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Found 34 results

  1. Version


    This Theme having most features of the DNA 75C Board on Screen, was still made as simple and as big characters as it could be, not only is a material based theme where you only need to change the material to vape on the main screen but still gives you access to the profiles under the settings menu, all of this with a cool taste of one of the most famous movies ever in cinema world which is The Joker 2019 the brand new movie theme, hope you guys would enjoy it and please give me your feedback if anything need to be enhanced. Thanks.
  2. The Vape Connoisseur

    The Vape Connoisseur 2.0

    Version 2.0.1


    This time round I added a lot more screens and features for a more in-depth DNA experience.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Jac Vapour theme for DNA75
  4. Hello guys I have finder 75, I use 50watt, when battery 90% with 3-5 puff , battery is falling down to 80%,and suddenly rising slowly only add 1-2% .Where is the problem? on mod? or on the battery? or escribe problem? please help thank you
  5. For some reason my Vapedroid (DNA75) doesn't display the charge current on the charging screen. I've had other DNA devices that I've configured the same way as I have this one configured, all of which do properly display the USB charge current. This one just doesn't. Ideas? It seems like such a simple thing, but it's really nice knowing the current charge current.
  6. Have been experiencing some oddities with reading resistance on a DNA75 (in a JAC Vapour Series B DNA75). Note that I'm thrilled with this device generally speaking, and have been quite pleased with the Evolv boards given my experience with other mods, but have encountered some issues with my TC which I'm trying to resolve. Being highly specific: for MTL purposes, I made a coil from Lightning Vapes SS316L Clapton wire (28/36); 6 wraps, 2.5mm. Steam Engine suggests this should be around 0.7ohm (give or take, leg length and all that), and indeed when built and installed in a Kayfun Prime, tested on my Coilmaster tab it reads at far so good. When I put this on my Therion 166 (I realize this is a DNA250-based board), it seems to correctly read it at 0.71 ohm and seems to work pretty flawlessly for TC with wattage set to 25W (which again is as I would expect given my experience with the wire---drops to around 13-15W once at temp) so seems like all is well. When I put the same tank on the Series-B, it reads it at 0.77ohm and the TC gets odd which is to be expected I guess since the chip thinks the cold resistance is 0.06ohm higher than it actually is---with the same 25W it never thinks it hits 220C so I'm basically just using the coil fired at 25W mode (and temperature is likely higher than 220 once it gets going I'd assume based on what's going on when it's on the Therion). I've done a lot of reading about this sort of thing now and realize I should ensure a few things are set up properly, and am in the process of doing just that. From the mod settings in EScribe, I can see that there isn't really any manufacturer set-up going on here as the case resistance is set to 0...all values appear to be stock default (the Therion came with case resistance set to 0.004). The atomizer analyzer isn't showing any drift in the resistance while it's sitting there (other than minuscule fluctuations as it quick-fires the SS coil), and I did a case analyzer run as the room temperature display was whacked anyway and I've allowed EScribe to set that up for me for what that's worth so will see if that helps at all. Am working on doing the "short" test to see what the case resistance actually is and will set it accordingly once I have the numbers---am waiting for a friend with some solder to come by so I can do the soldered-510-atomizer approach. My concern is that given that case resistances tend to be below 0.01, this isn't likely to be effecting the resistance reading sufficiently to account for the 0.06 difference I'm experiencing with this coil (although is likely having a more dramatic effect on the 0.15 Ni200 stock coils I use in their S22 tank so definitely worth doing regardless). I'm asking then what the next step should be should the above not correct this issue. My current plan is next to open the device up, ensuring connections/threads are clean and verifying that all the screws are making good contact with the board/510/etc. Just seeing if there is additional input as I continue to work on this issue as given my inexperience, this is proving to be very time consuming as it is Thanks ~DMcC
  7. Big D


    Version 1.0.0


    This is my first theme of many to come. BB VAPES BRVND themed to match my bottle, battery, and RDA. Ratings & reviews would be very much appreciated!
  8. Version 1.2DE


    Hier wäre mal eine Steampipes Landscape Version! Bewertung und Feedback sind erwünscht! Danke -------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a Landscape Version of my Steampipes Theme! Evaluation and feedback are welcome! Thank you
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Today let me show you guys this theme, inspired by shinobi ninja. Configuration 3 click to unlock. Please use and feel, then let me know your review. akiratrung_shinobi_theme_20182612.ecigtheme
  10. Hi, I have a Therion DNA75 and since a while I discovered that the outer battery (the one you put in last) is not discharging. So I only can use the mod with 1 battery now. My question is, is it fixable ? Is it difficult to do, or do I need special tools for that ? I still love that mod and it was not cheap when I bought it, so I like to get it fixed. I am an IT-System Electronics by profession, so I think I can handle some wire fixing if that is the problem. Also, is there any information out there how to open/disassemble that thing to get to the needed area ? Maybe some graphics/manuals ? Thanks in advance for any help on that !
  11. Hello, i've recently purchased a VT Inbox by HCigar (DNA75). I love the device so far but it is almost unusable with dual coil builds or builds that tend to get a bit hot. I've started with a Maze V4 and a Wotofo Serpent BF both in DC->After 3 drags the device threw out a "Too Hot" Message. The Board Temp was about 190F, the initial Board Temp was 89F. After switching to single coil builds and doing more pauses bewteen the drags it all worked fine but when i tend to vape a "lot" (Lets say 6 drags in 5 Minutes, the device still throws a "Too Hot Message". What can i do to fix this? Im currently using a Pulse RDA with Stagged Claptons (0.3) on 75W. I vaped higher amp builds on my other cheaper devices without having issues, its realy annoying. Another strange thing is that usualy the "Too Hot" message is thrown at arround 190F Board Temp but this is kinda unrealiable as well today i got one at 170F. Has anyone experienced such an issue? Ive checked the forum but havent found a solution. I've already applied the latest service packs and reflashed the firmware. What else can i do? wbr Robin
  12. Version V.01


    Turk Kullanıcılar için Menü türkçeye çevrilerek yeniden düzenlenmiştir. Theme Designed By Mr.Serkaan
  13. s.pwyll

    Victorian Aesthetic

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my first custom theme and is intended to fit into a SteamPunk setting. I used the Steam Engine's default theme and left the logo intact, since the term can apply to any personal vaporizer, but I reworded the screens and designed them using Victorian principles, grammar and typefaces. I could not have done this without the wonderful tool provided by @Mikla here:
  14. s.pwyll


    Version 1.0.0


    The first thing I did after receiving my new Steam Engine is backup the theme. This is it.
  15. Version 1.1.1 Final


    Hier mein Therion DNA 75C Design. Habe nun für meinen Geschmack alles abgestimmt alle Anzeigen sollten passen und ohne fehler funktionieren. Ich finde alles gut erkentlich und nicht überladen. -Peters Superman Logo wird Schwarz/Weiß mit sinkenden Akku -Auf dem Homescreen ist ein Button zum Locken wenn man keine Zeit hat zu warten, bzw. wegen Kindern o.ä. Sofort sperren will ohne 5 klick -Alles Komplett in Deutsch Ich würde mich sehr über eine Bewertung und/oder Kommentar freuen.
  16. darkrover

    Strange screen issue

    Hi guys, I just got my first DNA75 color device this morning (I have a couple of DNA200s already) and I think I have an issue with the display. It seems that the viewing angle on my device is terrible. Does this look like a display/cable issue or is it more likely to be board related? I can change the screen myself if you think that's the issue. I don't want to send the mod back to the shop as shipping is expensive (21 pounds) and the guys at the shop are not the fastest out there... Any help would be appreciated. P.S. On the images you can see the same screen shot from different angles.
  17. TheWizardOfoZ


    Version 1.0.0


    its my first time let me know how it is VapeOn v3JokerLKLK.ecigtheme
  18. GIO97gio97

    dna75 display error!

    I have this problem with my dna 75,someone know it,I must change display or the chip? the fire works like a dna75! WhatsApp Video 2018-04-06 at 23.47.33.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2018-04-06 at 23.49.59.mp4
  19. Version 1.0.0


    This is a set of plain themes for DNA 75C boards. Comes with white, turquoise and pink background with black text. It has punch mode with a scale for non-temp sensing materials such as Kanthal.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This is a set of plain themes for DNA 75C boards. Comes with black background with white, turquoise and pink text options. It has punch mode with a scale for non-temp sensing materials such as Kanthal.
  21. Kazkrieg


    Version 1.0.0


    "You underestimated the seventh Thundercat!" -Panthro
  22. Kazkrieg

    Assassin's Creed

    Version 1.0.0


    Assassin's Creed theme
  23. Version 1.2


    1.2 Fixed Resistance ohm Error.
  24. HI ALL, I'm going to be uploading what ecigprofile settings that have been working for me for use with my Vaporesso GT cCell coils, the profiles I'm using for ccell cores are incl I'm using gt cores provided by Vaporesso in conjunction with my Vaporesso NRG tank (awesome tank btw) and would greatly like anyone's input as well as it would help smooth over the use of the device I'm using as well as the life of the coils. so far I haven't determined the setting for the GT 4,6 and 8 cores and that's caused me some very bad (and very preventable) problems such as burnt coils and bad tasting draws. ill be uploading my profiles periodically for these gt cores to try and enhance and tweak the profiles so as to get a more enjoyable vaping experience. Materials of GTcore coils aswell as a general idea of what they are like performance wise from my experience and some notable comparisons GT cCELL core: ss 316 porous ceramic core with a cotton "surrounds" of core to keep it sealed and allow better absorption. Long lasting, easy to wick and prime and "self cleaning" (to a point on very low wattages by firing every 20 seconds or so for roughly 1-2 seconds) big clouds and flavour is pretty good as well, the vapour is fairly cool and there was little to no throat and lung irritation (if it isn't chain vaped very periodically as then you will have the opposite effect, can be overwhelmingly harsh) very long life and I'm quite impressed as you can reuse these coils if they are well maintained for quite some time, so far ive used a single one of these coils for roughly 2 weeks, the wattage required is very low as well (15-40w, 0.5ohm.) GT8 core: CLAPTON Octuple coil core with traditional cotton design, great for wicking but can easily burn if not correctly primed, this was the first gt core coil I had used and it produced big clouds and an even better flavour, if looked after and the right vg/pg mix of eliquid is used these would probably last a lot longer but so far lasted me my first 8 days, as I only had 1 I cant really judge its performance overall. further testing would be needed but from its performance I was impressed. wattage is 40-110w, 0.15 ohms GT6 core: CLAPTON triple coil design with traditional cotton. Iam currently going to test this so I don't have much to say besides what info is here. (0.2ohm, 40-100W) GT4 core: CLAPTON dual coil design and traditional cotton, this is the 2nd coil I had used before I went on to use GTcore cCELL coils, this coil was awesome and very easy to prime/wick. it produced reasonably decent clouds but compared to the gt8 it was lacking in comparison however the flavour was very easily noticeable and the vapour was very cool and gentle on the throat and lungs. (0.15ohm, 30-70W) GT2 core: Clapton single coil with traditional cotton. apparently from what ive read very similar to the ccell coils. yet to test this core coil. (0.4ohm, 40-80W) gtccell.ecigprofile gtcore setting1.ecigprofile
  25. Version 1.0.0