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    Temp Control and coil material

    Temp control doesnt work by stopping firing it automatically adjusts the watts up or down to hold the wire at the set temp. When you set temp control you need to know TCR of the wire type and even ceramic coils will have wire in them for example vaporesso ccell ceramic has stainless steel wire and the joyetech Riftcore ceramic uses tungsten wire, once you know the wire type ypu can get the TCR from steam engine and add it to you mod via escribe if it isnt there. The easiest way to use and protect your coils on a DNA 250c mod is use replay there is no need to know wire type or TCR as long as it is a wire you can use for temp control replay will work, just set your watts and save puff Here is a list of a few that have been tested with replay
  2. clivy

    Replay maximum temperature?

    Basically you dont need to use TC at all with replay, or at least I dont. Replay is just a simpler and better form of temp control All I do is screw on the atomiser with any TC wire and adjust the watts until I am happy with the vapor then hit "save puff". Every puff after that will be the same as the one you set it on. You dont need to know the wire type or tcr and it doesn't matter if the wire type is even available on the mod as long as replay can sense a resistance change it will work for example I put a joyetech riftcore duo atomiser, the one with the ceramic plates, on a 75c and it worked perfectly in replay mode As far as your question about maximum temp goes that would be purely set by the watts the more watts the hotter it gets i dont think there is an actual number
  3. clivy

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    The fix release wont be long now and evolv is on top of the problem My paranormal 250c has gone 4 days now without a problem so it is just a matter of any final touches needed before release, just be a little more patient, remember the last thing anyone wants is for a fix to be released that is not perfect
  4. clivy

    Joyetech Riftcore ceramic works

    wont be a problem for you it works very well
  5. clivy

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    I never lock mods as a rule except mechs, as a matter of fact I always turn off the autolocking function, on the 5 DNA mods I have, via escribe and change the unlock sequence to 2 hits of the fire button
  6. clivy

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    24 hours without any problems................. It is looking good
  7. My 2 paranormals are the same, button slightly out more on top. I actually like it like that
  8. Just thought I would let you all know that I am using replay with the Joyetech riftcore duo, ceramic plate coil, on a 75c based mod without any problems at all. Just to be sure it was ok I have also tried it on my paranormal 250c and all is good
  9. clivy

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    I agree about the shipping costs, I have 2 with the fault 1 much worse than the other but to send them both to the US would nearly cost me as much as a new 250c mod shipped from China. I am going to wait on the firmware upgrade fix as well but it really is nice to know that Evolv is fixing them if they cant solve it with firmware
    Just added to my Mirage Looks nice and everything needed is there. Thanks!
  10. clivy

    Replay on 75c

    If you definitely have a TC wire coil then, this may sound dumb, but have you put a check in the "use replay on this profile" box in escribe on the actual profile your using? If you have then try another atomiser
  11. clivy

    Replay on 75c

    Here is what I have found with both the 75c and 250c forget temp control totally.............. forget wire types............. I have tried replay by just changing the watts set with stainless 316L wire diy coils, vaporesso cCell coils and titanium eleaf ec coils, just use what ever you like as long as it is a TC wire. I did not change the wire type at all just the watts. The material tab in escribe is set for watts. Get the vapour the way you like it by changing watts and select "save puff" that's it, simple, as long as replay recognises a TC wire
  12. clivy

    Replay on 75c

    The wait is over. Downloaded and tested! So easy so good Thanks James and Evolv
  13. I have tried the 316 cCell ceramic coils and they work fine with replay on the paranormal dna250c
  14. I got a paranormal today and tried the 316 cCell ceramic coils and they do work on replay so question answered