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  1. Gauges

    The other numbers and graphs update too when you fire. But their changes are so small you can't notice it in the graphs.
  2. Gauges

    @realdigital 1.2.3 now implements this: Thank you so much for the suggestion
  3. Gauges

    @blue_moon979 Thanks man! I really appreciate it The resistance listed under the blue bar will lead to that screen. If there's no atty attached, or if it's not making solid connection you'll get that screen. If it pops up on it's own and it's blank then I'm not sure what's going on. @realdigital That's a great idea about graphing voltage. I'll do that in the next version. Thanks! I do agree about the field being too small. It still works withing wrapping so I didn't really try to change it up. That screen will probably get an overhaul in a future version.
  4. Gauges

    Just released a 1.2.1 that changes the menu navigation system. That's the only difference between 1.2.0 and 1.2.2, how the menu looks and functions.. Here's what the menu looked like in 1.2.0 Here's what the mnu currently looks like in 1.2.2
  5. Gauges

    Hey guys I updated the theme (v 1.2.0) with the features you asked for. You can change the material of the profile via the atomizer screen. You can see live puff info, last puff info, graph etc. Let me know what I'm missing. Thank you for using the theme
  6. Gauges

    Ahh I see. I myself mostly use the main screen, to check battery percentage and watts/resistance. Anything beyond that I use escribe, and that happens once in a blue moon. I wasn't aware that a good portion of the users use the mod to do all these things. I'll update the theme in a few days with the features that it's missing. Thank you guys for letting me know!
  7. Gauges

    Gotcha. Thanks I'll look into it.
  8. Gauges

    Thanks I appreciate it. Can you point me to other themes that display that sort of information? Or perhaps screenshots of those info displayed on your current theme? If by Live Info you mean puff information including the graph, you can see that from SYS -> Puff Info. You can even fire from that screen. If you mean you want to see the current temperature, resistance and power being delivered at any point during the puff, the graphs and numbers are updated live on the main screen.
  9. Gauges

    @Vapin What kind of additional control and TC specs would you like to see? If you click on the set temperature under the blue bar it'll let you adjust the temperature. If you click on atty it'll take you to the atomizer screen where you can change the power, temperature and pre-heat settings, as well as set or measure atomizer resistance. This theme is based on the default theme. The default theme had no option to lock resistance as far as I recall. It didn't cross my mind to put an option for it in there because I never use resistance lock in TC. I'll put it on there if I can find the room for it, without making the theme too cluttered. Thanks for your feedback ------------------------------- Edit: Added an ohm lock button in the Atomizer screen in version 1.1.2 that just released.
  10. Gauges

    Version 1.2.3


    All the graphs and numbers should update while firing. While firing the profile name under the set wattage will change to show the current amp and voltage being delivered. The navigation links at the bottom will change to display status messages. Here's what the bars and the numbers under them correspond to: Purple Bar Graphs the current wattage set. The number underneath shows atomizer resistance. If you click on that number it'll take you to atomizer detect screen. Blue Bar In temp control mode it graphs current temperature and the number underneath shows the temperature value. You can change the temperature here. In every other mode it graphs current voltage and the number underneath shows the voltage. Y Yellow Bar Graphs battery life percentage. The number underneath shows the battery percentage left. Keep in mind the status messages, like temp protected or atomizer short etc. are only displayed when firing. Press the fire button to exit the menu. Only the heavily used screens are customized. Other menu screens have been left largely intact because it's not really worth the effort. You can't really do much anyway with the space restrictions. I hope you guys like it!