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  1. A hard reboot didnt help me but you have to use escribe to try. Open escribe then tools then diagnostics and select hard reboot If that doesnt work try lowering the screen brightness you will at least be able to read your screen even if it is not very clear I ended up replacing the screen and have had no problems since
  2. Thanks Wayneo Just tried taking it down to 2 brightness and its a bit better but still unreadable looks like it is help desk time
  3. Yesterday when I went to use my paranormal 250c the screen was totally white, unless you look at it on a very steep angle (across the screen) when you can just make out that there is something there. The mod works perfectly in every other respect just no visible screen I had the default theme running and tried reloading it via backups but no change. I have also tried installing the Clean Colors (75C/250C w/Replay! - Many colors available) v2.4 theme but it is still white. Any ideas what I can try to get the screen back running?
  4. Try this it may help in escribe go to MOD tab Under the SAFETY tab if you see replay and "restrict to viable coils" change this to the other setting "allow on dubious coils" If that doesnt fix it then replay cant read the SS wire resistance variation and you will have to use straight SS coils
  5. Everything looks fine in escribe OK last thought, clean the 510 connector on the mod and check the 510 centre pin of the RDA to make sure it is tight. I have found they have a habit of coming a bit loose which will stop replay but it will still fire
  6. I know this may sound very simple but have you got the "use replay in this profile" box checked in the profile you are using?
  7. I know this may sound very simple but have you got the "use replay in this profile" box checked in the profiles on escribe?
  8. I have never seen that come up sorry
  9. Have you tried making sure the screws are tight on both the deck and the tanks 510 connection?
  10. Try this and see if any of them helps First try cleaning the bottom of the atomizer and the 510 connection on the mod just wiping with a tissue should do it, this will usually fix the new atty problem Then make sure the siren's 510 centre connection screw is tight these can work loose when screwing the atty on and off.......... don't over tighten it but it shouldn't be loose remove your deck and make sure the screws to coils are tight, they can loosen when heated up then screw the deck onto the mod without the tank. then check the resistance
  11. Temp control doesnt work by stopping firing it automatically adjusts the watts up or down to hold the wire at the set temp. When you set temp control you need to know TCR of the wire type and even ceramic coils will have wire in them for example vaporesso ccell ceramic has stainless steel wire and the joyetech Riftcore ceramic uses tungsten wire, once you know the wire type ypu can get the TCR from steam engine and add it to you mod via escribe if it isnt there. The easiest way to use and protect your coils on a DNA 250c mod is use replay there is no need to know wire type or TCR as long as it is a wire you can use for temp control replay will work, just set your watts and save puff Here is a list of a few that have been tested with replay https://forum.evolvapor.com/forum/42-replay-and-atomizers/
  12. Basically you dont need to use TC at all with replay, or at least I dont. Replay is just a simpler and better form of temp control All I do is screw on the atomiser with any TC wire and adjust the watts until I am happy with the vapor then hit "save puff". Every puff after that will be the same as the one you set it on. You dont need to know the wire type or tcr and it doesn't matter if the wire type is even available on the mod as long as replay can sense a resistance change it will work for example I put a joyetech riftcore duo atomiser, the one with the ceramic plates, on a 75c and it worked perfectly in replay mode As far as your question about maximum temp goes that would be purely set by the watts the more watts the hotter it gets i dont think there is an actual number
  13. The fix release wont be long now and evolv is on top of the problem My paranormal 250c has gone 4 days now without a problem so it is just a matter of any final touches needed before release, just be a little more patient, remember the last thing anyone wants is for a fix to be released that is not perfect
  14. wont be a problem for you it works very well
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