmod

    Dna 250c

    I have a custom 12v 5amp charger system so the batteries don’t get hot. The battery I’m using is about 2yrs old. I understand the amperage being limited in the boards cuz you can’t really run 5c through cylinder batteries. And if evolv up the amperage they would be in the news for all the wrong reasons.
  10. Frogmod

    Dna 250c

    I ordered a few 4s balancing boards to piggyback onto the 250c. I did this to my 200/250 mods, charging at 5c is nice, 20min charge time on my 12hr mod (1300 lipo)
  11. Frogmod

    Dna 250c
  12. Frogmod

    Dna 250c

    Here is a side by side comparison
  13. Frogmod

    Dna 250c

    It’s up on SW’s :-) I added some text to it, it’s only raised up .25mm
  14. Frogmod

    Dna 250c

    Yes it’s evolv’s design, anyone can get the files and make one. I’m going to machine the original case for a customer out of aluminum.
  15. Frogmod

    Dna 250c

    Ok, I’m just about finished with it (45mins)