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  1. It's a Triade DNA 250C ... I opened a support ticket with EVOLV.. Is that the correct avenue to troubleshoot this. Or should I contact LV. Thanks again for your help. Being that the mod is less than a month old, I'm def going to be doing the warranty route as I do not want to void it and I have other mods that I can use in the meantime..
  2. thanks Coyote, I had a strong feeling this was the case. Really sucks bc the stupid seller shipped it from china in a single bubble wrap envelope. The envelope was literally shoved in there and was the triangle shape. Once I got the package I thought to myself, it's going to be a miracle if this thing isn't damaged. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hello All, I recently got my first DNA mod in last week. I noticed I had pixelated lines on the bottom of the color screen of the DNA 250C. Being so, I plugged it into my PC and did an update on it. The lines were still there. Then I decided to try and install a new theme on there. The lines at the bottom of the screen are still there. They seem to be there no matter what screen the chip is on. I've attached some pictures. Any help is greatly appreciated as this is my first DNA mod. Thanks a bunch!
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