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  1. zark

    Red Brushed - English/Deutsch

    One of the most beautiful themes. It's bad that there is no field for chip messages.
  2. zark

    Dna250c Error Press Up

    Save your settings in Escribe so that you can bring it back and try to install it. Attention, CRV battery for samsung 30q Triade 250c remote rus.ecig
  3. zark


    I am interested only in the opinion of Russian-speaking users. The English version is here. if you can give feedback on the quality of translation
  4. Господа, я выложил русифицированную тему здесь. Мне просто интересно, это реально никого не интересует? Или просто лень написать отзывы (лучше критику). Или просто русский не рулит? Интересно послушать, что думают другие.
  5. zark

    DNA 75C Russian theme.

    У меня есть тема на русском, для ДНК75 нужно убрать одну из заставок (например фото меня любимого)Тема на русском
  6. zark


    Usually in the helix menu you can manually change the resistance. If you are confident in the resistance of the spiral, then put the value that suits you. During thermal control, the resistance should be locked, it is desirable to lock the resistance in any mode.
  7. zark

    Vapeboy 3000

    I would like separate screens of parameters of batteries and USB
  8. yes, they have the same chips
  9. zark

    please help

    This mod has a low battery capacity. choose more resistance it will reduce power
  10. In order to understand the settings you need to be patient, open any topic in the theme designer and understand the software settings of each parameter. escribe is a very simple and straightforward programming language. you will not regret the time spent
  11. DNA 250c is 300 real watts on 3 batteries, a full-color screen, the ability to edit themes yourself, reliability and stability. Vaping at a power of more than 160 watts is more stupid than a necessity. The number of available settings surpasses all competitors, but the price of these devices is too high if you can not figure it out and you will not use most of them.
  12. DNA 250c ahead of all in terms of functionality and accuracy of settings, but it is expensive. To understand whether this is necessary for you, you must gain sufficient experience on simple devices.