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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I can't use my Vapedroid C2D1 anymore. It only turns on if I keep the fire button on. There is a check battery message, and the battery bar is empty: I checked the batteries in device monitor, they are wrongly measured and unbalanced: cell (1) 1.29V and cell (2) 4.82V I tried another set of batteries, and it is the same problem. I recorded a CSV from device monitor, see attachment. Please help me to fix the issue. Thanks, Gedeon Batteries.csv
  2. Check battery issue keeps coming up, i don't think its the batteries i have multiple sets and have tried a bunch of different types. Brand new device will not read an atomizer but is making contact with 510. Any time i try to fire it says check battery, and the battery percentage reads %4 no matter what batteries i put into the thing. I have tried pretty much all the normal stuff like setting it to default, hard reset, updating software. I have used, mixed, and new married batteries none will work properly. I have opened the mod up and looked on the inside and nothing looks dodgy, the soldering looks decent. Pic is device monitor picture with 3 batteries married same type in (LG).
  3. I went to use my drone 250c after a day of not using it and it says check battery and not reading ohms either it reads 8.4 for voltage in diagnostics and escribe, but when you go to take a vape nothing but check battery. It would seems like the wiring from the chip set to 510 is fried any assistance would be great.
  4. Hi. The first symptom was that when connecting to usb port for charging the light went from orange to green in 3 seconds and would not charge. Then I noticed that once or twice a day, when firing, it would not fire and instead a sign of Check battery would appear. Y did a hard reset, changed batteries, changed cable. Some days it charges but some days it won´t and the Check battery continues to appear sometimes. I found something about checking on escribe the Capacity of batts but it is on 2-cell as it should be. Somebody knows which could be the problem? Thanks. Kind regards. Santiago.
  5. Regarding lithium ion battery set up 1. Operating minmum voltage of evolv board: Spec sheet says 3.0v. Does this mean board shuts off if battery resting voltage is 3.0v or display check battery message? 2. Weak battery: Spec sheet says it will display this message when battery needs to be charged or requires you to use higher amp rated batteries. Is this determined by measuring voltage sag of the battery? Using some form of thermister to monitor battery temperature? I would like to know actual process in triggering this message 3. Check Battery: Pretty much same question as #2. Spec sheet says it will display this message if battery is deeply discharged, needs to be charged or if it is damaged. How does evolv board determine this? By monitoring voltage sag? Temperature? Etc. 4. Soft cell cut off: what is the minimum that you can set? For example if I set to 0.1v will evolv board let me fire the device until it hits that mark? Or is there some automatic protection/prevention trigger system? Yes I know that voltage is not possible, I’m just making a big exaggeration to make my question more clear. 5. Relationship between voltage, amp, and sag: Not really a question for evolv but just curious if anybody can answer. There were two identical batteries, and I am trying to push x amount of watts on both of them. Which of below set up would result in lower voltage sag? One with higher resistance, thus requiring higher voltage and less amperage or one with lower resistance, thus requiring lower voltage but high amperage It will be best if someone can summarize relationship of voltage sag to discharge voltage and amperage
  6. Hi guys, been doing research of this problem but have not found a solution besides return the device.. Ive had my Player mods for nearly 1 year. Its been good to me...until yesterday Battery check.... Some info, I am running dual 18650s and the settings have been setup for dual batteries Plugged it in and Cell 1 has no reading. I have swapped the batteries around and still no reading. Blown fuse?dead board?
  7. When I first got my vape it was on a temperature dominant setting, which I promptly fixed. Now, a month later, it has randomly switched back to the temperature dominant setting, reading 455F (when I set it to 450F on escribe). I tried to re-upload my settings back onto my mod with escribe, trying to take off the temperature dominant profile, but the only thing that took was the factory reset. After resetting it the only thing that I've been able to put back on my mod is the theme. To make everything more complicated, now it's telling me to check my battery. Both sets of my batteries are charged and functional. I have no idea what is going on, please help!
  8. Currently own the triade 250 and i run it at 160w on a goon 1.5 rda. i get check battery message at about 28% what can i do to fix this? will running battery analyzer help? if so can i just do a few big loops of wire to run a 160w test? or do i need to buy specific gear? im a complete noob when it comes to the dna chip
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