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  1. @abeirokid Hello and thanks , I try to answer your questions : - sleep mode : cannot replicate problem , if i set on device to 1 min , after 1 min my mod goes locked - click to lock : it is working when you lock ( if I change to 3 it locks after 3 clicks ) , to change unlock you should change "set unlock sequence" on settings menu on the mod. Personally i moved these parameters only one time because I like 3 clicks to lock\unlock instead of 5 , and never touched them since then and they're working , so sorry cannot help. maybe you accidently changed unlock sequence ? Please check that with escribe. regards
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Jac Vapour theme for DNA75
  3. hello Unfortunately what you're asking it's not possible as far as I know 😕
    Something original , I like this.
  4. Easy way : from Theme Designer , under first label Appearance , set Wallpaper to None.
  5. Yes I think that's a theme error , I'm going to fix it next release (hopefully soon).
  6. Hello , open the theme with theme editor , on top right see button SPACE USED , that is showing you % of board memory used. Filesize doesn't matter.
  7. Hello I think that when you fire it the resistance impedance getting higher is very normal . Actually I'm vaping on a ni200 0.25ohm coil in TC and when I fire it jumps to 0.45ohm , locked or not. I'm not a DNA guru , been reading this : https://ziggicig.com/why-does-my-coil-resistance-keep-changing/ 😁 Sorry ,maybe if you ask directly in the forum I'm sure you can get better help !
  8. Yep that's true I can replicate that. That's strange because in the theme the only condition for lock icon to be hidden is temp sensing material is not true and this condition is true if replay is working😲 Anyway , if you remove the above condition , you can lock the coil no matter what , I've attached a modified theme for you , please check and let me know if it works. Regards TEST_LOCK.ecigtheme
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