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  1. Hello Yes that's correct , it was wrong in previous versions , now it should work as expected.
  2. Hello Probably your coil is not replay compatible , what material are you using ? Does the screen shows Save icon ?
  3. Hello They're talking about this in this topic. James from Evolve says : My opinion is that replay is working in TC , and it records the last TC puff trying to replay it. Don't know if this answer your question , but yes I would use replay AND TC with Titanium coil 🙄
  4. Hi If you want send me your theme and i'll check it
  5. Hello I mean the dimension you can see by selecting on theme editor your object\picture , clicking ACTIONS button on the right , then RESIZE.
  6. No they don't have the same size , otherwise you should not see that message. Double check 🙄
  7. Hello Loxias Happy you like my theme. Maybe the DNA firmware (the theme is just aesthetic , you cannot decide data refresh time or modify the logic) has a lower refresh of Device Monitor. So I think the lag on preheat indication is not something you can modify and it's common to all themes. Maybe you can try a simpler theme and see if it reacts faster... ?
  8. Did you install Escribe ? See here : and here
  9. Hello @CK1 , you have to (I assume you're using windows o.s. ) : Connect your device to a pc via usb cable Locate on pc where the file is (file extension is .ecigtheme ) Double click on this file , a small window opens On this window click button "Yes, Install" Wait until the file is uploaded Enjoy 😀
  10. Frank65

    which themes can I use?

    Yes you can , and as far as I know there is no risk in using users made 75c themes on 250c (except maybe some lack of functions). You can always revert to default theme. Enjoy your new device 🙂
  11. Frank65

    Newbie help

    There are many excellent themes , pick up some and try 😀
  12. Frank65

    Newbie help

    Yes you can : (from Escribe) Theme -> Save Theme
  13. Frank65

    Theme designer, Tab order

    Hello It is related on how the cursor moves in the theme screen. I mean , with automatic , the cursor starts from the upper left objects and ends to the down right one. You can set it to manual and assign a numerical tab index to each object , if you need a different functionality. Hope this helps.