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  1. SirTimmyTimbit

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    Vapin are you using 75c or 250c? I just tested for voltage drop and it fires the at same voltage as any other theme. You sure it didn't recheck ohms or something?
  2. SirTimmyTimbit

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    That's super weird man. All I did was take out the condition that required a TC material to activate the replay toggle. I'll look into it tonight. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. SirTimmyTimbit

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    Until they let you choose the min and max value of a gauge it's gonna be a work a little weird with a lot of variables
  4. SirTimmyTimbit

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    You can use replay with any material now. Sorry I haven't been around lately, it took a while. I had a version already done where you could choose whether you want to replay non-tc material via toggle. Scrapped that because it's just unnecessary steps. @Pphish @fabioforniz
  5. SirTimmyTimbit

    Material-ish Fire - DNA75c - DNA250c Optimized

    I'm sorry to hear that man! Lemme look into it and get back to you? In the meantime can you download the latest version and flash it again?
  6. SirTimmyTimbit


    Sorry I didn't know the chip was able to show two different messages for those two conditions. I thought like most chips it would all fall under "throttling" or "temp protect". I'll change it back to Temp Protect in the next update. @Pete1burn I was going to suggest removing the custom status from the language tab to see if it helps. If anything you would see the default message that the chip sends. But if it's cutting out your power when it shouldn't it's out of my league. I assume the max puff time is well over the puffs you were taking? When the theme had a flicker (and a half second lag) prior to v2.0 this problem made more sense. I cut down on the number of fields that updates while firing as well.
  7. SirTimmyTimbit

    Reverse cell protection in parallel 2x18650

    Yeah I decided to go with 2 x PTC fuse on these boards.
  8. @VapingBad does it gover 75W only with boost enabled? I raised my max power to 100. I can still only choose up to 75W. If I enable Boost it goes over 75W during a puff.
  9. SirTimmyTimbit

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    Sorry @Pphish I've been really busy couldn't look into it further. I'll try to figure this out this coming weekend.
  10. Hello! As I understand the 75c has reverse battery protection when using a single cell. The 250c also has reverse battery protection even when using a multi-cell setup because it's series. It seems like if I wire a 75c in a parallel setup with 2 cells, and insert one of the batteries the wrong way, it's going to hard short and make the circuit series. Is a P channel FET the best way of building reverse battery protection? This thread was quite useful. These two mosfets look like just the thing I'd need. The specs look about right. I'd really appreciate if someone can chime in.
  11. SirTimmyTimbit

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    @Pphish It lets me save the puff when I set the material to a non-tc material. It's actually SS316L, but I set the profile to a watts material. I haven't done the escribe hack to enable Replay for non-tc materials. Is the chip detecting to see if it's temp sensing material instead of going by what I set as the material? I don't have any Kanthal or Ni80 at the moment to test it out. I have a version of all three themes ready to go that uses a toggle to enable/disable replay for non-tc material. But if the chip decides whether to let you save a puff or not I may as well do away with the toggle.
  12. SirTimmyTimbit

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    Hot damn @Pphish I had no idea about that! I wonder if there's a condition (research seal?) that lets you know this has been triggered. Then I can use that condition to allow non TC materials to be replayed.
  13. SirTimmyTimbit

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    @neX Next theme will have bigger fonts and better contrast. Sorry about that, I too feel that all 3 of my themes try to cram too many things on the screens.
  14. SirTimmyTimbit

    Material-ish Fire - DNA75c - DNA250c Optimized

    @Mr.Ninno What functions are missing that you'd like to be added?
  15. SirTimmyTimbit

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    I don't think I made any changes to the actual file in the re-release. IIRC I just changed some of the words, not too sure. In any case flash the re-release. If I understand right, this is how you can go about what you're trying to do. Assuming you're using the same SS316L clapton from AVS and you have a Material profile for it. Fire in power mode by choosing "Watts" as the material, replay off. Fire in TC mode by choosing "SS316L" as the material, replay off Fire in Replay mode by choosing "SS316L" as the material, replay on. Replay toggle will only be active, as in able to be enabled/disabled only when the coil material is a temp controlled one. That's by design according to Evolv's specs. So if you want to go from power mode with watts material to replay mode, you have to change the material to a temp controlled one first.