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  1. hello. Are you sure you have this problem with my theme ? I'm using this theme myself and never had your problem , so I'm sorry i can't help. have a nice day
  2. Heard where ? From who ? When ? Link ?
  3. Hello Take a look this thread
  4. maybe this video can help
  5. welcome
  6. Hello Just select coil temperature field , push "options" button and change step size parameter to 1.
  7. Version 1.2.2


    rev1.2.2 10.10.2017 minor adjustments
  8. Thanks , I just modified the fonts.
  9. Version 2.6.2


    Black on white theme r2.6.2 larger fonts
  10. Version 2.6.2


    Full options theme with icons. (REV 2.6.1 => Added boost time to preheat menu) Boost. To aid initial heating of large Kanthal coils, it is now possible to set a Boost Time (up to 1 second) where a larger power than the setpoint is used. Need sp26 , read here
  11. Hello Is it normal board\software beahaviour that (always) when I start firing the device , software stops calculating room temperature ? This both on fw24\25 , testing with mod (Therion 75c) connected to device monitor (with USB chargin off). After sometime (I just tested first 26 min , second 16 min , third 39 min freezing) , it unfreezes and restart calculation, with a sudden temp value deviation. Sure that's not a major bug , but I'm curios to know ,beside how "it" works, if is there any magic trick \ hidden parameter to shorten freezing time period ? Thermal test performed , room temperature (when not freezed) is very near real temperature . Sorry 4 bad english ..
  12. Hi Any difference between SP5.1 and SP5.1c ..?
  13. Same here . Even if new SP24 took an improvement , "smoking feeling" is still somehow low . But I think you are in the right direction ... My ecig ,SS316L profile 8, Therion 75C 34_sp5_fw24.ecig
  14. I'm far from home too , but at first glance this is a big improvement : I cannot make any precise measure but my current res measure jumped up around 0.3 \ 0.4 ohms from sp23 to sp24 ... Nice job !