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  1. Did you install Escribe ? See here : and here
  2. Hello @CK1 , you have to (I assume you're using windows o.s. ) : Connect your device to a pc via usb cable Locate on pc where the file is (file extension is .ecigtheme ) Double click on this file , a small window opens On this window click button "Yes, Install" Wait until the file is uploaded Enjoy 😀
  3. Frank65

    which themes can I use?

    Yes you can , and as far as I know there is no risk in using users made 75c themes on 250c (except maybe some lack of functions). You can always revert to default theme. Enjoy your new device 🙂
  4. Frank65

    Newbie help

    There are many excellent themes , pick up some and try 😀
  5. Frank65

    Newbie help

    Yes you can : (from Escribe) Theme -> Save Theme
  6. Frank65

    Theme designer, Tab order

    Hello It is related on how the cursor moves in the theme screen. I mean , with automatic , the cursor starts from the upper left objects and ends to the down right one. You can set it to manual and assign a numerical tab index to each object , if you need a different functionality. Hope this helps.
  7. Frank65

    Theme uploading problem

    @sakuThis is the theme you uploaded corrected. Adding replay is a longer effort ... good luck temp.ecigtheme
  8. Frank65

    Theme uploading problem

    That means you have two controls under same conditions with different sizes. You have to check and resize them.
  9. Frank65

    anybody having connection issues

    Hello I had connection problems only when using bad usb cables , changing those solved my problem.
  10. Hello and thanks for the feedback. The difference between the old and new version on replay function are only aesthetic , I mean I just replaced a picture with another one. The condition (which turn the ready pic on) "Coil can replay" is the same , and it comes from firmware not from my (or any theme). I doubled checked this So sorry I cannot help .... don't use kanthal on replay ps : tonight I will try to put on a ka1 coil and see what's happen ...
  11. Hello In 2.8.4 I added two new themes for DNA250C , only in those themes wattage increments are 5W (I assumed that fits better a 250W mod). Also these themes have powerbank menu available. All other themes are still 0.5 watts increment like before.
  12. Frank65

    How to add firing timer?

    Hi,there's a control in Theme Editor which shows last puff time in seconds: Recordings->puffs->time