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  1. I'm surprised it didn't blow the USB port or the entire motherboard! Unless they are built in LiPo, I would use a battery charger and I wouldn't use my PC to Charge, Just For Upgrading.
  2. I would check resistance, cold, and then lock resistance, for TC.
  3. @Lanzarotechris OK, but who is Wendy???? 🤷‍♂️🤔
  4. My first Drone wouldn't squonk for me but I sent it back to be replaced. I didn't want to void my warranty by messing with it but after looking at the photo that may have been the problem. They were very gracious about replacing it, no hassles. I WISH I COULD SAY THE SAME FOR Vandy Vape and their Self Firing Pulse Dual Mods!
  5. Hi everybody and thanks for all your helpful insight! I have learned some things. I understood that replay was for TC but apparently not. I wrapped another set of coils, using the same SS316L wire, but I made these 6 wraps - 3mm id and installed them in my VV Pyro V2 RTA. They came out at 0.090 ohms and work great. They are working fine in Replay, or so I thought. After reading your replys, I looked a little closer at the trend. What I found was, that in temp control, using replay, the hit was not consistent at all, really. I switched the settings, as suggested, and its working fine.
  6. I have a Lost Vape Drone BF DNA250C Mod. and I'm using a dual SS316L Fused Clapton coil set up @ 0.058ohms, in a Vandy Vape Phobia 2, BF RDA. It works in Temp Control but I can't get replay to work. It worked for a little bit at first but not anymore. I feel like I’m missing something simple but what? Any suggestions?
  7. Did you notice if the screws, holding the 510 assembly in place, were loose, when you removed them? Perhaps it just needed a little attention!
  8. I don't have a paranormal but I have a Lost Vape Drone 250C and a Lost Vape Triade 250C both came with scratch off QR code labels.
  9. Wow, that's a shame! My Profile RDA's, Profile Unity and the Kylan M tanks all work great in TC - Replay or Power and power works with replay! They hit so smooth you can hardly tell your getting a hit and then the Exhale and Cloud. I do have a Triade 250C. I don't know if that's the difference or not. Oh, I'm using nexMESH SS316L mesh strips. Awesome!
  10. I'm guessing that your Clapton SS316L wire is probably not pure stainless. I have some coils I thought were SS316L but the core is A1 Kanthal, Vandy Vape Alien Coil. I couldn't understand why they wouldn't work in TC mode but when I looked Closer I noticed the A1 : [ 26ga(A1)*3+30ga(SS316L) ] . I hope this helps you a little.
  11. I use 2 Molicel/NPE INR-18650-P28A 35A 2800mAh Flat Top 18650 Batterys, in my Lost Vape Drone DNA250C BF Squonk Mod, and I'm getting 2 days out of them. I vape a lot and it's not my only good mod but it's my favorite. I'm super impressed with the Whole Molicel/NPE Line of Batterys. I use all of them, 18650 2600 mAh and 2800 mAh, 20700 and 21700. I love them all!
  12. I got some cool Squonk fill bottles from WOTOFO, Stentorian Easy Refill Squonk Bottle. I have some others but these hold 30ml and they are silicone bottles. Much easier to squeeze and they seal up tight. It's a lot more convenient than replacing the bottle.
  13. I didn't mention that, I had to trim mine up too. When they sent my new Drone, it had 2 more bottles in it. I have 4 now, LOL. I am really liking my Drone a lot. I'm waiting for my Triade DNA 250C, It's on a slow boat from China right now. When it hits the States, it will transfer to Bicycle Transport, from the West Coast to Ohio, no doubt!
  14. When I got my Drone DNA 250C, it wouldn't squonk at all. I contacted Lost Vape and they replaced it. I've had it for a while now and no leaks.
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