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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Took the vapeboy theme and made it purple
  2. hey man love your pip boy dna theme I have it on mine and constantly use it but can u make aa replay mode for it??? ill pay you if I have to lmao.

  3. Well took the button out and tried rewiring and now it seems to work so my only guess is maybe there was dust or something causing to ground or possibly a polarity issue. Time will tell if it holds up or if the issue comes back
  4. So making my first mod using a Hammond 1590b enclosure and a wired fire switch. I noticed it wouldn't fire if the threads of the switch were touching the inside hole. Is there something I should be using to insulate the two from touching or is there another issue that needs to be addressed?
  5. So does the DNA 75c chip have reverse polarity protection and would protect the board if one of two parallel batteries was put in the wrong direction?(like in the I'm curious but don't have a way to test
  6. I have the time out for the lock screen set long enough where it takes about a day to time out but it is an interesting point even though that would defeat the purpose of the lock screen
  7. I make no guarantee but I will see what I can do
  8. Got this one finished today after plenty of requests and it shows off how to use the battery level as a condition. Read the description for more details
  9. Version 2.0


    As frequently requested, the fallout vapeboy 3000 is here! This theme showcases the function of making battery life conditional by making your battery level turn from green to red and the vapeboy's limbs crippling as the level lowers. I hope you all enjoy and as always if you need any help with tips or tricks, don't hesitate to message me.
  10. I would say see if you can contact whoever made that screen (probably vaperz cloud) and see if they can tell you what font it is. There are also a few websites you can upload the image to try and find it but it looks like it would be a sans or sans serif type font
  11. I took a quick through it and it's a good start. I did notice in the about section if your puffs are over 100 (mine count is 1415) it breaks it up into two lines. I'm curious to see what all you add or change.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    The vaping dead theme has arrived. With beautiful character work from Trev Murphy as icons hopefully you will be inspired to add a feature to your upcoming theme. As Lucy beats the ever loving life from your battery meter, she makes quite a mess of herself. I hope everyone enjoys this and as always if you need advice creating your own theme don't hesitate to message me.
  13. Are you running the ss316L in temp control, and what gauge/wrap/ohm are you using? Personally I will switch in between temp and power on my coils. I get a comfortable vape at 100w in wattage mode so I will set the wattage there and set the temp to about 470℉. Haven't really needed to use the preheat punch because the wattage setting ramps it up quick enough.
  14. In the works of making a walking dead theme because Lucille is thirsty.. just got the OK to use an artist work so all systems are a go
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