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  1. Just what I was looking for. Amazing, thanks.
  2. HCigar has nothing to do with it, the screen is produced by Evolv. And even here I have some doubts, most likely Evolv buys screens from third parties.
  3. Yes, it is completely fucked. From the image, it seems that the electrode film inside the display is gone.
  4. I'm on a good 26650 and I don't need any 20700 or 21700.
  5. I still cannot synchronize puffs, though. The client says it can't create a secure SSL/TLS channel.
  6. It's a long time I cannot reach the aforementioned website. I cannot even load my puffs from my eCig (it gives an error upon synchronization). Is it dead?
  7. By the way, asked if this would be covered by the warranty. They sent me this. LOL.
  8. It would be a decent box if not for its shitty paint. Pictures refer to the box after 5 months of use. After 3 months the already started to begin ugly. Stickers began to move after 3 months.
  9. Lot of time without seeing new products based on DNA chips. What's happening? There isn't a new lineup of products using the DNA75c and many manufacturers seem they have ignored DNA250c also. I really would like to see some products that compete with the HCigar VT75c which is, in my opinion, one of the hottest segments in the vape world. Still I can't find anything that can be comparable to this product (single battery, small form factor, 26650 battery, good looking).
  10. Frank, with the latest 2.8.4 I'm experiencing a small regression compared to the previous version on the Replay feature. Even when I use Kanthal, the button is marked as "Ready" with the green check mark and it's clickable. If I click it, the box "flash" for a moment but obviously it doesn't activate the feature. With the previous version, the feature was automatically skipped when using Kanthal. For the remaining parts, congratulations as usual: the theme has improved greatly (again!). Really impressed on how much love you put into this theme. BTW, I'm using the italian version for HCigar VT75c
  11. 2.8.3 is fantastic, now the preheat and boost functions depending if you're on temp control or wattage mode are correctly named and they work seamlessly!!! Awesome, I won't change the theme anymore, this is the definitive one for me.
  12. Hi, judging from the file names, only the english version has been updated? I see that the italian version is still named "2.63" without any mention of the replay feature. Thanks!
  13. After the update, the firmware version seems to be 1.1 SP33, not 1.2 SP33.2 ...
  14. Where can I buy a reference box equipped with the DNA250C from Evolve? Are they available already?
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