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  1. Yeah that's basically what support responded back to me with the second time around. Thanks.
  2. Lol, wow now I'm having even less faith with Evolv if their own tech support can't answer a simple question. I did ask again so we'll see what he says. See my screenshot, I don't know how much more clear I can be with my question.
  3. Evolv responded back to me and said it was 8.4v.
  4. Thanks, I submitted the ticket so I'll post when I get a response.
  5. Well, the reason why I'm asking is because I don't want to purchase a device with dual battery if its going to limit me to a 6v output like the previous 250. Wanted to make sure first before I spend the money.
  6. What's the max output voltage with two 18650 batteries?
  7. Hello, I'm using JoeCockBill's Evolv Theme for my Therion BF DNA75C screen and would like to use this same theme on my Lost Vape Mirage but the Mirage adds the new Preheat option. How can I add that preheat screen to that theme. Here's a link to the theme and I've attached the Mirage theme for reference. TIA. LostVape Mirage Default.ecigtheme
  8. Hello, Can this theme be updated to be compatible with the Lost Vape Mirage which adds the new Preheat option. I've attached the Mirage theme for reference. LostVape Mirage Default.ecigtheme
  9. Thanks for the reply. I really hope they've changed that like they did with the 75C.
  10. Question, With dual batteries does 250C still have the 6v output limit?
  11. In 167 dual battery mode does it cut down the output voltage to 6.15v? I was under the impression I'd still be able to get up to the 9v output?
  12. I seem to only get my hands on a big screen version Since small screen hasn't really been released yet. Can I use the small screen from a DNA40 board on the 60?
  13. DOH! Sorry still too early for me. But damn that's a bummer.
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