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  1. By far the easiest way to run Escribe on Linux is to use a Windows 10 VM. I gave up trying to get the Mac or Linux versions working. Virtualbox is free and available in the Ubuntu repo, among others. You'll need is the extension pack for USB passthrough support... that's also free (just not open source) Windows 10 is technically not free, but MS provides the ISO for free and you don't really need to purchase a license or activate it. You just can't change the wallpaper unless you do. 😂 Virtualbox USB passthrough of the DNA to the VM works perfectly. I've tried it on Mac and Linux, USB 2.0 and 3.x ports.
    This has been my theme of choice for months now. I made a few modifications to improve readability and usability, feel free to roll them into an update if you wish. Brightened everything up to use the full range of the display. It was just too dim to use in sunlight, even at full brightness. Added USB current to the main screen in place of profile icon. Click the T/F/R icon to edit the profile Added reference (coil cold) temp adjust to the profile screen, because the DNA will get this wrong at times. Profile can be changed from the edit and new coil screens. Replay can be enabled on non-TC materials, because it will work if the DNA detects resistance change. For example: SS mesh does not work properly in SS316 profile, you have to use Watts, but it does work properly in replay. Support for Boost on Replay Preheat screen (when Replay is used with a non-TC material) Main screen will display "Replaying" on preheat/boost line if replaying as changing P/B during replay will have no effect. Top info line show Last Puff time in non-TC modes Bottom info line shows and Last Power or Last Temp when playing. digital.ecigtheme
  2. Version 1.3.3


    Remix of SirTimmyTimbit's Gauges theme, the default Evolv theme, and a few custom touches. UI from Gauges, but without the gauges. Instead there's a minigraph. Click it to go to the full Puff Info screen. Status bar at top of Main and Menu screens shows battery level and Cold Ohms when idle, Live Ohms while firing, and USB current while charging. Last Puff Time and Last Puff Average Power are displayed in small font below the minigraph. In TC modes, Power is below the minigraph in normal font, and Temperature is in the large font. In TC + Replay, Temperature is below the minigraph In TC + Replay with a puff saved, Last Puff Average Temperature is below the minigraph. Profile editing allows Temperature to be edited when Replay is enabled. DNA supports TC+Replay so this theme does as well. Classic/New UI switch moved to Display options. Indicator LED stays green while mod is idle, goes out in lock/standby: The DNA writes the current settings when this light goes out. If you pull the batteries while the LED is on, you'll lose your changes! Menu is icon grid from Digital.
  3. Sort of. I can get SP19 to run on Catalina and talk to the DNA, but as soon as I hit any of the save or load options in Escribe or Theme Designer, it crashes. I've given it Full Disk Access and even run it with sudo... it just doesn't like the file chooser in Catalina. The SP20 version is 404 now.
  4. One of the balance taps isn't making a good connection to the batteries. If your mod has contacts on the battery door, check and clean the contacts and the little pins on the mod that are supposed to touch them when the door is closed.
  5. The ceramic plates have tungsten wire in them. So it will work in TC mode as well, you just have to use the TFR curve for tungsten.
  6. Added Replay to main screen vapeboy 3000 replay.ecigtheme
  7. Yeah, I tried that too, on the gauges theme. It just doesn’t work for all values. Generally only the ones you can set work.
  8. Whatever it is, it should match the device monitor reading for battery pack voltage, which will be quite a bit less than 8.4v under load. You are basically in bypass mode with a resistance that high.
  9. The 250C is a buck regulator. It cannot boost the input voltage, so you are limited to what the batteries can supply. This PDF seems to indicate that Look at the Kanthal power limit for 2S batteries. It starts to drop at ~0.35 ohms. Assume this is because max Vout is 8.4v: 8.4v/0.35 ohms= 24A. 24A *8 .4v=201.6 watts Realistically, you'll get voltage sag under load.
  10. TC+Replay gives really good results. Here's why: Say you have something that takes a lot of power like dual 26ga NiFethal coils, 0.12 ohm, wants 75-100 watts. You set them up in a TC profile that is replay capable, set your temperature and preheat, etc... Get a good puff limited to 450 F or whatever you want. Now save that puff. Replay will try to follow the resistance curve it recorded. That will let the power and temperature vary somewhat, but it will still stay near the temp you set on the saved puff because it is controlling the resistance during firing... but with the more power-focused tuning of Replay. Yes, TC alone will keep the temp and resistance rock-steady, but that's not always what you want. I like how replay will cut or boost the power to a greater degree than straight TC. I've found that when you are taking lighter puffs, TC just kind of cooks the juice onto the coils and you get a lot of dried-up gunk. Replay won't do that, it cuts the power. Replay alone: You can get dry hits if the wick was too dry when you saved the puff. TC alone: Can still cook your juice if you're not puffing hard enough for the build Replay+TC solves both of those problems.
  11. Right! I was testing the theme with a SS 316 atty. I forgot the DNA is smart enough to detect temp sensing material even if the profile is set to watts, so no matter what that condition wouldn't trigger for me. The first condition that matches will be used and the rest will be ignored. If you wanted to keep the greyed-out temperature in non-temp mode, the condition for that would have to be ( (Temp Sensing Detect is false) and (Can Replay Now is false) ) Or you could add it back after the Can Replay Now condition, so the Can Replay Now would be triggered first.
  12. To control the Replay Warmth, you'll also want to add a field for Atomizer->Replay->Warmth. I usually add it as a condition to the Power field, set to Atomizer->Replay is true. This will replace Power with Warmth when Replay is on. as the power setting won't matter while playing. Heck. I'll just do it for you, and you can see how it's done. Here's the Vape Boy 3000 theme with Replay. The Replay control replaces Temperature when Replay is available.. When playing, the Warmth setting replaces Power. vapeboy 3000 replay.ecigtheme
  13. How they did it in the default theme: Create a "Hidden" control. That will be the default condition, so when Replay is unavailable you don't see it. Add Condition. Choose Label or Picture. Compare should be Atomizer->Can Replay, condition is true. This is what will appear when Replay is available but not ready. Add Condition. This needs to be a Toggle or Field. Compare should be Atomizer->Can Replay Now, condition is true. This is what will appear once a puff can be saved. For the Toggle or Field, source needs to be Atomizer->Replay. For custom toggle graphics, off picture should be Save Puff, on picture should be Cancel. Alternative way of doing it, that lets you enable replay on any profile: Create a Toggle or Field control. Source should be Atomizer->Can Replay. This will enable/disable replay for the current profile. Create a "Hidden" control. That will be the default condition, so when Replay is disabled you don't see it. Add Condition. This needs to be a Toggle or Field. Compare should be Atomizer->Can Replay Now, condition is true. This is what will appear once a puff can be saved. For the Toggle or Field, source needs to be Atomizer->Replay. For custom toggle graphics, off picture should be Save Puff, on picture should be Cancel.
  14. Yep. Solid lines like that are typically a tab bond failure on the LCD. Not physical damage. Evolv should warranty the screen. Lost Vape might warranty it too, but you would have to ship it to China and no one wants to do that.
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